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Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show! (Wendy Williams theme)
(audience cheers) Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheers) (laughs) Hi. Thank you for watching. Say hello to my cohosts and the studio audience. (audience cheers) How you doin?
How you doin! I’m doin’ all right. Let’s get started, it’s time for Hot Topics. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Thank you. Thank you. Well. I did not watch The Bachelor last night, did you? (audience cheers) Well clap if you watched. (audience applauds) (audience laughs) It’s not enough people to get me enthused. (audience laughs) All right so Corny Peter, the copilot, not the pilot, (clears throat) he went home with the final four ladies to meet their families, right? So there’s this girl named Victoria and that’s Peter’s ex-girlfriend. She doesn’t have anything to do with The Bachelor, she simply lives in the town and wanted to be on TV as far as I’m concerned. I’m glad ABC blurred out her face. So she didn’t even get the shot she wanted. (audience laughs) Before meeting, wait, wait I’m sorry. She was going home to meet the four families, Victoria’s one of the girls. He was on his way to Victoria’s house but before Peter went to Victoria’s, oh my gosh, my nose is spitzing. I don’t think a swab is gonna help. (audience laughs) Oh no! I didn’t mean it. Oh gosh! Thanks, Doug.
Your welcome. Uh huh. Hold on, give me a break. (audience laughs) No it’s that time of season, you know what I mean? Plus it’s always cold in here, I have something going on 12 months a year, I can’t even blame it on Winter, it’s just the studio. We keep it cold to keep you awake. And the equipment from not overheating. Anyway before meeting Victoria’s family, Peter’s ex-girlfriend who has nothing to do with the show showed up to warn, oh there she is right there, but that was a long time ago so she doesn’t look like that anymore. I guess, I don’t know. Anyway, showed up to warn him about Victoria. Take a look. Just be careful, that’s all I’m gonna say. I’m from here and I just know what a good guy you are and I would hate for any of who you are to be affected by somebody else. So that’s really all I’ll say, but I know that you’re a great guy and I don’t think that you deserve what you’re on a date with right now. There’s been many relationships broken up because of her. I don’t think it’s a good relationship for you to be in. What business is it of yours? That is none of your business. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my mother, father, brother, sister, anybody that I know to warn me about a guy that I’m dating unless it was something that was detrimental to me like he’s got a long rap sheet or even a rap, or a sheet, you know what I mean? Something like that, he has a lot of kids, he hasn’t told you about them yet or he’s secretly married or something like that. And then Peter decides to share the information with Victoria up here, and here’s how she reacted, take a look. You’re supposed to meet my family tonight and you decided that what Marissa told you was more important than meeting my entire family. What is this right now? Why are you–?
I don’t know. I have nothing to say to you right now. I just have nothing. But I want you to be completely realistic right now. I am so done with this conversation right now. I can’t do this. I can’t, I’m (beep) so done. (audience gasps) This is why I didn’t watch last night. I don’t care for Peter, I don’t care for Victoria, she’s not exactly the most innocent girl but still, the old girlfriend should not have talked to Peter, Peter should not have even listened, Peter should’ve kept the information that he got from the girlfriend to himself. (audience applauds) The ex-girlfriend. Oh, blur her face, blur her face, blur her face. Blur her face, we’re giving her a moment? No we won’t. Okay. And then, you should’ve had Peter still girl, Victoria, go on and meet your parents. I mean, if the whole family gathered around to meet this Peter and they knew they were gonna get their screenshots to be on the TV, somebody cooked probably good food, it’s Virginia. (laughs) Right. That always starts with a Smithfield ham to me. (audience laughs) Good old salty ham. Biscuits. That’s all, I’m done, I don’t care. (audience applauds) They’re okay. What the flowers?
The flowers, they’re okay. But they’re not the most beautiful flowers I’ve seen on my table. Yeah.
