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Hey y’all it’s Alex and you are watching Peach
Perfect. Thanks so much for tuning in. So today I have got a review from an amazing
company called Dress Lily. I’m going to be reviewing some bikinis. I’ve got a couple more bikinis, I’ve got some
like lingerie and I’ve actually got like a little romper and like a little tank tops
to a bunch of different things. And I’m going to be reviewing today, trying
on, before I jump into the details on all of this, a couple of reminders on my normal
reminders. One, if you are new to the channel, welcome,
definitely subscribe. I’ve got a lot of really awesome videos coming
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definitely check out my Patreon account. So, on to the review, amazing, amazing, amazing
company, Dressed Lily. So many, so many options that you can choose
from clothing wise, including a lot of awesome bikini’s like this one. So the first Bikini I’ve got on, I absolutely,
the first thing that’s like, I feel like is just totally eye-catching and I am fresh out
the shower. So don’t mind me with my wet hair and my no
makeup, wet hair, don’t care kind of day. It’s one of those Sundays. Um, but so I love this bikini because I love
the print. So you’ve got like this super bright like
pink and black and blue and purple and orange and red, like little, little funky print on
like the main section. And then you’ve got just like the checkered
on the straps, which I love the contrast between the two. My only complaint, I love, I love how everything
fits except this y’all are gonna laugh. So I know I got a big booty but this thing
doesn’t even cover my butt crack. It is so, and I’m all about tiny. It’s just, it needs to be tiny in the right
places. I it doesn’t even, and I can’t like, I mean
cause if I pull up that way then it goes down lower in the front. This is literally as tall as I can get it. And that’s my butt crack right there. You can see my tan lines all the way up there. So it’s definitely kind of a weird fitting
bottom. So if you like super, super, super duper low
cut bikini’s this is for you. But it’s, it’s my only complaint and it’s
a small one. It’s just, it doesn’t fit me the way that
I would love for it to fit. Like if this was a thong, because we all know
that Alex loves thongs. If this was a thong and just a little more
high cut, especially on the back, it would be like a hundred percent perfect because
seriously, this is one of my favorite bikinis print wise ever. I love, love, love the print. It is a size small, it does fit true to size. So if you’re, if you’re, if you’re feeling
this print and this style order, the regular size that you are. Um, and I do, I just love the cut on this. It’s just, that’s my only, that’s my only
complaint. What I’ll probably do is I’ll keep, I’ll wear
the top with like a black bottom, like one of my black thongs just so that I can still,
cause I want to show off this print, but the bottom is more full coverage than I want and
it’s just too low cut. I don’t think people want, you know, want
to walk around and seeing the buck crack. So, uh, all right. So on to the next one. So I guess let’s do the Bikinis first and
we can end with either the lingerie or the colluding. So let’s get this next one on. And this one is super cute cause it’s, it’s
like tie dye, which I absolutely love tie dye stuff. It’s really fun and I think it really looks
good against an awesome tans. I’m really excited to see how this looks on. So as usual, bear with me because it is on
the strappy side on the back. So it’s definitely one of those. I’m going to have to make sure I get on the
right way, this is adorable y’all okay. I’ll, I’ll keep on tying while I walk over. So this bikini is absolutely, oh my gosh,
I love it. I love the tie dye. Super fun, super summery. One of the cut. Like I said, y’all know me, I love my thongs. So this is the cut that I’m looking for, the
cheeky or the thong and it’s more high up on the butt and I feel like too, it makes
your butt look bigger if it’s higher up. I know that like some people are still fighting
the whole higher rise like bottoms and all of that stuff. But I promise it makes it, makes it, it shapes
out the booty so much better when it’s up like this and then the back y’all can see
on the top, it’s really cute. It’s got all these little crisscrosses and
even the strings are like totally rainbow. I love this. Wow. This is definitely going to be one. I think we’re going to the lake this weekend. This will definitely be something that I work
out on the lake. Same thing, size, small, wonderful material. Really, really stretchy. Cause y’all know me not only on my phone,
they’re all, but you know how I feel about things like tight in my armpits and my crotch. This is very, very stretchy so it’s very,
