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  1. Her ring finger is longer than her index finger. That's a dead give away for a man. Now, sometimes, not necessarily, but here…with her, add up the long arms, the square jawline, and the brow ridge.

    Is she pumping T? Maybe, but some skeletal stuff wouldn't change a woman to a man.

    If you're a man, you're a man, and it's way easier to see with MTF….

    FTM….its harder to tell, takes longer to see it, the white hands is a give away, a line around the wrist, discoloring….

    Some of theses FTM and MTG are nice people though, like really nice ppl, so can't blame them for being born into these families….its not their choice. It's actually abuse…

  2. I love your comment about what about the real ppl in life with the everyday struggles. Amen, Mag. Actually, maybe not Amen, due to its derivative….but you get my point.

    You have to have a lot of support to get to that level in soccer. Everyday ppl have everyday problem, these folks, that weight is lifted by family, sponsors, you name it.

    I knew a guy once in college, he was my RA, went to Olympics, one injury, and it's over…he never recovered…i saw him later as a club promoter in Hollywood, trying to make a living. His wife, also Olympian, she won, didn't get injured, divorced him, and went on to get more money from sponsors, etc to live off of and train, but then…it only last so long…so what is she doing now….

  3. I called our Sir Shyk a few months ago and no one peeped…I'm glad mag spotted the fuckery….exactly why I dont be in the chat like that anymore…lot of people with alternate motives…smh

  4. MAG taking on the two things I hate…that character charlamagne whatever and alcohol…excellent live, too bad I missed it just finished catching up. Love to the MAG and BAMily!

  5. I old I have Light toned skin ( white ) dey say I still waitin on some dat stupid shit I guess Only thing I waitin for b da mailman bring my Damn social security check My brown skin friend (tanned permanently ) he waitin also So we ride to da bank together save on gas. …………Bamit

  6. Mag I knew some of what you enlighten us with but not everything you've shown us. Never doubted you or your work. I despair at division and separatists cos it's keeps our eyes off the elephant in the room – namely the elite who've been hoodwinking and manipulating us for centuries. Keep going strong and thanks.

  7. Dumb check to this dummy dam hater mad ass shill hey Mag we the bamily ❤️ you keep up the good work you’re so awesome and amazing with this Truth you bring 💥💥💥💥💥

  8. That Sir Shyk shit sounded like he was having a melt down nutty….self appointed screener of bamily is family. All this drama coming from people seeking truth? No they are here to stir up shit. I don’t want to be part of ANY group, just here for Mag Truth and if I don’t like anything I don’t listen to it. If you don’t like the truth being spit here you should probably just fuck off instead of coming after people.

  9. The truth can literally drive you crazy man , that satanic shit is hard to handle if you are weak .
    Obviously it happened to your bamilymember sir shyk , that guy is clearly out of his mind.

  10. Call me Tricia the book writer but I will keep it short. Shout out to Mag and the Bamily. The unity here is special and no troll can stop that❤. This newbie will go HAM but I can't do that on fam. ❤❤

  11. Plain and simple division and no unity ever that is how the flat earth works so they can control the weak minded sheep🐑🐏😴that remain sleep and lead astray to freedumb 🤔

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