(audience laughs) Yeah, there’s something five days after Valentine’s day leftover that is going on. I’m just saying, Michael Lee. I like down here though. I love when they wrap the flowers in that green stuff. That’s pretty. All right look I’m trying to stall on something that I (sighs) Lamar, Lammy, Lammy’s being slammy-ed by his daughter. Okay when last we talked about Lamar Odom and you know I love Lamar and this is his fiance and her name is Sabrina, and Sabrina’s been to jail before, we have the mugshot. (audience gasps) Sabrina went to jail because she hit her ex in the head with a trophy and got locked up. What?
That’s right. Okay.
That’s right. (laughs) So she has a propensity of violence but sometimes people change their stripes and she’s moved on and now she’s a life coach and she’s with Lamar and they’re practicing abstinence until they actually get married. (audience applauds)
Yeah. You can’t see the bottom part but this is the cutest pair of shorts you’ve ever seen in your life. She looks like a part Majorette and part Captain Stubing, it’s a really cute outfit and I love her hair. And Lammy looks happy with her! You can’t see the rest of Lammy’s outfit either but he’s wearing, this is not just the top, it is a full-blown suit. Can we show this picture in a smaller frame so people can actually see their costumes? Okay, well they probably have to reformat it, but we’re working on it. Oh, what does that mean, reformat? I saw it in our morning meeting! Yeah but he’s gotta shrink it and crop it and it probably takes a good 30 seconds or so. All right, get to shrinking and cropping! I’ll take my time telling this story so you can shrink and crop. God forbid I get in the way of the Kardashian booty story. So shrinking and cropping, go. All right so over the weekend, Lamar posted a picture with his fiance Sabrina which by the way you all, not for nothing. That whole abstinence thing when you’re grown people and you all clap for it, but no, no. He comes from sex addiction, she’s a life coach, they’re grown people. Like, get it in. And you know what?
(audience applauds) If anything, get it in but maybe not get married since, you remember, he didn’t tell his children, oh there. Uh huh, that’s a good outfit she has on right? Yes! But look at his outfit.
(audience laughs) Sorry, Lammy. All right look, so he’s got a daughter Destiny who’s 22 and a son who’s like 17 or– 18.
18, 18. He never told the kids that he got engaged to Sabrina and the kids’ feelings were really, really hurt by that. The kids live here in New York with their mom and Lamar’s out there with Sabrina and I don’t know whether they’re gonna create a new family or not. Not a new family, but more family, or not, but he should’ve talked to his kids about it. This is the part of that relationship that you have with your children, you don’t need their exact permission, but you at least need to fly to New York and inform them face to face, not through this and not on the phone and you need to come to New York for a full week. Last I heard Lamar’s not working so he’s got nothing but time on his hands. Shady! I’m not being shaky, I’m telling you a story. (audience laughs) So remember the trophy to the head of the ex, okay? Well, over the weekend, Lamar posted this picture of he and Sabrina and his daughter Destiny goes, “Was this before or after she punched you in the mouth?” (audience gasps) Now I don’t know whether leopards change their spots, I’d like to believe that you can change your wicked ways. After Lamar deleted her comment, she posted a series of slams, including saying, “Keep your hands to yourself, women can be abusive too. “It is never okay to lay your hands on someone.” Sabrina has no comment. Now Sabrina, I’d just rather move on. (audience applauds) She had a gigantic booty though in those pink shorts, compared to the Majorette shorts, right? In the Majorette shorts, she just looked regular. In that other one, pull that back, maybe she was sent one of those Kardashian booty things, let’s do that story now. All right so on the cover of my friends at the New York Post, here are the three cover stories. The horrible crash that happened at the Indie 500, shout out to Ryan, we’re thinking about you here at the show. (audience applauds) Then, the other cover story on the same cover, a man got slashed in Harlem. It’s New York. And then the third story on the cover, as if this is important, Kim K’s butt has been measured and the prototypes are out. One was sent to the show here. Now hold on a second, a Scandinavian designer has created what he calls “The Bum.” Marco sit down. Okay this is it right here. This is “The Bum.” Booty crack and all! She was measured, it’s a true scale of Kim’s butt made out of silicon and spandex. It measures 15.5 inches across, which is not so big considering, it’s not so much that way, it’s that way, you know, the pop out, 42 inches in circumference. Wait what?!
