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Why is all this necessary? Why should
women dress modestly? Isn’t it the role of men to control themselves around
women? Hello there peace be on you. My name is Anne-Marie. Welcome to Rational Religion. It’s a common criticism of religion that it
oppresses women and strengthens existing power structures. Islam is often the main
subject of these critiques and since we here at Rational Religion are Muslims I
thought I clear a few things up. Let’s take a look at the hijab. Such a
controversial topic nowadays! Let’s shine a light on this bugbear of the Western
world. So what is the hijab? The word is commonly used to represent the cloth a
Muslim woman covers her hair with. The word hijab however is not the term used
in the Quran. The word used in chapter 24 is in fact ‘Khimar’, where it instructs
women to draw their head coverings across their chests. The word ‘khimar’
comes from the root word ‘Kha’ ‘Meem’ Raa’, which conveys the meaning of a covering.
Other words that derive from this root word draw from this basic meaning. For
example while ‘Khimar’ means head covering ‘Khamr’ means alcohol because it’s known to obscure or veil one’s mental faculties. It’s all about covering the
head – literally or metaphorically. Some people believe that the Quran makes no
mention of the head covering, but they should consider this point. In
pre-islamic Arabia the ‘Khimar’ would be wrapped around the head and its long
piece left to drape down the back. The Quran here instructs women to wrap this
head covering in the same way, but to drape that long piece to cover their
neck and chest. How women fulfil that instruction is how you get the different
clothing styles across the Muslim world. If you take that long piece of the front
you get the burqa, since it covers the face before it reaches the chest. For
women who drape the cloth with the upper edge leaving only the eyes you get the
Niqab. And many Muslim women fulfill the instruction as a prophet himself
peace be upon him directed at the basic level, when he said that a woman’s face
and hands need not be covered. The question is why is all this necessary?
Why should women dress modestly? Isn’t it the role of men to control themselves
around women? The answer actually is yes. Modesty has been highlighted for both
men and women in the Quran,, and the Quran actually addresses men first, telling them
to lower their gaze around women, and to check their sexual impulses. So if
that’s what the Quran teaches, why do women need to dress modestly? Islam gives a variety of reasons, the most controversial of which is as a means to
reduce unwanted sexual advances. Though it would be wonderful to live in a
utopia where no-one drives badly and no- one steals we recognize that’s not the
world we live in ;and so we wear seatbelts and take out insurance. Islam
is practical in its advice to women and so it gives guidance for the real
world, and not an imaginary one. The hijab is a bit like a seatbelt will it
prevent you from always being harmed by the reckless actions of others? No. But it
can decrease that risk. In the same way Islam teaches that women should take
their safety into their own hands, rather than relying on the goodness of men. A
well-known study conducted by Princeton psychologist Susan Fiske found that men
seeing women dressed in bikinis activated the part of their brain
associated with tools, or, quote, “things you manipulate with your hands”. As
compared to seeing images of fully dressed women, as famous actress Jessica Ray puts it, modesty isn’t about covering up our bodies because they’re
bad. Modesty isn’t about hiding ourselves. It’s about revealing our dignity. Now
let’s be clear. Modestly dressed women get harassed too. The primary way to
eliminate sexual harassment of women is to reform men’s behavior. An interesting
account from the Prophet Muhammad’s life, peace be upon him, illustrates this point.
A beautiful woman approached the Prophet for some advice on some personal matters. A companion of the Prophet began to stare at her because of her beauty. On
noticing this the Prophet reached his hand backwards and turned the face of
his companion away so that he would no longer stare at her. He didn’t criticize her appearance or advise her to behave any differently. it
was in fact the behavior of his companion that he tried to change. The
failure to inculcate modesty in society goes further than issues of sexual
harassment. A recent study showed that eating disorders, anxiety, and other
mental health disorders are rife among women and particularly among young girls. Teenage suicide rates hit a 40-year high in 2015 and is the second leading cause
of death in the developed world, between the ages of 15 and 24. More than 17
percent of high school students in the U.S seriously considered killing
themselves in 2017. Many have linked these trends to a culture in which women
and young girls are bombarded with images pushing them to aspire to unrealistic and unnatural body shapes. Islam says NO to this
destructive agenda. It supports women’s liberation because it de-emphasizes
physical beauty and thereby re-emphasizes personal qualities. Otherwise it’s very
easy to be judged and valued according to your looks which just becomes a
genetic lottery. By helping to lessen the emphasis on physical beauty modest dress says to society that women should be judged according to what’s actually
important – their personality, intellect, talents, and making a difference in the
world. Islam teaches us to focus on developing
a relationship with the divine, with our Creator, not wallowing in temporary and
pointless endeavors that are ultimately psychologically and socially damaging.
There is so much more to a woman’s choice to dressing modestly than just
trying to avoid unwanted sexual advances. It brings a much deeper meaning to your
relationship with the divine and commitment to something much greater
than yourself and the temporary material world. My dedication is to God and not to
the whims of culture and the fashion industry. That’s it for today! Don’t forget to subscribe for more content. Thanks for watching. Peace be on you.

