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COMM: Katie Hill and Arin Andrews look like any young couple having fun in the sunshine.
But until recently these teenagers didn’t feel they could splash about like this in
their swimwear. COMM: Just two years ago, the slim girl in the bikini was a boy called Luke, and the
boy in the shorts was a girl called Emerald. Katie underwent gender reassignment surgery
a year ago at the age of eighteen. Now Arin has taken the life changing decision at the
age of seventeen to have both breasts removed, to give him the male physique he’s always
craved. KATIE: Well of course I was worried, I mean he was going into a big, massive serious surgery
but I knew he was gonna be okay, he was going to a really y’know, renowned doctor for the
surgery and he had his family there and I knew he was gonna be okay but more than anything
I just missed him when he was gone. COMM: Katie felt sure Arin was ready for his elective surgery despite being only seventeen. KATIE: I knew that he was gonna be okay and I knew that he was gonna be happy, y’know
I didn’t feel like he was gonna be scared of it, I felt like he was ready, just like
how I was ready for my surgery. COMM: And Arin is over the moon with his new look. KATIE: Hey! ARIN: Hey baby. KATIE: How you feeling? ARIN: Well I’m a little sore but it’s all
good. ARIN: I’ll show you. KATIE: Oh wow.
ARIN: Yeah. ARIN: I still got some scar tissue around my nipple and here but, you can see where
they put the anesthesia right here, and then I had drain tubes, you can’t see it anymore. COMM: Now Arin feels far more comfortable with his appearance. ARIN: When you’re transgender you learn that your outside doesn’t matter, it’s what’s on
the inside. When I look in the mirror now I just see what I’ve always seen, is just
a guy. COMM: Arin’s surgery now means he can go boating with Katie, without anyone ever guessing about
their past. KATIE: I have some manly features but none that I don’t think anyone can really pick
out. ARIN: Just the same thing that I have with my hips to me. KATIE: Yeah, I have some, personality, kind of like a tomgirlish personality but other
than that I don’t think anyone can really notice. ARIN: The only thing I do want to do that would make me feel more masculine is gain
more weight, not weight, y’know like fat weight but actual muscle weight and just really start
hitting the gym once I get my chest healed up, so I can uh, pull off a more masculine
look and fill in my curves and stuff. COMM: Arin may decide to have further surgeries in the future, but for now he’s enjoying his
new found freedom with Katie at his side. KATIE: Being transgender myself I, I understand Arin probably better than anybody else and
how good he feels. I think that bond that we have is, is unbreakable.

James Carver

23 Replies to “Transgender Love Story: Life After Surgery”

  1. If a guy mistakes a it for a woman and starting a chatting it up. The it should make the man aware that's it's a he/she otherwise the he/she is committing a criminal act by not informing the man that it is not a woman.

  2. How does Arin, before he transitioned look like a girl in my year who looks exactly the same as he used to look? Does that mean that if she is also trans, that means that she probably might look like Arin if it goes well?

  3. The spiritual consequences to this will not be known to them until they breathe their last breath. As happy as they are now, eternally this is going to turn into their worst nightmare. If only people knew that this world really is and why they are here. They wouldn’t live life all by feelings.

  4. The girl that became a boy throws me off a bit with the Adam's apple and the full-on boy voice but the girl that was a boy I can tell used to be a boy. Completely straight hips and body movements of still a gender dysphoria situation. But even it's voice as well sounds like a straight-up female and no Adam's Apple anymore

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