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– Today is the day. – We’re gonna surprise Lilly
a little bit later. – But first, we have
a fashion show to put together. – Yeah, let’s get to work. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ Mason: Anne, our art director, is already here
and got things started. Go, go, go. – Hello! Emilie: What have we got
going on? Anne: We’ve loaded in,
we’re ready to go. First thing,
let’s put up the runway. – You good? Anne: A little further. Mason: It’s good now. Anne: We’ve also started
focusing the lights, but I’m not sure
about those totally until the stage set is ready. Mason: Oh, perfect. ‘Kay, I’m gonna walk down. Anne: Mason! – Yeah! – Enough, come on, I need help. Why don’t you go
set up the green room? – Not the time for modelling. Man: Hey, can I get
the light gels up here? Emilie: It’s a good thing
I didn’t cut my nails today. – So, I’m in the greenroom
right now. Hey, Amanda.
– Yes. – Um, what do you think
needs to be done? – Clear this out,
we need another rack, we need a hair
and makeup station, mirrors, we still need drapes. – ‘Kay. – Got it?
– I got it. – I’m gonna figure out
what’s goin’ on over here. Anne: So, this paper’s
gonna be cut and hung across the back
of the stage to create a backdrop. I’m just gonna rip this
to create a deckled edge, and then we’re gonna
dip it in gold paint. – Can I hold something, please? Emilie: Oh, yeah pumpkin. Amanda: Ohhh. Emilie: What is
your inspiration? Anne: Her name’s Lilly,
we’re gilding the Lilly. – I’m kinda mesmerized by it. Anne: So, we’re gonna
hang these on either side of the stage
to force the perspective. It should really help
bring focus to the models and the designs. Amanda: I think this is gonna
look amazing. Mason: Mind your elbows,
mind your elbows, trolley coming through. Anne: The shorter roll
over here. It needs to have the edge
deckled. Lisa: This is outta control. Emilie: No, it’s perfect. I’m gonna edge it, edge it. [laughing] And that’s how
you tear paper, kids. – Yeah. – [exhales] Mirrors! Lisa: I think we should tape it. – Is there like,
an instruction manual? Anne: Make your edges meet. Mason: Get your lightbulbs in. Ooh! Woman: Oohh! Anne: Okay, everything’s
looking great. Where are we on the lights? Man: We’re gettin’ there. Anne: The next thing is to just figure out
how to get it up there. We’re hanging that side first. Mason: These are some
of the outfits for the show, but we’re still waiting on Susie to arrive with Lilly’s
finished dresses. Anne: Move it closer
to the wall, can you? That’s awesome. Keep dropping, right there. Yep, that’s good. – I think it would be
kind of great to have her appear out of this. – Okay, then we shall carry on. We’re gonna do the next layer. We’ll measure the middle one
and then we’ll tape it off. Okay, now we’ll go look. That’s good, just leave it
like that. Amanda: It looks gorgeous! – Hey, are we good here? – We’ve gotta go surprise Lilly. – ‘Cause it’s go time. – Do you need us
for any of that? Both: No. – ‘Kay, good. Mason: Let’s get back to it. Yeah. Lisa: So, we’re
at a local boutique. Lilly and her mom
are almost here for the big surprise. Emilie: Little does she know
that in just a few minutes, she’s gonna help plan
a fashion show. – So we gotta get ready! – Oh yeah.
– Places. Man on radio: Lilly
and her family are approaching the store. – What are you doing?
Get into place. Man on radio: Roll cameras,
roll cameras. Three, two, one. – Excuse me, could I borrow your eyes
for like a quick second? Do you mind if I… – No. – Awesome. I’m trying to get my niece
a dress, and you look about her size. What are you, thirteen? – Twelve. – Well, she’s thirteen. That’s practically
the same age, right? – Yeah. – I know that I like the lace,
but which color do you prefer? – The blue one. – You know,
I think she would too. Oh my gosh, she’s so helpful. Thank you so much, Lilly. – Excuse me, is this woman
bothering you? – No.
