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rut Malik Yoba run girl
Mariah Lopez is coming honey and she’s gonna pull you together hey good evening
this is the star report aka the gun show bang bang
alright listen I’m a little uh tired tonight I’m gonna keep it real with you
um I was gonna cancel I fucked around and took to a Hydroxycut somewhere
around 6:30 p.m. I was supposed to go to the gym that didn’t happen but I’m here
oh we have to talk tonight Malik Yoba Wrentham Renta Bali South America but
run girl hey you’re up to speed let’s Taemin play that game actor Malik Yoba
he recently came out and said he likes the boy cunt you know that’s his thing
he came out and he was receiving a whole lot of praise but now a young thing has
popped up Mariah Lopez are you um familiar with the video I tried to
contact Mariah Lopez on Facebook I don’t even fuck with Facebook to see
if you know I could get an interview somebody responded and said not now I’m
busy but you can go to where I went oh salute to Paris Milan on YouTube one of
the best that is doing it right now and she’s got a video titled Malik Yoba
outed by trans trans ex worker who alleges he paid blank and for a sex some
of this stuff I can’t even say because YouTube has Community Guidelines but um
this is tranny gate this is tranny gate and the reason why I say that is because
mariah Lopez and I have to get her born name I think that’s Jo Jo L someone
please correct me if I’m wrong Ronnie will be calling in shortly but this
young lady very upfront and and doing videos and she has said that hey I’m not
coming out now because I’m looking for fame or notoriety but you know Malik
Yoba has already come out and declared his
for transwomen but what he forgot to tell you is that he was paying for sex
allegedly from minors during the time when he was on New York Undercover I
hated that show so there’s a lot here there’s a lot of footage to watch mariah
lopez is naming names but in a very classy way I have to say so it’s it
doesn’t look like it’s just you know somebody cloud chasing also my focus
tonight will be the hold on a second the child victims act we spoke about this
months months ago with regards to Ella the afrika bambaataa story which I broke
and other stories and you know really sad situations in the New York tri-state
area this was signed in by the governor this law um back in February so I’m
going to talk about that and if Mariah Lopez will go forward with some type of
lawsuit against Mariah Oh get pony against Malik Yoba
I think she will because she has already done activists activism work if I’m
saying that right and there’s a federal lawsuit where she did bring about some
change so the phone lines open now we’ll talk about this also let me just say
salute to UM deeds and miss Toya who are helping and always looking out for the
brand folks we do have the the t-shirts the merch line is coming soon just give
it a little time you know right now we’re just getting some things out and
all the fancy stuff will be coming in the next couple of weeks right but it
was important to get some of the slogans and the other things you know up off the
ground so salute to deeds and miss Toya I’ll keep you guys posted about that
little bit later all right Ronnie sit tight I see when the cue Ronnie’s ready
yeah do you mind if I have a little cocktail tonight that a rough day
a rough day but I want to chop this up I also want to talk about the new Megan
the stallion video a hot girl summer featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty dolla have
you seen it what are your thoughts as a man 55 years of age I never want to you
know take shots at the younger generation you know Justin Justin
shots I like Nicki Minaj she’s probably my favorite female rapper you’ve heard
me say that for many many years and making the style you let me I
appreciate some of the stuff she’s doing but I mean in my opinion the video it’s
just the same old thing you know just booty shakin twerking dropping down
getting your eagle on I was expecting and hoping for more but I’m not hating
I’ll let you call it if you give me shit also I want to point out on my Instagram
page Troy terrain that’s Troy with an i tio Rai n I put up a post earlier if you
find the time I found something on the side of the road I’m always on that
Sanford and Son shit I love flea markets yard sales garage sales and I want your
honest opinion if that thing is a waste of my goddamn time or not its outside I
don’t bring note things into the house that I pick up flea markets and garage
sales unless I get a chance to clean them wash them so on and so forth so
yeah so on my IG page if you get a chance I would appreciate any and all
feedback lastly with regards to Malik Yoba to my knowledge he has not
addressed Mariah Lopez and her claims to my knowledge if
you have any information or any type of links please send them to me right now
and can I just put some bullshit on the table hang on a second
oh that’s nice um was it 2010 when singer D’Angelo was allegedly down in
New York City around the Meatpacking District trying to buy some boy pussy
hey D’Angelo hey girl oh he was arrested now I’m not gonna put that that a
transgender thing on him but in the area where he was arrest arrested poor me
D’Angelo I think was 2010 or 2011 it is known for transgender prostitutes and he
tried to offer an undercover cop $40.00 he was expecting the Willie Bobo that
didn’t pop out there was some type of discrepancy but he was arrested if
anyone has that information okay get running on the line let’s get to it
tonight hashtag tranny Gator all right um area code seven three to Ronnies that
you wait wait bar hey good evening thank you for yeah I’m good how are you I’m
pretty good I’m sending you a link now for that DeAngelo arrest was that 2010
when was that yes that was 2010 yeah yeah suspect and searching for the
answers oh I’m so what’d you say he had a he had $12,000 in the car but he was
only offering $40 I want it cheap and dirty yeah okay all
right so listen um I’m gonna be a little silly tonight and you and I spoke
earlier and you’ve got some notes and information where do we start because
anybody can say anything I’m not gonna sit here and and verbally you know
slander Malik Yoba he’s already come out and said hey this is what I like you
know I I like to put niggers ankles behind their necks you know so we have
to respect someone who lives their truth but Mariah Lopes again making videos
making a lot of sense and seems to be very very you know I’ll say classy
doesn’t seem like somebody who’s just you know trying to throw some crazy
allegations around so where do we start yeah so there is a lot to unpack about
the situation with respect to Mariah Lopes she is a person who has been doing
an extensive amount of you know activism and you know different work as far as in
the trans community so this isn’t just some troll online you know who takes
something up she’s visual she’s doing live in your she you know giving
breakdown her friends or even her skin looks fierce there
oh no star not you too high pop music let me slow down yeah so even her
friends and family have come on to her videos and backed up a lot of what she’s
saying and even some of them have said to her which in a way backs up what she
was saying but also contradicts the point that she was making they said you
know because she says and these are her words that she was 13 between the ages
of 13 and 16 so she was basically telling her story and one of her friends
said well you know you weren’t out there at that age so you know that was her
auntie it was a hard work I saw that boy yeah right yeah right basically as if to
say you weren’t innocent but in the eyes of the law that was also the point that
she was making which is that it doesn’t matter how old she was as far as her
culpability she doesn’t have any as far as the law is concerned they’re not
going to say well you were fast so we’re gonna charge you too you know
so I mean one of the things that she’s worked on is getting you know working
with legislators on getting some legislation passed with regards to the
child sex laws that they actually have in New York and there’s a new look-back
law which basically has two main aspects so it breaks down to the civil aspect
and the criminal aspect now as far as the criminal aspect previously adults
who were sex victims on child sex victims they only had until the age of
23 to notify law enforcement so that the person the perpetrator can be charged
now they have until the age of 28 okay stop right there stop right there now if
I’m not mistaken I heard Mariah Lopes say in one of the videos again folks on
Pirates Milan’s YouTube channel that Mariah was 28 years of age so she may
just now be at the point where she can still file if she wants to a criminal
case or am I wrong when she 29 now no that’s actually correct if she is 28 she
absolutely can and there’s a kid run leak run girl fuck me I’m sorry I’m
doing too much yes so there’s a key aspect there is a key aspect that went
into effect August 14th which she actually made reference to in one of her
videos so she knows what’s going on and she knows what her options are now previously it’s your chance to if you
were outside of the window to file a civil claim and it expired well you now
have beginning on August 14th a one-year window to file your claim after that it
reverts back to the regular statute of limitations which is the age 55 so she
actually has until age 55 if she doesn’t want to file right now to file a civil
suit against him and she can also go against entities right okay hang on a
second Ronnie now so let me get your gut feeling because you and I spoke earlier
you said that you thought Malik Yoba was coming out now to get ahead of this
possible story in conjunction with the child sex act am i right or am I saying
that wrong yes yeah so okay so let me break that down now at this point of
course he has not been charged or convicted of any crimes related to the
recent allegations but I have to say that you know the timing all of this is
very sketchy because you have to take into consideration and timeline of it
all less than a year ago he wrote a long drawn-out declaration of love to a woman
by the name of DJ Hendricks on his Instagram okay he even prefaced suppose
he prefaced it by saying you know I don’t normally share my love life yada
yada yada so he writes a book about him being in love with this woman calls her
the most incredible woman on earth and now all of a sudden he decides to tell
us and let the world know that was a lie honey that was all a facade
I like niggas ankles behind their necks that’s the real me I mean he just came
just came out and cleared his reel or his true inner
feelings now hang on a second money before you know before we get too deep
into this I just can you admit that you were a Malik Malik Yoba fan during the
days of New York Undercover you thought he was hot can you admit to that I was a
fan of everything except those ashy dry lips okay so now are you heartbroken now
that he has come out and said you know he likes a boy toy uh no I mean um you
know no you know I have no personal feelings about that I truly don’t but
why are you telling us now why it’s why it’s just too convenient so listen my
estimation is that he had knowledge that a story was going to break and he
decided to get ahead of it now the reason why I say that is when you look
at the manner in which he chose to make his revelation he is the story of
maurice willoughby this is a man who committed suicide and
he used that as the backdrop for his coming out we’re gonna get to that
because mariah lopez broke that down in her video again on Pyrus Milan’s YouTube
channel and Maria Lopez said that that guy who Malik Yoba was you know trying
to as you just say used for a backdrop he was beating the shit out of his
transgender lover allegedly hanging they said come on you stay right there okay
folks I’m trying to get my energy together just bear with me good evening
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I hope the phone lines are open let’s let’s talk about this this is
about to get deep this is this is hashtag train gate
hashtag tranny gate phone lines open hang on a sec right let’s bring a few
people in this year where we’re actually going with this area code uh is that my
son Jason five six one white boy Jason on-and-off gaming coach paternal son
what’s going on oh are you okay in Florida uh supposedly a hurricane Doreen
is heading your way yes I’m in West Palm Beach right now they just we didn’t do
shit just I’ll send you some videos of the ocean but you just fucked up I love
one year on the beach but uh she just fucked up a little bit of the beach
nothing too bad no we’re good man I feel bad for Carolina hummus is fucking done
they tore that all right to the Bahamas it looks it looks like hell now a real
so the hurricane is coming to the Carolinas are you gonna be okay is what
you’re saying yeah yeah I’m good I’m in a building luckily but yeah it was crazy