Wow! So we love the interns here, I come from the school of interns, I always feel as though today’s intern is gonna be tomorrow’s boss if they play it right. Come on over Alexandra. (audience applauds) Alexandra, where do you go to school? Brooklyn College.
Brooklyn College, what are you studying?
Television and Radio. Okay, she’s studying her television and radio. Come over here, let’s study this fake booty. Let me touch it. Ooh, it’s hard. So if a man came up to you and by chance, you know how sometimes men do it small of the back but every once in awhile you get the nasty ones whose hands slide down? Mmhmm. He’s gonna be like, “What the hell is that?” Also, I see this. So already the faketry has started. (Alexandra giggles) But if you wore a dress with it, like a flowy dress, I mean he would still have his hand in the small of the back, but it’s heavy as hell isn’t it? It is a little bit and it’s getting a little tight and sweaty. What if you have to go to the bathroom? They told me, “If you have to go to the bathroom take it off.” Turn to the side. Let them see. Do we have a before picture? Oh wait, get out of the way. Oh, yep.
(audience applauds) Now come on back over. So this is still in the development stages. It’s really, really heavy. When I tell you it’s heavy, it’s heavy right? Mmhmm.
How long did it take you to actually pull it on? Like five minutes. Five minutes? She says, “Like five minutes.” As opposed to pulling on a regular pair of underwear in like five seconds. Would you wear this in real life? I mean because now your DNA is all over it. It’s a nice little change. It’s a nice change.
Mmhmm. Well I’m going to gift that to you, okay? Do not let the show take it back. And this is what I want you to do, can you wear it for the rest of the day? Yeah.
Can you go out for drinks with some of the other interns after work? Sure.
Are you 21? No.
All right. Nevermind with that, but go out to a restaurant where the men are all paws because when you get in there– We’ll see what happens. Report back.
(Alexandra giggles) Thank you Alexandra!
(audience applauds) Enjoy your day. (audience applauds) Marco, what’s your take? I don’t like it. Why? I can tell it’s fake. I see the lines, you know? And I’m that guy that puts my hand on the small of the back. Look, look, if you touched it, it’s as heavy as the wood that your elbow is on. (Marco laughs)
It’s hard! Not good, no. Girls, if you wanna spend between $450 and $600, at least it’s cheaper than butt implants, and like Alexandra said though, it’s a fun change. Clap if you’d do it. (audience member claps) Excuse me, sir, why are you clapping? (audience laughs) It’s a change! In the meantime, over at the Real Housewives of the OC, Gina divorced her husband and has already moved in with her boyfriend of six months. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. You know why? ‘Cause she’s got three kids. Her kids are seven, five and three and he’s got three kids, eight, six and three. They’ve only been dating for six months and it’s not even about their beautiful home only having three bedrooms ’cause they want it to be like some sort of Brady Bunch thing where you have three beds in one room and three beds in the other and all the kids are playing. What happens when you all break up? How are you gonna explain to the kids that they have to change schools? Because first of all, she’s got money, she’s the one who bought the house, a beautiful house. And I don’t care if it had 10 bedrooms, that doesn’t even matter. The idea that you’ve been dating somebody for six months, I don’t care if it was a year, two years, when your kids are seven, five and three, do you understand the hurt and resentment they’ll feel? They’re not even married. Prospective husband– Travis.
