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Shannie: The advice I would give an aspiring model that wasn’t looking to expose herself in certain ways would be that you no longer have to. What we’re looking for today is to find our next big thing. Salma: I applied for Umma Models because it represents and it promotes modest fashion. Ilhan: I’m kind of nervous, excited and nervous. Salma: Yeah. Mariam: So they offer something that other modern agencies don’t offer in London or anywhere around the world. Shannie: So today, we have a photoshoot with our teen models, what we really want to do is just take it a little bit more edgy, vibrant with a Monochrome contrast. Umma Models is a modest modeling agency, we’re based in London, we house modest models. We’ve had teen models, male models and female models. So funny enough, it’s called Umma Models it actually stands for United modest modeling agency. Umma actually is an Arabic word that means community and often Muslims use it for the whole Muslim community. Usually models tend to choose Umma. And if they are modest women within their daily lives. Salma: My friends always told me I should be a model but sort of brushed it off.I thought what’s the harm in me going for an agency, that is made for people like me, I’m a Muslim girl, modesty defines me and I like it that way. Shannie: So there’s a lot of ways that teens are often sexualized in fashion, and it’s not really appropriate. So it’s important that there’s this opportunity here with Umma models, for teen models, because the industry doesn’t often recognise them as being children. Fatima: I joined Umma because I saw as it was a modest modelling agency, and I was very interested in the modest world and fashion. Shannie: So the models we are working with today are fine examples of the models that we work with. But there’s definitely different levels of modesty here, you’ve got your casual look, but you’re covering with the neck out. And then we’ve got Numina’s levels of modesty are a little bit less than the girls that wear headscarves. But she still doesn’t really like show too much skin and they’re young and fresh, and they’re ready to model. Yeah A little bit more behind your head. I actually like the body works pass. Models are usually expected to wear any type of clothing. there’s kind of no restrictions, you’re expected to be okay with wearing anything they put on you. We also support religious models, I mean, being a religious woman myself. So if they need to pray, then when we sign contracts for clients, we make sure that prayer times are allocated. So currently, we have about
60 models for the agency. In the last few years, there has been a huge rise of Muslim models. We are holding a casting and the reason being is we are expanding. And we need models that basically will help us do that. So what we’re looking for today is obviously to find our next big thing. So Nadia is actually my best friend. We met a few years ago at a networking event when I actually wanted to start Umma. And since then she’s literally just been the kind of backbone of the business. So in our new models, the most important thing that we look for is that they have modesty within them as well as out of them. So I’ve already got their details and anything. Nadia: We have questions about like firstly, what do you do outside of the world of like, modelling? Why do you want to join Umma models? How do you practice modesty in your day to day life? Shannie: Yeah, good questions. Well done. You can tell she’s the organised one. Salma: I applied for Umma Models because it represents and it promotes modest fashion, which I really do not think it really would exist in the modelling world. Excited and nervous. Salma: Yeah. Excited because I really want to get there do it experiencing nervous because it’s something new. Shannie: Because majority of our models
are Muslim then we’re a Muslim agency completely not the case. And that’s because it’s open to everybody. And there’s many models that are Christians, or Jewish I mean, to wear a headscarf doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re Muslim. Ilhan: It’s hard for Hijabis and like people who cover up to go into modelling because we literally barely see them. So that’s why I found Umma Modelling like completely different to everyone else. Because they’ve got like Hijabis and modest clothing and etcetera. And they put it out there. So I thought it’d be perfect for me because I like modest clothing and everything. It’s like my go to. Shannie: Traditional like this all the time. Salma: All the time.
