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This video has given me so many problems trying to film it has taken all day it is now quarter past seven at night and I started this process at about 2oclock this afternoon but, if I did everything right, then hopefully the quality of this video will be better than all the ones… better than all my other videos essentiallly if I did it wrong, eveything will be out of focus, and blurry and terrible and you will never find out about it because I wont post it anywhere So, far and away the most the most common question I get is “where do you buy your clothes?” closely followed by “how do you afford this” and Im kinda gonna answer both in this video I’ve answered both of these questions before, um I’ve done other videos where I went through my own wardrobe and I discussed… I broke down all the… each outfit, into where I got each item, and how much it cost and that was just personally my wardrobe, where my clothes had come from this video’s gonna be more generic and be about what your options are, and where you could choose to shop from if you want you see? it’s slightly different, It’s different enough I forgot to bring a drink through with me, I usually have a mug, or something to do with my hands, but… I forgot today, so… kind of at a loose end so, if this is the first video of mine you are watching or have ever watched, then or…. I suppose if you are completely new to the concept of Ouji Fashion and you don’t know what this is start with my other video that is literally titled “What Is Ouji Fashion” and you can get a sort of what this actually is that I’m talking about because that would be a good place to start but if you already kinda know what you’re looking for you know what you’re about, and you just wanna know where to buy it lets carry on like everybody else on the planet I shop on the internet, so the answer is you buy it on the internet! okay, bye! was that rude? was that too cheeky? I dunno If you google Ouji Fashion the first page of results has in it some blog posts and some other websites that tell you what it is and there’s also several shops that appear on that first page of links…. so google it! byyyee Okay, I’ll do it properly. I’ll do it properly! I’m sorry. So, Ouji Fashion is kind of a sub-style of Lolita Fashion I went over that in my other video, called What Is Ouji Fashion so if you’re completely new really, really start there. I’m not gonna go over all of that again right now but truth be told, I most often get this question from other Lolitas and people who are already in Lolita Fashion which is kind of a head scratcher to me, because… you buy ouji fashion in all the same places that you buy Lolita fashion so if you’re already in this fashion you are already shopping in the right places a lot of the japanese brands don’t list Ouji seperately some of them will list “pants” and waistcoats seperately some of them don’t a lot of them just sort of lump it in with Lolita stuff so they’ll have skirts and pants as one category and waistcoats kinda go in with the other jackets tops and stuff but it is there! it’s just… all mixed in together with the lolita stuff. so you’re kind of already shopping in the right places you just need to buy the… Shorts instead of the skirts that’s… that’s kinda the long and short of it really wunderwelt and closet child, the two main second hand shops for japanese brands also do this, they have seperate sections for “pants” underneath the skirts and stuff. But it is there! and everything else is the same, it’s all interchangeable. I’ve said this in my last video as well and Ive said it in other peoples videos I think Everything else is really it’s the same fashion, you know? Ouji really is kind of a sub-style of Lolita… so… the blouses, the socks, the accessories, the shoes, are all kind of interchangeable I completely understand that a lot of people who want to wear ouji, they want to go for a more “boyish” look, so, you wanna wear blouses that have more straight edges straight edges? like…. sharp hems instead of lacey stuff, or maybe things that have less bows or maybe you want more mature looking shoes like lace-up shoes rather than mary-jane style shoes but that’s all personal preference really because those things already exist for Lolitas, y’know, if you wear classic lolita or gothic lolita you probably already have those things in your wardrobe. If you wear sweet lolita, and you want that kind of stuff specifically for ouji then yeah, you probably do have a little more shopping to do but if you wear sweet lolita, and you want and you want to wear sweet ouji, then… there’s nothing stopping you from wearing the exact same very lacey blouse and the exact same cute shoes and the exact same everything else you see? So, obviously, you might have noticed that Ouji stuff can be a little harder to find and that is really because it is still a fairly minor sub-style of Lolita and, I think only… Metamorphose and Alice And The Pirates