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– [Dad] Eve, you’re going
to break your leg, kid. – I can’t get out! – [Dad] Okay, hold on. – Roar! – Bonnie and Ellie gave
us a Bollie package! (cheering) – All right, all right, stop! (tires screeching) (car driving away) – Okay, ready? – I am ready. – Okay, let’s go. – Someone press the start button. – [Mom] I don’t know if I like this game. (bull noises) – Start your engines. (laughter) – I’m not comfortable with your intensity. – I call going next! It’s a bull! – I would get out of
the way if I were you. – Keep going, keep going. (growling noises) (laughter) – My turn! – [Young Boy] My turn! – If you would like to have another ride, please put five cents into the bowl. (coin clinking) Pleasant! Someone please press the start button. (winding up sound) – I’m scared. – [Dad] Don’t choke him now. (neighing) (laughing) – [Young Boy] I want to try! – If you’d like to ride the bull, please insert five cents into it. (coins clinking) Pleasant! Please don’t forget to
press the start button. – Beep! (wind up music) (roaring) – [Girl 1] You look like a frog wrestling. – [Mom] Don’t be too hard on him. (wailing) (laughter) (high pitched wailing) – That was an easy level, we
might have to go to medium. – Oh my gosh, I’m gonna be scared. (wailing) (laughter) – [Girl 1] This is the
most physical exercise Chad has gotten in a year. – [Chad] If you’d like
to ride the bull again, please insert five cents in the bowl. (coin clinking) – My turn! – Please press the start button! (wind up music) (roaring) – Good luck Eve! (high pitched wailing) – He can jump on his
two legs! Look at that! – [Girl 2] Chad look at!
Chad! Chad! Look at Dwight Chad look at Dwight! – [Mom] Guys, watch Dwight. – [Girl 2] Chad look at Dwight. – [Mom] Guys, watch Dwight, watch Dwight. Watch him. – [Girl 2] He looks like a dog! – [Mom] He looks like a dog? Did you say he looks like a dog? He looks like a dog! – No, I want to, I want to! – Hold up. I am going to intervene. – Someone has to film him doing that. – I’m going to intervene
and say no one’s been hurt and so we’re going to stop. Because someone is going to
get hurt if this continues. No more. I have loved having
this area of the house. Having a different floor plan, I am amazed at how much the effects, the way a family gets along, and my kids are playing like they played when they were eight and ten. Because there’s room to play! Their bodies have gotten bigger and it’s just so fun
that they get to play. Only, I’m a little nervous… (scream) Whoa! Are you okay? – I’m good, I can fight. – [Mom] I’m just nervous
that your play is, like, way aggressive and someone’s going to get– (crash) Chad! You’re going to flip this out of my hand I’m going to drop it. (thuds) All right, get the dishes done! – We did! – [Mom] Where did you get my gloves? Those are meant for,
like, cleaning the toilet. – Ow.
– All right, all right! Stop! (boing) (giggling) No! My gosh. (boing) Hey, no! The dishes aren’t done because
the sink’s not cleaned out. I see garbage. Whoa, Chad, come here look, Chad. Abby! This has a roast in it and
it needs to go in the fridge. (slaps) (screams) No! No! No! No! No no no
no no no, put her down. No wrestling. Finish with the dishes. You guys, I want it to
calm down, Eve’s in bed. – Okay. – [Mom] Eve’s in bed now.
