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hello friends welcome back to my channel
today we’re gonna do a quick little clothing haul I picked up a few things
from Aritzia and Everlane they’re all big items I also picked a
couple of things from Lululemon as well so I would share with you some of the
new things that I picked up within the last couple weeks a couple fun ways to
style each item and before we go and get started first make sure you hit the
subscribe button if you haven’t already and little notification bell without
further ado let’s go ahead and get started okay so this is the first thing
that I picked up in is actually a long-sleeve turtleneck high neck top
from Lululemon I feel like these types of tops you can
outfit so many different ways they’re so good for layering this was actually on
sale from Lululemon I got it for 50 doulas originally was 88 material is
super nice and soft I also love that it has the little sleeve ease it’s nice to
have something like that because then I don’t have to worry about the sleeve
getting stuck and having to pull it out you don’t mean just a small detail and
then the back of the sweater also has some like really cool stitching so I
just feel like it’s a very expensive looking piece that was on sale so
obviously I had to have it I’ll send it with these pants from outdoor voices
that I’ve got a while ago I’m obsessed with these pants are actually like cargo
pants after horses is more of a like athleisure brand so these are actually
meant to be worn like outside but I bought them because of fashion I have
them in a size medium and I love the way that they look there’s actually little
zips so you can change them into shorts capris and long pants and I thought it
would be cool if I paired it with this super puff this is also one of the newer
things that I picked up recently and I have been wanting a Super puff for so
long but this is the super long super pup from Orencia I am obsessed it is so
warm and cozy and one of my favorite things about this is it has an inner
layer sleeve that feels exactly like the Lululemon Alliance like it is just so
soft and comfortable and every time I go out and try other puffy coats I was just
constantly comparing it to the Super puff just because I feel like these have
such a good shape they feel really nice and
a good weight and they come in so many great colors as well and I feel like the
price point is totally affordable this is the finished outfit that I had in
mind and I threw it on my Nike Air Force Ones I’ve side these in so many look
books they’re just like a really good trekking shoe I have a little white
beanie that’s actually Brandon with this outfit I look you feel like I’m ready
for the slopes or to go skiing I think if you live somewhere super cold I’m
going to New York and March are I’m super excited I definitely can see
myself wearing an outfit like this because this Co is just so warm and cozy
and I like how long and thick it is and it just gives me like a cool girl vibes
you know okay this is another piece I picked out
from Lululemon I don’t want to spend too much time on it just because it is like
one of their basic long sleeve tops I love these for working out and also for
layering especially if I’m going somewhere where
it’s super cold I feel like it’s a good thermal layer but they launched this
really cool neon color on camera it looks more yellow but in person it’s
like a neon yellow green I think these are worth the money because I have two
of them that I wear all the time it’s sweat wicking it’s breathable and they
just look so cool and expensive this is another piece I picked up these are
actually little booties from every Lane I was gifted to things from every lane
one of them was a brown wool coat that is amazing that I’ll show you guys in a
second but another thing that I picked out are these booties and they are
called the boss booties I love these I feel like the shape of them are so cool
I like that these are kind of a mid-shaft they’re not super super high
but it’s a great length because it will go with a lot of things also like a good
heel so I feel like these would be super super comfortable they’re true to size
so I got them in six and a half just looks super high quality and the boot
itself is just so beautiful this outfit I think is super just cool and casual
and I imagine myself walking around the city if it’s really really cold and you
still want to look a little bit more professional maybe I would swap out the
heady for like a sweater but I do have these Levi’s 501 skinnies and the boss
boots I was showing you guys earlier I just think this is such a cool laid-back
outfit you don’t look like you’re trying too hard but you still look very put
together okay next thing I picked up was this blouse from ERISA I am obsessed I
think it is so pretty so chic and elegant looking and it’s actually this
silk blouse from Wilfred this color sold out so quickly and it is such a pretty
brown tone color my favorite thing about this is this blouse material it makes it
so easy to dress up or dress down you can throw it over like a black tighter
dress if you wanted a night outlook and here is a more office
where type of outfit I just have a nerd black pants on if you have any type of