Shannie: Perfect. Salma: I don’t wear the turban not for full on like this. Shannie: Perfect. And Inshallah you never ever lose that. Mariam: A lot of people feel that in order to go into the modelling industry, they need to reveal a lot of flesh, or even their hair. For instance, whereby that isn’t necessarily the case it shouldn’t be. Shannie: One more time yeah. Mariam: I think Umma Model is the first model agency in the fashion industry and in the fashion world to be able to offer something different, whereby a woman could go up on the platform, and model modestly and not feel ashamed or bad about it or have to hide it from her family. Salma: Obviously, now that I’ve experienced it I think I was overreacting. And it was fun, I loved it, it was just. Ilhan: I’m kind of nervous but not that nervous. Shannie: What we want you to do is really just kind of come out of your shells. In this industry is very difficult to get by if you’re shy. So we’re going to start with walks. So if you’ve got heels with you that is perfect. Aisha: At the moment I’m pursuing to become a doctor Because modelling is something that I’ve been doing ever since I was like 11. I don’t mind doing it together with my you know, becoming a doctor working those two together, balancing them. Shannie: Would you be interested then on the more fitness side of modelling? Mariam: Yeah I think I mentioned that.
So I have done a bit of fitness modelling in the past Shannie: Yeah.
Mariam: And I used to live in Dover. Najla: I used to model when I was young 16, 17. I was invited to the Miss England and but I was told I had to wear a bikini and you know I couldn’t do it because of that. Ilhan: They were very nice, very open minded so makes you feel more comfortable not that anxious not that scared of joining in it and all of that. Najla: I’m quite excited because I’ve been waiting a while to find a modest agency and I feel like I found the one now and I’m just hoping fingers crossed it goes well. Aisha: Yeah, I’m confident because modeling is always been part of me so I’m really confident. I have had quite experiences in modelling but the thing is, it didn’t work out maybe because I was wearing headscarf all the time. And you know and they were looking for something different which I couldn’t give them.I just wanted to be able to embrace myself and not to change. Shannie: Very nice walk. Shannie: One thing we make sure is their modesty requirements are definitely looked after and they’re never made to do anything that goes against their personal comfort beliefs. Perfect, Thank you very much. Aisha: They’re really easy to deal with. So I really enjoyed today. I mean, I wasn’t expecting this whole thing go so smoothly. I did get a lot of good feedbacks and yeah, hoping for the best. Najla: I hope I do get a signed one. And I do hope I can start getting back in to that because absolutely I love modelling. I love it and if I could take it to another level this time yeah. Shannie: The deciding of who actually gets through is probably the hardest part of this job. Aisha I do like Aisha what did you think of Aisha? Nadia: I put her as a question mark slash tick. Shannie: I’m saying yes I like her walk I think it’s very nice. We also need a representation for plus size so I’m interested in Ilhan as well I feel like Ilhan is good. Nadia: Yeah, really great, great personality Shannie: Really nice. I feel comfortable if I was to put her for a shoot for something that she would be respectful just go ahead, get the job done. Nadia: Yeah, Salma. Shannie: Yeah Salma was great. I feel like everything from start to beginning to finish was nice, Najla real nice. I think she’s more commercial than anything she’s got a very pretty face. Nadia: And I’m not quite sure about the amount of makeup. Shannie: Definitely commercial work she will get. And she’s older as well, which is nice, like a commercial classic model. I feel like she should get she’s got nice skin and everything. Modesty and the body positive movement. I feel I’m definitely aligned. And some people might think
it’s a contradiction. But you may come to that perception if you feel that, to be liberated, to be free is to be naked. But if you feel that being liberated, and being accepted of your body, is to be able to wear and look however you want, then I would say is definitely aligned . I’m trying to change the industry. That’s 100% one that is my goal. Just make it all a norm when it comes to modest fashion and representation and inclusion like 100%.