man I helped a lot of people back to me for nothing Florida just we got uh we
got nervous for nothing it just it swerve right last minute looks like the
other all right so Jason we’re talking about a few things here tonight are you
up to speed on Malik Yoba he’s now gots he’s got some real training issues
Mariah Lopes bring come come with the tank never mind the cannon the fucking
tank yep you squeak absolutely absolutely I
would never call together my lesson if I’m not up to speed don’t fucking come
on respectfully and I taught you now Malik Malik Yoba he
interesting himself and I respect that it takes one strong man to be you know I
don’t hate idling keys I don’t hate trans but it takes one strong man to put
his foot in and be the stronghold now respectfully just like Ronnie said
he’s using that other gay man as a come-up and part of his story like
Ronnie said which is allegedly I will say that he’s been beating his former
girlfriend she also left him because of the abuse and he drug od’d and died
he didn’t die because people were bullying him because he loves fans sure
he got video shamed one or two times but that wasn’t the reason why he died Malik
do you son don’t don’t use other people’s death overcome up do you son
that’s almost well hang on Jason all that sounds hot but now we’ve got a
young transgender not even 30 years of age saying that Malik Yoba was donkey
falconer when she was underage that’s tonight’s topic yeah he’s fucked he’s
fucked on that if she can prove that he’s fucked
you better just do a rustling about that ticket right now being across all album
hey did you see the new Megan stallion and Nicki Minaj and Ty dolla video do
you give a shit nah no I’m talking I’m talking ready for
the role so I want to watch that later I wanted to talk to you about games later
Call of Duty’s coming out soon mana we’re fair I promise you it will be your
shit it’s the best fucking shooter in 10 years I testing this for a living there
hasn’t been a shear like this everybody hang on a second stay with me don’t rush
off the line Ronnie who is a God of O God of War expert so so she says this is
gonna surpass God of War what’s going on here it’s beyond God of War God of War
was gotta where was a singer player game Ronnie why did you want to do a
tournament can’t do a multiplayer tournament about a war you can we
obviously you’ve never played every installment of God of War have you
played every commitment answer the question I finished every got a war yeah
ps3 and ps4 and you create ascension so then you played the ascension
installment Jesus Christ Ronnie we’re not going to go back to TST we’re
obviously we’re not doing hey we need its Jason no Chris sorry I get you mixed
up on Oh thank you and offers multiplayer so I
don’t know what your point is all right listen we’re not we don’t have
to go back to God of War I just wanted to get Ronnie’s opinion on this new game
that you’re talking about Call of Duty Jason so you’re saying this is the new
wave I still have not gotten Mortal Kombat 11 yet it’s trash especially
either it’s trash this is my job I promise you you’re going to remember my
words today and you’re gonna see in two months from now November 5th is what I’m
hearing the release date how huge it’ll be I promise you I’ll be on that show on
my mom’s life okay I will call in on that show well I don’t nevermind god of
war Ronnie and I are gonna do something soon with regards to PlayStation so so
let’s all try and you know come together and do something you know and have a
good time absolutely anything you need I’m here absolutely be safe down there
with the durian thank you man okay all right white boy Jason on the
chicken my alleged son let’s go to area code three four seven hold on a second
where are you three four seven three four seven Malik Yoba he’s now got some
real fucking problems or you have to speed three four seven three four seven
pick it up no yes maybe it’s when every code 201 201 we’re talking about Malik
Yoba he’s now got the tranny posse after him are you there 201 I’m here how are
you hey good evening who’s this how are you hey Shirl it was poppin with you
girl Bonita boys good to hear you good to hear you oh I had Ronnie on the line
with me and can we just start with Malik Yoba you were a fan of New York
Undercover and you’re heartbroken yes allegedly he was he was chasing boy
pussy yes you’re heartbroken first of all yes or no yes a huge fan of
the undercover I’m with tick earth via oculus and the
missus always actually always on askew so no we just
we was punching on the Spanish – if anyone if anyone could have got the
light in the Spanish here so wasn’t malik you know nah he couldn’t got it
you know but what he did okay let’s talk about what he did absolutely he’s old
he’s on damage control right now it’s easier and keeper for him to come
out saying he like Buzzi then to go through what he according to you know
this young transgender mariah Lopez the reason why she’s even bringing this out
is because he actually opened up the can of worms she didn’t pull the trigger
first she wasn’t – based upon my research
she wasn’t cloud chasing he tried to go down this path of you know trying to get
a bag help his acting career he shot himself in the foot okay but that’s the
part that I don’t know so this the transit that Malik had sex with why was
she coming out I don’t understand that bar why’s this Tran speaking up now can
I ask you to go to Paris Milan on YouTube she does great research matter
fact Ronnie I always go to Paris Milan’s YouTube channel but I hadn’t been there
in a couple of days Ronnie said to me this morning Paris has got you know the
receipts as always Ken can you go there you know you back to me at the moment
yeah yeah yeah I would definitely get back to you tomorrow
on that I definitely want to research that part of the story because that that
is really interesting to me about like okay you know why that part of the story
like okay but I definitely know he’s on damage control for a black man to come
out to say he needs a crisis manager core open oh the crisis mean even when
mysteries got caught over and over and over misty I’ve never heard anything
yeah do like pussy I still haven’t heard that
but sofa Malik to do it he’s in big trouble
he’s in big big big trouble this is bigger than oh I need to come up nah
somebody got something over him there’s some video there’s something damaging
that that’s getting ready to come out because his kids didn’t know either
that’s one thing I do know that the kids didn’t know so he’s trying to cover some
shit anything you want to mention by way of the new mega medallion and Nicki
Minaj video did you did you see it do you give a shit level I do I’m not even
gonna lie I’m Megan I think Megan if you don’t let me just say this about Megan
y’all I feel like if you don’t listen to anything you hear in the radio and you
listen so oh haha because she’s hard like she’s one of the girls that I
definitely respect I think it’s cute what she’s doing she don’t even need
Nicki I be real not if I’m shitting on Nicki no disrespect but she well she
showed Nicki a lot of respect and Nicki responded so let’s let’s not you know
put a little wedge in between it I enjoy seeing those two together then I did
like no I loved the whole movement right now I think we haven’t seen this many
women rappers is so long I love all of us look that Megan yes me and Nicki can
do it like I’m all for it like I feel like I always think we’ll all do like a
I don’t want to say like a ladies and I I think they should do something even
bigger than that you know like I think it’s like all these women should come
together do something like cute kid like you know I mean like ride away but now
you didn’t see the video correct you didn’t see it hot girls summer I didn’t
do I’m not even lie low low yes or no I’m just pleased did you see the goddamn
video I saw it but I don’t want to I want to comment because I feel like you
know you know I was this like and I was just like how I forget how old you Lulu
please how hold you I am 49 49 I’m in that season coochie I remember
yeah we spoke recently and so yeah I’m gonna like some around young people a
lot so like I didn’t know so I’m like yeah the guy right but yeah but I do
like to move in oh hey not you know I know hey little good to talk to your
darling thank you for your support have a great evening all right you have a
wonderful one okay all right Lulu wanna check in hating on these young hoes now
if this were the 80s and I was like you know doing fish-scale as I did from 81
to 90 91 that video would be fuckin fire me fire but it’s 2019 they’re just you
know doing the same shit you know that we’ve seen for the last five years what
are your thoughts do you give a fuck hang on a second I’m coming to cash app
and super chat shortly tranny chaser on the check-in via super chat good evening
star I told you that tranny love will drive you crazy shout out to Sasha strokes Yoba better
run like Russell did yeah I could be jumping the gun too soon but I think
that Malik Yoba should run to Bali with Russell Simmons they’ve got no
extradition right uh Ronnie Paulino tradition laws yeah I mean if Russell
wasn’t gonna leave maybe he can use this ticket because I think it’s time to hit
the deck yeah thank you for your super chat
tranny chaser a bubble Kwan good evening sir star do you think malik s– alphabet
friends will leave him to dry or help him question mark likely daniel’s
question mark also Ronnie have you ever played days gone on ps4 what would his
days going running um it’s a game no I have not played that I guess maybe it’s
worth checking out yes right okay Thank You Bubba Quan
and hang on let me go back to the phone lines here area code 9 0 3 good evening
we’re talking about Malik Yoba it’s a shine time on this nigga are you
up to speed 903 Reno 3 yes no maybe not on 3 it’s
get you out of there if you’re moving slow let’s go to area code um 601 good
evening 61 we’re talking about Malik Yoba new allegations new claims with
regards to minors are you up to speed every code 601 you want to speak the
phone can you come closer sir I mean so much thank you yes you can hear me now
yes so good you how are you boy my grizzly sir monomial
I am average speaking on your grand I got a UH I just figured what the hangar
was I’m you trying to send you a cash yep pistol Ronnie piece of running high
risk risk peacefully Sugar Shane please don’t disrespect other females don’t do
that please don’t do that go ahead no I said peacefully honestly
man I don’t give a fuck about this Malik Yoba she another nigga caught with the
training and he’s a good to be out here story let’s talk about the mystery Nicki
Minaj videos let’s go big nig let’s talk about it what do you think when I first
seen it kind of reminded me of like yeah I get around video it was a lot of ass
you know and I heard you say one time like Oh Nicki Minaj looks bloated I’m
like did she get it as my offering hands maybe she hit the kiddies bigger like
this she didn’t Hanselman on the enhance man I’m like well listen I’m always
gonna put respect on Nikki’s name I think she’s still one of the hottest
bitches in the game you know if this were back in the days I’d watch your
videos and jerk off but we’re someplace else now you filming
it’s 2,000 there you were 1019 we think I think um now now one point like if you
watch the video though one point I would like to point out it was a lot and shout
out to Megan Australian because she’s bring them a lot of female rapper
camaraderie in the game there was a lot of other female rappers in this video so
I like it for that as big like you know some people say some me and say oh I
don’t listen to see my rep but you listen to a man talk about it dick
holidays let me make me kill some women around like damn I’ll just you want to
hear and you just talk about the dick all the time she’s like but it was a
nice video you know what I’m saying it wasn’t nothing what mention spectacular
you know like Megan the stallion she had that track with the wale a couple months
ago when she said I’ll blow his back out make him tap out something like that
right that’s her yeah she told answer hold ever talking about pegging niggaz
yeah you know she my pegan is you know she’d be you know you know Megan baked
their rapper of money bag yo I need yeah but yeah
where you calling from so whatever you code is this yeah what he goes just this
think someone is Mississippi man okay now hang on say you guys had
something happen out there I mean III pay attention to things some venue
cancel the interracial couples wedding you have to speed on that in Mississippi
I’m not obviously with Ashley because I can speak so one by way of that I’m
Dallas by way of Mississippi’s I’m in down this and so so you know the other
day you’re yelling to run keep it real boy all right you had to wife were right
around and the poster truck shooting multiple people and shit you know what
I’m saying okay another cracker gone crazy yeah
