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Live from New York City, it’s “The Wendy Williams Show.” ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheering)
(upbeat music) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Thank you for watching. (audience cheering) Say hello to my cohost, my studio audience. (audience cheering) How you doin’? How you doin’? Do we have a choice? (audience laughing) Let’s get started, it’s time for… Hot Topics! Come on. (rhythmic bass music)
(audience cheering) Thank you. So there’s a lot going on but the story that came out yesterday is about the stripper, Genea, who fell 15 feet from the pole, and we talked about it on the show. Well here at Wendy, I’ve got an exclusive for you because she’s coming to our show on Friday. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) Now I can give you a heads up. She’s done with stripping, you know, she’s got her jaw wired, so we’re gonna have to be very quiet while she talks. Apparently a lot of shows have been calling her. These shows weren’t even in the lane of our show 11 years ago. All of a sudden, people realize Hot Topics is the hottest topic. (audience cheering) (audience clapping) Look, look, look, they’re calling her talking about come on our show, come on our show, and she’s like, “No, I’m going on ‘Wendy.'” (audience cheering) (audience clapping) Anyway, we’ll talk to her on Friday. In the meantime, the other story, I am so troubled by this, I’m so confused, I just, I don’t even know what to say. Jussie Smollett, six more counts. Oh.
Okay, he’s in legal trouble again, you heard about this. Maybe you didn’t. Chicago is up in arms, I’m up in arms, Norman can’t take it. I cannot take it. (audience giggling)
(Norman giggling) Enough. Okay, remember last year Jussie was charged with falsely reporting to the cops in Chicago, that he was dropped kicked or whatever by some white guys? They ended up being two African guys who were actually undercover actors, brothers, uh-huh, who wanted to be actors, right? So the charges were dropped in exchange for $10,000, plus two days of community service, and we all thought that that was not enough for what we thought, at least me and a lot of you, (audience laughing) was he was allegedly lying. But now there’s a special prosecutor, and you know, all the states are broke. Not as broke as Florida. (audience laughing) Or California. But Jersey is like a third runner-up, Chicago, you’re right in line, too. Okay, so a special prosecutor was put on the case to evaluate the, re-evaluate the case, like where can we get our money ’cause, you know, while there are potholes in the street, you gotta figure out how to pay this, you gotta start suing people and bringing people up on, re-digging cases. I love your outfit and I’m so engaged with you. Beautiful, robin’s egg blue dress. Beautiful, yes you! Aww.
(audience clapping) Yes. (audience clapping) I’m talking to you ’cause we’re making eye contact and you understand what I’m saying. The states are broke and they’re looking for money any way they can possibly get ’em to make good, and so they’ve opened up this case again, which, as far as I’m concerned, Jesse was always… (sighs) I don’t even wanna say, the G word. (Norman laughing) That ends with a Y. Not that one! (audience laughing) Oh my God, oh my God. Not the three-letter one. The one where you go to jail. (audience laughing) So Jesse was charged with six new counts of disorderly conduct for lying to the police. Now he’s facing up to three years in prison. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t even care. His prison life has already started, he’ll never work again, nobody cares about him. If I saw him walking down the street, I’d cross to the other side. (audience laughing) As a matter of fact, I just keep calling him Jesse, not even Jussie. Yeah.
(Norman laughing) His name is Jussie, but you know, Chicago should just let this go. Let it go, man. You’re wasting time with the court system. (audience clapping) Jussie Smollett is alleged to have done a horrible thing but with the gang violence and the bad school system in Chicago, you all have bigger fish to fry. (audience clapping) I mean, the man will never work again, whoever hires him is gonna be protested with the pickets outside. Just leave it alone, he’s done. His sister Jurnee is trying to promote a movie, now people are looking at her crazy because, I mean, even though… What’s the movie? “Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey.” You know, that comic book movie? Margot Robbie’s in it. I haven’t read a comic book (Norman laughing)
(audience laughing) since Nancy and Sluggo, so I have no idea what you’re talking about. Is that Archie? I don’t even know what Nancy– Grow up. (Norman laughing
(audience laughing) Some people around here know exactly who I’m talking about. Nancy and, clap if you know who Nancy and Sluggo are. (audience clapping) Again, my robin’s egg girl. (audience laughing) I am with you. Where are you from? Long Island. So you’re part of New York. We’re about to be other broke state. (audience laughing) You know what I’m sayin’? Right now, we got lawlessness every place. Did you hear about Sarah Lawrence? Oh my gosh, okay, you didn’t hear about that. You were probably in line for Wendy. Suzanne.
