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Darling, is something wrong? That music… Why don’t we go closer? I’m dead… absolutely dead! So am I. And we have to get away
early in the morning. They all seemed to enjoy the party. Yes, it seemed so. Quite a crowd. – Did you enjoy it?
– Yes. – Want a scotch?
– Just a sip. Thank you. Good night. Thanks for everything. Let’s get some sleep. Fosca, hold on… Will we be there in half-an-hour? Yes, maybe less. Good… Fosca, we’ll be
there within a half-hour. Yes. I hope you’ll recognize me. Yes. I’ll see to them when we arrive. She says there are two telegrams. From your brother? No. He phoned from London.
They’re from Florence. That’s Father’s side of the family. Thanks, goodbye. So, you’ll only meet our maid
and relatives even I don’t know. See the terraces? Here, we’ve arrived! Look, the San Francesco gate. Volterra! Down there’s the sea. Look! The old Etruscan wall. We’re here, Fosca! I’m coming, signora. How have you been, Fosca?
Everything in order? The house, yes, but the garden… I’ll see it later. This is my husband,
Andrew Dawdson. – Good evening.
– Good evening. – So, you’re Fosca.
– Yes, sir. No, thank you, it’s not
necessary, I can… This way, please. A pleasant trip? The best, thank you. Signora… Was I right to prepare the guest room? It’s magnificent! Excuse me, would you give
these to the signora? Certainly. First, I must bring up the bags. May I help you? No, I’ll bring up only what
we need for the next few days. You’re leaving so soon? In a couple of days. Signorino Gianni comes and goes… like the wind, too. He comes to Volterra? Of course. Not as with signora Sandra.
We see him often, particularly of late. Last year,
he was even here for Easter. You’re mistaken. He was in London last Easter. He couldn’t come to our wedding.
Remember? It’s true. Yes, I even spoke to him on the phone. But I know he was here for Easter. He came on Good Friday,
and stayed a month. He was here when they
took madame to Palagione. Before that, too? Both before and after. He comes often. Didn’t you know? No, I had no idea. I’ve never been informed. This house is a marvel, a jewel.
I didn’t expect… It’s like a museum. Excuse me, I’m forgetting. I must bring up our bags. I’ll see to it at once. What about Signor Gilardini? He sent you those flowers. He didn’t want to
upset you on arrival. He’ll tell you about
madame tomorrow. I’ve visited her several
times at the clinic. But not at the villa. He says the doctors object. They treat her well.
A private nurse. Fornari’s son, who’s now
Dr. Zanutti’s assistant, visits her almost every day. He thinks she was
better off at the clinic. All that isolation. You can go now, Fosca. I’ve prepared the
drawing room, signora. Would you like me to sleep in?
What if those from Florence… No, no one’s coming from Florence. Sandra! Look here! Look! Come now, smile. Stop teasing me. Come and sit down. Very good. You’ll laugh, Sandra. I got lost on my way back. This is the strangest house. Like you in a way. No, don’t say that! All right. I’m not sure it’s a compliment. It’s meant to be. Then, let’s stay here… forever and ever. Well, I… I… See, you’re worried. Poor Andrew. A compliment? Are you sure? What do you mean? Don’t evade.
It’s better to be silent. Well, I made you laugh. Forgive my moodiness. It’s those telegrams. I don’t understand… But why speak of it? Let’s take a look at the garden. It’s pitch black out there. There are lights we can turn on. I’ll get a wrap. All right? As you wish. Not that way. That wing’s
been closed for years. Mother’s apartment… closed since she took ill. I understand. I’d like you… to go with me tomorrow. Of course. Come now. I thought I saw someone. Sorry to disappoint you,
we haven’t any ghosts. Sandra… Gianni! What are you doing here?
Does Fosca know? Fosca’s been my accomplice. They’re not coming. Who? Father’s relatives. They wired from Florence. They’re senile and can’t travel. They want nothing to do with us. It’s Mother’s fault.