well sorry I’m sure you know that the white record the white man’s gonna fight
you for this motherfucker uh the USA he’s not just gonna turn it over to the
black like me you know that right oh listen
man you know what I ain’t trippin on them store because they time winding
down like peace the world don’t look more like you and it’s gonna look less
like them and then it’s gonna return to the black so I ain’t you been date they
got here on the last dance man they only last sir respectfully before it all gets
turned over to the black man I think the white man will blow this thing off of
the axis I agree I agree I don’t think it’ll be turned off motherfuckers gonna
drip out into space the Chinese yeah man it’s I need to be doing some extra shit
before that like Manny what but but you know that we all know because I’m not
saying I know everything at all okay but they had a mother’s birth rate in like
over 17 states so they just they don’t need layers fans like they got it they
well I’m not doing a gang of shit like they they were out of her aren’t you got
you know sister I appreciate your calling in you’re from Mississippi
you’re in Dallas movie shaking and pop and uh thank you for checking man thank
you have a good one thank you yes sir okay salute hang on a second guys Ronnie
can you have time you have your laptop or computer in front of you what’s going
on with Aaron corner Aaron Carter the singer on talk about crazy white
males or white people did you see the story about Aaron Carter buying more
firearms and handgun rifles and ammo Yes No maybe yeah I don’t know what he’s
prepared for is he prepping well listen I just wanted to say that folks you know
I’m with the dumb shit and Aaron Carter in my opinion he’s unstable we’ve seen
him over the last year or so he came out and said he was bisexual then he was
trisexual than he was gay then he was trying to sell you’re trying to sell a a
rescue dog if you ask me he needs to be
investigated I think that he he could fit the stereotypical white male that’s
about the snap so having said all that I went into my closet today and I found
something hang on a second I found this the hater
with the dumb shit Carter did you see that Ronnie the black I found an Allen
Carter plaque now hopefully this white boy will get on some real crazy shit and
start dumping this steel and folks keep in mind that plaque it can be yours for
two racks ha let me via email I’m a capitalist but I think he’s gonna
fucking snap that’s why I just want to put that out of here anyway okay I’m
walling bear with me let’s go to area code seven five seven good evening we’re
talking about Malik Yoba he likes to boy pussy but now he’s got Mariah Lopes
bringing out the tank are you there for me I lost that call area code nine one
seven good evening nine one seven are you
there I know hey how are you hey what’s that man thank you for your support
what’s poppin with you I’m cool too man Jason uh enjoying this new freedom you
know quit my job get my entrepreneurship ball okay you want to tell us what
you’re doing before we address the topic what is it you why’d you quit your job
you have money saved what is it you’re getting into yeah I got some money saved
but um I quit my job supervisors don’t know I don’t own that place so I had to
go and start making my own path but I made these I do graphic arts and I’m
trying to do a little t-shirt adventure getting that off the ground right now
it’s called printed on a cheap calm could follow me on Instagram Hundred
Acre Woods can you send me a banner so I can put that on my rebroadcast because
you support the machine send me a banner and I’ll get that up for you man and
I’ll send you a marketing jack okay so now hang on a second so now what type of
job did you quit to make beats and thirty dollars an hour what’s that
twenty-eight on food Lord Jesus stop right there hang on a second folks
I’m trying to be calm this evening Ronnie are you there Hundred Acre Woods
just quit his job making twenty six dollars an hour to make beats graphic
design and something else are you there yeah I think that makes sense that makes
it what are you Mary do you have kids why would you quit that job to make
beats niggaz are selling beats for 99 cents what are you doing wait this is
the reason why I say it makes sense I mean it doesn’t make sense to put that
completely unless he already has clientele going for himself but $26 an
hour I saw a headline a few months ago which
said the minimum wage would have to be 26 dollars an hour and in order for
people to be able to comfortably survive so in the grand scheme of thing 26
dollars an hour I mean once you deduct protection you have his health note
whether he’s renting or he has a mortgage a car no car insurance that I
mean he’s really not walking away from a huge sum of money right honey acre would
you want to jump in and start you wanting to talk about tonight’s topic
alone yeah I just want to say you like a profit with this Hollywood agenda they
knew you expose Bambaataa expose a lot of people
we about to revive that for 20/20 eyes open but um as far as as far as the
female rappers go he said it was about five years the niggas talked about it
we’ve been hearing the trick that was at the club he’s all money through these
holes talking about how late it was and talking down to the woman right now the
loads are reverse the weather got the money and they exposing these days for
all they would always a hot a painful pussy and they talking down on them now
okay so I mean it sounds weird cuz girls can’t really wrap that well I mean the
popular girl but um it’s good for the for the underground female lepers
because now people are starting to look for female rappers that are actually
talented know what a hanger I gotta jump in there I gotta jump in there you said
females can’t rap I beg to difference so you know Nicki
Minaj her bars to me Nicki Minaj could be easily in my top 20 greatest rappers
of all time let’s stop it stop these don’t we’re here for some would not hold
Nicki Minaj tampons stop it man where we going honey can you jump in there am I crazy
he just said Eva’s got better bars then they came in oh honey please I’m
shutting my mic off yeah no no I was an active listener at the time I would have
to just disagree with you but I watched the video star and you know whatever
might any of that wrong shaker video from Lex in effect right right okay
do you remember that that was 92 so that’s exactly what the video reminded
me of and then also because like there were so many women like the big pimping
video also reminded me of that song Chris Brown has tools and automobiles
and it has like codec black in the end the video
a bunch of guys but it just like you said it it looks the same at this point
alright honey let your finisher I’ll let you finish up you don’t want to talk
about Malik Yoba what else do you want to mention sir please now all we need is
pip rappers you know the to put these hoes in check so they really talking
reckless and then to give the young nigga some game so they know that it’s
not right the table put yeah I’m out here thank you sir thank you okay all
right hang on a second Ronny I want to get a little bulgur and I don’t want you
to be in a line I’m gonna put you on hold okay very back okay now folks I
don’t want to you know be too vulgar but you know there’s no such thing as a
former pimp pimps are born not me if you pimp your pimp till the day you die
there’s nothing wrong with niggas buying pussy not me but I’m just saying niggas
out there who you know pay a female to then pay a pimp wrong with that but
salute to hunter Acre Woods a good man he supports the machine but he acquitted
$26 and our job to make beats can I looking a live chat a second hang on
hang on how am i beautiful troll babies good evening hey guys doing I don’t have
my contacts in okay anybody think I’m crazy I just said Nicki Minaj could
actually be in my top 20 greatest rappers of all time am I crazy
d-block Diaz are gleaning sir how are you okay somebody said I’m buggin mmm
the same store go fuck yourself okay yeah Nicki Minaj no star said Nicki is
in my top 20 greatest rappers male or female of all fucking time let’s not
play that game tonight hey good evening um Clark hunt sends in a super chat he
says fuck you no part me mother fuck you star I’m just sending in some scroller
to tell you I hate your guts oh nigger but salute salute to you
though boss nigga thank you sir you appreciate it and then he sends another
one in Clark cunt fuck you store I say this respectfully thank you sir thank
you Park girl in store Malik was very
selfish on his part reason being his children are now suffering yeah did you
get that free workout equipment tell Ronnie hello okay thank you
parkland yeah I did take it for those of you who follow me on Instagram I I put
that that um where’s that finger crossbow I put that in the back of my
BMW truck I drove the fuck off thank you so much parkland you appreciate it
I saw your picture too sexy motherfucker you Luke a knee hey man Luke a nice
estar New York dudes stay playing themselves first Dame – now Malik Yoba
lol Megan the stallion is hot and sexy let me see if Lou Kenny’s in there uh no
okay I think that’s some right there Wow Lou Kane is that you sir 909 good
evening hey how you man good evening thank you for your cash at what’s poppin
no problem I mean I was just think about this Malik Yoba shit I mean it it just
it was funny to me you know it he is sound like a predator be careful we
can’t slam to him without proof right now we just have Mariah Lopez you know
saying what she said but you know whether she moves forward or not with
some type of civil action that remains to be seen
yes and and the reason I said that sounds like a parrot it sounds much
better it’s because he he seems to be knowing that this issue was coming
because even if you look at his recent interviews like the one was lad he made
a comment about him having a show where he wants to be you know a man he wants
to be a female and then he wants to be transgender
all into one show dad I think he’s already doing that show of some type of
off-broadway show but he said he wants to play the role of opposite of who he
is yes yes and we explained it just did not
make any sense okay because he said something like he comes from a woman so
he also has women characters into him that he was displayed and he pretty much
went way over the top that that then where Brad was was trying to get okay so
that’s it that’s for one and then to just the fact that he comes out now and
then we thought to learn certain things about him allegedly it’s just it’s just
a little weird to me you know it doesn’t he sounds a little bit and if somebody
that’s trying to manipulate the narrative you know he wants people to
feel him as a free man blah blah blah but then on the flip side it sounds like
he was doing some dirty shit according to city soccer training he hang on a
second you’re from the Congo Africa you live in California now as far as Mariah
Lopez who is now coming out and saying that Malik Yoba was smashing her when
she was between 13 and 16 do you think there’s
any truth to that I think that you know I don’t know much about Lopez lady but I
think that it seems to me that this is probably some truth into it because
Madame Malik Yoba is he’s the one that product or is the one they said he likes
niggas with wigs that’s what he said yes pretty much just wow that’s a chick with
a dick yeah maybe you put that where right there with me yes I was the Hangul
lucania respectfully do you find transgender attractive or is that not
your thing that is not my thing that’s not my thing
Ryan do you wanna jump in and ask Lucania question he’s spending scrilla
with the machine running no I want to know how he would react if if he got
tricked good question Luke a nice be serious be
serious can I ask you to vote I’m gonna go to Paris Milan’s YouTube channel
right now and look at Mariah Lopes and tell me tell me what you think if you
out one night go high on that shit and she said hey well first of all I put
that where right there what would you do first of all first of all I don’t get
high so I’m not gonna be hot and second of all only holler so I’m gonna know
you’re from Africa you like lighter complected females keep it real
come on so like I said making the stallion is
hot as hell you can get that ring from your boys we’ve already had to
discussion Luke a knee you need to take something home to your family in the
Congo that’s lighter than you we’ve had a discussion yes hey man good to talk to
me take no calls thank you for your support man thank you all right yes okay
Luke a knee on the chicken hate on Americans as always Hey good evening to
uh Lamont thank you sir got you Kashyap he says
the tranny out there tricking dudes selling bossy well you
know sir that used to be you know once upon a time I’d hit you know out there
tricking niggas now you got guys out there looking for that little something
extra you’re looking for something extra you know yeah Ronnie um D’Angelo one of