It’s bad. Suzanne, there’s alleged
Stop. sex cult at the prestigious
A dad. Sarah Lawrence College. For 10 years, out of a dorm. Out of a dorm room of his daughter. And then the daughter graduates while he continuous to allegedly sex and cult. Yes, yes! What is going on?
I don’t understand, it’s the craziest story. Sleep depravation, all kinda other stuff. Steal money from your parents, give it to me. Yup, horrible. Front page of the paper today. He looks like a criminal, by the way. Yup, sure does. You know how sometimes criminals don’t look like criminals? Oh, he’s a criminal.
Like they’re too beautiful? Yes, yeah I know, he’s a criminal. Yeah, he looks like a creep in tall.
Allegedly, allegedly. Allegedly.
Yes, allegedly. (audience laughing)
(Norman laughing) So I briefly saw this cookie lady person on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Well, people are now bashing her, she might regret this appearance, okay? She went on the show on Sunday, what was I doing Sunday night? Oscars. No, I wasn’t watching that. Wait, you went to get pizza. Right.
Yeah. Uh-huh. (Norman laughing) Yeah, I was busy. She’s not a housewife with a peach, she’s Kenya’s friend. So Kenya invited the cookie lady to lunch to humiliate Tanya, who calls herself Tanya. See, she spells it like a Tanya, that’s a weird name to me. It’s like Sonya and some people say Sanya. (audience laughing) Well I grew up saying Tanya so I’m gonna call her Tanya. (Wendy burping) (audience gasping)
(audience laughing) (audience clapping) (Wendy giggling)
(audience laughing) (audience murmuring) (audience laughing) I’m never gonna get a proper boyfriend burping. (audience laughing) Or wearing an outfit like this. But I like it, though, but I like it enough.
(audience clapping) This is not what the guys like, though. Tomorrow I’m gonna wear something short and tight, Willy promised. Anywho. So anyway, this cookie lady, right? So she’s invited to lunch, this Tanya person, oh, to humiliate Tanya, and she was there, the cookie lady, to announce that she actually was hid on by Tanya’s fiance, who is a proper man. Okay, and listen to how she, the cookie lady, you know what? Go ahead. We talked, he told me he was single. He said he did real estate. At a point in the conversation, we kinda like lost interest with one another. This is the way it stopped? That’s it? Calm down, baby. He was pretty adamant on me sitting at the table, hanging out and chilling for a while. Wonderful.
I’m at the dinner, why is there such negative energy, honey? Don’t be mad at me because I’m (beep) gorgeous and your fiance just happened to just glance this way. (audience gasping in shock) Do you understand that at that point, Tanya should’ve flipped the table? (audience laughing) (audience clapping) Yeah. Now look at here, cookie lady. (audience laughing) I don’t even know why I’m talking like this, I don’t even like cookies. (audience laughing) Every once in a while, I do like an Oreo with the apple juice. Well yeah, no, only two. You know, you gotta watch everything. Only two, and I also love a Nutter Butter peanut butter sandwich cookie. Yeah, yeah. (audience clapping) And sometimes, a quarter sleeve of Chips Ahoy! (audience laughing)
With the apple juice. I don’t like milk with anything except for my cereal, and even then, it’s gotta sit there for a moment and get a little mushy. And then, and then done.
(audience laughing) Anyway, things backfired when the cookie lady is now being trashed, her business online. Oh! Now clap if you were participating in the trashation of the situation? Go ahead, clap. Yes she did. (audience laughing) Scared to be by herself, Suzanne. Yup. Two rows up, from my robin’s egg blue, second seat in,
(audience laughing) on the Boof side. Over that area. In the red lipstick, yup. Up a little higher,
(audience laughing) we’re gonna put you on the spot. Yup, there she is. The red lipstick and the glasses. (audience laughing) (audience clapping) Ma’am, you look a little too mature to participate in such garbage, but you had nothing better to do last night, huh? (audience laughing) So you went on. Well…
(audience laughing) One viewer wrote, I suspect you thought being a messy… This is my worst word, almost, starts with a C, ends with a T? Oh!