really regularly do Ouji stuff along with their main releases I mean all the brands have done, have done it. but they’re the only two that do it regularly I think or at least the only two that I know of. but in general…. if you are already in Lolita fashion, you are already shopping in the right places there are a couple of independant designers that focus on Ouji Fashion…. because that’s quite rare, right now, still the main one that springs to mind is Ikemen Mode who is, I think, and American…. I think they’re an american brand and I just ordered some stuff from Kanekoshop who I think are Russian? I’m actually not sure, I just I know there’s at least those two that spring to mind and there are probably loads more small independant designers that do specifically Ouji stuff, and if there are leave a comment! let me know, let other people find them too obviously these things are gonna be a little more expensive becuase they’re usually made to order and made-to-order, by the designer who is part of our community, but also runs the shop but obviously it’s an expensive option and thats not, thats not how we can live our lives day-to-day, that’s a treat yourself option! So I already mentioned how Japanese brands have already been doing Ouji, but it’s rare. there are independant shops, around the world The chinese brands seem to be way more on the ball with Ouji right now, anyway, I’ve seen a lot more ouji style stuff from taobao shops than anyone else really So lets go back to that google search I joked about at the start when you google search Ouji Fashion the first things that come up are Devilinspired and then my lolita wardobe and… no wait, is it lolitawardrobe and my-lolita-dress yes! Okay, it’s Devilinspired my-lolita-dress and These are all taobao resellers which means that they buy stock from the chinese brands who usually operate through taobao and then re-sell them to you, though their english speaking website, which is honestly a great service, because taobao can get complicated if you don’t speak chinese or at least it was for me I know a lot of people ordered from it regularly.. but I find it a lot easier to use a reseller that does mean that they put the prices up a little bit because they’re running a middle-man service, so they need to get paid as well as the brands that they bought from getting paid but if you’re willing to pay the extra for the service then it’s kinda worth it. Do you see what I’m saying? Devilinspired sponsors a lot of lolitass they have sent out free dresses to loads of people in our community and they’ve worn them on instagram, and in youtube videos and done loads and laods of reviews on them so it’s worth looking at those look at those reviews, and getting a grip of who they are and what they’re doing… I think they’re also the most expensive one? The other two, lolitawardrobe and my-lolita-dress are pretty comparable I think There’s also plenty of reviews on them around the internet you can deffinately, deffinately find reviews from other lolitas, making making orders from them and then unboxing them on videos and in blog posts and whatnot so you can see for yourself how reliable each one is who you wanna go with, if that’s where you wanna shop! The good thing about these shops is they nearly always have an Ouji section like, separated out when I said about how the japanese brands really don’t they just sort of lump it in with all the lolita stuff for some reason, these taobao resellers quite often have an Ouji section that you can just click on and see all of the Ouji versions of stuff…essentially. Because, most of the time when these brands and designers make they make a dress, and they make an ouji version and it’s the same print, and the same fabric and the same style but there’s a dress, and there’s also a shorts and waistcoat set but on these taobao resellers websites you can just click that Ouji button and just see the Ouji stuff the only sorta.. trick you have to watch for is that there are loads of websites selling fakes.. essentially. um This happens.. this is especially common with websites that seem to be taobao resellers because they steal the photos, so they have the exact same stock photos.. because they stole them and they’re actually selling you a really cheap, not even halloween costume quality version of a dress that is maybe the same colour as the one in the stock photo and you kinda just need to get to grips with how to spot a website that is obviously selling fakes I will tell you right now that Wish ONLY sells crp quality knockoffs, thats all I’ll say about that and if you see like, a sponsored ad on facebook where like.. the name of the shop on facebook is completely different from the name of the name of the URL and it’s different from like the name on the actual page those are ALL sockpuppets, they’re all selling fakes I know they have it listed saying oh it was 80 Quid and now we’ve taken it down to 40! the thing they are selling peobably costs like $2 on Aliexpress