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100 Replies to “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off To Model | SHAKE MY BEAUTY”

  1. Aren't muslim women supose to not wear make up and cover their beauty ? Since men are suppose to look down, isnt it contradictory to publish their faces everywhere ?

  2. I mean hey whatever floats your boat. Personally I'd rather watch swimsuit models . So I can do that. They can do this and we can get along

  3. So, this is Barcroft praising Stockholm syndrome-affected women who hate on other women who are wearing non-repressive articles of clothing. Not all types of "diversity" are good, if you didn't realize already.

  4. a model is expected to wear anything….so there are few Muslim models as compared to non Muslim models in agencies….due to some restrictions of our religion….other agencies don't hire much Muslims so when this agency creates Muslim models and they are a success you all are saying that they are looking down upon other models? it is your minds that are negative not theirs.

  5. Putting on hijab only indicate you are brain dead, well u still can be a model after all, so thats a win for you guys i guess

  6. I get what they are doing but… it’s just not appropriate nor respectful to shame those who model with less clothing or nude. Women should be feeling empowered in any way they would like to. Modesty comes from within, so telling a woman shes not modest for not wearing lots of clothing is so not cool 🙁

  7. I'm all for dressing the way YOU want but this seemed to be dissing women that choose to dress differently then their standards. It is a shame that women can't support one another regardless of our differences. I do see a valid reason for a modest driven modeling agency. Really felt the woman in charge had a vibe of snobbery to her unfortunately… it could have been so much more positive!

  8. In short white women are easy and Muslim women are good pious diversity.
    I am from India, Muslims are number one bigots, they do the same here.

  9. I mean, my religion asks of us to dress in a certain way (we believe that the focus needs to be on us as people and not on appearance) but modeling in essence requires the wearing of diverse clothing. My religious standards would make it very difficult for me and any company to make it work. That’s just life. I don’t go where I cannot fill a need. But if this agency was willing to take a non-Islamic person, modeling with them would be an interesting experience

  10. So essentially what they mean by “modest” is an agency where you wear a “headscarf/hijab”. Because there are models all over the world who model clothes (not bikinis or super revealing things). Like, I don’t really get the point of this video and it comes across as them being kinda preachy. Just my opinion, though

  11. they acting like normal non-swimwear/sleepwear models arent real? look at a fall/winter catalog, im sure no one is "taking clothes off". like just be real that this is a focus for women that wear hijabs.

  12. Isn't the while point of being a "model " is having clothes on ?unless they are talking about Instagram models then they have a point.

  13. They're saying they have many Christian and Jewish models. Didn't see one.
    There's an uncomfortable undertone that they're better than less modest models, who show skin.

  14. Just because someone doesn't want to expose themselves doesn't mean they're living in the past, they just want to or like to wear modest clothing it doesn't make them a prude.

  15. Muslim womens have only 3 topic to talk – 1-am not take off my Hijab
    2- don't judge my Hijab
    3- I can do anything while wearing Hijab 😴

  16. There is a strong difference between “modest” and “musilum”. Modest doesn’t pertain to any religion, and shaming women who choose to show some skin in 2019 is honestly disgusting. If wearing long shorts and a t shirt isn’t “modest”, than you are using the wrong word. Just call it what it is, a muslim modeling agency.

  17. Beautiful women! Noting the thumbs down: these would be those who find anyone/anything that is different or outside their own small environment incomprehensible. This is why education is vital.

  18. Dumbest video I've seen in a long time. You model whatever clothes you're wearing. If you're modelling a bikini obviously you will have to show some skin.

  19. Women should never feel that they have to hide their bodies because of men's thoughts. But good for them for getting into modeling and trying to rock the cloths they do wear!

  20. I'm happy to see this. I am a proud auntie sometimes it feels like a fight to show my nieces in this day & age that showing your body isn't necessary to be proud of it or show your strength as a woman. I'm not bashing anyone for their decisions but just as others don't want to be forced to dress or act a certain way I feel like it should also be the other way around. There is nothing wrong with being modest & not wanting to be too revealing, no matter your religious beliefs or where you come from

  21. I think a huge part of modeling is “showing off” your body. Your body is supposed to be like a hanger for the clothes. I don’t mean that you have to have a certain body type, or show a lot of skin… But you do in fact need to use your body to advertise. I didn’t seem them modeling anything here.

  22. As a former muslim, I am glad to see the dislikes. Finally westerners are starting to point out the hypocrisy of these so called Muslim feminists.

