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what’s going on you two my covere trading we’re here with the new unboxing video today we’re going to break into this this is our AMG mix clothing losses as you can see these are sourced from right there so these are Saudi clothing from well Amazon liquidations and what we’re gonna do we’re gonna open these up these are all new overstock and shelf pulls majority or poly bag okay there’s a mix of brand name and private label brands in there and as well as the Amazon basics and their brands so we’re gonna do we’re gonna open this up we’re gonna take them out of the poly bag show you the kind of items you can find in there and then we’ll see what you guys think so hang tight we’re gonna fast forward a bit and we’ll be right back [Music] alright so check it out this is how they are packed so we’ve obviously put in some of the the bubble wrap obviously there’s nothing breakable but it packs it in a little bit nicer so it doesn’t wobble all around and this to what the merchandise looks like when it’s already inside so as I said the vast majority is going to be poly bags and if we just open this up and threw them on top of all these boxes you’re gonna be able to tell what they are so we’re gonna be kind enough to open them up lay them out and show you what you can expect [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right I think I may just keep this case for myself because look at this huh I’m bringing the 70s back baby should make new vhat shirts like this [Music] this is what you can expect to receive in one of our Amazon liquidation clothing case packs now as you saw I mean there’s everything in here you’ve got clothing for kids men women all shapes all sizes I mean check this out these are a pair of pants with the chain it’s really like chain actually I don’t know what you’re doing with it but it’s in there you’ve got regular pants let’s throw these in there you’ve got this ginormous work to you’ve got kids athletic clothes more athletic clothes there was some cool things in here you’ve got jeans kids Hello Kitty outfits so you’ve got the full outfit here all these came in one pack ok so I’m a three-piece set that you would have paid the price of one item and as you can tell it’s just pan here all of these items were in these poly bags I just ripped them all out so I’m confident in saying in this particular case and it’s all gonna be different then 95% plus was definitely in poly bags honest I think it was two three pieces that weren’t but again see you got jeans more kids clothing Pumas got a bunch of different brands as we said you’re gonna get popular brands you’re gonna get private label brands and everything in between here you got some Halloween these are or is this collegiate or NFL you know what you tell me what team this is because I don’t know who they play for I don’t know what they are more see so this came in that all right what else look at this windbreakers you got chef design clothing more shorts jeans sweaters Under Armour girls dresses pants leggings check you come my favorite again look at this this is just brilliant I wonder what this actually goes for online but this is just awesome you got dresses all right you guys get the point you probably saw it all so he said these are all Amazon liquidation apparel case packs mix of men women and children clothing these are on shelf pull and you overstock condition as you saw vast majority was poly bags not all of it will be poly bag but the vast majority okay you’re getting dressed is jeans tops pants outerwear denim vest skirts t-shirts bathing suits you name it check them out on our website via trading comm the SKU is a MZ so it’s mixed clothing loss check them out buy them online call us do whatever you need to do and you know what mad props do any unboxer out there because it’s 80 something degrees and I am sweating so we’re gonna call it a day see you guys later

James Carver

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  1. I ordered one of these mine was just a bunch of clothes thrown in the box. No bubble wrap no poly bags. Also many had tags with what looked like Target Clearance price tags on them.

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