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Hi everyone! My name’s Abbey, and I’m your
host today for Vertigo Beat. So we’re gonna be walking around campus and asking students
their thoughts on fashion. So let’s get going! Can you please tell us about your outfit today? Outfit… Well… Well, it’s a very monochrome outfit. All mint
colored today. Mmhmm. Polo and some jeans. That’s basically my go-to.
Wear it almost day. I like sunglasses. I actually like to wear, like, comfortable
clothes. I’m wearing a band t-shirt. Cosmos Midnight. Just got a super basic outfit, today.
Yeah? Just a white top and jeans. Sort of a staple. Do you ever color coordinate your outfits? Yep.
Yup. Usually with my hair. Uh, no.
No? Um, I usually color coordinate whatever outfit
I go in. So today, I wear navy shorts. Matches up with my navy bumbag. I like the black emblem
with the black shoes, so it kind of just creates a flow with what I wear. How do you feel about second-hand clothes
shopping? In the last few months, I’ve been shopping
at some, like, op-shops a bit more frequently. Yeah, I’m a big second-hand clothes shopper. Sustainable, so I feel better about what I’m
purchasing, but also save money. Do you like to dress up for Uni? There’s lots of assignments going on. Finals
next week. So, I gotta keep myself calm and cool. So, yeah, just dressing comfortably.
That’s all. Not really. So, Uni, I just tend to dress
down. Cuz dressing up would be too much effort. Walking to the train station and back and
to and from classes. And do you have a style inspiration? Sometimes Instagram. Whatever Instagram shows
me. I know I like all the different decades. Disney.
Show the camera? Seventies, nineties, early 2000s at the moment
are pretty cool. Just choose the one which really feels yourself.
And that you feel comfortable in. And feel confidence. That’s it.
Yeah! All about confidence. Yeah!
And do you feel confident in what you’re wearing today.
Yeahhh. So that’s all we have for you with Vertigo
Beat today for our fashion episode. We’ve interviewed some really fashionable students
who look wonderful. So, next time you come to Uni, whether you’re dressing up, dressing
down, wearing something comfy, or wearing something, you know, super stylish — just
do it with confidence and everyone will appreciate it! So thanks, and until next time, goodbye!

James Carver

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  1. I hang around campus lots if you guys wanna interview me for a future episode 🙂 🙂 no stress either way ahaha idm hmu whenever

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