Can you blame them? I’m Sandra’s brother, Gianni. I thought so.
Pleased you could make it. You see, he did come. Is this the bust to be dedicated? I’d like to get a closer
look at the inscription. I should go into
the house and change. Gianni… I’ve come to do my duty,
then I’m leaving this house. I understand. You’d better learn
some things about me. What are these papers? Fosca told you I come here often? Yes, it was quite a surprise to me. Your husband will
think we deserted him. What’s his name? Oh, yes… – Andrew?
– Here I am. Nice fellow, your husband… I was just telling Sandra. Isn’t that a rather quick
judgment on your part? First impressions
are what count with me. So, is Sandra a good wife? She used to be disorganized, lazy. That’s our Sandra,
a disorganized lazybones. I thought marriage might change her. I hope she gave you fair warning. Sandra told me everything. Honestly, all? Stop it, Gianni! What are these papers? Receipts for what I’ve sold. I often need money. I can’t live on the pittance
Gilardini doles out. Has Sandra told you? I’ve chosen a difficult calling. She said you have many interests. Meaning none. It’s true,
I used to be like that. Then, I started writing
for certain papers. Trivial society stuff…
nothing serious. But I made a discovery…
I love to write. So, I started a novel. My editor likes it. Really? A story of my adolescence. Are you serious? See, she’s never had any
faith in her brother. Wait till I’m rich and famous. But, unfortunately,
that day is far off. So, when I’m broke… I come back here. Haven’t you noticed? Silver missing, fewer pictures. All this belongs to
Sandra and me, you know. I admit I’ve no right,
but I owe a lot. I’ll pay you back,
Sandra, with interest. I think you did right. Does Gilardini know all this? Of course. He thinks you do, too. Why didn’t you tell me? I didn’t want to worry you. Tell me why I should
live like a pauper… run down to Mother’s place
every time I need money? We must decide, Sandra. Tomorrow, our garden becomes a
park dedicated to Father’s memory. So at least someone will enjoy it. But what about the house? Is it to crumble away?
We can’t afford another gift. Let’s sell the furnishings and
rent it, if selling upsets you. Have you a serious proposal? Just that… I want your consent. Sandra, wait… Sandra… You’re angry. If I’ve done anything to annoy you, please forgive me. I don’t like you undressing
in front of me. Very well. Quite correct, signora. I beg your pardon… excuse me. One moment. Aren’t you going to offer a drink? There’s nothing in the house. That’s just like Fosca.
She never thinks of it. We’ll go for supplies
and drop in at the bar. Have you been there? I’ve not been anywhere. She wants to keep you shut up.
But you rebel, don’t you? How stupidly you talk, Gianni. Get out, both of you. I want to stay here… and get some rest. Then, we’ll all stay. No, please go… and I’ll go to bed. You can’t do that. We’ve a thousand things to talk over, and you want to sleep! The thousand things will keep
until morning, when I’m rested. Please order wine when you’re out. And try to come in quietly. I might wake you. No, you won’t disturb me. I’ll sleep in my old bedroom. I don’t like the guest room. Over the centuries,
landslides have been burying… this ancient town. All attempts to prevent
them have proven futile. Over there stands San Giusto. Volterra is the only town I know
condemned to die of disease… like most human beings. No! Be careful. Slides occur even down here. This is Camaldoli Abbey. The monks had to leave for
fear of being buried alive. Here’s the Church of San Giusto,
16th century at its best. Excuse me. You’re a fine guide,
but I can’t seem to concentrate. Do you know I’m very much
in love with your sister? I’m glad to hear it. Naturally, she’s spoken
of you and the family. But, for me, Sandra was
born when we met in Geneva. She had a job as an
interpreter where I worked. Was she any good? She showed great courage… during our investigation of Auschwitz. Particularly with survivors who’d
been imprisoned with your father. Before we started, I thought I
knew everything about your sister, but during this inquiry about a man… a stranger to me and also,
practically, to his own daughter… I came to realize that I
didn’t know Sandra at all. Have you ever been in love? It happens. Then you, too, have felt
this sudden curiosity… this desire to know
all about a loved one. It’s a curiosity that doesn’t last. One loves a woman for what she is, not for what she was or will be. I used to think that,
too, but not now. Tell me about your sister. Her life here. Her first love… or loves? I wouldn’t dream of asking that. What, then? I want to know about her life here. I’m a foreigner. Everything
is so different in my country. Provincial life is
the same everywhere. The same unbelievable boredom… and frustration. Unbelievable, when you’re away. Real, the moment you return.
