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Previously on Peter Screws the Pooch… …I tell you to stay away from this. Instead, you hacked
a multimillion-dollar suit… …so you could sneak around
behind my back… …doing the one thing I told you not to do. Is everyone okay? No thanks to you. No thanks to me? Those weapons were out there,
and I tried to tell you about it… …but you didn’t listen. None of this would’ve happened
if you had just listened to me. If you even cared, you’d actually be here. I did listen, kid.
Who do you think called the FBI, huh? Do you know I was the only one
who believed in you? Everyone else said I was crazy
to recruit a 14-year-old kid. – I’m 15.
– No, this is where you zip it, all right? The adult is talking.
What if somebody had died tonight? Different story, right?
Because that’s on you. And if you died… …I feel like that’s on me. – I don’t need that on my conscience.
– Yes, sir. – I’m sorry. I understand.
– Sorry doesn’t cut it. I just wanted to be like you. And I wanted you to be better. It’s not working out.
I’m gonna need the suit back. – For how long?
– Forever. – Yeah, that’s how it works.
– No, no. Please. – Let’s have it.
– Please, this is all I have. I’m nothing without this suit. If you’re nothing without this suit,
then you shouldn’t have it. Okay? God, I sound like my dad. I don’t have any other clothes. Okay, we’ll sort that out. Hey. I’ve been calling you all day.
You didn’t answer your phone. You can’t do that. Then this ferry thing happens. I’ve called five police stations. Five. I called five of your friends.
I called Ned’s mother. I’m fine. May, I’m okay.
Honestly, just relax. I’m fine. Cut the bullshit. I know you left detention. I know you left the hotel room in Washington. I know you sneak out
of this house every night. That’s not fine. Peter, you have to tell me
what’s going on. Just lay it out. It’s just me and you. I lost the Stark internship. – What?
– Yeah. What happened? I just thought that I could work really hard
and he could… He would… You know. But I screwed it up. It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m sorry I made you worry. I’m not trying to ruin your life. Yeah, I know. Just… – I used to sneak out too.
– Yeah. And take a shower. You smell. You smell like garbage. I know. Peter, you’re a good kid
and you’re a smart kid… …so just try to keep
your head straight, okay? Okay. All right, get out of here. Are you expelled? Do you have to go to that high school
where the principal has a crossbow? Pretty sure that’s an urban myth,
and, no, I’m not expelled. You’re so lucky.

James Carver

100 Replies to “Tony Stark Takes Spider-Man’s Suit | Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) Movie Clip”

  1. "I just want to be like you"
    "And i wanted you to be better"
    That's totally the same words they told in the interview!!😭😭

    TH : " I just want to be like you"
    RDJ : "Don't be like me, be better"

  2. I wonder what would happen if peter go full killmonger mode.
    Tony : m gonna need the suit back
    Peter ; the suit back!, just like you took captain shield, Nha, I ain't gonna give you this shit
    Tony :what?
    Peter : you got beatdown by captain', your reign is over, you nothing nw
    Tony :kid m Iron man
    Peter : nha you are Ironbitch

  3. "I wanted you be better"
    6 years later:


    almost kills his friend with a drone strike and hands over multi billion dollar AI and weapons system to an evil guy.

  4. Tony saying if you’re nothing without the suit then you shouldn’t have it is a reference to iron man 3 because he learned he is better without his suits

  5. Don't worry, kid. He made you an Avenger. Even though you died but you came back! Then he died but hey at least you got what you wanted!

  6. 1:27
    Peter: I’m nothing without this suit!
    Tony: If your nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it!
    Peter: Oh your one to talk!
    Tony:……….Okay now I’m definitely taking your suit for sure.

  7. Subtle, but you can see the movements of the suit here look like an actual human controlling it instead of being controlled by Friday

  8. “Because if you died, than I feel like that’s on me”

    “And I wanted you to be better”

    “If your nothing without this suit than you shouldn’t have it”

    And all the sad crying scenes

    So many heart hitting scenes

  9. The difference between batman and Terry is that batman didn't give Terry a suit and abandon him like Tony did Peter. Batman beyond needs a movie

  10. “If you’re nothing without the suit then you shouldn’t have it.”

    Tony, you’re the one who’s nothing without the suit.

  11. They should just rename this clip, "You're Grounded: Superhero Edition!" because that's basically what happens with Iron Man shaming Spider-Man for messing up! LOL! =)

  12. Well tony is tad bit rude beacuse his dad never said i love u (i dont know if im wrong)so thats why i think he
    rude to pete

  13. 0:38:
    Peter: If you even cared, you'd actually be here.
    (Tony walks out of his suit)
    (Peter backs away in shock)
    Peter: Oh, I'm dead
    Us to Peter: (gasps) You're in so much trouble
    (The both of us faints)

  14. i bought two subs at subway yesterday after i played my latest album guit and sax parts all by me i have a telepath ability asfter i play sax and someone at the subway said i was a nigger in my mind and i was wondering what would peter do in my position

  15. Peter Parker, even out of the Spider-Man suit, can bench-press a Cadillac, Tony Star, Outside of the Iron Man armor is merely a human being, yet Tony can clearly intimidate Marvel's Flagship Character.

  16. 3:18 hah that’s how the Attendant lady at my school acted when I was late, ok so my school starts at 8:20, I got to school 9:17 she said “ok you’ve had a pretty good track record I’ll let it slide this time” I walk into 1st period take my school laptop out opened it and that’s it I just waited for the class to end in a couple of seconds I didn’t even type in my password 😂😂

  17. One mistake doesn't require that much scolding Tony, especially when you yourself screwed up multiple times

  18. I would just seriously go off on him if he just gets in my face like that if he just wants a piece of me you son of bitch.

  19. There's an excellent implied scene where Tony makes Peter wade though a pile of lost & found clothes at Stark Industries in order to get an outfit after an awkward trip wherein Peter is in the suit. Just imagine that.

  20. Me: My god, Robert Downey Jr's a Phenomenal actor! I'm so glad he won an Oscar!
    Random Person: Actually, he never won a-

  21. I love Tom Holland as Spiderman. But I feel Off about how he Gets his suit taken from Tony Stark. It's a little weird. Imagine Superman relying on batman to give him his traditional suit everytime he needs to fight crime. Thats kinda how it is with Peter and Tony. I wish Peter actually made that tech suit himself. It would've made homecoming an A+. But other than that I loved this movie

  22. Tony has a good point. And technically, Peter didn't lie to May. Him being Spider-Man and the suit that Tony gave him, that was the Stark Internship and he did lose the suit.

  23. Tony: i’m going to need the suit back
    Peter: you can have it back since you made it
    Tony : give it to me
    Peter gives the suit to tony
    Peter: you have the suit back but i’m Going to Continue fighting the vulture with my own suit

  24. Tony: Alright it’s not working I’m gonna need the suit back
    Peter: You’ll your suit back when you fix this damn DOOR!!!!

  25. Really, Stark? Did he have to give Peter clothes from the dumpster? As if it weren't punishment enough taking away his suit.

  26. 1:14 Endgame showed why he said that! Cause I won’t always be here, and when I’m gone I don’t want you to be the next Iron Man, I want you to be better, I want you to be Spider Man, instead of looking for Iron Man, I want them to look to you for who you are. That’s why I want you to be better!

  27. 0:38 peter: “if you even cared then you would actually be here”

    Tony: walks out

    Peter: 100% shook

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