right? Like, we’ve all experienced this, right? It’s the exact same principle with the shops that are selling fake lolita and ouji items They steal the photos advertise them heavilly and then you get complete rubbish for your money and it’s just not worth it becuase it’s just throwing money down a well really um you learn how to spot these just by interacting with the community, really the three that I mentioned are the ones that I know to be genuine resellers Whenever a new one pops up you can be pretty sure that someone in the community has checked them out it’s always worth looking for reviews of the service essentially just joining the community at learge to get to grips with who sells what where, because otherwise you’re gonna end up buying a massively overprices knockoff of of a booth a comiccon or something is that too on the nose? am I allowed to say that? cuz those are everywhere and they charge like… an INSANE amount of money… for.. anyway… anyway! a lot of shops that sell fakes also steal photos from the japanese brands as well Those are way easier to recognise within our community, I think because they always have specific styles that we get very used to or they have their watermark on them, whereas a lot of the taobao brands are coming out with new stuff so often and there’s new shops appearing so often’s quite often like a new shop will appear, and nobody’s really sure if they’re a fake or not? Yknow what I mean? anyway I’m just saying, do some research on it. never buy from wish and obviously independant designers who are like making their things to order will have their own official shop, and will promote their own stuff through their own instagram pages and their photos get stolen as well and if you see something that is usually made to order but it’s now magically on Wish for $10… it isn’t… it really isn’t… and it’s not worth buying it, and I will go into that a bit later, why it’s not worth buying the Very cheap stuff I mean essentially it’s becuase it’s gonna fall apart and this is a fashion thats… to last, and not just…. We’ll go into that in a minute! so basically for researching these things it’s worth your time following people who are already part of the community, who are already wearing the stuff that you wanna wear. Follow them on instagram and see what shops they tag in their posts if you’re on facebook, follow groups like like.. Lolita Updates and I think there’s a taobao updates as well? I’m not sure, but there’s plenty of places to find actual information from within our comminity about who is selling what legitimately okay! now! I’m gonnae make some wild assumptions here, BUT if you have looked at the options I just gave you assuming you’re brand new to this fashion, you’ve never done this before obviously if you’re already in lolita, then you won’t be surprised by the price of stuff, but if you’re brand new to it, I’m gonna assume that you looked up some of the japanese brands that I talked about and you looked up some of the… independant designers that I talked about, maybe you even went to Devilinspired or something, and you thought… Oh.. My God.. this is so expensive, I can never afford it! I can never have this! You must be rich! take a step back, breathe obviously I’m not… well I’ve had to block people before for constantly banging on about how rich I ‘must’ be and I it’s.. it’s not… it’s not cool… anyway I have already mentioned two of the main second hand shops, Wunderwelt and Closetchild they sell second hand japanese clothing they are based in japan and they take in …people sell their japanese brand clothing to them and they sell them on to others, and so on. It’s a much cheaper option than buying things new um… it’s still a little more expensive than buying current fast fashion obviously, everything is going to be but it’s a cheaper way of getting the clothes that we wear, and like they also often have a much bigger selection, because they sell older things too. Whereas the japanese brand stores they really only have in stock their current releases… so… whatever they’re currently working on right now is what they’ve got in stock, whereas palces like Wunderwelt and closetchild are second hand, so there’s stuff from… last year there’s stuff from ten years ago there’s just, there’s way more options on there obviously it is a litte hit-and-miss what’s there, becuase it’s all second hand so they don’t have a regualr stock but that’s just gonna take patience, and time and we’ll come back to that point later cuz now we’re getting into independant sales this is how most of us buy lolita and ouji fashion y’know, there’s sales groups all over facebook where you just list the thing that you have and how much money you want for it. There isn’t some .. like.. a shop or a higher power involved, it’s litterally just a one on one sale this is how most Lolita and Ouji gets bought and sold or at leat it is for me, I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve bought something new All my