your favorite singers from the 90s keep it real Ronnie yeah I like the Angelo
yes okay so now were you were you aware of his arrest before I sent you that
video earlier yes I am aware of his arrest you know there’s an assortment of
people who have been caught out there literally before it became trendy to
just come out and announce what your you know your sexual preferences are you
know we saw TJ mr. C you get arrested time and time again and time and time
again he told us no this is all a mistake you know and now he’s living his
truth we have a mr. C a very cool quiet very cool good yeah I mean and I’m not
saying anything malicious towards him there’s just a restatement of the fact
he was caught several times you know with his hand in the cookie jar
Eddie Murphy caught many people an assortment of people this
goes back you know what you do when the dark is going to come in the light
eventually okay okay hey mister come on let’s bring some more callers in and
then we’re going back to cash a pin superjet let’s go to area code 478
gleaming 4 7 8 we’re talking about malik yoba new accusations allegations with
regards to transgender miners what say you or inseminate yeah I think that’s
kind of messed up where the allegations and everything I think that’s a very big
mean okay are you some type of bathhouse sir your
phone sounds a little crazy well you I’m actually riding on i-75
okay can you take off the bullshit headset please all right please actually
I don’t have a history here sit on but I can actually call back and when I’m at a
quiet long are you riding with no air condition in the car no I mean the
windows up and everything is just that’s just the way I guess how it sounds oh oh
you know hoody yeah no I’m not I’m actually in a mercedes-benz okay are you
sitting on some guy’s lap what are you doing what year the bed okay oh okay stay with
us stay with us okay so you’re you’re in an old for it sounds like shit and you want to talk about one sir let’s
go no I was just going off the topic that I was going up as far as the
trainees or the trainees and everything was averages and that’s just sitting
there like the the guys that portray and to be women I think that’s a mental
illness I think and you say sir stop it how old you only you call it from stop I’m car arriving in Georgia okay okay so
and how old you if I can ask 30 dead okay so you’re saying it’s disgusting
that you know people out here pretending what are you saying
yeah I’m saying yeah I’m saying I look at it hot days you tell look at it like
I didn’t really feel like so can we keep it real you know this show here we all
live our truths if you were you know out there okay out there in a club you know
high on that shit don’t don’t don’t act like you don’t get high high on that
shit you know you bag something you’re on a dark path Road in Georgia as you
just said you know yeah you get rid of smash and then out pops it will be Bobo
boy you’re saying to me you will let that get in the way what the fuck hey get away with me you
don’t bother it won’t bother you come on man stop but you’re not Oh for my nigga
let’s not play that game you’re right you’re trying to catch a deal a break
come on man I give it last nah I just feel like that that’s for the weirdos
the people that have like they say them been turned down by
females so so much so they they’ve got to go to that maybe no I feel like
that’s probably our option to those guys saying so I think that’s where the
training to get a business from maybe the guys that don’t have no type of
self-esteem and they got money maybe I don’t know that just the way I look at
it Ryan do you have any questions for this
man Oh for Ben’s running no I really don’t I don’t come on Ronnie asked him a
question he’s he’s up today’s generation he’s acting like you know if he were out
there you know high on some shit you know and I’ll pop the Willie Bobo he
would say no no I’m with that I would tell you I actually ran into a couple of
people for trying to be like females on this outcome pol ah okay so you have
endured you have encountered you know boys of the night yeah I mean straight
before now we’re talking dinner yeah you bet you’ve been you’ve been tricked yes
yeah okay yeah push that to the side you don’t bother it won’t bother you that’s
what you were told me yes ignore that existed yeah but don’t even look at it
pretend it’s not there so when did you when did you realize it wasn’t like the
next morning after the date and you were no no no it was it was it was actually
it was actually a situation where we met at a location and just the voice oh boy
this was a before fall conversation so when I’m at the location is just like
I heard it in the voice you know you can’t you can’t hear what somebody for
chant well I can hear what somebody’s pretending so yeah that’s how I figured
it out and how long was this encounter sir can we just can we stay here for men
how long was this encounter how long was the conversation before you said nah
that ain’t what I really want to do how long a conversation really it was born
anger and situation I was angry that I was done boom you know I guess during
the time of me figuring out that this was a guy they was I guess they was
trying to explain a they say they went on to tell me the story about how it’s
better to get hear from a guy than a girl and you can use and you sat there
and continued to entertain the discussion so when the lights go out a
mouth is just a mouth yes yeah when the lights go out a mouth is just a mouth
yes sir sir can we be real with each other
please nobody’s trying to play you let’s take our time when it was
explained to you this is who I am this is what I represent love me lead me toss
me a roll me you had the option yes yeah yes yeah yeah yeah now you guys will
park somewhere in the in the oh four bends yeah you were parks when Oprah
bends you were smoking that blueberry Kush
what were you smoking that alien billion og what were you smoking are you smoking
Girl Scout Girl Scout cookie okay shit was late yeah shit was late yeah dad
that nigga was in the passenger seat legs shining lipgloss yes sir
yes nah what about in the fashion okay she was in the backseat well where
weren’t you soon where was she hey we made a location he was in that
car and I was in my car I pulled up to the the location and where we were we
made it okay let’s take our time hey Ronnie let him talk let him talk money
okay you pulled up to the location we’re moving that’s my story I’ve got time for
this you pulled up to the location yeah I know
you follow help you followed her to the location location I found out who I was
and that was it yeah we long she gave you the option in that what sir please I declined the option and I went on about
my way better okay did you ask but did you ask her to send
your money back via cash shop that you sent huh there was no there was no money
transaction or anything um sort there sir
no capozella boy there there was no service that was given okay Ronnie any
questions do we just let go now I noticed that he
at one point referred to the person and she so I mean if you see that individual
as a female I what you don’t you see that person as a female right I’ve seen
this person as a pretender they pretend in with their gender yes I changed my
voice and I got and I’m sounding like a female and AG thinking I’m a female and
then when you see me I’m sorry I’m totally different I would say that
that’s a BAM boom it’s all a facade sir it’s all a facade anyway you know yeah
yeah thank you ma’am thank you cool thank you no problem
alright salut hang on a second Ronnie hurry that man
spends scrolling I want to give him the proper time let me go to cash app in
super jet hey Lulu thank you for your donation darling she says keep grindin
boss nigga thank you so much Lulu I appreciate you full blast radio on the
check in salute gotcha thank you uh is it castle castle says star tell us about
the first fire boy cont you had I’ve never had any boy concert I’ll keep it
real with you I did choke and kick a tranny I told you this before 1987 on
145th Street between bro and Amsterdam on the third floor
set the nigga to going to go get a grandma blow came back talking reckless
and he did this shit wait I said wait no no no no choke him and
they kicked him inside the head got my cochineal kept the push me thank you sir
for your cash at tranny exposure says star did you okay hey man thank you for
your Kashyap I don’t like to mention other YouTube hosts in any type of
negative way I don’t want drama I don’t want to do the back-and-forth thing I
appreciate you tranny exposure let me just say salute to you but yeah I don’t
want to you know do that whole back and forth thing I don’t do that because
people get in their feelings you know they start reporting your channel yada
yada yada but thank you so much tranny exposure
salute to you okay hang on a second Ronnie I’m coming to you who is this Tim
what’s up man you said you sent a cash app from some type of jean company has
it been accepted yet I don’t know what you’re talking about
I’ll did you send it via e-check or something
Oh Ronnie you sent me something here ten celebrities called transgender women oh
shit I’m gonna come right back yeah and then I was come on come on sir okay okay
no I was just gonna say I found longer list I didn’t realize it was you know
they were lists out there that was this expensive yeah okay give me a second I
wanna finish up on some of the cash apps and we’ll come back to this list okay
sit okay Ron you doing research Thank You Ronnie um cash app comes in from
Roberto good evening sir he says in a four sitting on a man’s lap niggas
niggas lap with a wig just push that to the side you don’t bother it it won’t
bother you DC on the check-in 6:01 hang on a second uh whose ass am i spinning
Squealer and when i creflo dollar’s shit where are you 601 I don’t see okay we
met whoa Wow hey is that uh how do I say your name is that
yield Danielle beefy hey what’s up baby see yes sir
good evening no this coffee I had to send some more money to support your
machine Thank You Man su star yes sir when it’s finished their training should
be devil come on and there is and there is no then there is no devil but if it
was the devil will be a tranny no sir are you talking about
America Sodom and Gomorrha what were you going let’s break it down come on
babylon we don’t know no when people speak of being born gay okay this you
born gay but when we talk about a tranny that is that is man-made or transgender
is man-made like you you can you get this it’s easier to make a hoe than it
is a pole that’s a phrase that they got in the end that’s a phrase that they
work with in the surgeon and doctor’ll community it’s easier to make a hold and
it is the pole don’t you star I’ve always heard if you lick a hole you’ll
suck a pole that’s it back in the days start they they out here they are here
creating I will be respectful and I’m gonna use good words they are here
creating vaginas out of in Testaments that’s some sick shit we’re not some
sick shit man that’s some sick shit so if you say okay y’all is born this way
but once you get into that little lane of you know alteration you know how they
type of shit like that shit that shit different man now hang on a second sir
stay right there because I think you and Ron you on the same page
Ronnie do you want to jump in here you’ve been I don’t I want to put words
he mouth honey but you’ve been quoted as saying if you were born a man you’re a
man or how do you see that money true well you
know the thing is you can you hear me yes yes mm-hmm
you know the thing is we’re living in very sensitive times now so in a lot of
respects you are required to be PC even on social media it’s a violation to not
use the preferred pronouns of trans people it’s called they call it
misgendering so in other words if I’m having a discussion with a trans woman
this is a person person who’s born a man and transition to woman and I used he or
him or even if I merely say you are violet biologically a man my account can
be lost if the comment is reported so that means I have to disagree with
science I have to call someone a woman who is not biologically a woman now me
personally I have no problem using the preferred pronoun wait it doesn’t hurt
me it doesn’t you know cost me anything to refer to someone in the terms that
they prefer but if you ask me no you’re not a woman I’m a metal I’m not going to
agree to that I totally agreed like no you you are not
a woman and these then a couple of collars ago when these niggas said he he
got catfished or he got tricks the guy in the oh boy bends our OPA bends star
get that motherfucking boys and the knuckles nigga I’m never gonna miss
y’all y’all niggas can’t hide this shit a real man a real man knows the
difference between the and I like um DL Hughley
I like the ugly sit on at one point when he was resting transgender he said I
like my woman knowing GMO I like my natural woman when I hang on a second