– Yes, I am. – Oh good, I hope so, ’cause we wanna bother you
all afternoon. [laughing] Congratulations, Lilly, you’re on a show
called Random Acts. – Wait, really? – Yeah.
– Really. [laughing] – We do kind things
for kind people, and we understand that you are a wonderful,
kind, talented young woman, and that you love fashion. – So, we’re giving you
two tickets to a fashion show. I know, right? And we have to leave right now, because not only
are we giving you tickets, but we’re making you
a part of the team that is putting on
the fashion show. – Really? – Yes. [laughing] – But the problem is, is that
it’s happening right now, so we have to go. – Yeah.
Lisa: Are you ready? And your mom knows
all about this, so it’s fine. – Yeah. Emilie: Thanks, Mom!
Bye, Mom! Lisa: This is so exciting! [laughing excitedly] Mason: We just got word
that Lisa and Emilie are on their way back
with Lilly, and things are going
pretty well here, but I haven’t heard anything
from Susie yet, and getting Lilly’s dresses here
is kind of a big deal, so I’m gonna go
make a call. [phone ringing] Susie: Hello. – Hey, Susie, it’s Mason. Just wanted to get
a quick update from you. How’s it going? Susie: We’re just
wrapping things up and getting the styles in bags
and steaming things, um, we have to trim
some of the edges and just make them
look ready for runway, but we’re getting there. – ‘Kay, that sounds like
a few more things than I was anticipating. Do you guys think
you’re gonna get here in time? Susie: We will get there
in time. We might be cutting it close,
but we’ll be there in time. – Cutting it close
like we always do, yes. Okay, yeah, well then, I guess I will just see you
when you get here. Susie: We’ll see you soon. – ‘Kay, sounds good. Susie: Bye! – Buh-bye. Back to it. Lisa: This is the venue where we’re gonna have
the fashion show, and this is the setup right here
where it’s all gonna happen. And, we have flown in
Amanda Valentine, who’s a fashion designer, who you’ll be
working with today. – So good to meet you. There’s a lot to do,
and I was wondering if you would help me
backstage. Okay, let’s check it out. One thing we could do is start
looking through the clothes and come up with a little story
for the show. It’s too many outfits,
I need help! – I do like the green jacket. Amanda: Yeah,
the green jacket’s good. – And we’ll do those shoes
with this one. – I dig that. – I really like
the summer romper. – Should we add anything to it? Emilie: I see
the wheels turning. Amanda: Yep. Lilly: You like those ones? Emilie: Is that
what you would’ve– Amanda: I’m not even kidding. That’s what I would’ve picked. I’m not even kidding. [laughing] I like hanging around
with someone that just wants to do this
with me all day, so thank you. [laughing] Man on radio: The models
are arriving. Let’s get them into makeup. Lilly: These would be cute
with the yellow dress. – That would be perfect. Those would be so cute
with that. That was Lilly’s idea. We’ve got hats. – That would look cute. – Well actually, like yeah. Right? You’ve got good ideas. Anne: We’re finally adding
decorative gold to the runway, which will match
the stage design. It’s very graphic, and I think it’s gonna look
really cool. – How about those ones? – Yeah. – Those ones are so pretty.
– I love it. – Did you pick me some shoes? Lilly: Yeah.