Maybe even after 100 years. Want a drink? A beer. Good evening, sir. Welcome home. Thanks. How are you? Not bad. Is signora
Sandra back, too? Yes, this is her husband. A pleasure. Two beers, and send some
whiskey to the palazzo. Yes, sir. A surprise! Your wife’s
first Volterra lover. Don’t look yet. He’s the son of our agent. For love of Sandra,
he studied and became a doctor. He’s Dr. Zanutti’s assistant. – Would you care to meet him?
– Sure, why not? Pietro! You’re looking well. Come here, please. I want you to meet Mr. Dawdson,
Sandra’s husband. Good evening, pleased to meet you. Most lucky of mortals,
the man that wed my sister. Gianni, where’s Sandra? Well, we’re back.
This is it, isn’t it? Yes, go on in. I’ll close up. I’m very glad you could come. You’ve grown even more beautiful. Thank you. Tomorrow is my father’s birthday. We’ve been kept waiting over
a half-hour. This is too much. I won’t promise anything,
but I’ll speak to the major. – Seems the lady’s late, Your Honor.
– What of this wedding? They’ve been waiting since ten. Do you mind?
It’ll only take a few minutes. I’ve never known a wife to
keep one waiting this long. Your Honor, my sister. – Good day.
– Good day. Here’s the deed of gift.
Please read it. Signor Gilardini has consented. All is in order. I’m tired of warming… the bridegroom’s chair. What do you want of me? What do you want of me? Why have you come here
to humiliate me? Four years, and you glide
in here like a snake. You take advantage because I’m ill. I’ll tell Antonio you came to
insult me. He’ll punish you! Now, we can turn to the
signing of the documents. We’re indebted to you, above all, for the gardens and adjoining land. From tomorrow, a park… dedicated to
the memory of your illustrious father. In the name of our town,
I express our profound thanks… for this generous gift. You’re afraid. You don’t want to know
the truth about your father. You’ve got his… Jewish blood in your veins. You’re corrupt, just as he was. You, with your rottenness… your secret vices. We think this is the best way… to express our love for our father. This will testify to his tragic fate. Everything is in order, sir. You’ve seen Mother? We’ve finished, Your Honor. Dedication, tomorrow. I warn you, in advance,
that I’m a poor speaker, but I’ll do my best. Until tomorrow, then. Goodbye. I was looking for you. What do you think you’re doing? Your duty is to ask my
permission for any visit. You came here to justify
yourself because… I asked him. You’ve been complaining about
your mother’s treatment… Saying I took her from the clinic… not for her own good. No one says that. Oh, yes… they do. I don’t want any scandal, but there comes a time
when one must speak… plainly. Good. Wouldn’t it be better
to talk this over later? Gianni is right. We’ll talk calmly another
time, another place. Calmly. Not lose our temper,
or we might live to regret it. Maybe they did try to
explain to us, at the time. But now I know. I’m sure. They did denounce Father. When news of his death came, Mother refused to see
Gilardini, and then… tried to forget in the
arms of other lovers. What more proof do you need? But she married him… Gilardini. Later… Later… Gilardini knew how to wait. He knew that despite her lovers,
gestures, frantic comings and goings… she’d end up giving in to him. It was only after she was ill… that they married. He installed himself
as head of this house. Said we needed disciplining. Took over our education. Before, we had a governess. We were taught at home. Now, Gianni would go to a
boarding school in Florence. And I to a convent school. He couldn’t bear our criticism. That’s easily understood. Gianni wrote Mother immediately, saying he’d die, rather than