sir you know what a real nigga by today’s standards or a
real man malik yoba well has come out and said hey you know i like a little
something extra i like the package you’re saying he’s
not a real man you’re pregnant stop it here Frank nigger hold on so I’m
seeing his life a real man is gonna like real women a real man or like real women
so you as a real man you not gon you’re not gonna be susceptible to their
bullshit man and him sir hang on a second s stay with me stay with me
I’m heterosexual I appreciate the vagina and everything that goes with it the
attitude the fucking drama the attention hang on a second I appreciate female
hang on sir if I can just finish my point then I’ll come right back to you
but here’s the thing here’s the thing you you have these trannies now better
out here giving real females a run for their money
right or wrong you gotta let these tranny boys dressing up and and they’re
putting a lot of these females to shame not saying I would ever cross that that
that line but you know she’s different now yes all right
what white from the aspect of the silhouette of a woman you look like a
woman sometimes your ass might still be Mustang you smell like a man you look
like a woman but when it comes back to the essence of a woman I totally agree
with you start yeah I totally to boot you I like vagina my star could I say
something on your platform what please don’t get graphic I don’t
own YouTube don’t get too graphic I’m not gonna say no extra sheets but I love
vagina boarding I do formation though okay could I say I love but China would
not do fellatio so when you talk about like in a woman is something about the
infamous Indian especially black woman in our
are there like I can’t these niggas with these big-ass locals and Adam’s apples
let me know they got outpatient shit to where like saying they they can shake
your knuckles down and shave down the Adam’s apple issue like sorry if I can
jump in for a second ass are you married are you married no I’m not married but I
have a child by a natural woman okay okay a natural woman so now when and I’m
just I’m not co-signing this if I’m saying yo some of these females put on
makeup they look great you smash them they looked already then
when you wake up too much like hey you know wrong wrong no no even greater than
motherfuckin put these fucking filters is the devil too
these filters when you take in pictures by the devil like it has so many
blemishes okay Ronnie any questions this manatee not giving shit Ronnie uh no I
just was gonna ask him if he has censored himself in any way and this new
day a new day and age I mean he’s very clear in his position now but he’s sort
of anonymous I want to know on his real life that he censors himself Ronnie uh I
miss I missed the gosh linger days of YouTube i mr. Garth lender days of
YouTube when you know you can say a lot of shit yeah and you want censored but
she’s different now sir I just don’t know star and I know you got a lot of
calls coming up you know I don’t even agree with that made cow shit I don’t
agree with that Lee cashing it not you I don’t agree with their shoes which I
have to go thank you for your call thank you so much I appreciate they’re gonna
sing guys I’m trying to stay awake I just I had a rough day today I was out
moving shaking them popping and then I didn’t anyone get that nap in hey thank
you for the cash app garden boy King Savannah GA on the check-in right
now folks I live in Atlanta now and is the nearest beach in Savannah I really
really want to go to the beach and I just I want to go in the mornings when
there’s nobody else on the beach I don’t like the beats in the afternoon when his
people in ship now is that the closest beach Savannah
thank you for your cash up garden boy king let me go back to uh okay this guy
here something he can’t figure out cash hey Tim I don’t know what’s going on man
you’re waiting for me to accept something give me a second I’ll try and
figure it out man just hold on a second I appreciate you hold on Tim I’ll see if
I can go to my phone just for you mahmu gleaming sir he says
I love natural born black women hey listen now who spends money but Ronnie
what do you think about guys that have to announce that do you think that
they’re covering something up I love natural women am i just is he saying
like that haven’t had surgery like alterations or naturals and their gender I mean like with a headscarf you know Oh
like what this so again you said heads a we going honey let’s go up what no I
mean natural can mean so many things it can mean that she didn’t get her breasts
done it could mean that she was actually born a woman it could mean that you know
she’s part of the shea butter movement you know it can mean a lot of things
okay hang on a second 9 1 2 are you there garden boy King good evening yes
sir star this is boy garden boy King from Savannah man how are you man thanks
Oh first and foremost I’m okay man yes sir no problem it’s great to be a part
of the scene thank you features I do the same thing I go in
early yeah my own like all the people I set up my tent in my kids my wife we
have farm by time 11 a.m. here and you get packed up
time to go right right right now now is the Savannah Beach the closest beach to
Atlanta do I have to drive like four fucking hours yeah man it’s gonna be on
Tybee Island right or you can to Jekyll Island maybe Caroline chuckwalla is the
little father from bronze verdict so you go drive about five hours if you go on a
chuckle okay okay yeah I go to Toby that’s that’s like 45 minutes while I go
to pee now I’ve spoken about Jekyll Island
before that’s where they created the federal Federal Reserve oh that’s where
they mapped it all outside I want to go there and stuff okay so anyway you want
to yeah you want to jump in and talk about Malik Yoba taking underaged booty
allegedly yes yeah man I want to talk about the Malik Atman see my thing is
I’ll have a problem with the homosexual guys who do they think on homosexuality
but it’s the crossdresser situation that I I can’t I can’t I can’t get down with
that you given up sailing it’s my real quick if I’m a heterosexual man like
yourself and I like a woman I like a woman I don’t want a man that look like
a woman that’s that man you know I just can’t see that man you might as well go
get you a woman now if you’re a homosexual get you a man because you
like men why would you want a man to have some features of a woman and I’m
being careful with my words there you give it up okay so my thing is you know
if I see a man in the man then holding hands they do anything man look that’s
that’s that’s that’s best death numbers one to two lakh and I could count that
but when you see a man walking with a chick that look like you know what’s my
man who played for the Houston Rockets got a beard like home James Harden and
she got a booty shorts and stuff oh man man come on this is a children’s
play this is Walmart man why don’t you come outside like that you know what I
mean okay can I ask how old you sir and where you calling from you said it’s a
savanna right how old are you yeah um I’m 33 now be 33 and on Thanksgiving Day
my birthday born Thanksgiving Day rather 2786 your generation is very different
from mine you guys there’s a lot of things that go on that are acceptable
now you know the my generation would be more so than not as that’s not a real
fuckin woman you guys are you know entertaining a little bit different shit
man no that’s the mother megastar I’m gonna
tell you I’m the last of the real nigga generation well the old Jesus on the
corner giving you five bucks and make sure your ass with the school and if
they wanted you to work that gave you a walkie-talkie and gave you 50 bucks and
told you make sure you give half to yo G make sure you get half – yo girl when
you get home and hide the rest and you saw because they knew we all in the
projects we all in this together but see not this generation
now I don’t know what happened these guys look like once they locked up all
old G’s and all the homies went to jail and nobody look better keep these young
homies a look you ain’t built for five years I’m gonna rob that store go splat
the car you get a range driver because if you get caught you know do not
between one day’s and juvenile you giving them Sam what your car do you
drive sir respectfully Oh I Drive a 2014 Dodge Durango Citadel fully loaded
painful Ronnie any questions for this man running away go ahead Ronnie I’m
sorry oh I thought you a PlayStation Network
um friend request and I followed you on IG and catch you on play playstation
phones on Grand Theft Auto I made grand theft auto character legit no I’m audit
legit okay wow that’s dope so I’m gonna ask you because you know you were
talking about the men who beat women who were previously
and so the official narrative that you have to accept is that is that is not a
gay relationship because the woman is to be accepted as an actual woman so even
they saying you know that he should just me with a woman the retort would be well
it is a woman and that is the narrative that is being pushed you see now and a
lot of things especially in my state they’re requiring LGBT history so it’s
almost like definitions are being rewritten and you know there’s a new
narrative that you have to to go along with to being compliant so my question
will how far are you willing to go to be in compliance I would never be compliant
and here’s why quick story in my kids with that gamestop we saw training and I
didn’t say nothing I just asked a couple of questions and the train said hey you
want me to go get it right now you snore the back you got saying I
never mind I just want to know if you had it but in my mind I was thinking I
answer to do business with you just off GP so I walked out and I told my son I
told my son right that starts a hey did you know that that’s a man he looked I
say yes except because you got on here and got long hair and makeup tight
clothes but I think guess what but that’s a me man I say do we disrespect
them they say no I say do we make fun of them he’d say no I said but do we have
to do business with him he looked at me and say no I think all correct so let’s
go find another game stop okay so I don’t have to accept that you know but I
will respect it because we just the public pays we gotta get along but I
don’t have to accept it and if it’s my dime on Clinton I don’t have to do
business as well aren’t you sorry I thank you for your call thank you so
much hanging up right Duluth yeah yes sir Ronnie hold on a second let me go to
some of these cash apps and super chats coke thoughts at 3 a.m.
greetings sir he says star can a pimp really be respected by his peers if he
pimps on trannies or is it not about risk
it’s about a dollar it’s about $1 respect I mean you know you you get
respect you know old-school pimping you get respect on the block you know I’ve
known pimps that would pimp anything a bona fide hemp pimp anything tranny Oh
bitch you know missing teeth I don’t get too graphic but you know hemp is a pimp
a pip is the lowest form of life sir that’s why they catch held in the
penitentiary don’t get it fucked up a pip is not some glorious you know cool
fly thing it looks that way on the outside
you know the clothes the jewels and the tools you know but a sho’nuff pimp pimp
anything tranny chaser good evening sir tranny
chaser says oh for Ben’s do lie in he he know he he known he be in that bussy
before Wow now he planned the Chris Kidd role Wow like he was tricked nah brah
you were chasing like me okay okay tranny chaser sitting in that skrilla
have y’all Hey he says dude in the Benz sound like he’s neo flying through the
matrix okay coke thoughts at 3:00 a.m. also says via super jet Peter is not for
Janet Peter is for John Suzette is not for Paul Suzette is for n where the
bumbaclot them get that from question mark question mark question mark thank
you BL for 408 says would it ever be possible to be listen to old yeah yeah
old star on the morning episodes listen I’ve got all that stuff you know there’s
a method to my madness you know hang on a sec Romani hold on a sec let me just
respond to VL 408 you know with regards to my content
there’s different things that I do from time to time and YouTube is not to be
trusted you know this so I do licensing deals behind the scenes there’s other
things I like to put on private for a certain period of time I like to wait
and make sure other things or other avenues open you know I don’t believe in
just throwing a whole bunch of shit against the wall to see what sticks I
don’t believe in that you know I’m very very much a strategical mover but I
thank you for your super chat v:l 408 and what else did you say I know it’s
old news but I really enjoyed old lineup okay Shammi Dana and number nine yeah so
yeah great people great Pete listen I’ve helped people that that’s what this
platform is about believe it or not you know helping other people use the
platform take what it is that you can go get a bag and holla back holla back and