Model: Oh, I love these. – How’s it going? Amanda: Lilly put together
this adorable outfit. Lisa: Yes, she did. Those are great shoes. Amanda: Yeah,
Lilly picked those out. Man: Just making final
adjustments on the lights. – You just put together
a killer outfit. Just like that. I’m like, you’re like,
“Yeah, of course I did. I could do this in my sleep.” – She knows her stuff. Anne: I’d say that job’s done. Okay, let’s pick up everything
and get outta here. Emilie: Are you having
the most fun? – Yeah. ♪♪ – Lilly came up
with a good set of poses. Models: Oohh, fun. – Oh yeah, let’s do it. – And… go. – And pose, there we go. [heels clicking] – And pose. Amanda: Look at these
killer poses. Lilly: Then walk around. – I like this sequence a lot. Lilly: Then right there. – You want me to turn around
here? – Yeah. And then, yep. Amanda: Perfect. What do you think? Lilly: Yeah, I like that. – That was pretty good, right?
– Yeah. Amanda: Okay,
I think we’re pretty good. We’ve got outfits
to put together. Lilly: Let’s go. Mason: Okay, the audience
is starting to arrive, but there’s still
no sign of Susie. We are cutting it very close. – What order do you think? – This first. – Ooh, I like that. – And then that. – Oh, perfect. – Do you wanna do that last? – I like that. We did it, high five. [high five] Mason: Whew, Susie just got here
with the dresses. – Just in time! – This is perfect. [high five] Yes! Okay, the models
are doing last looks, Lilly has taken her seat, and the show is about to begin. Man on radio: Amanda
to the stage. – Hello, everybody. Welcome to our show tonight,
we’ve put a lot of work into it. So I would like to present
to you Fashion for All. [audience applause] ♪♪ [audience cheering] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ – Love it! ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ [audience applause] – That was fun. Thank you so much
for coming tonight. Putting a fashion show together
is a lot of work. And you may also have noticed that we had Random Acts
filming here today, so I would like to introduce one of the hosts
of Random Acts, Emilie. [audience applause] – Thank you. Have you guys had a good time? [audience cheering] Well, I would like
to introduce you to a very special person
in the audience today. Lilly Lawson,
will you please stand up? Lilly was nominated
for a random act because of her incredible spirit
and her positive attitude, so she got to come in today and help us put this entire
fashion show together. So, let’s give her a round
of applause. [audience applause] You guys don’t know this,
but this girl’s 12 years old, and she’s already
designing herself. And Lilly, you don’t know this, but we got ahold
of some of those designs, and we sent them
to a producer in L. A. and… well, I’m just gonna
let the clothes speak for themselves. Ladies and gentlemen,
for the first time, the Lilly Lawson collection. [audience cheering] [audience cheering] Susie: It’s been
an absolute pleasure to make Lilly’s designs. She’s very talented in her work and she has good attention
to detail. We had a really good time
doing it. [audience cheering] ♪♪ – Her drawings were so detailed that it really allowed us
to design and produce quality products so that we were ready
for a fashion show. [audience cheering] Susie: It’s fun seeing
new people coming into the industry. We really like working
with young talent and the enthusiasm
they have for designing and being part of something, so she’s a lot of fun
to work with. [audience cheering] – Lilly, come on up here! [audience cheering] Lilly, good job! How are you feeling
seeing your designs on stage? – It’s really cool. [audience laughing] – Okay, well I would like
to introduce you to the incredible woman
who took your beautiful designs and made those clothes. Susie, can you come out here,
please? [audience cheering] And we couldn’t have
incredible Lilly without her incredible mother. Jamie, can you come on up here? [audience cheering] Jamie, we know
that your entire family has been through
some rough times, and our goal today was to put a smile
on all of your faces. Is there anything that you
would like to say to Lilly? – I am so incredibly
proud of her. She is an amazing girl, and the sweetest,
most kindest person I know, and nobody more deserving
than her. [audience cheering] Emilie: Take a bow, Lilly,
you deserve it! That’s our show. A big thanks
to Amanda Valentine, Susie Turner, and Dry Bar Comedy
for this amazing venue. Random Acts on three. All: One, two, three, Random Acts! [heels clicking] – Be a model mega-fan
and subscribe to our channel. – These episodes were designed
to impress you. – [in a German accent]
So, what are you waiting for? Just do it.

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