go to boarding school. He actually took some Veronal… bluffing a suicide. And I… I egged him on. It’s not normal for children to play… such degenerate, vengeful games. But ours was not a normal atmosphere. Gilardini was always taunting
Gianni about that mock suicide. He still speaks of it as a scandal. But Gianni won. Mother interceded,
and he went to school here. We stopped speaking in… Gilardini’s presence. This led to a new game. We found great fun. We communicated by messages… deposited in secret places. Shall I show you? Show me. Come. See, in a place such as this… or in this Etruscan
vase, for instance. Wasn’t it a rather morbid game? Morbid? I don’t think so. Where else? Come. Sometimes we hid them here. You see? And sometimes in Mother’s room… in this Cupid and Psyche clock. What’s that? A note. “Most urgent! “Your faithful slave awaits you… “at the water tower. “Make sure you’re not followed.” It can’t be so urgent
after all these years. All these years? What are you thinking, Andrew? Nothing. Do you know who was
the “faithful slave”? It was Pietro. Our agent’s son. He loved me, and Gianni protected us. We couldn’t meet openly.
It would have caused… a scandal at home. Yes, Gianni told me. What else did he say? That provincial life seems
unreal when you’re away. But when you return,
even after many years, you’re thrown back into it. I don’t want that to
happen to you, Sandra. It’s been almost 20 years. As to your mother, consider
her present condition. Besides, I’m not convinced. What you told me proves nothing. Your hostility towards your
step-father is only natural… a normal reaction. Darling, I want to
get you away from here. You’re jealous of phantoms. Yes, I’m jealous.
I feel a strange force… a force that’s trying to
separate us… and I’m afraid. But I love you…
you know I love you. Sandra… Fosca, the signora is resting. – I’m going out.
– Very well, sir. Gianni? Gianni! Gianni… where are you? I’m here. You’ve kept me waiting. You’re sure no one followed you? No. But I warn you, Gianni,
Andrew found the note. Did he? Why make me come here? To prove… something. You want to say… So many things! I wanted to say them last night,
but your door… It was you! Yes. Did you lock it to
keep out your husband? Poor man. I thought
you were happy with him. Look, let’s go back to the house. We can talk there. This is our house. It was once. It isn’t any more. What do you want? Lend it to me. Just for today. No! You’re crazy! You’re mad… mad… mad! Give it back to me… at once! No! This evening. Reprehensible! Leaving me to face Mother alone. Two monsters…
monsters, my children… Yes, my children… He was always hiding
there behind the door. What am I to say? Are my children monsters?
My enemies? Don’t speak of it. I’ll only hate you. Remember the first time
we went down there? The wind banged the door shut,
and you were so scared. We thought no one would let us out. You cared about me then. I still do, Sandra. I swear it. – It’s in Mother’s room.
– What is? My novel. Read it and you’ll
understand everything. Don’t you believe me? You’ll know why I don’t want to hear… of your visit to Mother. Why I can’t talk about it. I’ve freed myself from some things… forever. I don’t want to
involve you needlessly. You seem an intelligent, decent man. Please listen to me… I’d like to ask a favor of you. Take from me… the administration of Sandra’s
and Gianni’s inheritance. I want nothing more to
do with their affairs. I never want to see them again. I’m sorry, but… Signor Gilardini, weren’t you going
to the house with a lawyer today? You could talk to Gianni and Sandra. No! I won’t set foot in that house! What I’ve gone through
for that family! If not for me, every cent… would be gone. What would have become of
that poor lady, their mother, if I hadn’t looked after her? I’ll continue to take care of her, despite limited means,
and without help from anyone. You must talk to Gianni and Sandra.