Travis, do you understand when you and Travis fight, the kids are gonna side with each individual parent? Do you understand the amount of fighting and, “You’re not my father!” As soon as they learn that line right there, that is the line of the century. And now you could see the three year old and three year old, “Oh they’re so cute playing together, “the sibling from one family and sibling from the other.” Until stuff goes awry. Why couldn’t you guys live separately and date? And somebody in our morning meaning on Hot Topics said, “Well with kids that young, it’s hard to date.” I said, “No it isn’t.” Any good old thinking adult figures out a way to get out of the house to do them. I don’t know about you. This is just a horrible, clap if you think that this is a great idea, like, “Aw!” (audience giggles) Not one person. No! What is she doing? This is crazy! It’s even crazier that the woman is at the helm of it because we’re the smarter sex to men. (audience applauds) Civilized sir in my father’s chair, you were very, very reluctant to clap with that, but you ended up clapping after all. Normally, I would think that this would be some dumb man’s idea, not that you all are dumb, but you’re just not as thinking as us women. Especially when it comes to children and family and things like that. The woman bought the house, the woman’s moved him in with his kids, so that means that when they break up, ’cause this is bound not to last– Right. (chuckles) When they break up, he’s gonna be thrown out of the house with his children. And then it’ll be like a non-thinking man to still live in the same town ’cause he doesn’t want his kids to be uprooted from the school, but now all the kids are still in the same school which is not fair. See, a thinking person, you have to move to the next zip code or the next state or move outta the country, you know, because you don’t want your kids still to have the contact. All right there’s this controversy going on and I have my opinion. How do you cut your grilled cheese? (audience laughs) This is a big deal, it’s a big deal. The cohosts are going wild, they’re talking amongst themselves. Look at ’em go, look at ’em go! Boy we are a fatty crew. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Well, first of all I can’t believe that this is ketchup here. Now I don’t know anybody but Suzanne, Suzanne, no you like mustard. I like mustard, grilled Swiss with mustard. Everyone thought I was crazy when I said that. People don’t use mustard but you do! I like hot mustard, not dijon. You know, spicy.
Yeah, spicy mustard. I like a French’s yellow. Yes.
Something like that. Yep.
Or a Gulden’s. Yeah, Gulden’s I like a Gulden’s spicy mustard. Mmhmm, I like the Gulden’s too. That’s what I like. Not ketchup. Norman said he likes ketchup.
Norman eats his with ketchup I love it with ketchup.
Gross. He said it’s like tomato soup! I mean, that’s the only way to do it! (audience applauds) Mustard? DJ Boof, how do you like your grilled cheese? With tomatoes. (audience applauds) But if there’s no tomatoes then you like the ketchup? No ketchup, tomatoes. Yeah as I’ve gotten older– I do a tomato and a mustard. As an adult, I like my grilled cheese with tomato or tomato soup and as far as these two cuts, I don’t like either because I always think of grilled cheese as childhood, you know what I mean? One of those things that your mom would make you, it was easy for her to make and the crowd would go wild. I don’t like the round part of the bread though, you see what I’m saying? So whenever I cut my sandwiches, I always make sure that the round is an even part on both sides so it’s easy for me to take off. See this is not an acceptable cut either. This is all round over here. Now as a civilized adult, I do like a triangle cut sandwich, only when it comes to grilled cheese, I like it cut in fours. Oh! I do like the tomato in there, just like Boof. We’ve shared a grilled cheese sandwich, all four pieces. Yes.
Boof. Yes. (laughs) ‘Cause I like the tomato in there too, but four pieces and it’s easy to dunk in the soup or I don’t put the mustard on it, I put it on the side of the plate for a dink! (Norman laughs)
Uh huh, yeah. (audience applauds) Speaking of dink, a little bit later in the show, Nikki Dinki is here to cook up for us, but up next, we got the legal scoop ’cause I need help with this story. I don’t even know why this man is not already under the jail, Harvey Weinstein. So grab a snack and come on back. (Wendy Williams theme) (Wendy Williams theme) So much information! I would throw you right out! I would! What, do you change your hair color to get in there? Me?
Yes! No!
They just let you in? Well you need a press pass and a very secure one, believe me, not just that. Well actually it is open to the public, Wendy. Oh.
