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Tevin: There are plus size models that should be on the front page of your website with everybody else. We are beautiful. This is kind of just everything that I pulled out of my wardrobe for Fashion Week. This sweater I thought was super cool. My style isn’t just based off of like one thing. I like metallics, I love textures. Fashion is something that’s living it’s like that friend that you have that you can always count on to excite you. My name is Tevin Evans. I’m from Brooklyn, New York and I’m a plus size male model and stylist. The current men’s fashion landscape is a rocky one. I’m you know one of those people that’s working towards greater common good, not just for plus size guys, but you know black men and people of all shapes and sizes in general. Plus size men are not just guys who want to wear sweatpants, we want to look good too. I’ve been big my entire life fashion … played a huge role throughout my childhood. growing up my mother always instilled like, keeping up my appearance was an important thing. The way that I present
myself to the world would speak louder than the words that I’d say when I walk in a room. So I am absolutely stoked for today. It’s day five of Fashion Week. I’ve got a brunch planned with some of my close friends. I will be doing a consultation with a brand and I’ll be capping my day off with a fashion show. This is what I’ll be wearing for brunch. It’s super exciting and the texture is great. So we’re in one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Brooklyn Dumbo, and we’re going to go have brunch at the super cool restaurant called Celestine. It was marked one of the most Instagramable restaurants in the city. So I got into modelling I would post on Instagram just like pictures of my outfit someone like got a hold of one of my photos and suggested that I tagged this blog in it and that blog re posted my photo it got over 3,000 likes within like an hour, which was absolutely insane. I’m really excited to just be spending time with you guys because honestly Fashion Week is fun and all but it is tiring. It’s nice to be around people that I actually like. and want to be around. Brandon: Tev has been somebody who has supported my journey and big men’s fashion the whole time. He’s what made me actually start doing big men’s fashion. Lance: If you look at most of the campaigns for any of the major companies that are made for plus size men, the models are all the same. They have the same build they usually about six two. They’re stocky, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them plus size. They don’t have like my build They don’t have a lot of belly. And it’s been that way for a long time. So Tevin is representing for a lot of us guys who don’t see ourselves reflected in the plus size industry currently. Tevin: Brunch was so good, I was super happy, to be able to spend that time with my friends. There’s so much to do today, and I’m amped up for it. I think that brands are doing diversity in having models that have tattoos, having models that maybe have ailments. having models that aren’t your conventional definition of pretty, but I think that we’re still a far away from having models of colour being prevalent on runways. I want to see more black faces. I want to see, more Latinos on the runway and Asians. there are plus size models that should be on the front page of your website, smiling with everybody else, because we are beautiful, we’re amazing and talented. What I want to say to the world is first and foremost, as a black man, you are powerful you can do literally anything it is that you put your mind to, you can enter an industry where you are not the majority and be a pillar within that community. I want to be able to walk out of my house dripping, you know in designer good because I can, understand that. Understand that as a plus size guy. The one thing that I want to do is have all of this amazing energy that lives inside of me be pushed to the forefront in my outward appearance as well. I think that it’s so important as someone who is a body positive activist to acknowledge that we all have our struggles, mine being, in the media, my presence during Fashion Week and stuff like that is a way of you know, saying to those other guys like hey, I see you.

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100 Replies to “The Plus Size Model Fighting For Bigger Men | SHAKE MY BEAUTY”

  1. I imagine them all chasing a glazed donut rolling down the street for a few meters then giving up crying because they were unfit.

  2. Plus size is just a new word for laziness and putting no effort into better yourself..just because you know "we are beautiful no matter what"
    ah delusional hits people so hard sometimes

  3. Fat acceptance is one thing but severe obesity is another. If you want to be unhealthy than thats your option. To make it fashionable is ridiculous.