say star I got ten dollars for you I got to point out you know I promote people’s
pee pad PayPal’s cash at GoFundMe is all sorts of shit but thank you for your
donation Zillah Zillah says I swear old heads don’t know how to use a computer
when I hear them make such statements about hip-hop artists the world of
hip-hop is bigger than radio okay thank you sila the dumb shit says via superjet
niggas fighting for $15 an hour and that fucking loser hunter Acre Woods gave up
his great paying job to make beats for his broke homies hashtag shake in my
head well he’s pursuing his dream you know that’s what it is black race is
good evening sir he’s a star on several occasions I have heard you say I’m
heterosexual and I’m a heterosexual man so I have to ask myself do you have
something to hide no sir I just I I I put that within the equation of the
conversation you know just so it doesn’t get twisted or misconstrued
I’m comfortable with my sexuality sir you know this and for those who don’t
know I’ve been awarded by the LGBT community
once upon a time because I speak the truth I broke down their history and
salute to my old homie man I’ve mentioned this before
Willy ninja and Kevin Omni and a host of others Derek labeija Michael Princess
are our Chanel Kevin Omni the people from the house of extravaganza and I’m
not gonna go down the whole list but you know yeah man just being confident about
who you are and being able to speak about things and be accurate and
respectful so I try and do man but thank you for your donation all right Ronny
back to you let’s see if we can finish up with regards to this topic what do we
forget to put on the table Ronny about Moriah Lopez activist and Malik Yoba do
you think he’s going to respond to Mariah Lopez because again she’s going
hard in the paint and she did say and I quote her lawyers are gonna be
contacting Malik Yoba as lawyers she said that on Facebook and you guys can
see that on Paris Milan’s YouTube channel
Ronny yeah so she’s basically forced the situation where he needs to respond even
if it’s just to you know deny her allegation but he has to say something
at this point because he’s been active on social media within the past few days
so you know it’s not like he’s on some sort of hiatus he’s aware of the
allegations I don’t think he’s gonna respond if he’s smart he won’t respond
in public he’ll receive a wait for Mariah Lopez’s lawyer to reach out his
lawyer and he’ll respond through a lawyer if he says anything in my opinion
that calls Mariah Lopez a liar then that may infuriate the situation for her
that’s my my opinion right but but I mean it’s typical when you see
celebrities faced with allegations the first thing they do is have their reps
release a statement saying let’s wait for the facts or you know they adamant
adamantly deny it none of that has happened none of that so I think it may
be because he does not want to trigger Mariah
any further he may be in a wait-and-see position but you know like I said as far
as the civil case she has until the age of 55 so you know how long is he gonna
wait and see before he creates the air yeah I mean there’s other things within
that with the videos where she’s talking about Malik Yoba and giving details what
did that she say she said he used to come through the Meatpacking District in
a wife beater and a black extent and a dirty wife beater and they’re driving an
excursion yes yes and a dirty wife beater and she remembers it distinctly
because at the time she was didn’t have cable and so New York Undercover was one
of the only shows that she could watch because you know that was on regular
regulars in this shelter they used to watch it in the shell town I paid
attention yes yes yes so then you also know that there were several other
people who have come forward to say yeah me too in fact he owes me money yeah I
want to get to that shortly but I don’t want to just blurt that out there if we
can’t produce those people let’s go to area code 9 zero for good evening we’re
talking about Malik Yoba and transgendered by the name of Mariah
Lopez are you there 904 904 hello good evening
yes no maybe okay let’s get you a girl spring an area code three one seven good
evening three-one-seven are you there cloudy
shit hello good evening hey what’s going on start painting it
I’m doing alright I was listening to you talk about the whole situation with
Malik and hashtag tranny geek vic-20 game yeah the tranny tha 1015 me I hope
that he didn’t do this because he is somewhat of a fixture but you can’t
really win with the transgender movement because if you say look I don’t have
anything against transgenders but you know I prefer a woman that was born a
woman can they say so just then they should have send it if they get offended
then they start making it difficult for you and you know to me that’s bullshit I
mean if you comfortable in your own skin why do you have to destroy me
financially why do you have to videotape somebody and ruin their career I said
you know just got screwed a tranny my thing is whoever this person screwed
is that there’s a dollar we freakin care you know what I mean but my whole thing
is this I don’t think that you can say that you’re on the side of right if you
if you’re comfortable with ruining people’s lives okay hang on a second sir
if I can jump in to be objective and to be fair this Trent transsexual Mariah
Lopez has said nothing about a video with herself and Malik Yoba and she also
said the only reason why she’s speaking up is because Malik Yoba has now come
out and said I like transgender or transsexual women when in reality or
according to her reality he was buying sex from minors now look you know let me
ask you this put aside your personal feelings put aside your personal
feelings do you think that if if he was purchasing sex from minors his ass
should be in shackles me motherfucker that celebrity shit
yeah I totally agree with it like I said I hope I don’t that he’s innocent
what if he did this to him you should go to jail because basically you have a
sick sort of minor that’s great I don’t care if it’s transgender or if it was an
actual girl or whatever it is it’s still wrong for a grown man down sex or Allina
well you hope he’s innocent why so because you like New York Undercover
why do you hope he’s innocent because I don’t want to see anybody milady
that’s right it doesn’t have anything to do with a transgender or whatever I
don’t want to see anybody violate a young human being whether it’s a man or
woman or transgender or whatever I think that that’s right
okay Ronnie do you want to jump in and ask this man a question was Ronnie what
somebody you owe me money did yeah it was a little bit of hard they would go
to his heart here at the end of what he was saying but um so you don’t think
that he should go to jail if the allegations are true if you I think you
should go to jail yeah I think you should go to jail of course I do because
it doesn’t matter if the person is the transgender or a woman or girl or was it
was a boy it’s underage even when it go that’s
wrong okay that’s wrong timing what do you think about the timing of his coming
out I think it makes him look bad to come out and says that he’s okay with
transgenders because now it makes it seem like he said he does that kind of
thing with transgender so it makes her story
seems more closer to being true yeah I agree I agree with that well sir awesome
hating shit me personally I would like to see Malik Yoba in shackles OSI
mission Osumi shadows doesn’t matter what that gender I do
vacation is man yeah that’s right yeah that’s right
I want to see him in shackles and let the lawyers work it out
ain’t give that nigga no pass but thank you for your call thank you no thank you
sir all right judge says Ronnie let’s go to area code 6:01 area code 601
agreement we’re talking about malik yoba accusations of uh you know things
involving underage transgenders what say you
601 good morning yes sir how are you star yes you are
and I want to respond to this we used to do star in the morning so we’re talking
about the star please don’t try and take me back stay on course
what’s welcome out Malik you know no star I’m staying on court I’m staying on
course I’m resting something that you did that is today okay queer theory
right star and I learned it on yo so ok we’re theory meaning I spoke about queer
theory yes yes yes you spoke about that shit with you diner shampoo number nine
and all that type of shit before that shit even when it was growing
when it was growing and I was to a point where serious reality there’s no longer
theory the clear there is no more it’s not a lot that theory it’s reality
high school dropout but what you’re referencing was a yeah a conversation
where I was simply asking if people were even aware of queer theory and you know
what would come in the future now I do claim to be a patient a person who
studies history and I do claim to be a person who understands the true nature
of mankind but with regards to queer theory I don’t know I don’t know where
it’s going I mean but but but respectfully we’re talking about Malik
Yoba and this
transwoman meant now making accusations can you jump in there yeah but it are
parallels you parallels right that that that type of she is like like it’s
acceptable that shit is acceptable like it’s the
norm it’s the law now okay law knows by start star respectfully you don’t have
any children but you’ve got a lot of babies right you’ve got a lot of babies
you father a lot of people but a lot of people follow your ideology yeah well
you were speaking on that Cliff theory and now all that time machine like it’s
like that shit doesn’t they put into practice so I remember you I remember
when you did that shit you were showing a particular car toll and now they
shouldn’t our story for the one do what the video that you alluded to and that
you referenced on that particular point okay
that was earlier yeah that was some news story but that but hang on a second if I
can jump in you know I just I on this show I just want people to speak and
give it their perspective which doesn’t have to coincide with mine but with
regards to Malik Yoba and the accusations that are now upon
him do you think that he’s gonna be difficult I’m do you think that he’s
going to admit to some possible wrongdoings what are your thoughts on
that with with the current news cycle I think getting it going meeting like
trainees and they’re gonna try to push this shit too oh yeah he already has a
minute today so we’re talking about the minor the underage sex no thanks extreme
that’s extreme okay you know and rvy thing just paid his money and got off
hey a loose on and allegedly fifteen is a lab in still in Germany
okay so now we’re done at ab c– is dead but I thank you people he’s dead sir
he’s out here thank you sir she felt that they were
still alive in Germany okay thank you salute sir thank you no Jeff yep scenes
out of here hey a salute to Malmo he sends in a cache yep
star wildest love for trans but none for polygamy so we’re talking about a
trending topic right now Malik Yoba you know you can chime in if you want to you
can call in Malik Yoba he’s got some money out there on the front lines and
again I’m gonna say you know to really really get a good grasp on this for
those who care go to Paris Milan’s YouTube channel there’s a 50 minute
video posted on September the 3rd this is trainee gate if you ask me this is
this is gonna be a big can of worms mama also sends in a cash app he says I love
real black women like Ronnie Ronnie’s mom ooh taking his shot what’s
going on he says like Ronnie I think that I think he’s giving us he’s giving
us clarification because earlier and he said he likes real women and I wasn’t
sure what he meant so that’s the clarification right he’s the one that
said that oh yeah hey you sent me email what is this
New Jersey calm is that for an hour later Ronnie what is this well it was
just any relation to the discussion that we were having with 100 Acre Woods I
know a couple people sent in cash after taking shots in hand you know and even
you kind of made it seem like he walked away from a large amount of money
the the national average rent is 11:50 so you need to make 46,000 annually to
afford it which is really only $22 an hour if you’re in a state like New
Jersey which is the seventh most expensive you would need to make 28 an
hour so I mean he didn’t really walk away from a you know he didn’t walk away
from six figures so you’re saying it’s not a bad thing that he walked away from
his job the hospital to make beats to sell beats
for 99 cents I’m saying if he already well we don’t know how much that was a
shot we don’t know how much he’s charging for his beast and we don’t know
how much clientele he already had he also said he wanted to do graphics and
you purchased you’ve had you know that kind of service done before it’s not
cheap so you know he might be able to you know they’re selling beats for $0.99