(audience gasping) Uh-huh, uh-huh, on national TV was going to drive business to your little raggedy cookie shop. However, I see by the reviews, you learned the hard way that all press is not good press. Another person wrote, all right, they gave me the cards but I can just read it from right there. Another person wrote… (audience laughing) I’ve had better cookies in jail. (audience gasping) Far from gorgeous but far from delicious. Learn to be a better owner and run a better business. It’s not about running a business, it’s about, you know what? Men are stupid, all right, furthermore, and I’m a professional flirt. Now I can tell you this right now. No. Maybe this cookie lady was on to something because you know how men do? If they’re smart, ’cause I know how I would do. You know, I got a whole table full of 10 people, I invite that 10th person over. I say, “Yes, sit with us,” in the meantime, the 10th person is the one I’m interested in, but I pay attention to the other nine, you see what I’m sayin’? And see how the 10th, you know what I’m sayin’, okay? (audience clapping) Maybe Tanya’s husband was flirting with her, I don’t know, all I know is cookie lady, don’t come out of your face talking about, “Just ’cause I’m gorgeous and you’re not.” What? I don’t like you, you know what? Kenya, don’t have her back on the show. NeNe, I have no idea where you were in that episode ’cause I was out having pizza, but cookie lady responded to all the comments saying, “So sorry you’re not happy with my appearance “last night on ROA.” (audience laughing) Next. (audience laughing) (audience clapping) There’s a more important situation going on, although the Housewives are always important to the show, aren’t they? Yes!
(audience clapping) Melissa Gorga is here. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) I wanna shout out to young 12-year-old Zaya Wade. Now
(audience clapping) Zaya… (audience clapping) is the daughter of Dwyane Wade with Gabrielle Union being his wife. Yesterday Dwyane announced that his 12-year-old came home and said, here’s the quote, “I think, going forward, I’m ready to live my truth. “I wanna be referred as she and her.” (audience clapping) You know? And… (audience clapping) Then Gabrielle shared a video of Zaya speaking out. Pay close attention without the loud claps, just listen to every word and then I’ll come back and comment and you all then can, we can talk. Okay, go ahead. I would say, you know, don’t even think about that. Just be true to yourself because are you really even, like, what’s the point of being on this Earth if you’re gonna try to be someone you’re not? But I think, even through hard times, you gotta just push through. I mean, like, it’s worth it, I feel like it’s very worth it, when you reach that point of like yourself. (audience clapping) I mean, you know. (audience clapping) The quicker you figure out who you are or who you wanna be in life, the easier life gets as you get older. That’s what I’ve discovered. (audience clapping) (Wendy sobbing) (Wendy sobbing)
Aww. No, ’cause you know, at 12 years old, a lot of us didn’t know who we were, and we don’t figure it out until we get to high school or college or, you know, into our 30s and all that other kinda, I love your disco dress. Oh my gosh, I love that, black and white, my mother seat. Black and white, my mother seat. Yes. Take my mind off of crying for just a moment.
(audience clapping) I feel like, you know, with all the bullying with kids and the thing going on at Sarah Lawrence, with the sex trafficking allegedly, and all this other kinda stuff, you know, good for her, for figuring out, at least that lane of who she wants to be. Now the rest of life is a whole ‘nother story. (audience clapping) But at least she’s got that. And a supportive mother and father, you know what I mean? And for those of you who don’t understand it or don’t like it, don’t say anything. This is a child who’s figuring out more about her life than we have when we were 12, okay? (audience clapping) Now I don’t need a tissue. (audience laughing) My pimple in my dimple has been gone. (audience laughing) I had a pimple in my dimple earlier in the week, I hate that. Yeah, I only have one dimple and there was a pimple in there. You all didn’t notice it ’cause Merrell covers real good, and it only lasted for, anyway. (audience laughing) So Mama June. Oh.
