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Hi everyone, as I mentioned in a video
last week we’ve recently moved house welcome to our new flat, this is our
bedroom. In between work I’ve been stealing an hour here and there to paint
the walls of our bedroom and living room white because they were very magnolia
before, and it was making everything look quite dark, so everything’s looking very
bright right now which I’m really happy about, actually let me sit down and stop
filming in front of the mirror so I can talk to you properly. We’re going to be
renovating the flat slowly over time, we’re not really sure what colour schemes
we’re going with yet, probably white walls with bright furniture; I’m very much into
bright colours, you may have noticed, but at the moment I just wanted
to make everything feel fresh and giving the rooms a lick of paint has certainly
done that. I wanted to film a weekly vlog this week, tell you about what I’m
reading, what I’m up to work wise, but also showing you house stuff because in my
2020 New Year’s resolutions video I said I wanted to do more arts and crafts this
year and asked for suggestions from you as to the things I could try, ideally things
that were kind to my poor arthritic hands and you guys suggested lots of
great things, which I have added to a list in my notebook, but currently all of
my arts and crafts side of my brain is being taken up with house
things, so instead of showing you new craft activities that I’m doing, I
thought I would show you some house renovation stuff, so part of this video
is going to be sponsored by Skillshare who I’ve been using when thinking about
painting and upcycling of furniture and I’ll talk about that more later on. Today
is Wednesday the 5th of February and this morning I was in town. I had a
meeting about some books that I’m currently working on which will be
coming out in 2021 and subsequent years after that, which is very much forward
planning and you know how much I love planning, and it’s just given me… I don’t
know, I feel very energized by that meeting which is always really lovely.
And it was great to see Charlie as well who’s my agent, who you will have met on
this channel before, it’s always great to catch up with him. We also saw a dog sofa
which I won’t be buying for the flat but it was very fun to see that out in
the wild and we both had taken photos of it because
the sofa reminded us of our dogs, so that was quite fun, so this afternoon I’m
going to take a couple of hours off work and start doing some work on the hallway,
which I will show you in a second. I’ll talk to you about some ideas that I have
for it and the reason that I’m taking a few hours out this afternoon is because
I’m working late tonight because I’m doing BBC 5 live which I do once a
month and that is from 11:00pm, I leave the house at 11:00pm, until about 2:00am, so as I’m working late tonight I figured I’m allowed to take a couple of
hours off to do some painting this afternoon, so let me show you the hallway
and what I’m thinking of doing with it. Okay so this is the hallway, it’s a very
narrow space but I want to do something with it
I don’t know… when you step inside a place you want to feel immediately like
you’re at home and this is not screaming home right now. Obviously we’ve got lots
of boxes here because we’ve been moving so it’s become a little bit of a dumping
ground but we’ve rescued this table which I
thought would be a good hallway table, I can put a bowl on it, maybe for keys or
something, I don’t know, I need to think about it but this is what the corridor
currently looks like, this is the colour… it’s not really showing up in this light but
this is the magnolia colour that was everywhere so I thought what I want to
do is paint the hallway a colour called Tranquil Dawn. I love paint colour names
you like Elephant Breath and Grandma’s Sweater, they
make me laugh a lot but yeah this one is called tranquil dawn, I’ll insert a
picture so you can see it and it’s a Dulux one, so it’s a light greeny grey,
I’d like to painted that colour and then potentially paint the table a light grey… I am not sure, I may keep it in its original wood and sand it. I’m going to see
what the colour of the wood looks like once I have painted the walls. I’ve still
got some white paint left over from when I was painting the living room so I
think I’ll do a base coat of white because it’s quite ragged in places, I’m
sure I don’t really need to do that with very light mint grey but I just think it
will make that colour sit better, as well, so
I am going to masking tape all of the skirting board to protect it,
give the walls or wipe down and then give it a base coat of white. I need to
find a lampshade for that light and I thought above the
table a mirror would look really nice. The carpet is the same carpet
throughout the whole flat and we’re keeping it for now but it has been
completely eaten by moths so don’t look at it too closely. I’m not sure how
finished the hallway’s going to be by the time this vlog goes up, it depends how
quickly I can get hold of things like mirrors and light shades but let’s see
how far we get. Sarah Brett: “Let’s talk books because with me now is Jen Campbell. As if you have got enough books piled on your bedside at this time of
year in particular, when it’s hard to finish anything because it’s
depressing, cause it’s January, we’re going to talk coming-of-age books tonight,
Jen Campbell: “Yes we are and speaking of books books being piled up by your bed, we’ve
recently moved house in the past week, I don’t know I see in the camera but I’m
covered in paint as I’ve been decorating.” Sarah Brett: ” I love those dungarees though”
Jen Campbell: “I feel
like I actually wear dungarees a lot and now this is my calling: decorating. I’m
like ‘this is why I own so many pairs of dungarees!'” Good morning, this is how awake I am
today, I was trying to put this on the lens of my camera thinking it was the
lens cap, it’s not, it’s my blusher. Good morning! Yesterday Mr. M and I took the
day off work and went to Brighton. We booked this in a while ago because we’ve
both had lots of work on and then when we haven’t been working we’ve been
moving, so we really wanted to take a day where we were doing
