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Imagine a world, where no woman could ask for an abortion. Even if she’d been sexually assaulted. Even if not having an abortion means her own life would be at risk. You may argue that life begins at conception and it’s wrong to kill
anyone, even a fetus. After all, a fetus is a potential human being and by eighteen weeks is developed enough to feel pain. This is WHAT IF, and here’s what would happen if abortion was illegal worldwide. Picture this – dealers selling
abortion drugs on the streets. Hospitals overflowing with women dying from having tried to
induce an abortion on their own. And millions of unwanted kids born into a horrible quality of life. Even if you disagree with abortion, placing a global ban on it
would affect everything from a woman’s basic right to
decide what to do with her body; to the well-being of our planet. Yep, even the Earth would face
more human-caused struggles. But we’ll get to that in a moment. Governments might ban abortions, but that wouldn’t mean there wouldn’t be any. Every day, 125,000 women
around the world get an abortion. If the procedure was no
longer available to them, then they may choose to
have a clandestine abortion. It’d be dangerous, and it might even kill them. But if they didn’t take that risk, they’d have to go through with
a pregnancy they didn’t want, knowing that they might
not be able to care for or financially support their child. Some women would take pills
to induce an abortion at home In a worst-case scenario, they’d
abandon their newborn babies. Many of those trapped in a
motherhood they didn’t want would suffer from anxiety
and low self-esteem. They might end up staying
tethered to abusive partners or be left all alone in their pregnancy. You decide what’s worse. And what about those who had
an abortion and got caught? That depends on how strict
the abortion laws would be. Today, women in countries like El Salvador can be prosecuted and sentenced
to up to eight years in prison if the authorities suspect she
might have harmed her fetus. If a punishment like that
was adopted worldwide, prisons would be overwhelmed. If the doctors performing the abortions and the partners supporting a woman’s
decision were imprisoned as well, we’d need to build more prisons and a better-organized prison system. The only industry to cash
in on the abortion ban would be birth control. With strict laws and punishments
in place for getting an abortion, people who otherwise may not
have considered using birth control would have to think things over very carefully. Banning abortions would have a
lot of implications on a social level, and it wouldn’t be so
great for our planet either. At our current population growth rate, we’ll need three Earths by 2100 to maintain the standards of
how people are living today. And that’s with abortions legally
performed in most countries. With a worldwide abortion ban, there’d be at least 1.5 billion more
people being born in the next 40 years. At that rate, by 2060 we’d
hit the breaking point – the point at which there’d be too
many humans for our planet to support. The poorest countries would
see the most population growth. For them, adding a lot of
extra people would mean increased demands for drinking
water and proper sanitation – things that over 2 billion people
already lack access to. Let’s face it – being forced to
have a child benefits no one – not the mother, not the planet, and most certainly, not the baby. Maybe all of this could be solved if humans lost their sex drive. But that’s a story for another WHAT IF.

James Carver

100 Replies to “What If Abortion Was Illegal Worldwide?”

  1. What if we lived like native Americans 🔥? Or what if we lived in happiness I should say
    (Edit) : Wouldn’t it be beautiful

  2. Everyone is saying the thumbnail looks like a nose, shoulder, etc- but tbh I saw something belonging to a horror movie

  3. …brought to you by the Clinton foundation.
    Dudes you fucked up big time! Selling your soul to the devil to promote murder for youtube privileges.

  4. Fantastic. What if we also helped population control and helped liberals feel better if we killed people on the way out instead of the way in, like maybe when cell decay really kicks in around age 60. Bye Mom. Sorry. It's been good but you are an inconvenience and I didn't plan on taking care of you. Ok Doc, give her the shot. I'm out. I know you might not want to go, Mom, but…my decision.

  5. What if the multiverse was real?
    What if a mangenetar ran into a black hole
    What if everything didn’t exist except for the solar system
    What if we can travel to other universes

  6. Put the baby up for adoption and give it a chance to live. Everyone has the potential to change the world. Stay strong and be brave.

  7. and what about the other side of course that's what the liberals want to keep having abortions and the over population crap is false everyone in the whole world can live in the United states with one acer of land each do the math liberals. The abusive relationships why can't you just leave the man.

  8. To male Teens/newly adults,use condoms when smashing. Don't listen to your homies talking bout "ah coochie is amazing" untill they have an unplanned baby and regret it all. ALWAYS STRAP UP!!

  9. "a potential human being" what else would it be? a dog? a shark? it is a human being. it doesn't have the potential to be anything else. the statement is honestly very stupid. it is and will always be a human being.

  10. How are you able to get an overall knowledge of everything? Where do you get all this information? Mahnnn..your videos are just amazing!

  11. Abortions would still happen.  They'd just be unsafe in "back alleys" like they are or were in places where it was illegal already in history.

  12. Animal population can be controlled by culling and killing but human population cannot be controlled in this manner. So technically allowing abortion is correct especially for over populated countries like India and China.

  13. Increasing the standards of living decreases population growth. The so called "population explosion" occurs when the standards of living drastically increase in a short amount of time, but it plateaus and will eventually decline if the standard of living continues to improve, this means "overpopulation" a widely accepted idea, is dangerous for the future of humanity! Can you imagine the evils that overpopulation can justify as righteous.

  14. When you go into the comments looking for abortion debates, but find that 90% of the comments are about the thumbnail looking like a nose

  15. Bottom line let women make their own decisions it shouldn’t matter to you it’s not your body and in a way the child is being saved from a horrible situation

  16. I’m honestly more curious on: “What if abortion was never legal?”

    Because birth control may have influenced the carelessness of people somewhere along the road.

  17. Use condoms and cut off your ovaries, If u don't want kids. When u have sex u should take responsibility, if not don't have sex.

  18. Why is there a swelled up nose in the thumbnail ?

    I know its a belly , dont say that , take it as a horrible joke lol

  19. What if all humans were temporarily Sterilized from birth? Would our population and birth rate be controlled. Or am I just a crazy ?

  20. It’s not their fault if they’re unwanted.
    If you ban abortions, women will just get them illegally. Can gun owners say that? If you don’t want guns don’t get one?
    It is your responsibility to make sure you don’t get pregnant (and you can’t pull the rape card because rape is not sex), now, do you say you have the right to stop a beating heart? Even if it was because of your failure to fulfill that responsibility?
    Do you think that fetuses shouldn’t have a chance to ‘live’ just because they are unwanted?

  21. It should be, someone wants to abort a baby they don't want they should be able too. No kid deserves to come into a world where it's not wanted.

  22. I love these videos but gotta say this one made me cringe. What if one of those babies would have cured cancer or something. The possibilities are endless both good and bad. The fact of the matter is that we shouldn’t be making those decisions. There’s a much higher power that makes those decisions and those lives are intended to serve a purpose. How about tackling this one guys…what if everyone was a believer.

  23. Unless we wanna have an over populated world and some kids with harsh life for various amount of reason our world would be stuffed abortion should be legal.

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