(Wendy giggling) Mama June has abandoned her family but her show is still coming back. Fans are assuming the show was over when Mama June left the family and ran over with Geno, that no-good man. She lost all of her teeth, they sit around and do drugs, they run from hotel to hotel, they gamble, and there’s nothing going on. Honey Boo Boo, who’s in high school now, has… Well, lives with her sister. This is the sister, there’s Honey Boo Boo, clearly stressed out Honey Boo Boo is, you know. (audience laughing) (giggling) You all are gonna stop. (audience laughing) Well, We TV surprised everyone Friday by releasing a promo of the upcoming season. Take a look. Humanity (mumbles) survived. (crunching drowns out person talking) What’s it gonna be like when mama finally comes home? The shocking all-new season of Mama June: Family Crisis. (audience laughing) I don’t know why you all are laughing. It is not funny. Now first of all, is that sugary cereal that the young lady is eating? (audience laughing) Come on, Honey Boo Boo. Second of all, is that her mother on the Missing Person’s box?
(audience laughing) (audience murmuring) Well reportedly, Mama June will not be on the show and will not be getting paid, but in our Hot Topics meeting, we were talking and fans are also saying online that We TV is exploiting the family, and I say that’s what channels do. Mama June, look. Me, Norman, and Bad Greg are here for it. Here for every minute of it. (audience laughing) Guilty conscience, though. Guilty conscience but I will be watching. Me too.
Yeah. Maybe with a party at the apartment. Right. And snacks. That sounds delightful. (audience laughing) I think the family (burps), excuse me, needs the money. Something tells me that Mama June’s gonna show up like in the last episode, or something like that. Mama June, look, no good’s gonna come to you until you do right by all of your daughters, including, and most importantly, Honey Boo Boo. (audience clapping) In the meantime, March is only two weeks away. All right, it begins in March. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) We got more great show for you, everybody. Up next,
(audience clapping) Real Housewife Melissa Gorga is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. (audience cheering) Please welcome Melissa Gorga. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Oh yes. You already know. Hi, gorgeous. I have not seen you in a minute. I know.
How are you? Thank you for comin’. Of course. Hi!
(audience cheering) I love this outfit. It’s so easy when you’re you to just throw something on with no undergarments.
A little Envy, little Envy.
(audience laughing) I have a couple undergarments on, I was trying to cover
No you don’t. the nipples and everything.
(audience laughing) No, pull over the crotch. Hold on, hold on. Yeah, uh-huh.
Okay. I saw something. (Melissa laughing)
(audience laughing) Look, look, put your feet on those feet and let’s, uh-huh. Beautiful.
(enchanting music) Look, look. Woo! Beautiful. You like? Yeah! Rene Caovilla, I think. So, you said Envy, well congratulations on the place. I’ve never been there but, you know, so it’s still going on, the Envy thing?
In Montclair, yeah, yeah, thank God. That’s one of the best things that came out of the show for me is really like being able to open a small business and do something outside of the show, you know? That’s what I say for all of you girls. (audience clapping) Whatever your franchise is, that’s what I say. Whether it’s Vanderpump or you NeNe doing something, Yeah you need something,
that’s what the show is for. you need to make something of it other than the chaos that it is, you know? And the possible ripation of your marital situation. Right, right.
Oh God. Yeah, I mean.
You and Joe are a hot couple. You’ve ridden that wave. Yeah, I mean, listen. (audience cheering) How do you have three children and… Were they all vaginal? I had three C-sections. Okay, so it’s way down then. So it’s down there. I remember when she, I was like, get real low, real low. Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh.
(Melissa laughing) And you healed well. Thank you. She doesn’t have a bowel movement in front of Joe, either. Oh my God, I said.
We talk about that now, don’t we? You don’t fart in front of him, you don’t have a bowel movement.
No, I just don’t. Some things I like to keep private, I’m that girl, I just don’t do it. You know what? Last time I met you, or last time we sat, I was married, and so I was saying how, what? Are you kidding me, Melissa? But now that I’m single and I’m out here in these streets, I agree.
