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I don't like these pants they just make me feel like I need some suspenders and they need to be in like an 80s movie or something I feel like an actual highlighter in this outfit walking around in these like I just scared my cat like they makes much freaking noise it is okay it appears that I bought more items on wish that I needed to and more items on wish and I intended to write nevertheless here we are I have a lot of things that I'm gonna be trying on in this video this is actually my very first time trying wish I'm sure you guys are not gonna be surprised when I say that this took literally over a month to get here and not all of the items are here I don't know if all of the items will arrive but I'm not waiting another month to film this because I really really want to try these on so let's get into the wish haul okay so I'm just gonna get comfy here because I feel like we're about to be here for a long time just considering the amount of items that I bought considering that we may have to go into some detail to kind of explain the craziness of these orders so the dress that I'm about to show you guys was six dollars and thirty cents if you guys don't know I am 411 in about 110 pounds so yeah a lot of times things don't fit me well and this could either be hilarious or it could be a pleasant surprise and everything could fit me so I got this in a small and it is in the color tan or khaki um okay this itself reverses what it looks like on the app it actually looks pretty much the same except I think that the center is supposed to hug your waist a little bit more like that's what it looks like on the actual website whereas if this merely doesn't do that doesn't have anything to hug your waist so I'm interested to see what this looks like also it looks like it might be a little bit big which again it's not a surprise because I am small and I wouldn't be surprised if not a single item that I ordered fit me it looks like you may have to have a big your chest in order to fill this out which clearly I do have something going on but I'm not like huge so there is the first item okay I am kind of feeling this this is this is cute okay this is not bad at well the only thing is that like the the neckline it's like a little bit weird but this is so cute like this is this is really nice I am loving this so obviously the quality like I'm not gonna stand here and lie to you guys the quality is not amazing but it looks really cute oh I like how it like kind of accentuates the waist and the funny thing is that when I showed you guys this I remember saying that I didn't think it was gonna accentuate the waist but it totally does this is cute mmm I like it all I need to do is iron it because tbh it is really wrinkly but other than that this is cute it's kind of giving me Kim K vibes like I don't know if you guys saw her vogue interview I don't know why but this is like kind of reminding me of that I am really feeling myself in this dress I'm having a major Leo moment because I just keep staring at myself in the mirror because this is freaking cute so the second item is this holographic highlighter yellow to be six okay so this was 13 bucks and this took about three weeks to get here so this is what the pants look like and they're so bright you when I'm showing you guys this on the camera you can't even see me I disappeared now I'm back now I disappeared now I'm back okay so this is what the pants look like they look really cheaply made like insanely cheaply made and they are extremely bright but these could fit me we will see and this is what the top looks like I'm hoping that the top is more promising in the bottom the top looks really cheap and I'm not complaining because what did I expect but the top is like literally looks like I'll just show you guys how thin it is like I don't know if you can actually tell how thin it is on camera but I'm telling you it is really really thin now hopefully this is tight on me because again I'm really small and I don't know if this is gonna fit but I got it in a size small so hopefully this fits I must be like 5 feet away from the camera right now and I can see my bra and underwear this is so incredibly see-through and it is also so incredibly in probably because it is so see-through it makes my look good I guess but that is not the point I'm not wearing this out I can literally see what's underneath like what is the point of even wearing this because I'm basically showcasing to the world what my undergarments look like also this is uneven so although I don't know I don't know how I feel I look I feel like I don't look like myself like I I can't really recognize myself wearing highlighter colors although they're really in style right now I just I don't know and also I just feel like this is so incredibly cheap and I am I don't know I feel I feel like an actual highlighter in this outfit so this is a note for me honestly if it wasn't so see-through and if this wasn't so itchy cuz this this zipper right here is super itchy I think I might like it but it's really freaking see-through I feel like this is just unavoidable but it gives me camel toe and there's already a little stain right here which I think that came with a stain I don't know it's just like this was what I'm about to show you was 1170 originally $34 allegedly and on sale for 1170 so this is a cropped sweatshirt and I've actually been really excited to open this and look at this because I feel like out of all of the items that I bought this looks like best quality this is insanely cropped it's almost cropped to the point where it almost is literally just a sleeve because it's so cropped whatever so this is what it looks like I got it in a medium because I wanted it to be a little bit big hopefully it's not too big but I'm really into big clothing recently