very comfortable. Love this. Wow. This is definitely one of my favorites I’ve
gotten this year. Alright, on to the next one. So the next one is, is really cool. It’s not necessarily my style, but that’s
why I love reviews because not everything has to be my style. So that y’all can see, because everyone has
different styles. But I like this because it’s actually like
a three piece, little bikini set and you’ll see what I mean in just a second, let me get
this on and then I will show y’all what I mean. Very cute. So one thing that I’ve talked about in the
past, and this will apply to this bikini, is I’m, for me personally, when I’ve got,
when I’ve got this small chest that I do, underwire bikinis just do not work for me. Um, they, they don’t, I can’t fill one out. This one is, it’s a small, and I feel like
I can definitely fill it mostly out, but not all the way. You can definitely see like some, some, some
gap there. So if you’re, if you’re bigger chested than
me, this would probably fit you a lot better than me. But I’m just not huge on the underwire. I just don’t think it fits me well. It’s not comfortable to me that I don’t like
underwire, but I know that a lot of women really, really, really like underwire because
it gives them the support that they need because they are bigger chested. So if that is the case, then you will love
this. So it’s got like the baby blue and then the
navy blue, and then there’s little like white polka dots. So it’s like very, very sailorish kind of
looking. And then it’s the navy blue bottom and then
the little ties. And so it also comes with a cute little pair
of shorts that you can wear which are absolutely adorable. So it comes with the little shorts. I mean this, this, I guess you could probably
even women if you want to, uh, to be super modest, you could probably even wear this
just like as the bikini bottoms if you want it to. But really, really stretchy. Like I said, this is a size small, so it does
fit, it’s true to size. But if you’re super small like me, like if
you’re a 32 A or a double A, you’re probably gonna have a hard time filling out the cup
size like I do. But that’s okay. All right. So let’s move on to the next one. I believe I’ve gotten two more bikinis. Let’s see. Give me just a minute to get out of all of
these and get the next one on. So this next one I love because it’s really,
it’s really pretty color and I really like the texture in it. It’s like a ribbed texture, which is really
fun. Um, cause if you don’t have a print, it’s
kind of fun just to have that texture just to kind of make it, make it something different
from just the plain color. And it is, it’s a little more full coverage
but it’s not like full, full coverage. So the bottom’s a little more full coverage
than like say the um, the tied dye one. So I mean it is a little, so if you’re wanting
a little bit more coverage, you can probably do that. Um, and then you’ve got the top, which is
you do have the adjustable straps but you do not have, um, like the closure in the back,
which is okay, but you, you know, some people really like that I like, I like either as
long as I can adjust the straps I’m fine. But I do love the color. Absolutely love the color except super kind
of light mint color. If y’all can’t tell by the camera, I’m really
pretty on. And like I said, you can kind of see that
it’s ribbed, so really cute on and love the color. And this is a size small. Um, all right, onto the next thing. Let’s see. Sorry fool is saying that it’s almost out
of battery so I was just making sure it hadn’t caught on off on me. All right, so the next one is just a simple
black of bikini. Definitely more full coverage, like that blue
one. And let me see if I can figure out the top
on this cause there’s kind of like little sleet, like, like little ruffle straps. Let me make sure this is right. So you know, I’m going to keep it real with
you all. This is not my favorite. Um, it’s one of those bikinis that it’s just,
I think it probably just looks cuter on paper than it does actually on. Like the idea of this bikini is super, super
cute, but it’s just not that great on and in my opinion, the top, and maybe, maybe it’s
just because the ruffles are all messed up. But I think it’s one of those tops that just
doesn’t really fit anybody that and it’s just kind of an awkward way of doing it. So you’ve got this little V so, everything’s
just connected on one strap and then it’s a tie in the front. The bottoms, you know, they’re not, again,
like I said, everyone has a different style so they’re not my preference just because
they are full coverage and not the thong. Like we all know I love, so they’re not the
thong, but the bottoms are really cute. I like the little detail on the hip or you
can kind of adjust how wide you want that band. But I just don’t like the top. It’s, it’s, I think it’s awkward and maybe