  4. Be healthy other then that idc but be out here promoting unhealthy habits and diet, idc be unhealthy but don’t get kids doing it

  5. You can be big and beautiful as long as your BMI is in a healthy range. Don’t lie to yourself and get healthy. <3

  6. Ridiculous that this has to be said on every plus-sized video, but you aren't ALL DOCTORS. They're not stupid. I'm sure they know about the health risks of obesity. This isn't the point. It is VERY rare that someone is going to see this and go "I want to be obese now" (You know, unlike how young girls view anorexic models), however, this is a way for people who ARE bigger (Regardless of whether or not they're trying to lose weight) to feel attractive and to feel good about themselves by seeing other people of their body type do the same, because since when is someone's health indicative of whether or not they should feel good every once in a while? LET. PEOPLE. BE. HAPPY.

  7. You won't live very long, so if you wanna spend the short rest of your life shouting to everyone that fat is beautiful thinking that you'll actually convince someone other than yourself, go ahead.
    I don't get it, but I don't mind.

  8. Look how many dislikes this got, so y'all praise plus size women but not men? This is the twisted society we live in smh.

  9. so like i went to high school with him and he’s as delusional as he was back then when he thought i was jealous of him and my boyfriend at the time apparently liked him when the case was the extreme opposite 😂 you’re not a model or a stylist you’re not signed to any agency nor do you work with celebrities you just walk around manhattan and take pics as a fan lol instagram isn’t modeling this has nothing to even do with being plus size as i adore all models of shapes and shades btw he’s just straight up conceited for no reason other than illusions of grandeur

  10. You can do absolutely anything you put your mind to except lose weight, get rid of insulin resistance and your metabolic syndrome, become healthy and eat well. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Edit: I love bigger men. I'm more drawn to men that look like this guy than a skinny version of him. I always plead with my hubby, who is super athletic, to gain some weight. I don't support women or men making a treatable illness into a human right. Period.

  11. This is so dumb im sorry but models are made to sell clothes or accessories they aren’t supposed to represent the general population they are supposed to be the top 1% best looking people. Not everyone is beautiful physically sorry but thats just the way it is.

  12. Its not okay for women or men its not good to advertise unhealthy….

    Before you all start crying about the other extreme i also agree the super skinny models shouldnt be advertised to to be something good or okay

    Being overweight or super skinny should be something we work away from not maintain as okay or good.

  13. OK, let's promote being fat and unhealthy, the government don't want healthy strong fighting men, they want fat slobs who are easy to control.

  14. I thought plus size models have to be more shapely, curvy and thick. This guy has no figure? He’s JUST fat lol. Then again I guess guys don’t get those same curves that a female has. But still. Lol. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. I mean it’s not that bad but I don’t needa walk out the house and see overweight “models” with there shirt off walking around it jus ain’t attractive

  16. I'd be all for "plus size" acceptance if it wasn't so incredibly bad for you.
    Increased chance of diabetes, arterial clogging, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, gout, inflamed veins, high blood pressure arthritis and stroke.

    You don't need a six-pack to be healthy, but this is not healthy either.

  17. There is a simple evolutionary reason as to why people don't find obesity attractive. Its because its a clear marker of bad health and bad genes. If it was healthy to be that big then it would naturally be attractive to us, you wouldn't have to convince us that it is, because you're not going to change anyone's mind. I'm all for acceptance of everyone at every size, but when your campaign has to be built on dangerous lies – like being obese is healthy and attractive. Lies that encourage an unhealthy lifestyle for the sake of making you feel better about your bad eating habits, then it becomes clear this is about your ego. Models are typically supposed to be attractive, if you want that to change then fine, i don't care about that, be a model, be happy, but if you're in the public eye and you use that focus to spread these harmful lies to anyone who will listen, then you're inevitably going to do more harm than good.

  18. Not everyone is beautiful just like not everyone is smart, creative or strong. I don't care to be a model, but if you want to be a model and are ugly like me you're fighting a lost fight.

  19. I'm happy he is so comfortable in his body and him and his friends are handsome. I've always been attracted to "chubby/big" guys. Good to see all body types and races represented!

