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I’ve been looking at him and his little
uh saggy down belly boy look at that he looks just like mom hey so I’m wondering
you know Nika’s always had a really athletic build until she had a baby but
it’s really funny that her little guy has the same hanging down belly that she
has so I’m wondering I almost feel like he might be for me he has a really nice
coat so I’m not concerned about that part of it but yeah his little belly
does kind of concern me that he might be wormy everything else about him looks
really good but I don’t know looking at genetics so might just be how he’s how he’s built morning little man buddy
today what I’m doing is I’m gonna lock these two in a stall for a little while
and I’m gonna wait until they poop I want to make sure that I get a good
fresh sample of hoop so since there’s nothing in here right now that’ll be
perfect I can come in here in a couple hours
scoop up a sample and head to the vet clinic because like only if you pay me
okay they’re not gonna be terribly excited to
just have to be locked in here I leave the back door open all the time so they
can come in and out of the saw and that works out really good
thank you just do as they please seriously I’m like could they be any
cuter it’s durable oh how perfect is that we already have a poop look at his
little tail up over us all right I’m gonna grab the bag I have a bag here
that I wrote Mansour’s name on and the date and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
turn this bag inside oh I’m gonna go in there and I’m gonna make sure that I get
a few fecal balls to put in here that way they have ample poo to get a sample
from oh let’s see what we got going on here
okay very interesting stuff here guys grab a pile of poo with your hand and
then turn the bag the other way so this is gonna be hard for me to get on video
am I gonna hold it without okay without it falling in the poo and I’m just gonna
turn the baggie the other way enema try not to get it all over me there I
managed to do that without getting any poop on myself
it’s pretty big deal there we have a nice fresh sample of Mainzer poop to
take to the vet so we can get a fecal on him so I have the full list of my best
recommended deworming schedule that I’m gonna share with you and I actually I am
a little bit behind I looked at it and I really should have done this about a
month ago so I completely forgot there’s been a lot going on so oh well at least
you’re doing it now I know a lot of people that don’t do wearing their foals
for quite some time so I’m sure that we’re probably know since that only took
about three minutes that’s kind of how it works if you need a horse to poop you
either stick him in a stall or put them in a horse trailer
and you can usually get poop in no time and they’ve been hanging out in here
they were in here when I came out but since I locked him the saw they’re like
oh we should leave now back in oh look and somebody pooped in
the feed bucket that’s great hmm good fun hi guys well I walked in the barn
and man’s our nick ‘red I love that such a nice greeting sound I wish my phone
ring could be enforcing the grain when they’d be adorable he sure would be less
annoying like just got back from the vet and dropped off Mansour’s fecal sample
so I should hear back from her within a day or two with the results and then
I’ll go ahead and plan to deworm him accordingly today we are taking the five
chicks outside and letting them investigate and pretty soon they’ll get
added to the coop the coop maybe me where look I have a clown nose mommy see
that I don’t clown nose sure do this is what happens when I try to video
this is Lila she just his need his clover hey trouble what cooking cantering over to say hi looks like he’s being frisky anybody some folks have asked about how he
crosses his front legs to get the bugs off Percy not doing it right now but I’m
sure you’ve seen it in other videos if you’ve watched any of my other videos
I’m sure you’ve seen it but some people asked if he does that because he wasn’t
able to put his head down to the ground and the answer is no he’s done that
since the beginning so that’s just something that he does our miniature
horse Rosie she’ll do the same thing he’s just smart it’s not a little twig to play with he’s got it a little root yeah nica’s gotta come over and see
what’s going on hey girl are you doing Palomino is such a beautiful color of
course especially when the leaves are changing color in the background my gosh
doesn’t get any more beautiful than that are you sure tree roots are not really
part of a balanced diet there buddy I need that be beautiful Oh like oh and that feels kind of good he has his mama’s little teeny-tiny
mouth and little teeny tiny nostrils and he has the exact shape of her ears it’s
funny to see that stuff so see what happens there’s all good stuff to do with him nah little man you got to get out this is
your mama screen good it go you got to get out
good job he’s like oh I’m gonna go my stall when your style buddy buddy hey
hey mr. green it’s late and I came out to the barn and I have a tendency of
just fiddling around in the barn if I’m out later on and I see what NECA has
that do you remember using these I was like I
remember using these as a kid and they’re kind of making a comeback but
anyway I have I I have this feed bag and it was that buckle was busted on it and
my mother and I fixed it quite a while ago and I totally forgot about it until
I just saw it hanging up on the on the barn wall and um sounds like I’m gonna
try it on Nica and it’s just it’s just funny so I don’t know it’s it’s a little
you are just a stinker he’s like you do something it’s like why does my mom have
food and I don’t I was like I’m just gonna lick the top of her head but it’s
kind of like a slap happy thing like you just can’t even think straight so
everything’s just funny and yeah come to my world
life in the barn so he’s good that life in the barn is always good fun so yeah
this be big I might be on to something like this might make my life kind of
easy with feeding a couple of the horses that I think ones that really like to
paw at the bucket I’m thinking it might be a good thing
oh yeah she’s gonna so when I was a kid my horse poco had one of these and I
just thought it was fun to put it on him every night and that’s how he got his
grain and I I probably laugh just as hard then too so maybe that’s why I find
it so funny now okay that’s all I got bye

James Carver


  1. Your kids are so cute, it's good experience for them to help you out , you're a brilliant role model for them and hopefully they'll follow in your footsteps because you're amazing with horses and as always, loved the video and can't wait for the next one!

