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Cherry ,I was in position Ok Candy Where is our money? Here is your money Pay people to pay money Delicious Counterfeit money,shoot them Run Damn it What’s up? Where’s the money? We were deceived Why is that? So ,where are you two again? They were killed by XGIRL Kill them all Find them This time boss assignment We completed quite easily Yes Bastards This is the price you pay Because you got in my way You have to let me do this No,I’m worried about this This prey is delicious, you must let me NO, smart as my hometown full Then I and you duel I’m scared Thought you disgusting Look at me Wake up Thought you disgusting Little technical error Go Wake up Why?
There are enemies coming Please forgive me Please forgive me Have not shot yet The coward also wants to rob Stop Who sent you here? Dare to come to our base!

James Carver

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