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Cherry, I’m Ready Ok Candy, I got into position When they conduct transactions,
notify me Ok They appeared They have 2 people Carry a black backpack Stay tuned for them Ok There have been 2 more people They also brought backpacks They met What are they doing? They’re talking You two arrive on time We are never late Good, have you brought the goods yet? Our goods are fully prepared Looks like they’re trading They have begun 3 2 1 Wait … What’s up? There are no deals here What do you call me here to do? Fake alarm, we retreat Hello Sir I have received information It is not a false alarm They are in successful trading You guys are not working well Hello Time to go, let’s do it Where the goods? Here, where’s the money? Money here Happy cooperation I have found their base Please come and arrest them This is an opportunity for you to correct Otherwise you will be fired Yes sir Let’s go Sir, I have returned Have you got the goods yet? We have finished the transaction Good Take it Come in They are there The suitcase, you get it for me These cops … Shoot them Okay Lucky We have completed the mission Otherwise we will be fired We are go home

James Carver

7 Replies to “Xgirl Nerf Gun: Captain X Girl Fell Into Alibaba’s Trap”

  1. Just replying to your comment to me I feel great. However the reason I was busy was because I had a fever and I wuss trying to get rid of it. Not to mention I live in Wisconsin so I'm cold as well which didn't help any but I'm better now.

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