James Carver

55 Replies to “Why Muslims Wear the Hijab – and Why you should Too”

  1. Cruel oppression.

    People have been attacked for not wearing the thing openly, quite violently.

    Yeah that's not the religion's fault but when people misuse the symbol so frequently, it's hard to see it as "liberty" (and that's coming from a fellow believer).

  2. Seems to be a common theme in the Abrahamic religions, not just Islam, though the pratice lost favour with the majority of women (including those in secular muslim countries) until recent years. Why do you think it has been popularised again?

  3. Very rationally explained. Loved the bit comparing it to taking responsibility for ones safety by using a seatbelt rather than foolishly relying on all other drivers to drive safely all the time.

  4. MashAllah, very well formulated video giving an insightful message about the true underlying nature of Purdah and Hijab.

  5. What a great video! I've been watching your videos for some time guys. Keep it up! Just a humble suggestion- keep your videos like this one below 6 min, concise and point-wise. You'll get more views if your videos are shorter.

  6. What ? What? So young women suicide rate is high because not dress modestly? Have u checked young men suicide rate of ? Is it also because they dont wear dress??

  7. I wear a head covering all the time, It's called a toque, I also wear a face covering at times called a scarf. I wear it because I live in Canada and because it's helpful for the environment. If you see pictures of Joseph and Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, they both wear the same headdress, neither commanded that other should wear it, it was appropriate for their environment. This, however, is not in concern of modesty nor the decision of a man for me. Prophet Muhammad will not tell me I must cover my head. In Eden mother eve was naked before God and without sin or modesty. She only felt guilt of her nakedness after she had been decieved by Satan. Rationality is not defined by modesty or immodesty. What creature of this earth says I am naked? what female animal of nature says i should be ashamed that i have chosen my sexual partners of my free will? Are not these creatures created by God? Are they all born to sin by His design then? From the deception of Satan the woman has been told about herself by a man, her immodest though he can have many wives and concubines by this deception, even by some teachers say infidels can be raped and this honours Allah. Satan still deceives the woman from Adam, to Nabal to Abraham he blames the woman, o it was eve's fault, o it was Sarah's fault i agreed to have sex with her slave girl, Hagar. Always the woman's fault though he gives her no word and uses a liberal and merciful guide for his own behaviour and a strict punitive one for her unless it suits him other wise. The PEN-is full of his self indulgent deceptions and his helpmeet rolls her eyes. Shame to you PEN-is you snake and deceiver. Your own sin is before you as a grand rotting banquet.

  8. The etymology of the word hijab followed by an explanation of the hijab "As a means to reduce unwanted sexual advances" from men and is therefore both equated with "seatbelts" and necessitated.
    She says that we should "reform men's behaviour" but then goes on to say that "Islam supports women's liberation" by encouraging the WOMEN'S wearing of hijab. What's the strategy for reforming MEN'S behaviour?

    I recommend blinkers for men who can't control their sexual urges followed by police prosecution if they assault an innocent women (Muslim or otherwise). This way, it's equal: Muslim women wear a hijab, and muslim men wear some type of eye guard.

  9. There is nothing liberating about covering your hair with a piece of cloth. Ask anyone in Iran or Saudi Arabia. I have seen many hijabis in the west with a face full of make up, tight jeans and high heels. This so called "modesty" has turned into a multi million dollar business. One's modesty, whether it is the man or woman comes through their behavior, not their outward appearance.