These misunderstandings… Misunderstandings? You’re joking. You think I don’t hear
their insinuations? Please, Mr. Gilardini… It’s the fault of their upbringing. I was wrong… wrong to give in. Sandra told me about it. – Really?
– Yes. Gianni’s difficult adolescence. The fake suicide… the anxiety. Such things often happen. Not so often. I think so. That affair of Sandra’s, too. All water under the bridge now. Poor Dr. Fornari, more than loving Sandra, he actually worshipped her. Sandra at 16… already
an astonishing beauty… socially high above him. I can well understand
the mother’s opposition, the small town gossip. No. The real trouble that
ravaged my wife’s family was… something quite different. What? Can’t you tell me? Well… nothing to say? Is what I’ve written so terrible? Has anyone else seen this? My editor. When it’s published… It won’t be published. But why not? Are you taking it personally? Try to remember… this is fiction that
I’ve written, fantasy. No one will believe it’s fantasy. You mean a few lazy
louts from around here? Why worry about them? Why be ashamed of a sin
we haven’t committed? You’re a true bourgeois,
Sandra. But I’m not. What people think isn’t my business. They want something to gossip about? Well, they can have their scandal! Can’t you see their faces… when they come to this? “My desire grew… “I hurled myself
on my sister’s body… “as if to destroy mine enemy. “No intimacy could satisfy…” Good writing, huh? Stop it! You’re disgusting! What do you want?
How much to destroy it? How much? This is priceless. Shall I sacrifice money
and success, too? Judging by your reaction… I’m on the threshold
of a successful career. All right. How much? You want my book destroyed? Tell me why. It would be a weapon in
the hands of our enemies. Only that? And because of this, too. Why have you avoided me? You ask that when you didn’t even… come to my wedding? Look, Sandra… A strange thing happened to me then. I went into convulsions… like a romantic hero. As a child, did I… No one here remembers. I became frightened and ran. In all the years since we separated, I’d scarcely given you a thought. A new life, the past shattered. I wanted to see, to know everything, to travel… to fall in love. I loved many women… so many that they’ve no importance. This I realized on the day you
wrote of your coming marriage. It all came back to me then. Our talks… our silences…
my anguishes, anxieties… Walks on the terraces,
sleepless nights… How happy I was with you. Even in childhood… before passion is known. Only you can understand me, help me. You know the fright of solitude… of returning memory. A sound, a voice, a color. I sought to record all these. But the child has felt passion. Has grown up… has
grown beyond innocence. I can’t help you. Stay with me… a little longer. No, I can’t. Gianni… among Mother’s things… I found one of your
letters… a child’s letter. You were only eight or nine. Mother was off on one
of her concert tours. You wrote… “Dear Mother, “I’m glad you arrived in Vienna. “Sandra and I have
done our exercises. “I haven’t been able
to sail the little boat. “I’ve been too busy… in my garden.” When Mother returned
from Vienna… she brought presents. – Remember?
– Yes. Yes. Andrew… Andrew! I’ve invited Mr. Gilardini
and Dr. Fornari… for dinner tonight. Try to be pleasant. Your husband’s right
about Gilardini. Bury the hatchet. Sandra, please be nice to them. A relief to all. Those bulbs needed changing,
Now, it’s easier to see. Sandra… Something to drink? This is better than neon.
The curse of neon! Is it used much in America? In offices… bars. In some places,
candles are popular. I understand. Did you know that light has
certain clinical effects? Red, for instance,
is an aphrodisiac. No, I never heard that. Good evening, Sandra. I’m sorry I can’t stay.
