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Happy 10th anniversary
to you and Alex. Yes. Congratulations. Thank you, thank you. That’s very exciting. Yep, we’re still
hanging in there. You’re hanging in there. What did you do,
anything special? We went out to a nice dinner. And I got her a Cartier band,
you know, some bling on it. Yeah. That gave her a little bling. She’s blingy, you know. Gave her a little bling. But the thing is, when I got the
ring, the first one didn’t fit, so I had to take it back to
get a different size, right? So I’m in there. And I always feel uncomfortable
when I go in those stores. Because you know,
they’re too fancy for me. Are they? Yeah, they’re really fancy. I feel out of place. i can just hear my
mother in my head going, don’t you touch a thing. Don’t touch nothing. But they’re always, hey,
can I get you something– So while I’m sitting
there waiting for them to bring
the new ring out, this little girl–
she’s probably like little 10-year-old
little white girl– just comes strolling in there
in her little school uniform. And I’m looking like, well,
who’s with this little girl? But no, she was just
sitting there by herself. And she walks over
to the counter. She’s like, may I
see this one, please? And I’m like, what
the– when I was 10, I was chasing down the
Good Humor truck, you know? She in here buying
Cartier bracelets. It’s insane. Yeah. And so I’m just
like looking at her. And she’s like getting one of
those, like, rope bracelets. And they’re probably like $500. I don’t know. So I’m just looking around
the store for somebody to co-sign with me, like
this is nuts, right? Like, looking around. And I’m looking at
the salesperson, as she’s, like, showing. She looks up at me. She’s like, oh, you ain’t going
to mess with my commission. And she just kept
going back to work. I couldn’t get anybody. I was just looking around,
like this is ridiculous. And finally, I caught the
eye of the security guard. All right. The security guard. And he gave me the code sign. But it was ever so slight. He was just standing there. And he looked at me. He went– That’s all. It was just this. And I was like, yeah. And then I think the
manager saw it too. Because he went right
over there and told him to shut the hell up. Man, that is crazy. Isn’t that crazy? I mean, how old
are your kids now? My kids– they’re almost 10. They’re 9. Wow. Yeah. And they’re not like that? You keep them grounded. No. God, no. No. Uh-uh. We’re grounded. When we fly, we’re
sitting in coach. You know, yeah. I mean, here’s the thing. That’s why I hate
flying with them, because I got to sit in coach. I always ask my
assistant, whatever, to find an excuse why I can’t
fly with them, you know. Like, book me somewhere else. Like, ooh, I’m going to
have to meet you there. I might even get
there before you. But I can’t– oh, that
coach is horrible. Anyway, sometimes I go,
how long is the walk? Can I just walk? So anyway. So my wife– she goes,
uh, babe, you know, uh– Oh, she’s smoking again. Yeah, she’s smoking again. OK. All right. She said, babe, you
know, if you’d like, you can sit here first,
and I’ll sit back there with the kids in coach. It’s OK. And I look at her. I’m like, that is really sweet
that she actually believes that, that she’ll be OK with it. And also, I know she’s
just setting me up. That’s all. She’s just waiting for the
day for me to go, oh, OK. And you know, if I do
that, that’s it for me. I mean, come on. Who does that? I’m sitting in first
class drinking champagne. And they’re back there, you
know, sweating it out, trying to fight for the armrest. Yeah. It’s the worst. But yeah, I make
my kids fly coach. Because they don’t have jobs. What the hell they going
sitting in first class? Right. They don’t have a job. But you have a job. Why don’t you and Alex
sit in first class? Because you have jobs. And then they sit in coach. I mean, what’s wrong with that? I’m not letting my kids sit back
there in coach by themselves. Do you know what kind of
creepy people fly back there? No, I don’t. Well, those what–
somebody could just talk to them, telling them
all kind of crazy stuff. OK. Yeah, you’re right. Yeah. Jesus, Ellen. What’ wrong with you? I don’t know. That’s why I don’t have kids. Thank– Oh, boy. All right. Wait. Do you even fly coach