But, there’s a long line. We’ll get to that, not just anyone can get in. All right well look the jury begins deliberating on Harvey Weinstein case today. Here with the inside scoop is a girl, you’ve been messing with our show for a long time, this is Elizabeth Wagmeister. (audience applauds) And the great thing about having Elizabeth here for the Weinstein case is that she goes into the courtroom, she’s got the press pass. She sits there and is actually getting the real action. Yes. Okay, so what’s going on? So Wendy as we were just talking about, I have been in court every single day. The Harvey Weinstein trial– Do you wear that? I do not wear this. I’m going right to court–
Harvey would like that. I’m going right to court after this and I will be putting on not Wendy clothes. Okay.
I showed up for you, but so this trial, it started on January 6th, I have been in court every single day. Well closing arguments were last week. Today the jury starts deliberating. Literally, Wendy, as we are speaking, the jury has begun deliberations. Talk faster, missing stuff! So that means the verdict can come as soon as today. They could also take days, weeks, we don’t know when it’s coming but it could come today. Now Harvey Weinstein, he has been accused by over 90 women of everything ranging from sexual misconduct to rape, but here’s the thing with this trial, this case largely rests on the allegations of just two women because the statute of limitations for a lot of the other women has passed. Does he wear an ankle bracelet? He does wear an ankle bracelet, yeah. So these two women, their names are Miriam Haleyi and Jessica Mann. They are the key witnesses in this case, Wendy. Okay. And he’s facing five charges, and by the way, the maximum sentence is life in prison. (audience applauds)
Oh. What’s the minimum sentence? Well it depends. You know, he could get acquitted and also it’s complex because since there’s five charges, he can be charged on any number of them. So each charge, if for instance he is charged with sexual assault for Miriam Haleyi then that sentence could be from five years to 25 years. And then he’s gotta go to California, England, he’s got a whole bunch of places to be tried because he’s been doing this all around the world. Yes, the Los Angeles DA has also charged him with rape and sexual assault, so he’s also facing charges as you said in LA. Do you think that he will go to jail? Give me the temperature going on in there. Okay so it’s complicated. I mean, any rape case is very hard to prove. Actually most sexual assault cases do not end up in a conviction because they’re largely a “he said, she said” case. Now, in this particular case, as I said, it rests on two women. So that’s very complicated. During jury selection, Harvey’s defense kept saying to the potential jurors, “You need to just focus “on what’s in the court, you cannot focus on the stories, “you can’t focus on the #Metoo movement, “this is about what’s in court.” So what’s complicated about this is these women, they went back to Harvey after. There’s evidence of texts.
Yeah, I know. I heard–
And phone calls. I know. And that’s what the defense has largely been resting their case on. One of them called him, “You are my soulmate.” Yes. But here’s the thing, the prosecution, they brought in an expert witness, her name is Dr. Barbara Ziv and she is a forensic psychiatrist who specializes in victims of sexual assault. She explained that trauma victims, rape victims, it’s very normal to go back to your perpetrator. In fact, it’s abnormal if you don’t. So to continue this communication, it’s complex and we’ll see if the jury can get past that. How does Harvey look in the court? Well as you’ve seen, we all know about the walker, right? So Harvey Weinstein, he has been coming into court every single day with the walker. He looks very frail, very feeble. Does he look dusty? Like his suits aren’t cleaned? Yes, the suits are wrinkled, I’ll tell you that. Thank you, ’cause like– The hair is not brushed. Does he stay awake? Sometimes, but sometimes not. So here’s the thing, this has been a long trial. Sometimes I’ve spotted him, I’m in the courtroom every day, I’ve seen him at the defendant’s table sometimes dozing off, doing one of these. Does he slump? He scribbles notes a lot. Okay.
He chews on gum or mints or something, but I will tell you, despite this frail, feeble look walking in with the walker, by the way, he had back surgery from a car accident in August, that’s why his defense says he has a walker. A lot of people are wondering if it’s fake. Harvey Weinstein says it is not fake, but despite this frail and feeble look, he’s in very good spirits. He walks into court every day, he says hello to the press, he smiles, he laughs and after closing arguments were Friday and I was there, I have to tell you, he was very confident. After his defense gave their closing arguments, and they were strong, they were very effective, Wendy– I know, I saw.