clothes are second, or third hand So, there’s loads of facebook groups for this there’s loads of sales communities There’s also Lacemarket, which is an independant auction site which just kind of… it works basically like eBay except it’s except it’s specifically for lolita and ouji fashion they actually have a section that’s Ouji specific, I think it’s Ouji and Atistocrat specfic? but, they do have that! Obviously these options do take patience, because it’s all second hand stuff that being sold from other people’s personal collections, and you can never guarantee what’s gonna be sold when or for what price. You just have to kinda stick with it and wait… essentially.. and just keep watching and keep waiting and know what you’re looking for gonna come back to that as well later There is also some japanese auction sites thse can be tricky, because obviously they are all in japanese, and a lot of seller wont sell outside of japan, so… you have to use a bidding service to place the bids for you and then some places are like a bidding service, and also a shipping service I think there’s various That are some that are bidding services, some that are shipping and it can get very complicated very quickly but.. um japanese auctions really are a goldmine of genuine Lolita and Ouji clothing for very cheap, and rare stuff as well because it’s stuff that’s not made anymore, or stuff that was popular and sold out at the time, and now people are moving on but that is a complicated option, I might do a whole other video in the future on how to use the japanese auction websites I’m sure there are other videos out there on how to do it this video is for beginners and that feels like it’s more of a step up I’ve been following this fashion for most of my life now, honestly? that’s quite scary yeah that’s quite scary yeah, I’ve been wearing this for a long time and I still get a little confused by the different middle man services you use for japanese auction services, so we’ll go into that a whole other time Right now, auction wise, focus on Lacemarket Lacemarket is entirely in english and there’s loads and loads of facebook groups in english, and in loads of other languages too obviously, if you’re more comfortable in another language, or you want to find a facebook um, a sales group that’s closer to you there will be one, I’m sure of it. you just need to search for it, find those groups, join them and wait for the things you want to come up so…. I understand that it’s still more expensive than current fast fashion, I really really do. especially now… like… even ten years ago I remember people being like horrified that this alternative fashion was so much more expensive than mainstream clothing, and over the past ten years things have the divide has become even more prominent There’s loads of websites now selling mainsteam clothes that are just like… £5 for an entire dress and its shipped to you in a little vaccum seal bag becuase its it’s put together in a hurry and yknow the quality of mainstream clothes has been going down and down and down and DOWN and so has the conditions for workers but we’re not going into that in this video I understand that it’s expensive.. but.. what you need to udnerstand is that the people.. the designers that make clothes for this fashion we’re not buyign stuff that’s to be worn to one party and then thrown away yknow? we don’t.. or at least, I don’t I guess maybe there are some people out there who buy an entire new outfit for every meetup and then.. get rid of it afterwards but even the people that do that are selling it on afterwards, they’re not just binning it so the clothing is still intended to last someone… a long time and in the long term if you spend a little more on something that’s gonna last you save a lot of money, which is why it is expensive to not have enough money to do that if your other option is like…. I’ve seen.. I’ve seen knock off lolita dresses at comic conventions being sold for for like £90 a piece and that’s… that’s so much money, and people go and buy them because they assume that that’s the cheapest option because it must be, becuase it’s not from ..its not from the designer, it’s not brand there is no reason to spend that amount of money on a knockoff that is going to rip after you wear it one time so, I understand that it is still more expensive that buying just current mainstream fashion and it’s quite a lot of money to lay out for something that you don’t know if you’re gonna like it because the key aspect is that you have to know that you’re gonna like it enough to wanna wear it for a long time like.. if you can’t afford to keep buying new stuff so.. what is your absolute cheapest option? The absolute CHEAPEST option for Ouji fashion is always gonna be eBay or charity shops, or “thrift stores” or “op-shops”? I think I’ve heard some australians call it an op-shop but a charity shop obviously the big problem with the eBay and Charirty Shop method is that you can’t just go into the shop