(audience laughing) Are you gonna take my advice on this? I have a few bathrooms in my apartment. There you go. I escape to the bathrooms with a lot of spray. Even the spray that goes in the toilet so it doesn’t even emanate, you know what I’m talking about.
Do you see? But like you get my drift here, right?
Yup, yup. I like to keep that personal. Yup. Yup. I don’t think I’m wrong for that. And listen, being on reality TV– It’s hard, though. Yeah, definitely, listen. It’s not easy.
Like, if you have to poot, I literally have to go in a closet and slam the door. (audience laughing) You know, behind me and then spray the, uh-huh. I love you.
But I get it. Yeah, I mean, I just never did. I never, like, started doing that. And he always works, he’s always out of the house before I am, so it’s easy.
Yeah, you got all day to fart. (audience laughing)
(Wendy laughing) I can’t (laughing). Yeah.
(Melissa laughing) Do you feel the show has tested you all’s marriage? ‘Cause all I see is cuteness. Every once in a while he’ll say something sexist to you, but I find it sexy, ’cause men, they’re stupid, you know what I mean.
I mean, sometimes he says some really stupid thing. I will say, I thought that we,
Like go cook or something. like in the beginning, we were like, we got this. Everyone on the Housewives gets divorced, no one stays, we got this, but as the years went on, I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a little challenging for us. We’ve definitely had arguments, I have to be taken out of the house so much now, I travel a lot now. He never was really comfortable with that, and I feel it’s tested us the last couple of years. We’ve argued a lot more, and I’m just being honest because I don’t want people to think it’s so easy, it’s not. Reality TV really does test you, who you are, your marriage, but at the end of the day, at the end of the day, Joe and I have the same goals. We just love our kids, we want family, we want, you know, it’s what we want.
(audience clapping) Yeah. We fight for that, and sometimes you can’t, I mean, it doesn’t make it perfect, it doesn’t make it easy but we do argue but we come back together. You know what, there’s love there. How old is your oldest daughter in the beautiful white dress? Oh my God, Antonia is 14 years old now. Really? Her boobs and butt are bigger than mine, Let me tell you something…
I don’t even know where she got all of the boobs and butt from. Has Joe had to fight people off? I mean, she has a boyfriend, Antonia has a boyfriend, but it’s not someone that’s allowed to come over. It means that they talk on the phone and like– Do they go to the movies? No, in groups, like she’s always in a group. They’ll go to a house party or like, but never alone, it’s not like, “Oh, my boyfriend’s coming over to hang out.” Joe would start to convulse. And then your youngest is nine. Nine, I have a nine-year-old, my little one. So I was watching you, your mother and your two sisters, and I have to say, you remember we were talking about her on Hot Topics, Melissa over here wants to have maybe another child, whether it’s through, she gets pregnant the natural way or whether she has a surrogate. She’s 40 years old, everything snapped back, she and Joe still got the sexy going on, and my thought is, all right, a baby at 40 is fine for a woman who’s never had kids and still fighting the fight. But why would you want, like, what if you don’t snap back like that? I know, I know.
(audience laughing) Well I had already said that if I do decide to do it, it would have to be through in vitro, because my tubes are tied, and I would probably use a surrogate. But we did– Do you have eggs in the Petri dish? I don’t but I’m in the process of, I’m gonna freeze my eggs, just in case, just in case, just in case I ever change my mind.
What does your 14-year-old say about that? She thinks I’m nuts. I’d be pissed. Yes, she’s pissed, she’s like, “No.” It’s kinda what has been talking me out of it, just like, my sisters, you saw my sister and my mother.
Yes, I agree with all three of ’em!
They were all, are you out of your mind?
I’m looking at you through the TV, I’m fighting with you, but I realize that in one week, you’d be on the show, so then I could fight with you on the couch. (audience laughing) What are you doing?
All right, I know, I know, I know.
(audience clapping) I know, I have a setup so good now, I work so much now, you know, I need to just, I’m looking into it and you’ll see how that ends up and what I decide with all that, ’cause we go through the whole process on the show. But it’s a real thing when you have to let go of that part of your life, like– No it’s not. You like it? Mm-hmm. You’re happy to let go? You really wanna change pampers? I mean, I really– You wanna breastfeed? Not really, no, I don’t want that part. You wanna express?
