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Hello my beautiful Friends! Welcome back to my
channel “SwagWithSwati” and I am Swati. If you are new to my
channel, then please subscribe to it and hit the bell icon
to get all updates about my new videos. And I upload videos every
Monday and Friday. Friends! Today’s video
is Zara Shopping Haul. Let’s start the video! Friends! As you
know today’s topic – It is Zara Shopping Haul. We all know that
items from Zara are generally
quite expensive. I have purchased
only 3 items. So I am going to show
you the same today. As winter season
is going on, so today’s haul has
mainly winter products. So let’s see what
products I have got. Friends! First item
is this Fur Coat. It has similar fabric
that is used for making teddy bears,
but finer quality. From inside, it
is like leather. It does not have lining,
as it is not required. You can see there is
nothing rough inside. It is like this from front. The collar is like this. There are two straps
given along with two buckles which
you can tie for extreme winters. It
will cover your neck. There is chain
detailing in front. And there is detailing
in sides as well. It is very warm. This is wrapped with
paper for protecting the polish, which
is golden colour. I liked this coat a lot. Its cost is Rs. 7,000.
It’s quite expensive so I didn’t purchase
too many products. It is perfect for winters. You should also get
this one, it’s quite warm. It is 100% polyester, which
is ideal for winters. You can also prefer this. If you stay in very
cold areas, then it is perfect for you. Friends! Second item I
purchased is this boot. These are biker’s boots. There is spike detailing
in front and 3 buckles in side. And
spikes in back as well. I liked this a lot. The upper part is pure
leather and the sole is very comfortable, a
little heavy though. It doesn’t make any
sound while walking. And it is ideal
for snow as well because it will
not slip on ice. There are blocks
in the sole. The inner fabric
is like this. There is chain
in the side. Especially in winters,
you can pair it with skirt, or denim
with biker’s jacket. There is short heel
given which is comfortable. Because of my short
height, I prefer heels. It has balanced heel,
with block at front. Which makes it
comfortable to walk. So you can also
go with this and create a good look. Friends! Next item I purchased
is this Ballerina Shoes. It is very shiny
which I liked a lot. It is also quite
trendy now a days. It is from “Basic”
brand of Zara. I think it might be a
little slippery, but I have not yet tried it.
I will let you know. They are quite comfortable
while walking. These are perfect for winters. You can pair it with
dresses, or trousers in formals or for office. You can also pair it
with Kurti and Pants. Currently these are
very popular. Its price is Rs. 2,200. The upper part is
synthetic leather. In the front, there is
detailing like this, with fringes. Friends! Please let me know
in comment box below which product you
liked the most. You can follow me on
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. My handle is
“SwagWithSwati”. See you in next video. Till then, Bye Bye!

James Carver

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