on Ronnie just so you know there’s only beats for 99 cents hold on a second guys Dionne hey Dionne
thank you for your cash at Star respectfully the shirts on line I don’t
like them okay well listen thank you for your cash at first and foremost these
shirts online we’ve already got you know some decent purchases I’m going with the
slogans coming out of the gate and I said just give it some time right now
when I took a whole bunch of different colors well there’s other things to come
hang the hammock right let me address the merchants the t-shirts with regards
to the model that we now have I was shown that model by someone who already
has their t-shirt line in motion and it’s working for them I have asked
people over the last almost two years to send in ideas designs yadda yadda yadda
and it’s it’s a whole bunch of extra shit you know people are taking images
off of Google you can’t take images off of Google and
then put them on a t-shirt and try to sell them that’s that could be a
trademark or a copyright infringement you have to know how this thing works
there are different restrictions by way of you know now selling images or
putting images on any type of merch you have a lot of people out here that claim
to be graphic designers artists they’re running into trouble with the fucking
copyright all sorts of copyright and trademark laws they’re had there
fucking pages are taken down so I like what we have right now again it’s just
to start it’s it’s not even the full launch it’s a soft launch you know the
soft launch is I’m sure most of you do so again just be patient but we’ve
already got some sales I appreciate that hang on a second okay uh Tim sent in a
cache at what is this Tim he says dududududu okay you want me to I got
accepted payment what the hell is this man give me a second Tim let me see if I
can figure this out okay I got to go into cash yep
Ronnie a few more calls it’s gonna area code three one two good evening 3 1 2
we’re talking about Malik Yoba being accused of a paying for sex with a trans
woman from years ago I’ll just say that are you there we want to yes I’m here
I’m here thank you grieving I guess what I wanted to kind of looked into this and
I’m looking at the wife who wrote the Instagram that said okay you’ve been 2
years with your trans lover which means he’s got somebody else female trans and
he has too much like you he has two kids in Paris so they’re over 21 I think so
I’m just looking at his age around maybe 50s or something and maybe the whites
are saying maybe in mid fifties or early sixties so what I’m trying to figure out
for Malik he seems to be a male that has gone through several transitions
transitions and his own sexuality okay I don’t think we should look at people I
don’t think we should look at people who choose to change their sexual organs if
they’re in congruence of who they are so I don’t think it’s about the organ I
think it’s about everybody that’s an individual let’s take it you drink
coffee four times a week and then you’re Ronnie drink coffee and you take yours
with cream and then you take yours black and then you tell her okay well if you
tried taking creamy you’d be like wait I don’t I don’t do cream
I think we’d get into don’t cross the street if you’re not
going down what’s that direction just mind your own business okay no hang on a
second if I can jump and I appreciate where you’re coming from and you brought
up Malik Yoba ‘he’s one of his babies mother’s Ronnie I brought that point up
earlier now we’re talking about a trans woman by the name of again Mariah Lopez
that is claiming that Malik Yoba was you know very discretely once upon a time
paying for sex with again younger transgenders that’s the focus now what
he also said it was very clear with Mariah’s ban is that it wasn’t his fault
it was the group home that she was in it was the politicians that pay for her
health card so she can get her hormone it was her mother’s work on the strip
and say he was 18 that she put on makeup in her hair and she looks the part now
we go back to Malik when he gets off work he goes to the stroll because he
has a certain desire for cream in his coffee okay I had nothing to do with me
I like my coffee black okay Mariah Mariah now you said work forty to
forty years later he comes out and say hey I got a two-year relationship with
Whitney now so my wives don’t get on the cloud things don’t get some money now
okay well the reason I don’t think that go to jail
honey it if I can just interject this is not a situation where she’s reacting
with jealousy and it’s two months that the ex-wife / mother of his children
spoke about she said that she’s known that he’s dating a trans woman for two
months so not two years but in terms of this being our business he needs his
sexual preferences our business by making this video coming out we didn’t
ask him literally no one has asked him so the situation with Mariah if you
listen to her videos she says she saw the response that he was getting from
the LGBT community she was speaking directly to them and saying this is not
someone you need to hold up as brave or heroic for coming out this is someone
who has committed crimes against children it doesn’t matter if we’re 30
years later now this she wants to talk about it now so it’s it’s open for
discussion or I should say he wants to discuss this probably doesn’t want to
discuss the allegation but he made his sexual preference a matter of public
discussion no no when he made his disclosure it was because he wanted to
disclose the fact that he’s into that lifestyle
now can you wait for sure what his motives are I didn’t interrupt you so
that’s what he that’s what he’s disclosed so everybody you mean
everybody not just to Mariah it took Mariah to say hey that’s the guy
was when I was 15 listen let me see what I’m going to do so she goes to our
community she didn’t go to you she didn’t go to our star should go to me
what’s our community say who else raise your hand let’s get this
motherfucker let’s get up that’s different I mean I don’t think I think
we should just take our time if we’re all here to little sexual look at on the
side and drive by it let the gay people do what they shit I think we have any I
don’t think we know anything about it I don’t think we can go into her even she
also mentioned the young man that overdose and called him a drug addict
and then he had nothing to do with she also said that he was beating on his
transgender lover it wasn’t a hero okay hang on a second I appreciate what
you’re saying but at the same time you know whether Mariah went to me or
whoever however she put it out there on social media so we do have the right to
at least you know question some of the things that are going on do you feel
that Malik Yoba is being treated unfair I’m trying to
figure out exactly where you’re coming from this is Rob come you made an
excellent point do we have the right to say that again do we have a right for
what question we have the right to look at this as a possible possible
wrongdoing and not not to bash Maliki oh but but at least it took question what
may have happened once upon a time and also you know we spoke earlier about the
other child’s New York’s child victim act it’s it’s a real serious thing so so
this is bigger than just it ever very bigger than just Malik Yoba saying like
I like trans women if he has committed a crime then then he needs to be held
accountable but I want you to have the last word please okay we do have a right
when it affects our life so if yes you got about to hit my car while I’m
driving I think you should pull open we need to discuss it okay but I think
we’re all heterosexual have so much on their plate we really have time to sit
around a judge and laugh and try to understand a life I will never know
about I mean either you answer that dresses up he said I had the last word I
think it’s interesting that Mariah is now not getting along with the rest of
the female transgender people they’re looking at her like a cloud chaser
because they know good and well there’s 10 or 20 Malik so he says he’s gonna out
a rapper she says he’s gonna get okay I need you to be accurate because what I
don’t want to do hang on I want you to have the last word but let’s not slander
anybody I never heard LL Cool J’s name please
don’t do that don’t do that on my plan okay she never said LL Cool J and she
didn’t say she was gonna out a rapper she’s got okay I’m talking about what I
saw on Paris Milan I didn’t hear that I don’t wanna put his name into anything I
just I listen very closely to my cousin I
listen very close to my cousins in that lifestyle okay but I just have to tell
your tentacles my car is in that road a little because I feel like he’s gonna
get killed any day she’s gonna get killed that’s what I feel
sobbing nice get on the train dressed like a woman now say you said your
cousin’s gonna get killed I’m confused who’s that I feel like that that’s why
I’m in it so I answered your question if it has nothing to do with your life take
care of your life if you don’t know the lifestyle of the community we can’t be
looking in the window and they’re running you saying let the gays handle
it we should just sit back and let them handle their own shit yes basically we
handle our straight shit okay our straight stuff make sure we don’t
breathe that we don’t bring it home thank you
I’m gonna take my calls Dalia thank you for reaching out I appreciate you thank
you so much thank you thank you okay all right all right hang on a second Ryan
let me go to UM super channel I’ll be right back grains good evening sir he
says star pickup 801 okay give me a second grains Mike from Boston good
evening he says are you ever disappointed by the level of
intelligence displayed by the caller I’m not sure I know are you going sir am I
ever disappointed no I listened again this platform is to let other people
speak Mike I don’t know how long you go back with the show but you know back in
the days of live indirect I did a lot of talking deejay alias used to hold me
down I barely took any calls that just used to sit down and just go in for two
hours that was the live and direct show then when it became the Star Chamber I
shifted things around some I did some exclusive interviews and I did more
topical driven topics but it was still more of me talking now with the Star
report and the objective perspective I want people to speak I don’t want to
have the last word I don’t want to dominate the conversation but thank you
for your super chat um and I think I got black racist hold on a second let me
finish up here it’s almost time to to call it okay let me check super chat okay we’re good we’re good
hey Ronnie I think I’m gonna finish up with you we’re good on the calls
anything else we need to mention that let’s not rush but Malik Yoba is now
being accused and again as you and I said earlier the child sex act child
I’m sorry New York child victims act this could be a problem for him yes yes
it can and you know time will tell if Mariah or any other you know alleged
victim is going to you know take this to a further extent as far as the laws
concerns and press first tend to be charged or pressed for him to be you
know held civilly responsible as far as money so you know I think his admission
was a calculated decision I think we can say that you know by the way that he
framed to the mission admission you know with the story of the young man who
killed himself so it’s almost like he was sort of
drumming up support and advance now support of course won’t help him if he
is ultimately charged so you know it will all be for naught in the end if he
is charged well if there is truth to the claims again of Mariah Lopez then this
is gonna be there’s gonna be more fallout because she already said that
there’s other celebrities but she didn’t mention names and I didn’t get the
impression from her that she was looking to out people I didn’t get that but who
knows no no and she said that and she said she said if I wanted to cloud sheet
there are plenty of celebrities and athletes and rappers I could mean that’s
not what I’m looking for right so there it is there it is okay hey Ronnie thank
you for your time I appreciate all the help with the preparation and
you and I’ll talk soon take care all right good night all right boss chick
Ronnie I made it through two hours I wasn’t sure fucked around earlier and
took those two hydrops he cut why don’t I do that in the evening that was really
stupid I usually take those in the morning call in a second guess my energy
going then I get my workout on see if I forgot to mention anything by we have
business hold on a second hold a sec tomorrow’s Wednesday I may have to take
off tomorrow to handle some business I’ll keep you guys posted via Twitter my
Twitter page is again Troy terrain with an IT roi tio Rai n or I’ll keep you
posted via Instagram right thank you for your time your support and please keep
me at the speed on anything with regards to this malik yoba story I think more is
going to take place over the next couple of days good night you you

