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Hello Everyone, Welcome to a new video and a new Fragrance The fragrance of the day is Ultra male intense The concentration is Eau de Toilette (EDT) The designer is Jean Paul Gaultier Disclaimer: this video is not a review of the fragrance But the goal of this video is to share the unboxing experience of this perfume with you all As you can see The perfume is in a metal can as you can hear and see some information in the front like the name of the perfume concentration, size and the name of the designer Here we have a picture of the bottle At the bottom part of the can we have information regarding where this fragrance is bottled (produced) Which is in this case is France and Perfume Bottle Size Here we can see what I think is the Batch number You can use the Batch number To see if this perfume is Authentic or not I am not completely sure that this number is the batch number But usually that is the case with other perfumes It is usually stamped on the bottom part of the box(in our case here can) As mentioned before This is a a simple but nice presentation fit for this perfume presentation fit for this perfume due to the fact that the designer have taken a sort of masculine style to the presentation as it is evident from the shape of the bottle which is shaped as a man’s body Let us open the can now This is my second unboxing video so This is my second unboxing video so bear with me please 😛 so bear with me please 😛 OK soooo after removing the plastic cover the can looks much better now even though it is a simple type of presentation it still have it charm Now off to open the can it seems like it opens from below a bit trick though, but you need to twist and drag Here we have it 😀 nice Lovely simple presentation The perfume is placed in in a sponge type of material , the same as they use for rings Ok let’s check the bottle out As mentioned before the bottle looks a bit “interesting” haha because the designer have used the figure of a man as a motif let us spray a bit we need to remove this blocker before spraying and this is how it is done ok back to spraying, let me test the atomizer and give a an initial impression The atomizer seems to be good sprays alot Let take another spray for just to show you the atomizer in action again It does sprays in good manner and a decent amount of juice Ok off to the initial impression the vanilla note is quite apparent from the get go and is kind of sweet Or correction, the sweet note/ component of this fragrance is quite dominant Lovely scent Many reviews recommend this perfume for clubing for clubing (or more festive occasions) and for “young people” But in my opinion the majority of people can wear this perfume especially those who like sweet fragrances Lovely scent As mentioned before this is only an initial impression a more in depth review will be coming soon thank you so much for watching this video and wait for a new review video on Casamorati 1888 by Xerjoff in the near future because I would like to use these two perfumes for a while and “live” with them to give you a better opinion Thank you so much for watching and do not forget to Like, share and subscribe

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