He walked out. He walked out and we asked how it was and he said to the press that his attorney’s speech was the Queen’s speech, that’s what he said. And that’s why we at Wendy had to call you because I’m done with this case, I’m very confused. Okay, even if not guilty, he still faces the other trials. Yes.
And they’re gonna happen right away, like right after New York is done he flies right to LA? You know, we don’t know that exactly yet, but I can tell you this is not going anywhere, so whatever happens with this trial, whether he’s acquitted or not, he as you said will be facing charges in LA. There’s other investigations going on overseas, but Wendy, something that I think you might be interested in. One of the most shocking parts of the case, ’cause everyone asks, “What was the most shocking part of being in court?” Well, one of the women described Harvey’s genitalia– Go!
As, I knew she’d be into it. As deformed, that is the word. That is the word that she used on the stand, and that’s the thing with these cases, it gets really nasty, it gets really into the nitty gritty on the stand. We won’t know that it’s deformed, but that’s– Well the jury was given photos of Harvey Weinstein. How did they get photos? The DA’s office, the Manhattan DA’s office, they took naked photos of Harvey for evidence. Not the Michael Jackson! They showed the jury.
Oh my gosh! They showed the jury. I did not see them, press was not allowed, and the jury– Deformed, why, ’cause it leans a little to the left? That’s not deformed! No, read my reporting on ’cause I don’t like saying these things on national TV, but there are some serious details that not just Jessica Mann said but– Say it, you’re a grown woman, talk to me! All right Wendy, well one of the women, she said she was not sure if the testicles were there or not. And then she said that she wasn’t sure if the other part was there either. And then another woman, Lauren Young, who she is another witness, the charges don’t rest on her, but she also echoed Jessica Mann’s description. So they showed the jury photos, they shuffled through them really quickly. It’s very hard to tell what they’re thinking, they’re very stone cold. When they got these photos that was the one time I saw a reaction.
I wouldn’t be if I was on the jury, I’d be like, “What the hell is this? “Look!”
(audience laughs) So Harvey Weinstein’s defense team, during closing arguments, they brought up the naked photos, they said there was no reason for those to be shown other than to humiliate him. So that’s a point that they brought up in closing arguments. Elizabeth, what do you eat all day? Can you smuggle in a sandwich? Well you’re technically not allowed to eat in the courtroom, but–
But what do you do? I go into the hallway and I file my story and I eat a granola bar, I eat my almonds. You’ve lost like 25 pounds being on this case! No, here’s the thing, with being a journalist, people often think it’s glamorous because they see this, they see the dress, they see I’m sitting with Wendy Williams, but really we’re sitting in a courtroom and we have to do the work. This is a very important story to get out. It’s a monumental trial, it’s the first trial of the #Metoo movement because Cosby was before that, so there’s a lot resting on this case. He’s sitting around saying, “Why am I under house arrest?” There’s a lot resting on this case. The stakes are very, very high. I’ve been interviewing a lot of women who have accused Harvey Weinstein for an upcoming story that’ll be coming out in Variety so the stakes are high with this case. You make me really proud to know you. One of the people who supported our show all these years, this everybody is the fabulous Elizabeth Wagmeister! Up next, we’re in the Wendy kitchen with Nikki Dinki, don’t go far! (Wendy Williams theme) (Wendy Williams theme) I see some garlic in there too. You know it.
Okay. Let’s get cookin’, our next guest is the author of “Meat On The Side,” she’s also a mother of three, she puts healthy twists on comfort food, say hello to Nikki Dinki. Hi everyone!
Welcome back. Hi!
All right Nikki. Okay, you ready?