one time, or log on eBay one time find a top to toe outfit and that’s it, you’re done it’s gonna take time and patience you have to be willing to go to the same shop, not every day, not even every week, but maybe every month and if you go every month for a year you will probably find several things that you really like for a very good price that you can absolutely afford but you have to be willing to put in that time It’s the same principle with eBay, I mean with eBay you might actually be worth looking on it every single day, although nobody really has the time for that so, even just every so often go on there search for what you want I could honestly make a whole other video on how to search eBay for Lolita and Ouji fashion stuff because obviously if you type in the word “lolita” or the word “ouji” you are gonna end up with nonsense you wanna be searching for Vintage Style, or “victorian” or just vintage.. I guess? There’s actually.. I could go way down a rabbit hole on how to search eBay for this fashion, so leave a comment if you think that would be a good video I might do that but again the problem is knowing what you want and being willing to put the time in because… although it’s… I know you don’t wanna shell out a lot of money for something that you don’t know if it’s gonna suit you properly, or if it’s gonna fit you right or if you’re gonna want to keep it for as long as it’s intended to be kept so you want a cheaper option the cheaper options all invovle time and patience and that invovles.. wanting to stick with something for long enough to build up a wardrobe cheaply so you kinda really need to know what you want, either way there isn’t really a way around that I don’t think, unless you buy mainstream clothing that… kinda looks the part, and try it on to see how you feel about it, before you commit to a full-on commit to something more expensive! does that make sense? y’know there’s realy nothing wrong with a cheaper version of an outfit we can go into this… we’ll go into that, yes.. we’ll go into that, because the next hurdle is gonnae be that eBay and your local charity shops are mainly gonnae be full of mainstream clothing but from last year y’know? so just whatever was popular a little while ago, is what’s gonna be all over eBay and in all of your charity shops or trift stores that’s kind of why it takes patience because it will take patience for something alternative to come up second hand. It will take patience for something genuinely vintage to come up in a charity shop but you can also kind of get away with wearing mainstream clothes as Ouji pieces. don’t.. don’t tell the fashion police on me for giving you this tip, but I do it all the time it’s really just about knowing how to style it which, again could probably be a whole other video I actually have genuinely laid out a plan for a video like that But I know I’ve mentioned before in other videos I’ve done about my wardrobe about how every single spring and summer frilly, chiffon blouses come into fashion like, mainstream fashion and then every single winter long coats or velvet pieces and quite often waistcoats will come into fashion as like a “victorianna” revival thing that’ll happen most winters and then you can find that kind of stuff in mainstream clothing stores, and you can deffinately find that kind of stuff in mainstream second hand shops and you can find it absolutely dirt cheap you just then need to know how to style it to look the part which is the trick, becuase I know that’s like… thats the trap nearly all newbies fall into I know I did it, I know litterally everyone has done it don’t.. you don’t need to lie.. I know everyone has fallen into that trap where you buy the closest approximation of what you wanna wear, and you put it together and it doesn’t look right, but you don’t know why and it’s .. it’s complicated but i can definately be done, you can learn how to do it. I’m probably wearing the same H+M leggings.. in more than half of my outfit pictures I also just get a kind of sick sense of joy, every time I get a comment saying something like “oh you always look so made up” “its not like me, I just throw on jeans” and I’m literally standing there wearing like.. primark black skinny jeans. they just haven’t… they just haven’t clocked that it’s cheap skinny jeans, because the rest of the outfit has been put together to.. to kind of… well, because I’m not wearing a tshirt with it, essentially but that’s a topic for another video How To Style Mainstream Clothes as lolita or ouji, or I guess just as “alternative” fashion in general, would be a whooole other video that I probably will make I’m just really afraid of it coming accross snarky and mean cuz I don’t wanna… I don’t wanna be rude… but.. I also don’t wanna be fake sugary sweet I wanna tell you honestly what I think eh, it’s a whole thing.. it’s a whole thing what else needs covered? we talked about auctions, we talked about the second hand websites we talkes about… everywhere that