  23. Wow, this comment section is truly toxic.
    What I am gathering is that many people hate Muslims and are mocking their clothing choices and religion.
    What is wrong with dressing modestly? I am not Muslim but I prefer to show less skin, is that a problem?
    People are saying that they are being rude to others who show skin, but that is not the case. They are simply expressing that you don't have to be half naked to be in style.

  24. Typical religious hypocrites. Their religion doesn't condone modeling even if they dress modestly. They're supposed to hide their beauty.

  25. Hi, I'm a model who will not show my hair or any skin other than my face.
    What's next?
    Hi im a squeamish doctor who won't deal with blood.
    Hi im a firefighter whos scared of heights so I'll only put out fires on the ground floor.
    If you can't fulfill the job requirements choose a different job!!!!

  26. These poor women trapped in a demonic cult, yet believing they serve God. The path is wide, but the gate is narrow and few shall find it

  27. Omg 🤣🤣🤣 I get what the comments are saying “how do Muslims want people to appreciate and accept them when they can’t accept others” GURLLLLL that’s literally how modeling works take Victoria secret models for example, you need to be a certain height and weight, for this you need to be modest and in OUR religion that means covering the hair….let us have our shine stop hating keep comments to your self cause sweetie your behind a screen while their getting their coin 😘💁🏽‍♀️

  28. Asks the girl if she would be interested in the more fitness side of modelling. what, gym wear and swim wear?!! Is she for real??

  29. Wearing a head covering isn’t supporting modesty it’s supporting a religion.
    If you choose to wear a hijab that’s your freedom in America but because of American freedom, wearing a head covering doesn’t define modesty under law in our USA.
    Shaming women who have their freedom to wear what they want is hate and pushing Muslim religion propaganda.
    Pictures aren’t shown of the beatings, abuse and killings of the women under their laws who remove their hijabs and try to show freedom in their country!
    #womensrights #freewomen

  30. The irony of wearing a veil to protect yourself from the eyes of men and yet going to a photoshoot and modelling in it. 🥴


  32. Is the founder a plus size model?? This confused lady doesn’t represent Islam: what’s the point in being a Muslim model showing your beauty in an in-Islamic industry. No so much modest at all. Huge contradiction.

  33. Why so much hate comment ? I don’t get it. If those women decided to not show there body, what’s wrong with that ? At the end of the day everybody should have the free will to decide what to do with his/her body. You wanna walk with a mini dress ? Your body your choice. You want to wear modest clothes ? Your Body your choice. PERIODT

  34. I get what they are trying to do but the concept of modesty is vague and varies from community to community, people need to travel and learn about different cultures. Covering from head to toe is not a sign of modesty neither does covering less equate to being immoral

  35. Lots of comments here saying they're dissing models who wear less clothing. Not once in this video did they say anything disrespectful about women who wear less clothing. lots of assumptions in the comments here. I love this video and whole idea of providing an agency for those who want to be a model without having to reveal what they don't feel comfortable revealing. That's it. I'm a white, non-religious Australian who would be very interested in doing something like this because I love fashion but I wouldn't feel comfortable working in revealing clothing.

  36. What…? there's already models who dont need to be naked. Theres face models, models who are in jeans, coats, Regular clothes…

  37. This doesn't bother me at all BUT muslim women are famous for looking down and thrash talking women who wear little clothes so its hypocritical.

  38. Modesty isn't JUST wearing less reveling clothing, but is also about having a modest heart (none of the "look at me! Look at me!" that is so saturated in todays culture) Not saying they do or don't have modest hearts, that is between them and God. But leaving out the more important aspect of modesty by not mentioning it is not doing the concept of modesty a service.

  39. Very very VERY nice chlotes . O had this ideea too since I discovered in Eastern orthodox church that a woman MUST BE COVERED and to be honest , i WOULD LOVE TO COVER EVERYTHING except hands and face ; would love to do it

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