(Melissa giggling) You wanna stay in town and not do your work ’cause you gotta take care of a baby ’cause Joe is out driving a cement truck over to the mall that he just bought, to feed the whole family?
To feed the whole family of five, yeah. No, you know, it’s really something that I just– Melissa… Okay, I know. You know, I saw you say this and I was like, all right, Wendy, I was like– No, 40, you could still have a baby, but just if you already have your kids.
Well a lot of people do, a lot of people do, but yeah.
You don’t need this anymore. I know. What is Gino gonna say? Gino freaks out, Gino’s like, “What, I don’t wanna hear no crying baby.” That’s what Gino says.
(audience laughing) That’s all’s I’m saying. And I don’t wanna split my inheritance, and you’re not even to that point where they think, all right, mom and dad, we live in this mansion, we got a nIce lifestyle, we gotta split our inheritance with another one? I thought they would be so excited. They all looked at me like I had 10 heads, nobody was excited, it was not happy news at all. So, there’s that.
All right, let’s move on. So Teresa and Joe are split up. Yes. How do you feel about that in terms of your sister-in-law, the girls, and the whole family? Well, of course, everyone knows it’s super sad for the girls. I think obviously Teresa held on so many years for the girls, you know? I think everyone was holding on, and to see what the outcome was gonna be with the deportation, they don’t even live in the same country anymore. He gained all that weight back, too. I think he’s probably eating good in Italy, I’m gonna assume he’s eating some meatballs over there. I haven’t seen him, I haven’t talked to him. Just through the phone, if he calls and I’m by Teresa, like that’s it. I don’t really have a relationship with him. I mean, even though he and Joe are brother-in-laws, they were friends before any of that.
They were, they were. Does your husband talk to the other Joe? No, they don’t talk, they really don’t talk. If the other Joe called you collect, do you say I accept? Of course, yes.
(audience laughing) No, of course, I mean, he’s calling me, he’s got something to say, I don’t know. Yeah, I would accept, of course. Listen, I’ve known him for a long time too, he’s family to us. This is my nieces’ father, and they die for him. They love him, you know how it is, daddy’s girls, they’re daddy’s girls.
By the way, those girls have really risen to the occasion, They have.
Teresa’s daughters, they really have.
Yes, they really have, they have to, they have to.
(audience clapping) Well no, a lot of girls don’t have to, they go wayward and then they blame their parents for why they’re in jail or whatever they’re doing.
They’re good girls, they’re really good girls. Yeah, they really are.
They really are, they’re good girls, they held up through it all and it’s time to move on, that’s it. I would love to play cupid with Teresa, I’d love to hook her up with someone. Do you like the pool boy? I love the pool boy, he’s a close friend of ours, he was the best man at my wedding. Wait, wait, now hold on now. What? He’s the best man at my wedding, that’s Joe Gorga’s best friend. That’s his best friend. I gotta tell you something. If I had a choice between him and Joe, you know, the other Joe… You’re going for Tony? Is that his name? (giggling) Tony, yes.
All day. Oh, you’re comparing.
(audience laughing) (audience clapping) Tony likes young chicks. Well, but how old is Tony? Tony’s, I wanna say 47. Well Teresa’s age appropriate to that. Oh yeah, they’re the same age, I think they’re the same age. So you think he’s gonna break her heart and go for somebody 22?
They are not dating, they are not dating. All right, break it down. They’re not dating, they’re not dating, they’re both going through, like, Tony’s in the process of getting a divorce also, I don’t walk that way
so it’s– with my friends. (audience laughing) Believe me you. It’s two friends that are just kinda leaning on each other because they’re both– That’s a hard lean. (audience laughing) I mean, he’s cute, he’s really cute, Tony. So who’s he dating? He has a couple, I think he’s just dating around (giggling). I’m not trying to call Tony out over here. (audience laughing) Look, I really like Black Dolores a lot also.
