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hi guys and welcome to my Korea lookbook if you haven’t yet check out our Korean vlogs you can find them in the link in the bio let’s begin starting with the very first outfit this outfit needed to take me from business meetings to a full day of filming and it’s something that I wanted to put together to be both comfortable functional and just also super chic for outfit number two it was another full day of filming but this time we got to stop off in 7/11 for a really quick photo shoot this is my favorite outfit because it was quite comfortable also the closest to my natural style and super functional here is a quick video clip of my sister’s for this outfit I was going for bad biatch that owns a business and so that’s what I think I accomplished with it and also I have some really special shoes for this outfit so look out for those because they have the sand and the heel I’m super impressed with myself [Music] for this outfit it is a collusion piece that I found on Asus and is something that I got to match with anji we passed both of us and neon outfit hoping to get some super cool shots and it’s just kind of like businesswoman but you know also look at me I’m a businesswoman this outfit was one of my most popular ones on Instagram we made fun of the fact that it looks a little bit like a lizard when I move because of the frills they kind of just look a little bit scary but otherwise I think this was one of my most popular outfits I think in a very very long time [Music] I’m wearing a regional designer in this look it is hamsa I have worn her many many times and this jacket actually got so many compliments so I was super proud to bring a quaity designer to Korea this is a look that I shop for a lower Korea and is actually going to be distributed in December which I’m super excited about this is a Korean designer that I’ve been following for a long time on Instagram so if you haven’t checked them out here is their Instagram account not super sure what to say about this look other than the fact that this jumpsuit is the most comfortable thing that I now own and I wish I had had it forever and ever you can find on a sauce this bag though holds absolutely no things whatsoever so maybe not the most functional bag we stopped on the side of the road to get these outfit shots and I hope you appreciate that because this outfit does not match the rice fields at all but that’s what we did this is another one of the collusion pieces that you can find on a sauce and yeah that’s that’s all I have to say about that one [Music] [Music]

James Carver

90 Replies to “What I wore in Korea – ما لبست في كوريا”

  1. ذوقك حلو وغريييبب مره يعجبني اتمنى تصير عندي الجراءه البس ذي الالوان وشكرا وارجع اقول فلوقاتك حلوه و ممتعه وما احس بالوقت ابدا وانا اتابعها 🌸💜🌸

  2. Ascia I love ur style, I so need a makeover I only appear in my videos
    From the waist up because I suck at picking outfits for myself 😂

  3. Beautiful ! You have your own style and it suits you perfectly (if I was a girl I think I'd have a similar one haha 🤣)

  4. Holy turban I'm getting those sand shoes and that suit you wore with it and the hat and that comfortable outfit and all the rest. Except that's too much. THANK YOU FOR A RELATABLE LOOKBOOK I love your taste

  5. هي صارت قدوتي حتى اني اقول اني فخوره بنفسي مثل ماهي تقووول ي حظظ اححححمد واولادها احد يترجم اللي إكتبه عشان تشوف وسو لايك

  6. احب تطورك في الذائقة والاختيارات .. انتِ من القلة اللي لما اشوفهم احس انهم يصنعون للقطعة جمال حتى لو كانت تي شيرت ..ذائقتك في التنسيق جدا ملهمة

  7. ووبي لو تلبسين خيشه بيطلع حلو 😂 وربي يابنات الجسم له دور وبسسسسسس 😭❤️❤️❤️

  8. احبج استايلج استايلج نفس الكيبوب
    انا ستايلي جذي والله
    احبج وايد اسيا💜💜💜

  9. انا وانا ماني مشهوره وما اعرف ازبط ملابس زيك
    انتي تلبسي ملابس تقتل كيف تنسقي مشاء الله
    مع انو لو اشوف الملابس رح اقول لا ما تجي مع بعض بس تجييي لمن تلبسيها حلللوه

  10. ممكن تخطي لنا لنك الحلقة الي صورت معاك القناة الكوريه بليز 🙂

  11. العنوان بالعربي :
    ماذا لبست في كوريا.
    ايش لبست في كوريا.

    استخدام "ما" بهذي الطريقة غير صحيح ✅.
    الفيديو روعة و انتي تهبلين ♥️

  12. That was so cool lovely Asia!!!
    you looked stunning on each outfit mashalah, business woman but still looks practical 🙂

  13. لماذا تربطين جزء من شعرك بهذه الطريقه كنت اظنه حجاب لكن أصدقائي قالو هذا ليس حجاب اذا كنتي مريضه فأتمنى لكي الشفاء العاجل

  14. Love how bold those outfits are! you definitely rocked each outfit.

    P.s love every aspect of the video, it's simply amazing 😍

  15. الوتس والفيس والإعجاب يعرفني
    والنشر واللصق والتعليق والـخـبـرُ

    سيعلـم الـنّـاس ممّـن زارَ صفحتنـا
    بأنـنـي خـيـرُ مـنْ بـثـت لـهُ صــورُ

    صحـبـت في سهراتي النت منفرداً
    حـتّـى تعجب منـي الليلُ والـقـمـرُ

    أنا الذي وضـعَ الأحلى على صوري
    أحببتهُ… وهههه… والواوُ… يا بشرُ

    إذا رأيتَ ماسنجري يوماً مـتـصـلاً
    فلا تظن بأني لأحد الأشخاص أنتظرُ

    وكـم فتـاة كانـت دومـاً تراسلـنـي
    تـبـيـنَ فـيـمـا بـعـــد أنّـهـا ذكـــــرُ. اعجبني ذالك. سليمان الحربي

  16. Loved this. L miss your fashion channels. please continue to do more of these. Thanks and stay blessed 🙏😘…xxx

  17. ما شاء الله كل ملابسك روعة فيهم كل المرح و الحياة لديك شخصية قوية اكملي على هدا المنوال you are very perfect

  18. Asia what i should study or do to work like you my dream to be like you or work with you but i don't have money to start small business 💵💔💔💔💔💔

  19. حبيت المقطع اسيا اتمنى دايماً تسوي كذا بين فتره وفتره مرره حبيت لوكاتك

  20. Love the bright green suit..u looks adorable on that as well the zebra stripe outfit…the rest of your outlook its amazing….

    Ps: plz advice me good lounge there to visit..i will be in seoul very soon

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