does lolita also does ouji we talked about facebook sales groups, we talked about lacemarket we talked about… eBay ad yer local charity shops you local vintage clothing shops as well might be worth a look, if there’s any vintage clothing places near you, although they can be more expensive because vintage stuff is kinda niche and obviously very specialised and vintage stuff has all been made from real fabrics and has been sewn to last, that’s why it’s still around so they’re quite often more expensive and not alwasy appropriate for ouji fashion, but it can be worth a look I have quite a lot of vintage blouses that I wear with with Ouji um vintage can be really worth your time because like I said, it was made to last because people in the past would have like… their… one coat that they wore all the time or two or three dresses that they wore all the time and yknow suit jackets were passed down from father to son to grandkid and so on clothes were just… weren’t disposable that’s a very recent thing, which I’ve touched on quite a lot in this video now but… um… so yeah, vintage can be expensive, but if you find something that is good, and suits your style and you’re probably gonna get a lot of use out of, it’s deffinately worth it I have some stuff that I’ve had for ages, like not to.. go on a tangent here, but… do you remember at the start of this year when the “decade challenge” came around? and people were posting pictures from 20… 2009 vs 2019 I deliberately psoted one where I was wearing the exact same vintage tailcoat because… I always preach “know what you want” “and do that” but the truth is, I’ve had that one tail coat since like 2004? Because I sued to be.. exlusively into romantic goth styles which obviously led quite nicely in to lolita and ouji fashion yeah, I’ve had that one tail coat for.. however long ago… was 2004? 16 years? 16 years! So at the time it was expensive, for me I rememeber so clearly, it was, I think it was £50.. at the time. Which.. when I was a lot younger was so much money and it still is, it’s a lot of money for a coat but if you’re gonna wear it regularly for 16 years it’s.. better than… 90 on one that is gonna get worn once, right? just throwin that out there… y’know on that same note actually this blouse I’m wearing today is one of the genuinely, actually the first proepr Lolita piece that I ever bought because I bought it from Metamorphose website in 2007 I think…. yeah.. it was the first sort of brand piece that I bought I got a skirt as well, but I eventually sold that on, but I kept the blouse and I still wear it! It’s still great! This is what I mean by it being… it’s cheaper over time to buy stuff that is going to last, you just need to know what it is that you want to have lasting in your life which… I dunno… maybe that’s a whole other video too I mean, obviously I’ve donea power of shopping in the meantime I have bought and sold so many other pieces of clothing in that time, but… the stuff that lasts… lasts So I think… that’s us covered everything leave me a comment if you think of any points that I’ve missed Leave me a comment if you think I should expand on any of these topics in another video, because there are a couple that I thought of along the way here that I genuinely might do I hope I’ve given you at least enough to go on right now there’s loads of places to get started if you’re brand new to this if for some reason you made it all the way to this point on this video and you still have no idea what Ouji or Lolita Fashion is…. Hullo? go watch the “what is ouji fashion” one next, I guess? Don’t forget to subscribe to get notifications for my next videos, I make new videos every single weekend, and I will be doing more on this topic, and I do all sorts of things… mostly art videos, because I am an artist but I also wear this fashion, so I like to talk about that too you can support me on patron as well, if you like! I haven’t been very good about posting on there recently but I finally got the patreon app on my phone so I’ll be able to post there more now, which is probably good, I’m finally joining the future 21st centuary or whatever I have been sicnerely consdiering starting to do live streams, so… if you’d be into that, lemme knoooow right, I’m pretty sure that’s everything, if there’s anyting I’ve missed… it’ll have to be in another video! thank you for watching! Thank you for being here! Bye!

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  6. Shopping and styling offbrand is a SKILL – but one that not only saves you from going bankrupt, but also makes your outfits more unique. I went on a 3-post tangent on Wunderwelt Libre about shopping offbrand and made it a point to include pictures not just of example items, but of them being worn and used. Because as seen from your example, people might already have the same pair of jeans or leggings, they're just not used to thinking about them in the context of alt fashion.

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