Oh, do you love her? Yes, I do. She’s very sweet, she’s a very, very sweet soul, she’s a good person. All you girls, I like Margaret, the older one, Margaret, the young, like I… There’s one that I don’t really know, though, Which one?
and that’s the one with the blonde behind Margaret. Jackie. I don’t really know her. Yeah, Jackie is awesome, Not her.
she, I mean, that’s Jennifer, what do you think of this? Tell me what you think of this. Well I think that Jennifer was wrong. I feel like when you have a birthday party for kids, is that what you all were fighting about? Yeah, well she threw a birthday party, Jackie through a birthday party for her child– And had pizza and Kool-Aid or whatever.
And pizza, cake, and there was a whole like– And then the other one got all snobby, like, where’s the good food for the adults? Nobody was checking her at that restaurant in The Hamptons. You checked her hard, though. I had to check her, I was like, who calls someone out on the way they give a birthday party to their– I don’t know, but you read her real good.
She was so rude. I was uncomfortable watching you read. Yeah, like she– You went in hard. I went in hard because she deserved it, right? (audience clapping) So this– So rude. You guys come on tonight? Yes, tonight. What are we going to see? Okay, we’re going to the Jersey Shore, like who doesn’t wanna see the Jersey outsiders go to the Jersey Shore? You know there the Jersey Shore. From there. We get a little wild, we get a little wild.
By Toms River? We go to Point Pleasant.=Okay, okay. Like Point Pleasant. We go to Jenkinson’s, you know. Yes, yes. My old stomping grounds. Are there any fights? Um, yeah, there’s some truth, though, there’s some crazy truth that’s gonna come out tonight, about relationships. If you’re a true fan of the Jersey Housewives, tonight’s your episode. (audience cheering) Well now, hold on. Melissa Gorga, everybody. Check out “The Real Housewives” in the Jersey tonight at eight on Bravo. Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh, ooh. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Okay, so look. It’s February still and it’s Black History Month. Today we’re honoring Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. Back in 1968, Shirley became the first Black woman elected in the U.S. Congress. In 2015, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. We honor you, Ms. Chisholm. By the way, Ms. Chisholm, do you remember when my mom and dad had you for dinner while you were running and I sat on the dishwasher door and broke it? (audience laughing) My parents took me upstairs and spanked me but they kept it from you. You’re very civilized. Anyway…
(audience clapping) True story.
(audience clapping) Ditto. All right, look it’s time for Ask Wendy. Come on, oh-oh. Come on, what’s gonna happen? How you doin’? Hi Wendy, how you doin’?
How you doin’? Okay, mom-daughter? Yes.
Mom-daughter. Okay, how can I help, girls? Oh Wendy, I have a beautiful daughter. She’s smart, she’s a degreed nurse, Birthday.
she’s a beauty queen, she’s 25 and she’s kinda, sorta looking for a nice guy. Oh boy, here we go.
What’s she, I know, what she’s bringing home is driving me, the Italian mother, crazy.
(audience laughing) The Italian mother. The Italian mother crazy. I wait, and I have this rule now where I wait. I don’t wanna meet these guys, I don’t want them coming in and breaking bread with me and then walking out.
Right. So, I’m not meeting anyone. The last guy she dated made her by her own bottled water at the Wawa. (audience laughing) Honest to God, so she– Well now, hold on now. First date, he stopped at the store and he said, “I wanna buy a bottle of water, “do you want anything?” I said, oh yeah, so I grabbed a quick bottle of water and he said, “So it’s your treat, right?” And I said, no, and he said, “Well ugh, you gotta pay sometimes.” (audience gasping) True story.
True story. Okay ma, go ahead. Now, should I get involved sooner? I have that rule, I don’t wanna meet ’em, I don’t wanna know ’em.
Here’s how I feel, a 25-year-old beauty queen, who’s a nurse, needs to move out of your house, that way, it’s none of your business. Student loans, Wendy. Student loans.
Student loans. Oh yeah. Financially, I’m in trouble.
The one thing nobody talked about in New Hampshire, you see what I’m sayin’? They talk about everything else except for these student loans. Yeah. Okay. You know what? Mom, leave her alone, she’s only 25, she’s not ready to get married or have a baby. She’s having a good time as a nurse, she’s a beauty queen, none of these guys really matter, although you are dating for the purpose of grooming, if you know what I’m sayin’. Right (giggling).