I see cauliflower. What’s that? So we’re gonna start with a cauliflower mac and cheese, this has got cauliflower and sweet potato actually, and then a mushroom and beef sloppy joe. And that one’s getting excited over there, but I’m gonna start over here if you want. And basically I’m just adding to some onions and garlic, sweet potato and cauliflower. How do you turn this off? Yeah let me get that going, there we go. We can turn it off, yeah, ’cause it’s totally time. It’s beef.
Yeah, low, there we go. We’re gonna get there. No turn it all the way off ’cause it’s popping. I don’t know how! Oh there, I did it!
I felt something. I am a chef (laughs) thank you. So for this guy we are going to get this all steamed up and basically it goes into a blender, we puree it up and this is the base to our mac and cheese. So basically I’m taking these classic comfort foods, enhancing them with veggies while staying true to those original flavors. Okay. All right so you can try that while I show you just what this looks like. You can see how quickly it gets really nice and creamy and then you can actually add your cheese right to there, how is it? I wasn’t sure, but I can tell you, just based on looking at it everything, but this is very good. It’s very good, and thank you! Yeah. Basically instead of doing a whole cream sauce and a bechamel and all that fancy stuff, we’re just doing pureed veggies, melting the cheese through it and of course, then we’ve got five cups of veggies in here. And if you want, I got a little topping too. Let me move you over here. This is just some breadcrumbs, some pine nuts and a little bit of thyme because I love the idea of a baked mac and cheese and that crispy top but I also like a creamy stovetop, so it’s kinda the best of both. What do you think, good? Very good.
Yeah, it kind scratches that comfort food itch. It’s pretty good. So next, we’ve got some beef here for some sloppy joes. Now as you can see there’s not a ton of beef in this pan, so only about eight ounces for six to eight portions. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna enhance again with tons of mushrooms. The breadcrumbs really do add something to the macaroni and cheese. And they’re so easy, guys you’re just putting this in a pan, a little bit of butter or olive oil, toasting it up and that is it. Now for these, here I’ll turn this one off too so it doesn’t get too excited. So for these, you can see that we’re adding a ton of these veggies, the mushrooms, the peppers, the onions, to our beef. You okay?
Mmhmm. Okay. And then as it cooks down, it’s gonna look a little something like this, I’ll move you over here. That looks good, are you gonna put red sauce in there? Oh there it is.
We’re gonna do it all. So we’re gonna do some tomato paste, we’re gonna do some thyme, and then– This is not a Jersey sloppy joe. Well what’s exactly a Jersey sloppy joe? School me. Well, it’s got turkey.
Okay. It’s got ham.
Okay. It’s got, what else? There’s three levels of bread, regular bread, not a bun. Okay. There’s coleslaw in there. I don’t think I’ve had this. Mm, they make a really good one at the Eppes Essen in Livingston, and they make a really good one over in West Orange. A place that I used to like to go. Sounds delicious, maybe we can layer that into a Jersey sloppy joe somehow? No. I’ll look into it and come back with a Jersey sloppy joe. I mean this is a good sloppy joe. This is the standard sloppy joe. Absolutely and the reason that this gets so good is because we add in a lot of hot sauce to some tomato sauce. It’s also got some Worcestershire sauce. Oh well now hold on now. Some vinegar and a little, ’cause we want sweet and sour, a little molasses. Not too much, that’s enough. Okay, that’s all we’re doing. And then this is really our sloppy joe sauce that gives it that kinda silky, sloppy– Let me taste the sauce, just the sauce by itself. Yeah, you wanna get a little bit of that? Yeah I just wanna taste the sauce. Sure! I’m a sauce person. It’s got that kinda sweet and sour from the molasses and the vinegar, it’s got a little hot ’cause I use Sriracha, but you can use whatever you like. No, you know what? The molasses actually does work. It’s nice, it’s got that richness. I don’t want sweet, I want sweet with attitude, right? All right can we use something else to, ’cause I don’t wanna–
Oh yeah, sure! I’m gonna give this, I’m gonna go share it with the crew so I don’t wanna spit in it. No problem.