  2. I could watch these two all day long. Pretty as a picture. Beautiful fall leaves in the back ground. They both have awesome personalities. Have a great day! Love the cats too.

  3. Can you please do a video on horse body language and vocal communication for us non horse people? Loving your channel Brandi!!! Couldnt help but notice that you also look like Julia Roberts!

  4. Manzer has to lay off the beer. 😁. A nose bag. I never used one. That was something from the early 20th century. Lol. It would be good for long trail rides or going in country in Montana I suppose.

  5. Hi Brandi, I was wondering why Manzer's journey was taken out of sequence. I love to rewatch the videos over and over again, and noticed the video called " the best thing about the barn" or something like that! Anyway it shows Manzer already in the herd, and I'm wondering if I messed up somehow and missed a bunch of his videos. No biggie really! Just curious!

  6. You really should make t-shirts with a picture of Manzer and Nika side by side looking out of the stall at you. They both have such beautiful faces! Your poop scoop technique is the same one I used when walking my dogs. And Lila is such a gorgeous, friendly cat. I think we've all been there, when you're so tired that everything is funny. Thanks as always for sharing these moments with us!

  7. I think your concerns may be on spot. How much is he eating? I think I read that that can happen if they are deficient in selenium or something. I can't remember now.
    Clean stall! Poop!
    Clean trailer! Let's poop!
    💩 lol!

  8. Manzer says, "Mom! Our human stole my poop!"💩 Lol. I love watching Manzer as he discovers things. And those little hooves are so cute. So adorable when he crosses his front legs. I could watch him all day.

  9. BAHAHAHA I thought I was the only one scritch scratchin my animals with sticks! Noice 🤩

    Edit: your kitties can come get some kitty pats from me any day. They are so cute!! I miss having a cat.

  10. I love your ponios personalities you are so lucky, I have 2 cats but are not friendly they only like me when I feed them 😼, my grandfather had shire horses that pulled the plough when he stopped for lunch he put the nose bags on the horses for their lunch I will add that was before my time xx

  11. Palamino's are my favorite horse too so beautiful…never a dull moment at your place ;with the kids, horses, pets and even husband's hee hee .Another great. Video.With handsome mom's mini Manzer😄❤ .

  12. I just love your life! You can download a horse nickering ringtone for a couple of dollars. I used that ring tone for a couple of years and when my phone rang the horses would look around to see where their "friend" was lol. It was super hillarious!

  13. I don't know if its been asked or answered but I have noticed the last couple of videos I have watched a large roundish mark on Meeka's rump… what is it? Does her coat just need brushing out or is that a scar or something?

  14. Hi Brandi , can you answer this question, I’ve noticed that in the states and Canada you always seem to feed your grain dry , in the U.K. we always dampen the feed , makes it more palatable and less likely to cause choke , just wondering that’s all.

  15. It just amazes me how Manzer is such a carbon copy of his mother. Now imagine if you rebred Nika and she dropped a filly that looked like the sire… Lol

  16. Adorable Manzer and his mom at the door, the little head exactly the same as Nika's😍 they really are almost identical
    It's true that Palomino matches the Fall colours of the trees. They are Fall horses 😀

  17. Manzer's leg-cross fly-scratch technique is the cutest thing ever! And you are so right, Brandi, Manzer and Nikka look so very similar. Looking at your paliminos has got me wondering if their colour is a dilution of chestnut/sorrel? Does anyone happen to know if this is the case. I could go look it up, but if someone happens to know…. Also, I think I saw your Texas Ranger horse, Rein, in the paddock over from Nikka and Manzer. I'm sure you miss her (such a beauty too) but I'm sure she's happy in her new home too.

  18. Another great video! Some palominos have a real golden glow about them don't they? My sorrel quarter horse gleamed almost metallic in some sunshine…on a day when he hadn't napped in the manure pile! Lol …there's the scene stealing furgirl again!

  19. Brandi, you can. Make a recording of his nicker, or anyone's nicker, and make it your phone tone. I've done that with my friends baby giggle. Crossing the legs like that will make it easier to teach him how to shoulder in and to do side passes, and spin on a dime! Love the ears up and inquisitiveness of Manzer. Best Regards from Ontario, Canada, Jenn.

  20. Hi Brandy, I really enjoy your videos. I am interested in viewing a Q&A video. Is that something you would consider doing?

  21. Foal Patrol Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are what led me to Versatile Horsemanship. They have a couple of foals due to be born this week. It's not a competitor of VH.

  22. I love your videos! I have learned so much from watching them. That was funny Nika with her feed bag on, made me laugh, especially when she poked her head up over Manzer! 😂He is such a little stinker as you say! So stinking cute! I love all his little quirks and he has the most expressive little face I have ever seen on a horse! Especially when you scratch him and love on him! That face is a picture! Even when he is eating his grain, absolutely adorable rolling his beautiful little eyes and everything enjoying his food 🥰😍💖

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