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Stop! Enough, you don’t need to hit it anymore I give you a chance to call your family Bring money to redeem you! Alo! Your husband is in my arms If you want to save Bring 10 million dollars here who are you? Why are you arresting my husband? You don’t need to know who I am Please, save me Did you hear that? You, are you okay? I don’t have much time for you I’ll give you an hour to bring money to here An hour How can I have such an hour? You have to give me more time! Don’t bargain if another hour You didn’t bring the money here Prepare to confirm your husband’s body yes, I will try Don’t do anything to my husband The address I sent the message to Yes, yes I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I don’t know what to do in such a hurry Hey siste! Hey sister! The ALIBABA You’re still that I won’t forgive you guys she was calm! I’m here to help you Who is she?
I do not know you I have to go save my husband.
My husband is in danger she assured. I’m a policeman ALIBABA,They have kidnapped her husband They are dangerous criminals I have to save my husband! She came and delivered the money to them They will kill the couple what do I do now? You don’t need to do anything You sit here and wait for me Stop! I’m ,I brought money to redeem my husband OK, follow me! What’s up? We have an uninvited guest kill her yes Whoes is she? I came here to save you Be careful Stop! Here is your money Yes , Thanks you Be careful next time!

James Carver

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