James Carver

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  2. Are we going to forget Malik Yoba was once affiliated with Lee Daniels and was FIRED for inadvertently โ€œoutingโ€ Jussie Smollet? Lee and Jussie has a thing going on, TRUST. Edit: Remember, Lee kept referring to Jussie as his โ€œsonโ€. It sounds like Lee might have cut Jussie loose as a lover and Jussie orchestrated the entire bogus attack to get his Daddies attention.

  3. Prince Seti… look you'll should stop hating on malik… he is trying to get his bag and be a billionnaire he can get touched and do the funni laugh like JaY Zii

  4. Hey guuuurl, hey Malik Yoba ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ he likes to put dudes ankles behind their ears ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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  6. Mortal Kombat 11 is not trash, that caller is a fucking cunt. Heโ€™s just mad like all the other white boys because they made the females asses and titties not like strippers and Jax ending has him go back in time and stop the trans Atlantic Slave trade from happening and Africa becomes the dominant super power on the planet that hasnโ€™t been colonized by Europeans.

  7. Ronnie sounds like she doesnโ€™t know what sheโ€™s talking about. About video games or about life, saying that he did a good thing by quitting his job…of 26 an hour…in this economy…and heโ€™s black…Ronnie and the caller are both Cunts.

  8. He left $26ph to make beats and T-shirtโ€™s….. lord Jesus ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. These demons are shaving knuckles, huh?!!?? damn!!! glad i married a reeeeaaaaal woman! Not no man-made shit! hahaha

  10. He tried to trap him on the dark alley scenario and ask him if it pop out โ€œboingโ€ are you gonna let that get in the way?! Youโ€™re in a โ€˜04 cmon man….. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. One of the best shows ever was when STAR had DJ ALIAZ drop those bombs at the end of the show, over and over and over….and thats how that episode went out. Troi just chillin as the bombs was going. That shit was hard as a bitch! lol hahahaaa

  12. Star fascinated with these boy ankle back busting bastards. Run star, run honey, toot toot, beep beep๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Real talk watch the latest Vlad tv interview with BG Knoccout, who is a fan of NY Undercover, even he said Malik Yoba is gay after hearing and seeing a Vlad โ€œinfamousโ€ flashback interview.

  14. I always bin sayin dat..from 1983 and b4 r the last generationals of O.G males and females..Period..!. 84 and after..New generation thats part of 2000s and on

  15. I'm mad star saying Eve ain't got bars like that man these hoes only rap about dumb shit they can't spit lyrically all the ones that be talkin about some shit are underground it seems the ones who are popping be on that goofy shit

  16. [email protected] :00 mark, the nigga really sounds confused… ……congrats nigga we know YOU GAY lol๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  17. All of this multi-cultural contact with white people has increased homosexuality in the young and mid-range blacks. It's a learned desire, a choice, and environmental contact behavior. God and nature is not a lie!

  18. Men enjoy the prostate stimulation. It's their G spot. Some of them are just to ashamed to admit it so they go see trans women. All hypocrites.

  19. I live in Poughkeepsie (NY) and my Moms is from Macon (GA)…..That kat in Warner Robbins had to go out his way to see that person….He's out in the sticks…..

  20. Good for you Star, people need to get out more, all want to do is text and stay home and do nothing!!! Boring!!! Some of us like to be out and about

  21. Definitely top 20 and top 5 female rappers. When Nicki gets in her bag like on โ€œ4 Door Aventorโ€ from the Pink Print album and โ€œWin Againโ€, she raps harder than a lot of these niggas. Granted a lot of her songs are fun records and radio records so I can see why most people feel like sheโ€™s not that good but please people do your research. The only two rappers that can go bar for with Nic is Remy and Rapsody.

  22. I feel like the word brave just gets thrown around 2 much a guy comes out the closet " Oh he's so brave"
    A fat woman poses on a magazine cover 2 promote her movie "she's so brave!" Bruce 2 Katelyn" so brave " what will we say when an unarmed fights offa Done wielding rapist, or A regular person who runs into a burning building and pulls out 3 people at once. what will we call that?

  23. To the Black Community of Trans Black Men:

    This is NOT OKAY. There is no justification to live the Trans Experience. In the Bible, you would be what is called, a reprobate mind. Its an abomimation to fancy yourself a Woman when you are a Man.

    If you really want some deep thoughts on this lifestyle, you can search throughout history since the dawn of time and learn that these sinful lifestyles are only made possible by Gentile Nations, okay?

    You wouldn't find mass-scale acceptance of the Trans Experience in most of the world. It will most likely be possible in European Nations, mostly, whom are a Pagan and Gentile People that don't know God even though they think they do. They DON'T.

    And as much as you may like to keep God out of it or keep the Bible out of it, it doesn't, change the fact that God spoke on these type of conducts and lifestyles of Men. And He denounced it. And one thing about God, He does NOT change.

    So, while this may be 2019 compared to the Biblical. era, the God of that time is the same God governing the world. today. Your sinful life is made possible by a sinful and paganistic Gentile Nation called. the White Americans or the Whites…. aka, the Caucasians… aka, the Children of Satan (Facts!)

    It was alao made possible during Acient Rome, another White paganistic Nation that didnt know God. And White Nations are tolerance of all behaviors because Whites believes in TOTAL FREEDOM to do as one which, moral and immoral. They test the boundaries and go too far in their quest for raw freedom that leads to the end of Life, the end of humanity carefully structured by God to last, such as intimacy between Man and Woman.

    But when Man developes intimacy for a fellow Man and shun Woman, Life as we know it is on uncharted territory for God did not intend it to be so. Its a dead end to Life, to God's creation of the Human Experience. Thus why its an abomination and must be suppressed and eradicated from Mankind.

    Back to the point though, we, as a Black People, pre-dates the Caucasian People and Nations by thousands of years. We should simply know better to succumb to their Pagan ideologies and mannerism of Whites, and violate the equilibrium of our Spiritual Being and Soul. This is NOT okay, Man. Your Love for such lifestyle is misguided and wayward. There is no truth in it. Turn back!

    Whatever accomplishments you achieved as a Transgender Male, you simply achieved it as a Black Man.. There is no "power" within the Trans Identity that magicallly make a Black Man or any Man to be successful. Your success is bore out of being a MAN, not a Trans.

    And this notion that you should be able to love as you wish, you gotta weight the moral capacity of love and to whom or what, and in what manner. A Criminal loves criminality and Crminals like himself. They see a fellow Criminal as some kind of Trunth about Life because the world around them cause them to be that way. So, its a Truth they see, and that Truth make them feel elevated to some extend.

    But it is a false Truth. There is no precedence such a way of life preserves humanity. Like criminal, Transgenders and Gay people cuts from the same cloth as it is a false. Truth, and a Freedom made possible by Gentile Nations tolerance of all behavior to a fault, and that's anti-ethical to what it means to be Human.

  24. "When the light go out, a mouth is just a mouth" ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚——- >Star

  25. I'm not for the movement because let's be real, they're just promoting prostitution, and there's nothing special about that. If anything, it sets women back, especially Black women.

  26. Why is this a shock
    The man was on a show called New York Undercover
    ๐Ÿ”‘ Word Undercover ๐Ÿ‘€

    Star leave Boskoe100 real father alone ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  27. My prayers go out to friends and families of the Bahamas. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’™

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