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I would describe my lifestyle as the most pinktastic thing you’ve ever seen. I’ve been offered a million dollars to wear another colour and I turned it down. Do I think I’m crazy?
Just a little. Monochromatic is someone who devotes their life to one colour. That loves the colour and just wants to wear it, own it, live it. People love it. Like they’re drawn to me. I could just be sitting at a coffee shop and they’ll come over and go, “You’ve just made me so happy! I just love looking at you.” This is Kitten. Her life is 100% pink. My pink obsession started in 1981. Pink is the prettiest colour in the world. I don’t have anything that’s not pink. Everything I have is pink. I have my pink treadmill, my pink guitar, my pink throne, my pink bed. It’s all pink, even my pup is pink. My name is Ella London, and welcome to my sunshine world. Ella’s yellow life started seven years ago. My obsession with yellow is very obvious. This is my year round tree. No longer Christmas tree because, you know, it’s like it’s yellow. I absolutely adore my smiley face beach
balls. These flowers here. This was my way of having yellow on the wall and creating
yellow walls without my husband going crazy on me. Because obviously when you’re married, you have to compromise a little bit. And my compromise was not having
yellow walls. And instead having all yellow
accessories. But dedication to living the one colour lifestyle takes more than just a few
accessories. I’m making pink breakfast this morning
with Pinkerbelle. Pink food tastes better than regular food. One of the really nice things about being obsessed with yellow is that there’s a lot of yellow food. All about the colouring. I’m very
pinkticular. Bananas! Okay, these have to be my favourite fruit. Yellow on the inside, yellow on the outside. I’ve been doing pink food since 1980. I’ve done lots of pink cooking. I eat yellow pretty much every day. It’s good, it’s good it’s cooked. That’s definitely done. Okay that now this my friend is a pink
breakfast. Delicious. This is good. Cheers darling. But life as a monochromatic could become a lonely place. So Kitten went in search of the rest of
the rainbow. I was on Instagram. I was looking all over and I started finding people that were like me. I found Ella through Instagram. So really excited because I’m going to get to see Kitten today and have
a bit of fun with her. And I got her a couple of gifts because she just got her new pup and I cannot wait to meet Pinkerbell! Oh, I just got Pinkerbell. And she’s about four and a half months. Do people give you trouble about
dyeing your dog? Always. They don’t know what it is which is beet juice which is totally safe and vet approved. People love Pinkerbell. They just think she’s so sweet and cute and funny and she’s got her own personality. Give me a kiss. Ella’s here. Oh my god, I love your outfit. Look we match! This is actually something I’ve been
wanting to give you for a while And it’s kind of just a funny gift that you can add to your pink collection. Okay. Oh my God! This is awesome! Shut up. I would put it on but I have the highest bun. That is amazing. So I have an idea for us. Because you got me such great gifts and I want to take you somewhere and surprise you with something. If there’s one thing that these two know
how to do, it’s find the perfect accessory How’s it going? Come on in, let’s talk about what we’re going to do. We just got in this beautiful round oval
yellow sunshiny chain. It sounds really retro! You let me know how long you want it. You think that’s a match Miss Kitten
or what? Oh gosh yes. Let’s sit here, let’s sit here at the bar. Look at that!
I love that, that’s very cool. Oh that’s super fun. Oh my gosh, I love this. I love it, thank you so much. You are so sweet. This is so lovely. It looks great and you can wear it
all the time. Perfect! These monochromatics cause a stir wherever they go. My future I hope holds more yellow. You know, I do what I do. Because it makes people smile. Because it brings a dose of happiness to their day. I’m always going to be Pink. It’s going to be pink. The future is going to be as pink as possible. I’ll be in the grave and pink. I want to be unique. I don’t want to be like everybody else.
Why would I want to do that?

James Carver

100 Replies to “The Besties Obsessed With Pink & Yellow | HOOKED ON THE LOOK”

  1. So tickled pink that this is finally out. I can’t wait to continue my search for the other colors in the rainbow on this soul searching journey. I began this journey in 2014 when I posted an ad in every state in every city on Cragslist for Monochromatics to no responses . Special Thanks to Barcroft TV for making a great doc and showing our true colors 💗💛! We had so much fun filming this!! Signed, Queen Of Pink

  2. don't be critical of other people's spelling errors casue we all make mistakes and we're all human. So please some people here are little kids under 10 years old and they are still learning spelling so don't be rude about it. Besides we all make mistakes right?!

  3. This is cool and staff but imma a little worried about pup's health condition. It's not really good for him to be painted..

  4. “I don’t wanna be like everybody else, why would I wanna do that?

    That- I..I wish I had the confidence to do that too .__.

  5. yellow stands for happiness and pink stands for roses but pink

    how the pink lady dyed her puppy's fur pink?

    me:spray paint

    edit:hmm pink chocolate 3:32

    I love the pink lady And yellow lady😁♡´・ᴗ・`♡ 3:34

  6. They literally represent their colors. Like. I feel like this could be a superhero tv show where they fight "black' and turn into a giant robot called "white".
    And in the end they realize black did all that bcs it felt left out. You know?

  7. I’m this way with black in my soul but I can’t show it otherwise every child that sees me asks “aRe YoU gOtH?” no honey. goth is a completely different style than simply wearing all black okay? hehehokay.😊

  8. OMG i dont hate this obsession but who could find a damn THRONE!!?By the way the dog is sooo cute!

  9. Narrator: this is kitten, her life 100% pink.


    btw, this is meant 2 be a joke.. So plz don't take it so seriously

  10. pink…

    👒👜👝👡💌💗💖💕💔💓🐽🐷🐖🐩🦄🌸💐🏵💮🐙🌹🍨🍦🎀⚢♀☙⚯⚮⚭ >:D

  11. Some Black people will mistck hide white addition show only to pink addition yellow addition blue addition hide be addition only the word white

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