If you gotta buy your own bottled water on the first date, Yeah, I know.
that’s not your guy. That’s a no. I don’t know what to say to you guys except stay out of each other’s business. So I can’t ask her how was your date, honey? No, leave her alone, leave her alone. You know it’s gonna kill me. I know, it’s killing me, too. Sorry mom.
She’ll be fine. Sorry mom. Thanks Wendy.
Thanks for coming. Thank you. Oh, up next we’re playin’ 20 in 20, don’t go far. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) (bright tropical music)
(audience cheering) Welcome back. Ooh, ooh.
It’s time to play 20 in 20. Now Rasheeda is from Brooklyn and you’ve got one chance to win a vacation.
I do. What do you do for a living? I actually manage spas, Okay. and I’m actually originally a Georgia Peach, okay? Okay, but now you live in Brooklyn
Yes. and you’d like a vacation. Absolutely. Courtesy of us. Courtesy of you and also– Who would you bring? So my sister doesn’t know, but she’s about to find out. (gasps) I heard. (Rasheeda laughing) Look, she’s married and… Say it, Rasheeda. (Rasheeda laughing)
(audience laughing) She didn’t tell her own sister that she’s married. Oh!
(audience gasping) She’s over there (giggling). In the orange?
Surprise! How long you’ve been married, Rasheeda? (Rasheeda laughing) Rasheeda? So, I actually just got married back in October, and– October, that was like, that was last year. Yes, yes. All right, so you’re gonna bring your sister on this vacation.
I’m gonna bring my sister because– All right, girl, relax.
Yes. (Rasheeda laughing)
(audience laughing) Pick your face up. Come on. All right, this is for me and you, sis. I’m gonna count it down, All right.
keep your hand on. Three, two, one, go! Oh.
(bright tropical music) (audience clapping) (Rasheeda laughing) (bright tropical music)
(wheel rattling) We got this.
Hold on. All right. (bright tropical music)
(wheel rattling) Woo, let’s go! (clapping) Let’s go! All right. Jamaica!
(audience cheering) All right. Moon Palace Jamaica, announcer, tell her what it’s all about. You’re wrong, girl.
It’s a trip to Moon Palace Jamaica in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We’ll fly you and a guest roundtrip for a five-day, four-night stay at this luxurious, all-inclusive resort. Spend your trip enjoying 17 acres of private beach, diving into lavish swimming pools, dining at multiple destinations and dancing the night away in their nightclub Noir. This trip will be one to remember. Yes, yes.
(audience clapping) It’s gonna be one to remember. Look, Marco, switch the seat so she can sit next to her sister and explain this. She’s not wearing a ring ’cause nobody knows, the sister’s over there, a lip on the floor. Here’s the deal.
(audience laughing) You’re not going if you don’t answer correctly. Eminem performed what song at this year’s Oscar? Go. So, this song,
Quick. was Adele? Nope. Actually, I’m sorry, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it wasn’t,
No, no, you only get one guess.
I can’t sing the song? Nope.
“Lose Control,” Eminem. Nope.
(buzzer buzzing) Done. So she’s not going anywhere but you do have a $250 cash gift card. Buy your sister a gift, start wearing your ring.
(audience clapping) Congratulations, we’ll be right back. (bright tropical music) (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. These fellas are from Houston, these girls are from Nigeria, and she’s from Queens. Yes! Where are you from? Come on now, the tickets are free, it’s so much fun here. We’ll make you smile and then you go back to your problems. (audience laughing) Go to, a good time, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) You have no idea, unless you go to the web. has everything that you love, Hot Topics, celebrity interviews, people dancing off. (audience laughing) People with fat booties. (woman screaming)
(audience laughing) See it first, see it now, only at, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh. (Suzanne laughing) Alfonso Ribeiro is here tomorrow, we love him. I gotcha with the Hot Topics. I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on this sloppy show, bye. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Ooh, ooh. (bell dinging)
How you doin’? (coughs) Nice.
(coin clinking) (thunderous triumphant music)

James Carver

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