  20. We're not saying you are not beautiful, actualy you are handsome and cute. We just telling you to take care of your health. If your voice is affected by your fat, imagine your heart.

  21. Y’all may think ur “normal” but he is too, he’s just a different weight. It’s like hating on somebody for being anorexic, imagine if u got hated on for being average? See how you would like it.

  22. Thank you for beefing u I’m new to ur Chennai’s I’m a big guy from Brisbane Queensland Australia I like to see more of ya videos keep it up mate

  23. You shouldn't make being obese a good thing or a thing that is accepted as normal. Many companies don't want plus size modelds for photoshoots because they don't want to advertise unhealthy habits.

  24. ''We are beautiful''
    No. No And No
    Being obese is not, will not and should not be seen as beautiful.
    I am with the message of not hating your body, but being obese should be looked at as a problem and people should not be ok with it.

  25. Id like to see plus size fashion for straight men too. A lot of straight men would not wear what these guys are wearing. Like plus size clothes for men with bellies and whatever else but something they can wear to work or a nice dinner.

  26. 25‘Because of this I say to you, be not anxious for your life, what ye may eat, and what ye may drink, nor for your body, what ye may put on. Is not the life more than the nourishment, and the body than the clothing? 26look to the fowls of the heaven, for they do not sow, nor reap, nor gather into storehouses, and your heavenly Father doth nourish them; are not ye much better than they? 27‘And who of you, being anxious, is able to add to his age one cubit? 28and about clothing why are ye anxious? consider well the lilies of the field; how do they grow? they do not labour, nor do they spin; 29and I say to you, that not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed as one of these. 30‘And if the herb of the field, that to-day is, and to-morrow is cast to the furnace, God doth so clothe — not much more you, O ye of little faith?31therefore ye may not be anxious, saying, What may we eat? or, What may we drink? or, What may we put round?32for all these do the nations seek for, for your heavenly Father doth know that ye have need of all these; 33but seek ye first the reign of God and His righteousness, and all these shall be added to you. From Matthew 6. YLT

  27. I like this tbh. I mean as long as theyre healthy…
    If plus size women is accepted why not men?! No double standards 🙂

  28. Okay wait modelling is a job jobs have requirements full stop u don't fit the requirements I don't get the job.

  29. I use to weigh 400 lbs a f I had diabetes and high cholesterol high blood pressure sorry it that akbt sexy or healthy doctor told me if you don't change your life. your body will as in death. you can't tell me he is healthy lack of exercise and being lazy is not sexy or healthy

  30. As soon as somebody says “plus size” everybody wanna turn into medical doctors talking about “health”. Y’all some funny people 😂

  31. STOP promoting obesity ! I'm sorry, but if there's two magazines to choose from , one with a fat model and the other one with a hot muscle guy. People including myself would go for the hot muscle guy cover.

  32. When I look at a MODEL I want the image of a healthy man. This is not healthy. Regardless of how you want to dress it up. A plus-size model should not be on the front page. I get it you want to look good and so you should, and good on you for making an effort, and there should be nice clothes out there for the bigger ladies / gents. Just, be realistic and fair. The ideal of a man is exactly what it should be, healthy.

  33. Absolutely love this and love watching a plus size fashion influencer doing something so positive and out reaching not just for himself but for every big guy that fill you. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 thank you sooo much for doing this and showing a different side of being plus size and not just boring clothes like the media shows us to be.

  34. Regardless of size or color or anything else, the foundation of modeling is having a stunning face. Whether It's conventionally gorgeous or uniquely/strangely beautiful (although everyone will never agree completely, there is a general consensus). People don't just become models because they're marginalized and want to wear "designer duds".

  35. Glad to see someone addressing big men's fashion in a realistic way. I'm so tired of the catalogs from which I buy my husband's clothing. All the models look like NFL linebackers. They're big alright, but not in a way the average big man on the street is. My husband loves nice clothes, & wouldn't be caught dead wearing sweat pants in public. If there's more available for plus size women, it should be the same for men.

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