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Israa breaks the government a fortune that it was back people remain stricken by poverty and as artistic I treated her child reports human rights groups say the cotton industry thrives on illegal child labor I'm just trying to offer some advice you know what I know what I've been through and what I'm thankfully and recovered recovery from and on today's episode I want to talk about sexual abuse sexual harassment I grew up in a loom naughty family and suffered satanic ritual ease for the first seven years of my life this girl vests spell cardigans spell scarves spell t-shirts spells with roses spells with place spells with flowers colorful skulls half-price skulls skulls with studs such as the pier and the eyes of these children you'd think they were peeking open there was a recent survey for the model alliance that said that twenty nine point seven percent of models have experienced inappropriate touching on the job and twenty eight percent have been pressured to have sex with someone at work now I understand that this can be really difficult for you but would you be able to describe what happens well my father and mother were both a generational sickness a survey by the model Alliance found 29 percent of models have experienced unwanted sexual harassment it's a reality chronicled in the documentary picture me a film by Sarah's if founder of the model Alliance pictures I'm gonna get you in minutes and you know they saw his dreams with Kelly magazines black news magazine slack's abused child workers suffering attacks on the production line behind the guava there is a dark side to modeling namely sexual harassment there exists a code of silence in the industry where many women who have experienced sexual assaults do not report the incident and this was my experience I was pressured multiple times with the director of my agency to sleep with him and my dad I worked more money didn't my mother trace her lineage back 3,000 years to you malachite people that are spoken of in the Old Testament and my father he's family from Northern Ireland youth and beauty but those two attributes also make them prime targets for sexual abuse model Elise shoemaker describes an experience she hadn't baked fashion designer when she was 16 years old as soon as I turned 14 believe it or not and I got my braces off and they started marketing as you know a sexy woman I was 510 in middle school and so you know my agent was marketing as older than I was undercover for the first time we reveal the hidden face of the Bangladesh sweatshops producing clothes for retailers from around the world you have to be willing to do this and if you are a man you have to be willing to wear makeup your feminine attire and if you're not okay with this now this is not join the Illuminati approximately the 1720s during the potato famine three Parker Brothers came over and there are all these magazine publishers – I was only 14 years old and so I should have took that as a warning sign but I didn't and I was like you know what I did this big job I want to move down to LA and see if I can make it you know and the big time this guy was massaging my shoulders and asking me to lie down on the bed so he could under stop my bra shoemaker had a chaperone who called in the nick of time and got her out other models weren't so lucky I been also contacted recently by men in the industry models male models who have been sexually harassed and abused and raped and you know much worse if you're not okay with this matter this is that this is not the industry for you to try to get into if you want to make the top model Dallas my satanic family lineage is from the Philadelphia line it's a generational mind control were leaking that's what that dark occult worldly yes damn Buse their power they know they know the girls are really really hungry really want to get into magazines I pray on it and the girls won't know any better and I know girls they've done it if they still didn't get a magazine well you say that you would often leave a photoshoot and feel like you were stripped of your of your dignity now tell us about that cover up your you know your chest with just your hands and it was always they were always pushing me to take more and more off these issues you not just affecting women they affected males to buy the powerhouses in the industry by societal shaming or you know are the reasons they have felt like they cannot speak out model Catherine Brown models are acutely aware that the industry is a revolving door and that keeps them silent with a woman you may be asked to look like a man they love the androgyny male-female crossover so if you're not ok we'll wear makeup if you're a man they've been practicing abuse of children to work the synaptic pathways and change people from northern normal human to people who can manifest trance and mental energy in the modeling industry because it's unregulated currently these things continue to go on and the models are suffering like a man if you're a female to earn to get extra modeling jobs and this is not for you and another thing they may want you to pose with the same sex and a romantic type of way they change the frequency these people are on and change them from normal human beings to secondary Psychopaths due to the chemical imbalance the more that you're okay what they ask you to do and you don't complain please blood don't be mad at me people I'm just telling you how true

James Carver


  1. More people gotta wake up. There are predators EVERYWHEREπŸ˜‘. Who wants to dress like that anyways.

  2. You're absolutely right about all of this Queen ❀❀
    When i was a young girl my brother told me never to get involved in the industry because it's a front for drugs money laundering prostitution trafficking and pedos abuse and ritual

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