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a divorce the woman blew up her wedding
dress just one day after her 14-year marriage came to an end
kimberly sandra leland styler asked family and friends to gather at the
family farm in texas for a divorce party she hung her wedding dress in a field
and linked it up to explosives which caused an enormous detonation felt by
residents living up to 15 miles away in footage of the celebratory moment those
gathered in a barn behind her can be seen cheering and waving their arms
after the white gown bursts into a fireball reports star-telegram
speaking about her decision to detonate the dress kimberly 43 said she was
looking for ways to get rid of everything related to her wedding day
she said I wanted to remove all things from our marriage out of my house
photos in the Attic miring in the sage in the dress I wanted to burn I had a
lot of advice and suggestions from friends and family like donating at for
premature babies and baptism gowns however for me the dress represented a
lie I wanted to have a divorce party to burn the dress with the help of her
father and brother-in-law the dress was hooked up with gun targets
fitted with explosive Dan their ID kimberly then shot at the dress hitting
the bullseye on her first shot she said the explosion was huge it was liberating
pulling that trigger it was closure for all of us

James Carver

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