so let me just back up here to show you guys how big exactly it is I really like the colors I like how it's black gray and white the sleeves literally take up like half this wonder what is going on okay so interested to see what this is gonna look like on me because it could either be a mess or it could be really cute also it has this little thing here where you can hold it and tighten the bottom which is super cute but literally comes undone I do really like this it's already feels like it's better quality than the two items that I've already shown you guys so hopefully this looks good on I don't know where I am in this haul I don't know if this is like the last item or whatever but I've already tried on everything that I've shown you guys like the trying haul is over and my stomach is starting to hurt and I feel like it's because these clothes have a seriously strong smell of chemicals it's insane and I want to get this off my body as soon as possible because it freaking it stinks in here anyway this is the sweater that I was really excited to try on because I thought that it was gonna be cute it is cute I mean yeah I think it's cute the only thing is that I don't know if it's cause like my arms are short or whatever sleeves are just a little bit too long for me but other than that I think it's pretty cute I guess for being from wish like it's honestly not that bad so I guess that this is okay I guess not my favorite thing but probably with like a pair of jeans or something this would be really cute so next I decided to be basic and try these holographic pants that are what is this texture what is this material I think I'm gonna describe this not even kidding it legitimately feels like a plastic bag it's almost like a trash bag oh my gosh and they smell and they're so cheaply made they stink so it comes with like a fake pocket in the back they're not even trying oh my gosh they smell really bad Wow my hearings hell disease they're not gonna fit me look at how big these are is this even a pocket okay well we like I'll give them this four pockets on the side are real pockets I'm wondering it's like in the light or in the dark if they glow in the dark cuz that's what they look like oh my gosh Meg's mom so bad I'm honestly a little bit scared to try these on because they smell like an actual plastic bag and I feel like I shouldn't be wearing them or putting them on my body but we're gonna try this on anyway why do people wear these okay I'm gonna try to think outside the box here and be a little creative I see that these pants are different they're very unique looking the only problem is that it feels like I'm just standing in a trash bag right now with feels like if the temperature goes up one degree I'm gonna like sweat out of these so plus I they do fit me a lot better than I thought that they would fit me I thought these were gonna be cute on me and they're not and also they're not as long as I thought that they were gonna be is this what they're supposed to look like I know like I always see people on Instagram wearing pants like this I've never seen them in real life though so I don't know like if this is me this looks cheap if people can tell that I spent $10 on these also I just feel like walking around in these like I just scared my cat like they make so much freaking noise I could only imagine where needs to work like I would never but they're just I'm not liking how they feel when you squat whoa it's so weird maybe these do look cool I don't know maybe I'm just not hip and I don't know what saddle is anymore oh this is just a dress so this is just a t-shirt dress and it's an army green and it's long I hate to try to find at least one thing to complain about with each of these items but this is really see through very very see-through so anyway I got it in a size small and on the website this was five bucks so not bad at all just like even from looking at it it looks really cute it looks extremely comfortable the only concern obviously is I would see through but I guess we will only be able to tell from the tie on if this is actually seen through whole place not and also it looks like it's kind of long which I appreciate because as a short person it is hard for me to find clothing or maxi dresses that are long but not too long cuz all the way just so that this is long it doesn't look too long so hopefully this will be become a nice new dress on me this is not that bad I don't know this is like just literally a basic dress but the thing that I like about it is how it is not too long on me but it's not too short if it's right below or just like right at the knees or just actually not below it's like literally right at the knees and I feel like that's rare for me to find dresses like this because typically something is either too long or it's too short being petite there's like no in between when you're wearing a small size dress but I really like this I like how its tight and it accentuates certain areas nicely I guess only things that I don't have like that big of hips so where this is supposed to go out for people that have bigger hips it's like a little bit loose on here they have ice kind of have hip dips a little bit like it stinks but I do kind of have hip dips actually not that there's anything wrong with that cuz everyone's beautiful but I do a little bit and this dress I don't know if it accentuates it guys I'm looking in the mirror actually as I'm looking in the mirror I feel like it makes my hips look wider no I think that this dress is pretty cute um as I showed you guys actually I don't know if I show this to you in the hall part of this but this right here the sewing I don't know what this is called this is clearly cheap like I just feel like it looks really cheap and this dress was like three or four dollars so it was obviously cheap but I don't want people to look at