one of these pants called and then style through the shoes I have these little
slip-on flats from Zara that I got a while ago I think these are just super
simple and the pointy heel kind of just makes the outfit look a little bit
higher level and not so casual over top I have a new coat that I also wanted to
share with you all this is the coat that I got from every Lane this is their
Italian ReWalk coat and shut it off on my Instagram stories the other day and I
got so many DMS it’s around $300 and everything’s website but I feel like it
is such a striking piece that makes me look so expensive it just makes you look
like you have a lot of money a lot of resources if you know what I mean so I
just let this coat the color of it is like my favorite part about it and it is
double-breasted so if you wanted to wear it like this you totally can so if I’m
going somewhere super super cold I might wear a couple layers and a hoodie
underneath feel like with such a structured coat over top makes the
outfit look really structured sophisticated definitely office
appropriate anyways this tote is about three hundred dollars and everybody’s
website and they did gift it to me I think $300 for a wool coat is such a
good price and it is such a beautiful shape I do have an aside zero I would
think on a size two but it ended up being too wide in the shoulder so the
zero does fit me perfectly the arms are really greatly okay I wanted to show you
all quickly a more casual way that you can wear this if you didn’t want to wear
to the office manner with the same Levi’s 501 skinnies I showed you all
earlier and my little ever laying booties the more where these two more
like okay these are super cute it’s at the perfect heel length and I could
totally see myself wearing it to the office walking around the city they’re
just such a comfortable boot went something like this since we are using a
lot more darker tones I definitely would wear a like darker overcoat so paired
with this outfit I have this black coat from RIT SIA that you’ve seen a ton of
times it’s from BAP time I feel like this coat kind of just ties everything
together but again this is a great example of how you can style the blouse
any more casual tone down way next piece that I got from
her Vidya was this sweater I am so obsessed with this I’ve seen so many
girls style it so many different ways on Instagram on a rich dudes website and I
just love the look of cardigan worn as a sweater this one here is from I believe
Wilfred or Babbitt on my favorite part is the color I feel like this goes with
so many things that layers really nicely and especially under like a coat it
looks so much more sophisticated than just like a plain sweater so I love this
I can also see myself wearing it open and like the spring or summer over a
dress or something like that it just has a really good shape and I love that it’s
cropped because it’s so versatile I’m pairing it with these blue jeans from a
Goldy these are like one of my top orang jeans ever the high-waisted jeans just
really complement my figure and also plays with the proportions of the
sweater really really nicely over top I thought it would be so cute to layer
this every Lane coat we’re just really making use of all the brown tones I feel
like it looks so sophisticated and striking and I love matching tongue I
just feel like it makes you look so much more expensive and stylish so I do have
these jeans cuffed a little bit because I did want to pair them with these
booties these booties are from Zara I got them a while ago but I’ve styled
them so many different ways you probably have seen them all over my Instagram
okay so I love the way that this outfit looks it just makes me look so let’s get
it and high-end this ever link oh I’m telling you goes with so many different
things and I just love how structured and long it is I love all the brown
tones together and with those our shoes it’s just a lot of really good tones
playing with each other okay now I have a little bit more of a
casual outfit that I wanted to show you guys this is the same sweater and I
paired it with these leather pants from ER it’s yeah but these are really cool
because they’re kind of high-waisted but it’s a straight legged pant the leather
just makes the outfit look a little bit more interesting rather than just being
like so much black I paired with it these white common projects that I rave
about I used to wear them so much but I obviously was wearing my coils a lot do
really love how these shoes look with this outfit it just keeps it looking
very high-end and designer and then over top I have this cup from RIT zien I love
again you can see how the cardigan underneath just looks so sophisticated
and expensive it’s very different than your standard layered outfit not as all
for today’s video I hope you all enjoyed if you’re curious about this makeup look
I just uploaded a chatty get ready with me and I created the same exact look in
that videos I’ll go ahead and lick it right here if you’re interested let me
know down in the comments which outfit was your favorite and that is it thank
you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye

James Carver

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