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28 Replies to “Why Did My Base Coat Wrinkle or Lift?”

  1. I plan on painting my car with a single stage. What would you recommend for sanding grit to sand the single stage for me to clear coat over that as well? The clear is for extra protection and gloss.

  2. also it could be spraying base paint over bondo. if you dont cover the bondo with primer, the bondo is going to soak up the paint.

  3. I get solvent popping a lot get it in single stage paint and also get it in my clear a lot ?  I'm I putting to much on at one time ? putting coats on to soon between coats or wrong temp reducers ? or all of the above ?

  4. Thanks for this video. I just started refinishing a seat cowl for my CBR. The panel is raised on the sides with a valley in the center.

    I shot Sherwin Williams ATX over the factory Honda finish. I had just applied the third or forth coat of color.

    The factory finish began to lift and wrinkle in the low areas like I had sprayed it with stripper.

    I wiped the base coat off with lacquer thinner, and am sanding the finish off with 320 grit right now.

    Sure way to ruin a Saturday…

  5. D':
    Have to remove it all? darnit!!!!! i waited 36 hours to paint because i was in colder than rec. temperatures this winter….

  6. I've found that spot filler many times will stop or coverup the chemical reaction. Mostly on smaller or shorter paint lines that are wrinkling.

  7. I generally block it back down followed by applying a few coats of high build primer over the effected area. carefully not hammer on the primer and allow for sufficient flash time. When I attempt the base coat application there after I sort of dust coat it and once it's dry I apply a full coat. Works for me 8 out of 10 times but every situation is different. Nice channel Donnie.

  8. Thanks for this explanation. I got a similar video. so let a comment behind on my video ( with a link to your video, because everyone needs to see your video!

  9. Hey man, i just finished basing my truck box, put my first coat of clear,and now realized i went too lite on my base… can i spray a couple more coats of base over the clear, once it flashes off? Or do i have to let the clear dry,and scuff it down again?

  10. hey I recently painted my plastic golf cart with rattle cans gloss. in between coats after letting it set 24 hours I wiped it down with mineral spirits could that have created some of the wrinkling on my next layer?

  11. I've completely redone a guitar twice. I let the paint dry for over a month the second time, and the clear coat fried-up again after the second time through! This sucks. I've been working on this guitar for 2 months now – just trying to paint it! I'm done. It is what it is!

  12. Stretch out the flash time in colder weather. Tds says 10 min flash…but thats at 70 degrees and 50 percent humidity rated. Well, nobody has that!!! So near 50 degrees and 80 percent humidity, 10 mins wont work, it will pop wrinkle every time, go to 20 , even 30 min flash and no problem…i just had it happen 2 times on same fender. Very frustrating, but thats how you learn

  13. Your advise about using light coats to repair the wrinkles and to avoid more wrinkles saved me. Thanks a lot! After 24 hours of fighting, I finally finished the job!

  14. It even does it on the primer and I found out why like Factory Chevrolet use the primer back in the 90s and something in their Factory primer doesn't react with the chemicals that we use today and it just causes a big mess and the easiest way to fix it if it has the factory primer on it sand the whole area down to the bare metal reprime it and do it

  15. It just happen to me on 1k acrylic sanding primer 🙁 I think I didn’t let it flash off long enough.

  16. You background is clearer than your footage. To remove the faint hairline outline around you look for the option called feathering in the selection options when selecting the parts you want to crop for the background.
    If you slightly blur the background you also might get a better effect to match the footage rather than upgrading to a better camera.
    Also put your logo to the side, and sit to the other side so you can display pictures and video examples of what you are talking about.

  17. Basically I think it's drying time between coats the paint maybe dry to touch but it needs time to cure and if you do not allowed sufficient time for the paint to cure it can wrinkle so basically allow sufficient drying time between coats.well that's what I believe..

  18. Hey Donny, I am a newby with body and paint work. I have turned wrenches for 30 years now but learning some new DIY skills thanks to your generous contributions on Youtube. QUESTION: The OEM finish on my black 2000 Ford Exploder…uhmm…Explorer, has cracking/crazing all over the flatter surfaces. What causes this condition?

  19. I have a 1968 Corvette that I believe still has lacquer paint on it and I want to repaint it with base coat clear coat without removing all of the old paint. What can I use to seal or create a barrier to prevent a reaction? Someone mentioned epoxy. Someone else mentioned a water born primer. We will be painting in a couple of weeks and DO NOT want to have a nasty reaction. HELP!

  20. Just used acid etch primer and it reacted with the edges of basecoat left on the panel. Going to sand back and use standard primer now. Plus just dust it on. Thanks for the video.

  21. Hey man I have a question I really need some help finding out about my paint.
    Base coat good no problems, but as soon as I add clear coat my paint wrinkles, 1st try it happened and 2nd try it happened a lot worse and that is with tge sane name brand paint and I have no clue why…….

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