There you go. So you can work on yours if you do wanna taste of that, and as you can see you’re just gonna stir this all up. I don’t want the bread.
And think about, don’t. I’m just gonna dip my fork in here. Yeah this is yours, come on, it’s your show. Or you know what? Here, if you just put some of that on top of here. Yes of course, of course. I don’t wanna get too, too sloppy ’cause you are looking absolutely gorgeous today. No I’m going out for lunch with my niece Alex. She’s on the ABC News in Miami and she’s in town for a speaking engagement so she’s meeting me after the show, I don’t wanna fill up. Absolutely. Crew, make sure you show this your love afterwards. I think they already have shown it some love backstage so we’re doing good. And of course you can always add some pickles, banana peppers just to kinda spice it up and break through any of that sweetness. And remember, there’s tons of veggies in here, so it’s really a two thirds veggies, a third meat. The vinegar?
Mmhmm. And that vinegar, spice and a little bit of that molasses. It’s that sweetness with attitude. (audience applauds) Nikki Dinki, everybody. For more information on these recipes, go to We’ll be right back. (Wendy Williams theme) (tropical music) It is time to play 20 in 20! Nadia over here, she’s in marketing and she’s from the Chi, Chicago. (audience applauds) All right you ready to spin? You wanna go on a vacation? Yeah girl!
Okay, put your hand up. Three, two, one, go! (tropical music)
(audience cheers) Where you going, where you going? Oh! The Grand at Moon Palace, a lovely place and I’ve landed on Alicia Keys. Announcer, please tell her how it’s gonna go down if she wins. It’s a trip to The Grand at Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico! You’ll fly you with a guest roundtrip for a five day, four night stay at this luxurious, all-inclusive resort! You’ll spend your trip enjoying stretches of gorgeous beaches, gourmet dining and evenings at their ultra chic nightclub, Unique. Their massive waterpark is perfect for letting loose and having fun. This trip will be one to remember! (audience applauds) All right Nadia. Only if you guess the correct question. You follow Alicia Keys? I like her.
You know enough about her? I know a little something. Well I’m gonna give you a question. How many Grammys awards does she have? Does she have 12, 15 or 17? Oh I know this, she has 15! That’s right!
(bell rings) Yeah!
Congratulations! Nadia, we’ll be right back! (tropical music)
(audience applauds) (Wendy Williams theme) Alexandra, the intern, has already taken her booty out. (audience laughs) She’s done. (laughs) All right Star Flashback, who are you, what’s your name, where you from? Hi, I’m Tessa, I’m from New York. How you doin’? Is this your first time here? Yes, but I’m like an active cohost from my couch every day. Okay thank you Tessa. What do you do? I’m a waitress, but if there are any job openings here, I’m open to it. Okay, well let’s see the picture of the Star Flashback. I guessed it right away. He’s got the same ears and the same cute face. He’s a little older though now. Can I have a hint? He’s Gina’s husband. Gina, Gina, Gina. From the old sitcom, okay what’s the movie? Bad Boys 3. One, two and three. He’s a comedian! Damn, Gina! (buzzer buzzes) That’s okay.
No! Oh my God. Martin Lawrence. But you know what? You’re a waitress but we’re gonna send you to another restaurant, it’s called Distilled, they’ve got excellent burgers and things like that. It’s right here in New York. We’ll be right back. (Wendy Williams theme) Over here, she’s from the Bronx, he’s from Boston, she’s from Memphis, right? Yes. Where are you from? The tickets are free, this is a good old time, go to I’ll see you when you get here. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) (Wendy Williams theme) The boogie down is gone, okay? I wanna thank my guests, my cohosts, my fabulous studio audience. (audience applauds) Tomorrow, the funny actor Adam Pally is here. I got you with the Hot Topics, I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye! (Wendy Williams theme)
(audience cheers) How you doin’? (coughs) Nice! (theatrical music)

James Carver

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