neither of those things, and we decided to go to the coast because the sea, as
you know, is my happy place and Mr. M hadn’t been to Brighton since he was
really little and I went a few times last year, once or twice with Jean,
and then to do some book events, as well, separately for work, and it’s a great
place. They have lots of amazing furniture shops, we would like to thrift
a lot of our furniture when we’re getting stuff for the flat as I
mentioned before we’re not in a rush to buy things and we want to take our time,
and we don’t want to buy things that… I just am panicky about buying things that
aren’t going to go together and I don’t want to be in any way wasteful, so we are
doing it slowly over time but we wanted to go have a day off and look around and
just see the kind of things that we both like and you know get ideas and have a
chat about it and that was really really lovely. So that’s what we did yesterday. I
loved walking around Spider which is one of their house plant shops and you guys
know that we have lots of house plant children I’ll do a cutaway and show you,
and the furniture that we’re using at the moment is… there a couple of bits
that we already had but mostly it’s furniture that was left by the people
who were renting before we bought it, so that’s why we’re able to replace things slowly over
time. There is a rental sofa that’s been here for forever, there is a dining table and I really love the size of it but it’s been painted and in a
really dark colour and so I’d like to see if I can paint that and save it. We bought one thing for the house, we thought it’d be nice to
buy something as a token of the day, of going around Brighton and
looking at things, so we bought this vase here from a shop that I right now can’t
remember the name of I’ll insert it on the screen here [Gander Vintage] but it’s a vase that was
made in West Germany and I really like the style. I’ve put some daffodils
in it. Anyway, this morning I’m doing editorial work, this afternoon
I have a hospital appointment and this evening I’m going to do more painting. I am
so loving listening to the other Bennet sister, sorry the glare in these glasses,
I’m so loving listening to the Other Bennet sister by Janice Hadlow which
is a reimagining of Pride and Prejudice but from the point of view of Mary. It’s
narrated by Kristen Atherton and the way that she voices Mrs. Bennett is exactly
like Alison Steadman in the 1995 Pride and Prejudice, which is the one and only
Pride and Prejudice in my opinion, when we’re talking about adaptations. Let me
see if I can find you a little clip where she’s being mrs. Bennet so you
can see just how brilliant it is. **audio clip ** I’m going to crack on with work and come back
to you at the weekend when I’m doing more house stuff. I’m hoping I can finish
the hallway in the next few days and show that to you. As I mentioned at the
beginning of this video part of the video it’s very kindly sponsored by
Skillshare, who I’ve worked with many, many times before. I’ll link all the
previous collaborations I’ve done in the description box because I’ve made videos
talking about how to annotate texts, how to become freelance, how to cook certain
dishes lots of different things and they’re a great resource if you’re
wanting to learn or pick up a new skill, particularly I have found recently
(because this is what I’ve been interest in) when it comes to
crafts and creativity. So Mr. M and I have been watching their videos on
interior design when we’ve been thinking about how we want to decorate our new
space, the video series called Style Your Space by Emily
Henderson is one that we have come back to quite a lot because she kind of
breaks down the misconceptions and the pitfalls that people fall into when
they’re considering how to design a space: the temptation is to be like “oh I
love that sofa” and “I love that lamp” instead of thinking about the overall
feel you want a room to have and going from there, which is why we have
not made huge decisions about sofas or the main focal points of rooms yet
because we really want to take our time with it, so I really really recommend
that series of videos, there’s a really fun quiz in it too where you can pick out
certain items to help you find or recognize… you already know probably
subconsciously what styles you really like but to recognize why you like
certain things and how to look for other things that complement those things. It’s
just been really, really great. They also have many other different videos on
how to design a space from beginning to end and we’ve been making our way
through those videos as well. Skillshare is an online learning platform with
thousands of different classes on all different topics so you can learn new
things, you can get creative and you can explore. Because it’s online and the
classes are there for you to take whenever you like, you can also fit it in
with whatever schedule you happen to have. It’s an affordable platform too,
Premium Membership works out at less than $10 a month with an annual
subscription and Skillshare are offering you two months free of their premium
membership, so I’ll link it at the top of the description box down below. Click on
it, head on over I will link some classes down below that I have
particularly enjoyed but honestly you can search through I think they have
over 25,000 classes so there really is something on there for everyone and it
is well worth your time. *audiobook clip* We’ve been
cleaning out the attic of our new place and we found some really cool stuff like
this diagram image thing of sailing ships through the ages and then we found
all this stuff – this is the painting as it’s looking right now — and these are
strange glassware, which is actually amazing because we haven’t bought any
glasses yet, this was just up in the attic
wrapped in old newspaper, when is this newspaper from? 1993. This really retro
table that was just up there which is very 1970s. We’ve got Leena and Craig coming around
for dinner and board games tonight so I thought I would make that vegan
bolognese that I made in my last weekly vlog and some of you asked what the
recipe for that was and how I made it and I don’t follow a particular recipe
so I thought I would just quickly tell you what I do.