somebody bigger chested might, might make it look a little better, but I’m just not
wild about the top. It’s really comfortable. The material is really soft. It’s true to size, but I’m just, I’m just
not wild about the style. I’m not wild about the style and I’m gonna
keep it real with y’all. So not loving the style. All right, so that is it for the Bikinis. I’ve got a couple more things for y’all clothing
and lingerie. So let’s get this little crop top on, it got
an adorable little crop top that I’m just going to pop on some shorts. Y’All can kind of see how it looks with an
outfit. I love that crop tops are back in, they have
been for awhile, but that is, I love crop tops. So this is just a simple little, and it’s
like a little, uh, it’s like a little knot in the front and it just kind of crisscrosses. It’s got a little cap sleeve. I love the low, the low V on the front. And then it’s kinda like that scallop look
and then just kind of lower in the back. So absolutely adorable. I’m not, as I’ve said before in all my videos,
I’m not big on sleeves just because I don’t like things hugging my armpits too tight. But this is really, really, really stretchy
material and it’s not too tight in the armpits, thank you so much for making it like that
because I cannot stand things in my armpits. It just drives me insane. Even in the winter I wear like shirts, like
the boyfriend shirts that they’re baggy at the armpits cause I really just don’t like
things in my armpits. I hate it. So really cute on amazing material. Really, really, really stretchy. So you’re going to be really comfortable in
it. All right, so I’ve got another tank top that’s,
and that is a size small. Sorry I didn’t say that before. That is a size small. Then the next thing is a little white tank
top. Very, very cute. It is, um, more of like a tunic tank. And when I saw this on their website, I really
liked it. And the way that the girl had it on their
website was they kind of had like one, one side kind of tucked in. So let’s try both. Yeah, see, since it’s, since it’s like a really
long tunic, I mean you can barely even see my shorts in the back. I definitely think it’s one of those that
like if you’re going to wear it in the summer, that maybe you can kind of tuck the front
end just so that it’s not like looking like a dress. But the other way that I think I would wear
this too is like in the spring or fall, like with a little cardigan put on some leggings
and I don’t care if it’s a, you know, a tunic then or if it covers up that. But with shorts, I mean you can’t even tell
that I’m wearing them on. So for me, and I guess you could probably
could maybe unbutton two and make it like, you know, tied in a knot as well. That would be cute. Kinda like that. Yeah. So I’d say if you’re wearing it in the summer,
it’s probably going to be smart if you unbutton tie and then pop it in. This is like that polyester. So it’s really lightweight, really breezy,
really comfortable. And the cool thing is is it’s big enough,
you know, so that you can just throw it on. I am not in a brawl right now. It is the ever so slightest bit sheer, but
I don’t think it’s sheer enough that you have to wear a bra that you should be worried about
it, man. I think you’d be more worried about just bending
over and things being seen that way than through the actual shirt itself. But really, really cute tank on. All right. I’ve got a little romper and then two pieces
of lingerie and then I believe we are done with this. So hang in there y’all. We are almost done. Alright, now you’re going to hate me that
it’s gonna take me a hot second because they have got a ton of buttons and I just did a
review yesterday where all the dresses have like 50,000 buttons. And that’s again one of those things that
I don’t think the designer really thought of and didn’t actually try it on. Because for me I’m all about convenience and
having to sit there and do all these tiny little buttons is not the most convenient
thing in the world. Yes, there are much bigger issues. I get it, I’m just being picky, but it is
kind of a pain in the butt to try and get all these buttons on. But it does make for a really cute look. So this is like a little romper dress. So it’s um, linen, just trying to think of
the right word. It’s like that linen feel and it’s just kinda
got like a navy blue and then the white stripe I love, I love, Oh, and you can tie these. Oh, so yeah, so you can tie these and make
them into like a little bow. Oh, so yeah, so it’s on both sides. So I love the detail that it’s, you know,
the vertical and then the horizontal. I think that’s very flattering and the back
is just really cute. So it is, um, I typically like things that
are a little more form fitting, but with something like this, it really just, just makes it easy