it I think it's cheap so oh this is the seam I hope that one don't wear these people won't see the seam but this is honestly not that bad and I actually really like it next I am super excited yes so these are bad hands with I think it's plaid with like a black and white which is that you get every item delivered to you individually like five different small packages or small bags I am praying that these are small because I haven't seen these online for awhile like even on Aliexpress and I've been wanting to get them I'm already liking the waistband okay and they look like they might fit me oh my gosh I'm super excited to try these on I like how they're stretchy I'm curious how much these were because this is another item it looks and feels like it's pretty good quality so let's see how much these were these were 13 bucks so that's kind of on the pricier side of things compared to the other things that I've ordered other things on this app by the way this is what the tag looks like it's like there's nothing on the tag it's literally just at a small I like these and I like how they're high-waisted except they look super high waist so I'm interested to see what that's gonna look like on me and I only call at the bottom they're skinny they do smell really bad but maybe they'll be able to I don't know smell good if I wash them also I really like how the waste has an elastic band cuz that's gonna help it to cinch in at the waist so hopefully these are cute on me these are I feel like Larry King I need some like suspenders or something these are disappointing me so far they're very tight around the ankle tight all of the legs but then like around the stomach area they're loose so I'm like what the hell was it designer he's thinking first of all they stink like they smell like plastic yes it makes my butt look okay not like amazing and I just I don't like this like if you pull it up too high it's like it makes you look like you have no no she sorry no that's probably really really weird to see but this is like so why like I don't I don't understand why they would make the legs tight the butt tight but once you get to the waist where people's bodies typically go in you make it the same width like I don't understand but then again I really feel like I shouldn't be questioning the makers of these items of clothing because they were not designed with the intention of actually fitting people they were designed with the intention of people purchasing them in waiting a month to get them and then having waited too long to get them that they don't feel like we're turning them so these are seriously the pants that I have been waiting so long a try I like like I keep seeing them online and I finally get them and I'm not a fan also I hope that you guys are able to see them when you're not so focused on my or so but I don't like these pants they just make me feel like I need some suspenders and I need to be in like an 80s movie or so now for a little profit it's just there's like no shape to it whatsoever I also feel like if I wash this even one time it's gonna rip but it is cute it's just that there's literally no shape to it I feel like it's just gonna fall I can sit on my chest like a doily this was this was one dollar and 85 cents with shipping $1 so now that I'm remembering that it was a dollar eighty five cents what the hell do I expect this is like an actual doily I'm interested to see what this is gonna look like on unfortunately I can't show you what the bralette looks like because it doesn't even go past my bra so next item I believe that this is a dress hopefully this is not oh this is like nylon see this was literally two dollars right honestly I think it might have been a little bit less than that so this dress according to the wish app was originally $99 and this is tiny and I figured that it would be tiny for some reason something told me that it was gonna be really short so this looks like it's gonna be a you don't understand this looks like it's going to be a moody dress I don't know if that's a word but like you know booty shorts this looks like it's gonna be a boobie dress also I'm kind of confused why do these dresses have like a tiny waist and then at the hips it goes out it's not everyone is shaped like that what can you guys like see what this is the good thing is that it is stretchy I just I'm not a fan of this material on a dress so honestly this dress is better than I expected but it is insanely short and I feel like there's no there would be no way for me to wear this dress although this dress is really cute there I just I'm never gonna be able to wear it incredibly revealing like if I bend over even a little bit like you can see it it's kind of funny that's what I looked at this sherwani job I thought to myself that I just called it a shirt because it looks like a shirt but I'm sorry it's a dress when I looked at this dress on the app I thought that it looked very very short almost like a shirt and it clearly does because this is just like I don't know it just feels like a fucking shirt it's so short and I know some girls feel comfortable enough to wear stuff like this at all but I don't at all although I feel like this has potential and it could be cute it's a no firm the next item is a snakeskin dress I feel like I don't even have to say this it's not real snakes in first of all or animal skin but second of all because why would wish sell snake skin for five dollars this is this big okay this is about to be so big on me one thing that I'm noticing and I don't know if I mentioned this is that these items do not have shape whatsoever of course I haven't tried them on so I don't know if like I'm gonna be watching this back and say it actually does have shape but they just like have almost no shape whatsoever this is the dress the arms are certainly long oh my god wait a second the left