  10. A few questions: 1. If the hijab is necessary to fend off lustful men by covering seductive female flesh, why don't they go the whole distance & wear burkas? 2. conversely, why not require men to wear some kind of binding around their penises that constricts painfully when they get erections, or require them to self-flagellate wherever they go whenever they are likely to cross paths with women? why is it all on the women when it is plainly all the mens' fault? ? 3. Why do so many young female muslims now strive to look glamorous while wearing the hijab, caking themselves in powder & rouge, etc? why is there not a massive howl of condemnation from muslims everywhere for this debauched western practice?

  11. What happens if a woman doesn’t want to wear the hijab 🧕???? Here’s the muslims reaction 👉

  12. The hijab is a MUST HAVE in islam ☪️ and if you’re in a islamic region or territory you can end up badly if you’re not wearing it😢

  13. Muslim man are sex addicted and the hijab is just part of their tradition😉 look how the hijab women’s shake the buts 😂 HYPOCRISY OF ISLAM

  14. Here’s more dirty sexual dirty dance from hijab muslim woman’s 😱😱😱😱😱😱 SOooo you try to tell us that muslims are more decent than others? I don’t think SOooooo!!! L

  15. People don’t let yourself be deceived by western muslims😩 they show you what you know it’s nice in islam ☪️ but the reality can be something else 😩 BURKA DIRTY DANCING

  16. You didn't mention how women are constantly judged/rated by their looks by men. In every social setting where you dont gain as much male attention as others may do, it makes you feel less worthy/inferior then someone who does (this is why women are mean to other women). Then women start to diet and develop eating disorders just so that they can get the approval of men. this objectification is further pushed my media/fashion (which you mentioned). the gaining of male attention has an important evolutionary role.

    I'm not vilifying men for showing more interest to a good looking women then some who isn't. It's not mens fault as its not done on purpose but subconsciously. Either way women start wearing more revealing clothes to gain attention, exposing more physical blemishes leading to more dieting etc… it's a vicious cycle if you really reflect on it for long enough.

  17. The hadith of the face and hands not being covered is weak. Why else did his wives and the sahaba’s wives cover their face?

  18. The fact is,,hijab ordered by Umar,,cause he saw someone popo(calling of nature),,then this verse came,salam

  19. Man made religion made for men. Is this the same prophet that slept with his slave and lust over his daughter-in-law and had a child wife. Yea covering up from head to toe really works.

  20. I wore hijab for years but finally took it off I think the reasons given for it do not apply to our modren living and the fact women if not wearing could damage a man's religion by being a distraction does not sit well with me why we can't bring up men who think of women as human then object that can distract them. if hijab was the best protection why in muslim countries we have so many crimes happening with muslim women .if you think it is what you like do it but do not impose on others

  21. Did the speaker's husband give her permission to speak on this video? I hope so as I wouldnt want him to utilize Quran 4:32 to beat her.

    Hijab is a symbol of oppression and broadcasts that woman are lesser than men and the Quran enforces that world view by having men lord over woman and if "their" woman don't comply they can be beaten.

  22. Unfortunately this video is simply propaganda. In reality, women are subject to virtual enslavement under Sharia. Wearing a Hijab is not a 'choice' in the Islamic world – it is male-ordered domination. Should a woman refuse to wear the hijab (at the very least), she opens herself to mental and physical harm up to and including murder, often by male family members.

    The saddest people of all are the so-called 'western feminists' who do not acknolwedge the suffering of their sisters around the world.- These uneducated American "progressives" have somehow appropriated the hijab as a symbol of womens freedom. They are the worst because they deny reality and embrace that which they supposedly stand against.

  23. I agree with everything SAID however I don't think they should have shown the headlines of the well known celebrity men recently found guilty of sexual crimes because it implies that their victims could have avoided assault if they dressed modestly. Don't put blame on the victim

  24. I don't believed people see it as "oppressive" "racist" yeah, racist a new cat calls from a Chinese lady passerby!! So rolling my eyes. I don't think small eyes are oppressors.

  25. Please do not conflate Hadiths which were written 2-300 yrs after muhammad died and wrongly attributed to him and the laws of Quran

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