just to throw on like a little necklace, some flip flops and you’re out the door and it’s
just very easy to wear, very cute. And again, I always talk about how I love
like versatile dresses. I feel like that’s, this is kind of a versatile
dress because you can kind of make it dressier or you can just put on some flip flops. Like I can wear these with wedges and heels
or I can just put on some flip flops. So very cute. Very easy to wear. Very breezy. So very comfortable. The, the, the linen, you know, if you’re not
used to wearing that, that linen material, it is a little more rough than, than like,
you know, the cotton or the polyester. But again, since it’s pretty loose fitting,
it’s not uncomfortable at all. All right, so I’ve got two more things. Now we’re down to the lingerie. Let me put on, just a second. Almost there y’all,. We did not get much breathing room in this
bad boy. All right, so you’ve got this on, so, oh and
it does come with a matching little like kind of g string thong. So there’s that. Um, so this is like one of their little lingerie
pieces. I think it’s super cute. It’s definitely, the material is very constricting,
so it’s not that easy to move in. Um, but if you’re looking just for something
just to set the mood, set the tone, then this is definitely it, cause it’s super sexy. I love that it’s off the shoulder. I love that they’ve got one sleeve that’s
the lace and then the other sleeve, that’s just the true black and then the back of this. Y’All look in the back of this. So super sexy. I love the cutouts and then the lace. Very, very, very sexy. So like I said, it’s very constricting. I mean there’s definitely some stretch to
it, but it’s not really, really, really stretchy. So like my right arm in this sleeve, and I’ve
got pretty thin arms, it’s pretty tight on. But like I said, if this is just something
that you’re, that you’re going to wear for just a couple minutes before getting to the
fun part, then this is the perfect thing. And like I said, it does come with the matching
g string. So moving on, last piece if I can get my arm
out. All right, last piece. So what I’m gonna do, because Youtube will
get mad at me, very mad at me for showing what this can show. I’m going to put a little bra on underneath
just so you can still see it on, but it’s very, very sheer on the top. So my, my minis would show if I wore, if I
wore the piece without a bra. So let me just put one on under this and you
still get, you’ll still see what it looks like with it
and then they’ve got the matching underwear. So other than this being super, super sheer,
absolutely adorable. So pretty on. Love the color. You’ll see what I mean. Very cute. All right, so here is the last piece. So beautiful. So it’s this like beautiful maroon red and
then it’s got this really pretty kind of sheer silver and black lace and you’ve got the trim
on the bottom. You’ve got this beautiful detail kind of right
under the breast piece. Right in here. You got the pretty little bow. I love all the little lace detail. And then the back, like I said, I do have
a bra on so this would not be there if you were wearing it without the bra. And then it does have the matching thong and
it’s got this cute little, you know, cut-out so you can actually adjust, you know, which
went how tight you want it around your back. But really, really cute on love the material. Super soft, super comfortable. So definitely something, you know. And I like things like this cause it’s easy
to get in and out of because typically when you’re wearing lingerie, you’re wearing it
for a reason and the last thing you want to be is constricted and not be able to get something
off when the mood strikes. So I’m just saying, but beautiful. I love this piece. I definitely, I think my husband will like
this as well. So that is all I’ve got for y’all. As always, everything that I’ve tried on as,
as well as the company’s information Dress Lily’s information will be linked in the bio
of this video. So if you like something, definitely check
them out. And again, this is just a, just a touch of
what they actually have. So many clothes, so many, so many things have
lingerie, so many bikinis, so much to choose from and all very reasonably priced. And again, well-made. This isn’t just like cheap stuff. That’s oh $5 this is, this is well-made stuff. I mean, some of these Bikini’s that the first
two bikini’s that I tried on are going to go down like in history of on my favorite
bikinis ever. So definitely check them out. Lots to choose from. And as always, you can find me on Instagram
at my Peach Perfect. And then my personal account is bad ass glass,
and I hope y’all enjoyed and I hope you’ll have a wonderful week. I will see you soon, Ma.

James Carver

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