So you chop up an onion and you fry that then you add in this, which i think is
really good, The Meatless Farm Company meat-free mince, it doesn’t brown like
meat does, it actually sticks to the pan quite a bit, I’m guessing because there’s
not as much fat in it, so I don’t brown it like I would meat, I just put it in
and stir it a little bit and then pretty much immediately add four tins of
chopped tomatoes, we have three so I’m going to have to make do but normally I
put in four, then I add two of these which is the Knorr stock pot these are
the vegetable stock pots, plus a splash of water, a splash of red wine, salt and
pepper, and four bay leaves, which I don’t have on the counter, I think
hopefully they are just in the cupboard and then I simmer that altogether for about
an hour, making sure to stir it regularly because it can stick to the bottom of
the pan. You want it on a very, very low heat then after an hour add in a punnet
of chopped mushrooms and then cook for another hour adding in more water if you
think is necessary, oh I forgot to say also when you add in these you add in tomato paste and some garlic puree as well
and after two hours it should be about done and if you can make it in advance
preferably even the day before which I’m not doing today, but I’m trying to do a
few hours before they get here, it tastes better the longer that you leave it, like
most stews and then you serve it with spaghetti so that is what I’m making
today. I forgot to bring my camera with me so
I’m just filming on my phone. I’m moving the last bookcase that we need to move
and it’s the one I built myself which I shouldn’t have done because I didn’t
have a drill and I thought I could tighten the screws myself and I just
couldn’t do that. It’s done its job, it’s been there probably about six years
and it’s been supported by the bookcases either side of it but I didn’t
realize just how much those other bookcases were supporting this
until I moved those and now this is what the bookcase looks like, it looks like
this. It is the wonkiest bookcase these are the gaps, these
gaps should not be here, these screws are not in very tight at all,
I’m just wondering… look at this! I’m just wondering at what point me taking
the books off is going to make the whole thing fall down. Maybe I’ll do a
timelapse, let’s see, because I think it is also
being supported by the weight of the books and once those are gone it’s just
going to crumple to the floor, let’s see. Painting is all done. It looks
raggedy at the edges because I’ve still got the masking tape on and once it’s
all dry I’ll take the masking tape off. I know I said I was thinking of painting
this table but I actually think I like the colour of it against the paint so I
think I might keep it like that. Hi everyone it is Tuesday and the
hallway is not finished but it’s definitely much much better than it was
before, let me show you, this is what it looks like, so the paint as I said is a
Dulux one called Tranquil Dawn, and I love the way that it looks, it’s a lovely mint
green. I decided to put the table at the end of the corridor as I’m filming this
as you see it, which is not wear I initially planned to put it but I’d like to
get a mirror to go above it and there is a window behind the camera and I think
it’s best to have a mirror opposite light. I haven’t found a mirror that I
love yet but there’s going to be a mirror that replaces where the coat rack
still is which was there when we moved in, I just think it’s really ornate and
kind of pretty, maybe right now I could use it to put my hats on when I come
inside. I know at the moment it’s more decorative than functional right now. So
I’m going to move that at some point and have a mirror there. The table I probably
will sand at some point to make it look a bit more finished than it currently is,
because as I said we rescued it from being thrown out and it’s a little bit
scuffed but I like that it looks loved. On top of the table I’ve put this vase
from H&M Home which I love. I know that that is not as interesting as thrifting
something or finding something that has already been much-loved
but I adore this vase and it’s got a really interesting texture, it’s very
heavy as well, then next to it I’ve put a wooden box where we can keep our keys.
I’ve put this bowl which was a gift from my lovely publishers Two Roads a few
Christmases ago and I’ve put inside some of my favourite pins in case I want to
put one on before I leave the house and then next to that is a candle that we
had which is a darker green to give it a slightly different tone, and is a
watermelon candle, and it smells really lovely, so that is how the corridor is
currently looking. The kind of mirror that I have in mind is something like
this and then we’ll also need to get a lampshade as well which we don’t
have and I’m thinking something along the lines of this, but I’m just going to
keep my eyes peeled and we’ll see what kind of things we come across, and I’ll
keep you updated. I hope that that was interesting it’s been fun to do and
obviously this is going to be an ongoing project with the flat, there’s going to be
lots of things that we’re doing so if you would like to see more content like this
then do let me know. I’m going to crack on with work this afternoon. I have a whole
load of hospital appointments. I feel like I have spent a lot of the time at
hospital recently; I’m okay it’s just one of those things, life with a chronic
health condition! So that is my afternoon and then tonight I think I’ll just come
home and just admire my hallway some more because I’m a big fan. I hope that
you like it too and I hope you guys have a great week. Thanks very much to
Skillshare for sponsoring this video and I will speak to you guys at very soon. Lots of bookish love. x

James Carver

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