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To point and tricks the worm what the person wells in love points and the win and winner chicken dinner loser has to do a creepy-crawly challenge each one of these bugs and six of these are good, but three of them are NASTY! And by the way guys we got new MERCH!! Link in the bio No just time to dance we gotta dance and get started I’m go first I want to do.. DARE! draw a mustache on yourself with lipstick without a mirror. Simple! So I got the lipstick lets do it for 2 points here I come! No mirror, thats a big one Little beard All right, I got 3 points, no you got 2, 3! Make it extra for the beard and eyebrows It’s two points. Now its my turn, I will do the dare! All right take the other person on a piggyback ride across the house. For two points, worth it, lets do this! That was really hard still two points all right my turn. I’m gonna go for another dare okey-dokey smell the other person’s breath and guess what they ate last I think I already know what you ate last, but lets smell your breath. Um. Rice with sauce. Is that what you ate last? I think thats what I ate last. Of course it is I was having dinner with him, I was keeping Eye on him. all right so that makes 4 points for me and 2 for Ronald I’m gonna do a truth. Please be good my god if you’ve had three wishes what would they be? Thats not that bad Yeah, maybe have someone a wish won’t come true. Um okay. Let me think uh Well first of all to gain 1 million subscribers on my gaming channel Um to get a dog and wish number three to um- go to, go to outer space Go to outer space?! That’s a really good one. All right my turn. I’m gonna pick a dare Sing your favorite song, I’m bad at singing thank god I didn’t get that one. All my life stood by me when life was ever behind me Alrighty my turn I’m gonna go dare, darey, darey, dare Let someone tickle you for 30 seconds I haven’t done a truth yet wear an outfit from the box This is going to be so fun I’m so excited Well these flower necklace no thats to big for you Oh, I thought that’s like a head is I get it the Hawaii Peam and I think this is oh this is that headband? I put this on my head like a bride Weird especially with my face alright Missy Karina’s coming back Its so fashionable looking. You’re looking great but now its my turn! Take a selfie and post it on Instagram Let’s go, Bingo for me! Done posted it if you guys wanna see the picture check out on Ronald’s Instagram Already it’s over. I’m gonna do a dare Love these dares let the other person make your hair My hairs already crazy, lets make it more crazy, maybe get some hairspray ponytail and some elastic bands I don’t know, first I’m going to take out your ponytail Okay, interesting choice. I got two hairsprays and a comb lets do this Alright, I don’t know what to do so I’m just do this purple hairspray my friend Is that cold? Woah wait what..? This is weird this tickles my back, I made a circle You guessed it Okay guys I think thats enough, Karina its time for your look-see Can I see in the mirror? its just a pink and purple mess! What?! Okay I guess it was worth it cause I got 10 points and an awesome hair-do It’s my turn I’m gonna do a dare Cover your face in eyeballs, gooey eyeballs..? Googly Eyeballs. Oh Googly eyeballs, Yep Cheek. Not nose! Yes nose Ronald Oh no I don’t feel good. Okay look at my face now. I could see you everywhere. It’s not finished yet we need one more Okay, so like two points Karina your turn Keep your finger in your mouth till the next dare. I’m gonna do truth next, No! Yes. No! Yes. No! Okay I’m going to do truth But what’s the last lie you said whoa Ronald quickly The last lie I said was.. I don’t say lies so I don’t remember any Get that finger out of my mouth! Ugh! Alright, Wear a wig! Awesome well it’s gonna be way more itchy now, but awesome Whoa this looks weird, but let’s put it on I know put this hat on top of it So I’m going to take it off and cover my beautiful hair I’m sorry Ronald I’m sorry Oh, I look horrible. Ah, Look at me! Look amazing Alrighty, let the other person cove you in – Toilet Paper?!?! Alright lets start this Im only going to do it from the waist up because I only have one roll. Oh this is not gonna feel good Guys look at Ronald the half-mummy You got two points now. It’s my turn. I’m going to do a truth this time. Are you going to tell the truth? Please get the worst one. What is your favorite place in the world? My favorite place in the entire world is.. Is home… JK I know it’s weird to say this but school. Okay moving on. Im getting a truth. What is the worst class in the school? Like worst subjects, I don’t know.. swimming swimming Yeah, I got your back on that one the swimming is a pain in the butt. We have to do 80 million laps Eighty million, and then I’m like dead after okay, all right, I’m gonna do a dare They make me look so fabulous! Do your best lion roar. Guys are you ready for this nope? Okay.. Yeah its very lame. truth What is the grossest things you think you’ve done today? Grossest thing you’ve done today… Probably pick your nose. No spray paint in your hair. How is that gross? In my opinion. Now let me do the honors as Queen. I’m gonna do the very last dare. Is it good or bad It’s probably gonna be amazing. Smell the other persons foot for ten seconds. all right, give me your foot I made it especially stinky. Your turn oh and you can only do truth I’m gonna lose this one What do you want to get for Christmas You know I wasn’t planning anything to get for Christmas Yet! In a way, yeah, what’s like? What would you put on your Christmas list? If you could change your name what would it be? Karina with a C true Karina with a C Okay what would you rather have a pet or another sibling? Another sibling. Really, yes really. Yes. Do you have a crush on anyone? No not yet? Yet, no, but now all right. who do you want to be when you grow up So basically I want to be myself when I grow up I guess I lost Your gonna have to do the Creepy crawly challenge, so how this works. There’s a little spinning spin, which one you have to eat There’s some hiding in the side, but lets tear this open Yes, right, I’ll spin the wheel ok ok no. Wait a minute me up The orange one. Im not excited I feel like it tricks you. I feel like they’re all bad. It smells bad Eat it! Eat it! Eat it! Don’t know if it’s supposed to be good or bad. Do you like it? not exactly. Imma take a little bite I think you got a nasty one. Thats it for the creepy crawly challenge. And this video we hoped you liked it And we will see you next time BYE!

James Carver

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