I’m on hospital duty tonight. You must eat first. Insist, Sandra. You can’t say no to Sandra. Yes, I must, even to her. I simply can’t stay. No matter. Good evening. How are you? Good evening. Darling, what’s wrong? Nothing. It’s my fault. She’s cross with me. Thinks I’m a lousy writer. I shouldn’t have shown her my book. It’s not bad, really. And I’m happy tonight
for I’ve found… the title. “Vaghe Stelle Dell’Orsa.” By Leopardi. Do you know it? No. Of course. Perfect! “Of a thousand delights.” “Did I return only to
lose myself in you… “shining high o’er our garden… “To whisper to you
from the windows… “of my childhood… “where all happiness ended.” – Mr. Gilardini is here.
– Show him in. Good evening. – Good evening, Mr. Gilardini.
– Good evening, Mr. Dawdson. I swore I’d never enter
this house again, Sandra. You see, I’m frank with you. You husband has been quite
understanding, quite generous. He insisted so that… Well, here I am.
Can’t we let bygones be bygones? – Hello, Gianni.
– Hello. Would you like a drink? Yes, please. I’m sorry, Sandra,
I’m late and must run. You’re so funny, Pietro.
You never change. Not at all. She defends you, as always. Sandra, I invited the doctor here… after a talk with… Mr…. – Gilardini.
– Yes, excuse me, Mr. Gilardini. – Water?
– Yes, please. Mr. Gilardini will not oppose
your mother’s return to the clinic. I talked to Pietro about that. We all know his opinion. You think I turned him into… Excuse me, Mr. Gilardini, let me speak for myself, please. I’ve told you I think
the clinic is preferable… even though the villa has comforts… not available at the clinic. I propose some special
therapy for that sick woman. A new method of treating your mother. Mr. Gilardini consented
to this approach… after visiting her this morning. Yes. Your mother’s been insisting all day… on attending the dedication tomorrow. She understands. Moreover… She now seems to remember, when before she was completely blank. – Right, Doctor?
– Yes. You’re not bringing Mother
to the ceremony?! I know you. To play it safe you’d… stuff her with sedatives. What do you mean? What are you saying? Exactly what I said. Please, Sandra… We’re here to try to agree… not to quarrel again. Agree! You heard her. I know what’s hatching… in that hostile,
merciless brain of hers. – Isn’t that right, dear?
– Yes. If anyone tries to help you, you draw back… become evasive,
hard… aggressive! Mr. Gilardini… What is this truth
you want to expose? I know all about the
one you seek to conceal. Do you know what you’re doing? I’ll tell you. Please… You’re accusing your mother
and me of a horrible crime… to maintain your innocence… to hide the filth
we’ve tried to cover. Like cats purring over
their own excrement. To hell with you
and your rottenness! Mr. Gilardini… please.
Please wait. Wait! You can’t leave like this. I’ve got to know! Yes, yes, speak! Speak out! Think I care? I’ve no one. Not even you. Yes… he, too. How can he help you? Have you told him how many times
I’ve gotten you out of trouble? I can prove it. I could put your knight-errant
behind bars. Maybe I will. He with his threats of suicide,
boasts of hereditary taint, incestuous love! Is it all a joke? What do you want? Look at me! Answer him! Talk! I’ve nothing to say. Answer him! You dirty swine! No! Don’t! Enough! Enough! Leave me alone!
Please… Please don’t hurt him! No, no! Let him alone! Let him alone! Please… Don’t you believe me? Trust me? Have you no faith? I had faith in the woman I married. I want to go on believing. I’m ashamed. These shadows. This shifting of
ashes of a dead past, these doubts… You don’t mean you… I’m sorry, I’ve nothing more to say. Ah, but I have. When Gianni and I went
our separate ways… I felt deserted,
alone in a hostile world. I was desperate. Yet, when he wrote… begging me to rejoin him, I refused. Why? Because of lies, because
gossip and slander… had cast a shadow
over our relationship. We had nothing to
reproach ourselves for. We would’ve been proud
to have the world know… the true nature of our bond. A passionate loyalty…
to Father’s memory… to our race. Sandra… For you, as well as me, this past
must be blotted out, nonexistent. We must leave together. Now! No. How can we go on together after this? We’ve nothing to say to each other. My poor dear. No… You don’t dare say what you think. And I’m tired of repeating
again and again… I quite understand, you know. You so want to believe. Yet those doubts.