when you– because I know Alex is from France. And even internationally,
you fly coach? It’s hell. Wow. Yes. All right. All right. We have to take a break. More with Wanda
Sykes after this. So the Oscars are Sunday. Do you have any
predictions, any ideas of– what do you think? Oh, man. OK, I’ll be honest with you. You know, I get to vote, right? So I kept putting it off,
putting it off, the voting. And then I get this text. And it’s like, you have
15 minutes left to vote. I’m getting my
nails done, right? I thought that lady
was going to smack me. Because I’m trying to
get my phone and vote. So I get on the website. And I finally go
through the thing. And I’m looking at my watch. And by the time I log
in and everything, it was like five minutes left. I just typed in “Black” and
voted for everything black. I was like, Black
Panther, BlacKkKlansman. And I went to the actor site– Regina King. All right. That was it. Submit it– boom. All right, well– Yeah, I went black. It’s Black History Month. Yeah, yeah. That’s right. Well, BlacKkKlansman
is a great choice. It’s a really good movie. Yeah, and Green Book
is really great too. But did you see
Bohemian Rhapsody? I did. I loved the music. I love Queen. I’m a big Queen fan. Well, the teeth were a little
distracting for me, though. Well, I know. It took me a while. I was like, man. I know. But it was really– Big chompers. That’s what his teeth were like. His teeth weren’t that big. Oh, they were. Freddie Mercury’s t– his real– I remember looking at Freddie
Mercury and going, damn. Yeah. You know, like, wow. Yeah. No? I remember doing that with Fre– I mean, yeah. He was like, oh, mm, OK. He’s got, you know– Right. Yeah. But this is, damn. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Like, Invisalign
wouldn’t help that. No. No. You would need, like, a fence. You know? You would have to call a
fence company to, like, stick posts in your– to bring that up. Yeah. Invisalign– no, buddy. I did Invisalign. Did you? I did, yeah. I had a little gap right here. But you have to wear that
thing, the guard, at night. Because if you don’t,
your teeth just try to get back to
where they were. They do. They’re like, oh,
I belong over here. Get you over here. Get over here. You’re too close. You’re too close. They know where
they’re supposed to be. That’s right. Yeah. But that– mm-mm. All right. All right. Nothing helped but Invisalign. You’re on tour right now. You’re shooting a Netflix
special in New York City. Yes. When are you shooting it? I’m shooting it next
Thursday, Friday. Oh, that’s fantastic. February 28, March 1, at
Town Hall, New York City. That’s great. Yeah. I’m excited. Oh, boy. So you’ve been on tour a lot. Yes, I’ve been on tour a lot. And your special was great. I really love you. Thank you very much. Yeah, good job. Thank you. Yeah, really funny. I’m going to curse way more
in my special, though– Really? –than what you did. Yeah. I just had one. Oh, I’m on fire. OK. I’m on fire. I can’t wait to see it. It’s going to be great. And yeah, you toured
for your special, huh? I didn’t really– Yeah, you were nice
enough to give me a jacket from your tour. Yeah, I didn’t– Actually a tour jacket, made up. It wasn’t a tour. No, it says tour. It says tour. Yeah. Tour, right there. Yeah. Three– no, four cities. Four cities. That’s a weekend for me. That’s not a tour, Ellen. You need some dates. And look. And three of the cities
is in California. What the hell? What the hell? Ellen– I was very busy. Does it say on tour? I was very busy. I had to shoot Game of Games. And I have this show. And I would love to go
on tour in other places. But that’s all I had. But I know you’re
everywhere all the time. I don’t know how you do it. Because you travel so much. But you’re so hilarious. Well, thank you. I can’t wait to see the special. If you get a chance to
see her live, please do. She’s obviously hilarious. This special is going to
be shot in New York City. I think just next week. How many days are you doing? I’m going to do two nights. Two nights. Fantastic. It airs in May on Netflix. For more information, check
it out on our website. We’ll be back. Wanda Sykes.

James Carver

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