arm is longer than the right arm let me stand up and show you that is C right am I wrong oh my god this is huge this is a small though the left arm is longer than the radar they really couldn't even like one an extra effort to just at the very least get the arm length wrong right this is hilarious I honestly thought that this would go OK I didn't know that this would be a wish roast tall but nevertheless it is so oh okay so I'm looking at the picture it looks like maybe the sleeves are supposed to be oh oh oh wait a second the sleeves actually are supposed to have a hole in them for you to put your thumb in I don't see anything like that so maybe that's why the sleeves are long because they're supposed to be the hole but there is no hole so I bought this for 13 bucks and this was originally 47 bucks this dress is like it's cute but I feel like it should be tight what do you guys think like this is loose on me see and like to be honest it's like I don't know it's not as bad as I thought it was gonna be but it just needs to be a lot tighter I feel like I don't know what if it was like this I feel like that would be cuter but it's loose like maybe I should have gotten a bigger size I don't know also the bottom kind of flares out a little bit so I feel like this is not intended to sort of hug curves it's just intended to be like straight and also the sleeves are too long and as I mentioned they're supposed to be like this oh wait oh my god there's like this okay so I was wrong there is like the smallest slit that is so small look at my name my hand is like an aloof circulation let's be honest like it was supposed to be tight but I also wonder if like it looks okay loose cuz like the pattern isn't that bad I'm also not really sure how I feel about wearing me I don't think that I like this one so let's move on this stuff smells so bad I'm starting to get a stomach ache okay why did I waste my money on this because I anyway I just I have no words this looks like Halloween costume and I can already tell this is not gonna look good on me it's not gonna be flattering it's gonna be loose okay so this was eight wax hopefully this will change my mind when I try it on and it will look amazing but I just I don't know I don't I don't like it at all this looks really really really a race car II and not in like a chic way I feel like this just seriously just looks like a freaking costume also it doesn't fit well like look at this like the zipper sort of like bends down like that is there a way for me to make this look cute I just I'm not really feeling it definitely will not be wearing this it feels like it has potential I think that they just needed to cinch in the waist a little bit more to make it more flattering I honestly don't know it looks like Disney bounding if you guys know what I'm saying like if you're into Disney you know what Disney bounding is it doesn't necessarily look like I'm about to go Disney bounding but it looks like I'm about to go like pretend like I'm a racecar driver or something when I'm not so I said one item left I can see why this this is so bad what though I don't know if showing you guys up close is gonna do the messiness of it any justice at all but just can you guys see that like you know what this reminds me of you know the fake wigs at CVS and like I don't know Party City but they sell for those Halloween costumes like the fake wigs to be a witch or like even the fake Halloween costumes not a fake Halloween costumes just the regular Halloween costumes that they sell at CVS and Walgreens and stuff this reminds me of that table quality this is like not even a just a can't I have no words next I want to try Aliexpress because I thought that Aliexpress and wish had like the same items I am really hoping not it couldn't like lip this together like we have to do it when we buy it it also comes with padding which is like what's the point this clearly cannot support boobs at all feel like I'm just complaining throughout this whole video so I do apologize we'll see what I try it on maybe it will surprise me I don't think so so I bought this for four dollars and fifty cents this is really like what it first of all what are these what are those but seriously what are those and second of all no it's so see-through like I don't know I just feel like hmm what's the point in making an item like this when it's gonna come out looking like this maybe someone wants it to be see-through I don't know but can you at least put a little bit more effort no I can't say that because I'm talking to the wish app and they're clearly first of all not even gonna listen and second of all their whole thing is that they produce clothing and other items extremely cheap so this is really not good I am not feeling this at all it's a really see-through and I'm kind of even too embarrassed to show you guys so I'm gonna quickly take it off all right so I'm done with the try and haul so my last words on wish are do not waste your money I spent about $200 maybe like $175 and out of all the things that I bought I think that I really liked maybe three of the items and for $175 I feel like I should be liking more than three items or should have bought three items that were like insanely good quality and that was not the case at all like the quality of these clothes is horrible so if someone were to ask me do you recommend which clothing I would respond by saying no not a fan of wish but to be honest this haul did provide me with some laughs because some of the items which is so ridiculous so if you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up I love all of you thank you so much for watching this video and I will talk to you guys next time

James Carver


  1. Nice video! Although the quality of the clothes isn't real good you look pretty with everything!
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