“They say at Volterra…” No, we can’t go on, Andrew. You must go, and I shall remain here… forgetting nothing. I’ll do my penance. I don’t know how to forget. And I don’t ask forgiveness,
for I forgive no one. Sandra. Andrew’s gone. A fine exit. See? He’s not at your
side when you need him. The star exits… the play is ended. Poor Sandra. What now? Will you go running
after him with a leash? Listen to me… We’ll stay here together. Those intervening years,
they didn’t exist. Anyway, stay a few days, then decide. – Aren’t you ashamed?
– Why? Because I have the guts to
say what you only think? I speak the truth! You know it! Then, face it! You disgust me! You know I’m right.
You don’t believe yourself. You’re like one who becomes a nun,
not out of faith, but unrequited love. Sick with desire, they mortify their flesh for pleasure… and turn on those who
won’t share their guilt. You were wretched, alone. In order to identify with me… you went to the concentration
camps, relived Father’s Calvary… hid your love for me under
a mask of self-sacrifice… persecuted a poor, sick woman… let your husband go. I may be cynical, corrupt… but I’m capable of the grand gesture. I’ve burned my book for you, Sandra. You’re lovely… so lovely. We must be as we were before! Help me. Stay with me! Don’t leave me! Don’t go! You can’t leave me again. I beg you! I’ve burned my book! If you go, I’ll kill myself. I’ll kill myself! This time I mean it, not like before! If you go, I’m finished. Look… I’ve prepared everything. You see? You don’t believe me? You’ll see! To me, you’re already dead, Gianni. “Dear Sandra, “I leave for Rome,
then New York. “Need I say that my
waiting period begins? “I ask nothing. I know
you need to be alone. “For me, the past is but a
time for choosing the future. “May the choice you
make bring you to me. “Soon, darling.
Andrew” “Sandra, “I’m alone, wretched. Waiting, waiting for you. “Can’t you overcome
your revulsion? “I’m at the bottom of the pit. “In the blackest hell
one can imagine. “I’m frightened, so frightened. “Don’t abandon me!
Gianni” I’m frightened, so frightened. I don’t want to die. Help me, I don’t want to die. Help me. Help… Help me… Help, I don’t want… I don’t want to die.
I don’t want to die. Sandra… Sandra… I remember so well that
April evening in 1942. “My hope is yours, Andrew. “You’ve put me to the test.
I’ve not betrayed your trust. “We’ll be together soon. “Free from phantoms and remorse. “Love, Sandra” I think we can begin the ceremony. Excuse me. Place it here. Ladies and gentlemen… This is the first official tribute
to our town’s great scientist. – Good day, signora.
– Good day. Tell Gianni I’ve gone
ahead to the ceremony. Very well. Signorino. Signorino Gianni… Sir… For his achievements, his genius, it is not difficult to recall… the image of Emanuele Wald Luzzati. Doctor! Doctor! Signorino Gianni…
he’s not in his room! Have you searched
everywhere… in the bath? Only his bedroom. Let’s take a look. No, he’s not here. Look, that door’s open. No, Fosca, this way. God bless the soul of
Emanuele Wald Luzzati… at rest with those of
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. May the Lord welcome him… and may his soul awake on the… Day of Resurrection,
together with all the Righteous. For it is written
in the Prophet Isaiah: “Your dead shall rise,
shall live again. “You who lie in the dust,
awake and shout for joy! “The dew of light and earth
shall again fall upon thy loved ones, “and the earth will revive
the spirits of the dead.” Seek thy consolation in the Lord,
O thou survivors. For Thy mercy and justice,
we thank Thee, O Lord! Let us say thank you and goodbye.

James Carver

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