Russell, you go to bed too. Goodnight. – Goodnight. – [Mom] Love you. Love you too. – Hey doesn’t Dwight have to go to bed because I have to go to bed? – [Mom] What? – Doesn’t Dwight have to go
to bed cause I go to bed? – [Mom] Go get him and
take him to bed with you. – Where’s Dwight? Oh, there he is. – There’s no room. – Whenever someone says there’s no room, find a mom, and she will work magic to make room. – Is it gonna fit? – [Mom] It’s magic! – Go on Dwight! Hey! Oh you want this boy? Go get it! Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Hey! – Apparently, dogs don’t
like to go to the bathroom any more than little boys. – He’s hiding! – [Mom] Where is he hiding? – Under the bed. – [Mom] Look how messy
your room is Russell. – I know. (Dwight barking) – [Mom] Oh my goodness. (Russell barking) Look, go get dad and let
him help you, Russell. – I got this. (Dwight barking) (Russell barking) – [Mom] Russell. Russell. Go get dad. Come here sweetheart, come
here! Come here Dwight. Oh there you go, come here. Do you want me to tell you a story? All of my kids like bedtime stories. Once upon a time, there was
a little dog named Dwight. He didn’t like bedtime, no sir. He did not like bedtime. He didn’t understand
how important sleep was. So, he had someone else help him to go to bed. Oh, there! That’s how it’s done! Goodnight Dwight. I know, it’s hard to go to
bed when everyone’s so rowdy. Sounds like a party we’re missing, huh? Hey good morning you guys. Julie came over to my house, this is the first time
she’s seen my office. – This is the cutest spot ever! This is so cute! Look at these orange chairs,
these fun shoes to look at, the fun rug, it’s so cute in here! – [Mom] I’m so glad you like it! – Of course! I don’t to leave! – Julie came over because… – I have a package waiting for me! – She has a package waiting for her! Bonnie and Ellie gave us a Bollie package! (cheering) – Hey we’re both wearing their fall– – Oh my gosh! – That’s the fall line and this is the spring last year’s jacket. – I’m pretty much decided
that I’m just gonna wear Bolliebrand all the time. (screaming) – Oh my God. Fits like a glove. – [Mom] Your bum looks so cute in that. Look at this, little elastic. I kind of feel like a goddess. I feel like a goddess. This is so soft and buttery. Kevin and I are going to the British Virgin Islands next week and you can be sure I’m
going to be wearing this. Look at how pretty this is! I have never felt so cute. I love this dress. Keep in mind I just took
it out of the packaging so you can see where it was folded. This is not your typical grosgrain tie. This is super soft and velvety. Love that. I’m going to wear this all the time. I’m going to get a pair of little sandals and wear it to the grocery store. – This is a bodysuit and I
was nervous to button it up right here and it feels so good. It doesn’t feel like
it’s cutting me at all. Feels pretty comfortable.=[Mom] What I love about the bodysuit is it’s not skintight. – Yeah, it’s not really tight and it will stay tucked in. I can go like this and it’s
going to stay tucked in. – [Mom] Skintight
bodysuits on a momma’s body isn’t the most flattering but this is super flattering. – I love it. – Where were you when I
was nursing six babies? This is the most amazing silky soft gown. It’s beautiful! Julie found some shorts that
are long enough for summer! Those are so flattering. – I can bend down and pick
her up and it feels good! – They have an elastic on the back, which is so fun. It’s such a cute detail, oh my gosh. Look at this tie on the back. That is so cute! Jackpot on the design. So this is an elastic waist and you can adjust the waist to as big or as little as you want, so you get a custom fit! – I’m loving this right now. Oh so you did yours different. So she brought all her
ruching to the front, and I brought all my ruching to the back. And that gives it a slightly
different look I think. – Yeah it does. Well I think we found what
we’re wearing for Mother’s Day. – Mm-hmm! – I hope you guys all enjoyed
our Bolliebrand clothing haul, and Julie has a coupon code for you. Use JULIE10 when you
visit I spy with my little eye two little children climbing in a tree throwing sticks into the river. Come out, come out, wherever you are! Where’s Russell? – Here I am! – [Mom] Where’s Evie? There she is! What are you guys doing? – Making our own tree house! – [Mom] You’re making a tree house? – Yes! Like where we live and stuff! – [Mom] Do not get any
closer to the river! How you doing Chad? – Good! – [Mom] How’s school?
– I can’t wait for this to be – [Mom] I know! – [Chad] Sorry what was your
question? I’ll answer it. – [Mom] Well I said, how’s school? – Going good I’ve got a
lot of tests this week and pretty nervous for them. – [Mom] Well good luck to you. – Term ends next week so these tests will determine my whole
grade for the term. – [Mom] I wish you the best. The yard is starting to look flat. You can see how much yard we’ve cut. So from this top right
here down to the bottom, it’s about twelve feet. – I like coming home from
work after a long day and seeing my kids playing in our yard. Our yard is a mess right now. But I know it’s not going
to look like this forever. But it will look like
this for a while still. But that doesn’t stop
the kids from playing. Russell! Eve! What are you doing? – We’re stuck in our tree! – [Dad] Are you stuck? – Yes! Of course I am if I can’t get out. – [Dad] Okay, hold. Of course, okay let me help you. (scream) Okay, help her up. I don’t
want her to hurt herself. Okay, hold on. You’re going to break your leg, kid! – I can’t get out! – [Dad] Okay, hold on.
Russell we need to help Eve. Okay, hold still. How in the world did you get in there? – I don’t know, we just climbed. – [Dad] Okay, Daddy to the rescue. Okay, hold onto my arm
and pull yourself up. Pull up. Put your feet down, stand up! Now get your leg up. And don’t put your leg in there again. You’ll get it stuck. – [Russell] Just like this. – [Dad] Okay there you go. You survived! The water’s starting to get high now. We’re headed into spring so we’re getting the spring run off. Starting pretty soon.
It hasn’t started yet but I guess in the next couple weeks this river is probably going to rise at least a couple feet. So a little scary, we’ll see how it goes. Time to go in the house
and unwind a little bit, get some dinner. (tires screeching)

James Carver

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