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100 Replies to “Testing Thongs with a Stoma Bag! | Hannah Witton”

  1. Really enjoyed this as someone who has also recently gotten into high waisted underwear due to chronic illness. I have endometriosis and any pressure on my pelvic area is super painful during a flare. Love the normalization of differently abled bodies.

  2. I know you don't need the opinion of a complete stranger butt…you are incredible! In every sense or way that word could be applied. Wow, just wow!

  3. I was so confused about the bit when you said you're going to work. I thought you only did YouTube, social media, books, your blog. Or maybe you're writing for other sites, or magazines…🤔

  4. A great video idea for you, especially since you’re trying to improve your sustainability in regards to clothes, would be to try to add a aroma bag pouch to your current favorite underwear to make them better for the bag. Idk if you see, but it could be fun!

  5. Loved this video Hannah, I just love how down to earth you are. I’m getting old now, so big knickers all the way, but kinda pretty ones… if my life changes and I have someone in my life who actually sees my knickers then maybe that will change… who knows????? 😂😂😂. I like blog style videos where you just show what you get up to in a day but maybe more content about books and what you’ve enjoyed lately? I’m quarantined for medical reasons so need entertainment lol. Stay safe lovely lady xx

  6. i hate high waisted underwear it makes me feel so frumpy! but that’s probably because my tummy is weird.

  7. I feel thongs are often cut smaller than briefs and knickers. I would easily fit and wear a brief in a size small but a thong in a size small is just a butt crack saw. SO DONT WEAR TOO SMALL THONGS and then you wont have the wedgie sensation. I don't feel my thongs at all. And I feel they work better with my periods as well because their more fixed in place and I won't leak all around it. 🤓

  8. r/hannahwitton is gonna have one hell of a time with this video haha. You do know it is a thing right???? Still a really great education video though!!

  9. do they make stoma friendly mens underwear? my best mate has a stoma bag and he has issues with swimming trunks and some boxers, itd be really nice to find somewhere to buy him some comfier stuff

  10. If ever there was a day to have a YouTube actually deserve a sponsorship from "Me Undies" or "Third love" it is today.

  11. I'm 71 and not in the least attracted to women who're under 50 so I feel odd having subscribed to your channel but you're like an awesome, admirable granddaughter. Courageous, forthright, assertive, intelligent and incredibly attractive. I really don't care about your "small clothes", anything that pleases you is fine with me but I'm astounded by and envious of how comfortable you are in your delightful skin. I sincerely hope you don't interpret this as one of Niamh's "creepy people" comments. That was certainly not my intent. #rockonawesomeyou

  12. another class video from Hannah! also the stripey top on day 1 & leopard-print skirt on day 2 are gorg!

  13. Hard disagree with Dan, I'm afraid. I thought those last ones looked amazing on You, very flattering from the front especially 💜

  14. Love you Hannah, I was really laughing! I love how much you value butt security, like it could just jiggle off 😝

  15. Go easy on Mr. Dan. 7 years into our relationship my ex told me she didn't like my chili. As I was recovering from that blow, she told me she hated all of my favourite bands. I should've packed that day, lol.

  16. Cosabella and Hanky Panky both have unbelievably comfy lace high waisted thongs that have gotten lots of male approval for me so maybe check those out! Also if you follow Cosabella on insta then you can see them on real women, the only negative is that they are pretty expensive.

  17. I'm putting you on 2 weeks quarantine with isolation from other at least 2 metres with extension to 3 weeks happy quarantine

  18. I'd love to wear thongs, and finding out they come high-waisted makes me even more excited, but I'm a juicy gal (if you get what I mean) and thongs feel completely unsafe.

  19. I can't believe I lay through 31 minutes of this 😂
    Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it all… an appropriate amount.
    Just assumed it was around the 15-20 mark, aha. Thanks for bringing us content Hannah! Stay safe x

  20. In American English, fanny = butt. I',m aware t's different for British English, but it still throws me for a loop every time I hear it.

  21. We. Have. The. Same. High. Wasted. Briefs! I don’t know why but it made me really happy that another person has the same “granny pants” as me and looks damn good in them! They’re my faveee pants to wear on the daily but a part of me just doesn’t quite feel sexy in them as they are labelled by society as granny pants, but seeing someone with a similar figure to me ROCKING them gives me all the confidence that I can rock em too! Thanks Hannah! Not the point of the video at all but something that made my day xx

  22. Love you Hannah, hope you are well and happy……………bring on the thongs…… You do know, that thongs get lonely unless you wear string bikini tops with them don't you? Looking forward to that video. If you want revenge on Dan for keeping underwear secrets, I am available.

  23. So funny, I only wear thongs. Ever since I was in seventh grade. It's what I saw the girls in my family where, so it's what I chose to wear. I can't wear regular underwear with my jeans etc without feeling uncomfortable lol great video!

  24. I've got a pair of boyshorts I think that's what they are called. They are pretty comfortable but I don't wear them often.

  25. I know that high ended thongs can peek out of your pants, so maybe that's why some people like them? It's like a little tease 😉 lol

  26. Vanilla Blush is my favorite one! So cute, cut is great and design is beautiful. Hate that it's too high on you.

  27. i love how thorough & frank you are omg. this was the most useful underwear review! i love a high waist.

  28. I started wearing thongs in high school. Warning, the reason is a bit TMI: My discharge was so much and so liquid-y that it would seep towards my bum hole and make it itchy. Thongs are snugger there so it helped the moisture not travel so far. And even after birth control helped my body not be so overzealous with discharge, I kept wearing thongs. I only wear regular underwear to sleep in. I think you either love thongs or hate them!

  29. I hate thongs! I hate the wedgie feeling. I don’t have a stoma but I wear high waisted full coverage cotton granny knickers and I bloody love them 😂

  30. i haaaaaaaaaaate thongs. i commend you for putting yourself through this! i'm a full-ass, high-cut kind of gal.

  31. I love cheeky underwear but I sometimes go camando at the gym bc I used to wear boyshorts but they don't work well with leggings and so I just stopped wearing then to workout.

  32. Seeing you in that really high waisted pair reminded me of the time my grandmother bought me a pair of pantyhose in the wrong size, and they went all the way up to my boobs! Lol, that was a bit much. 🙂
    I see why you like Dan; he's a delightful fellow. 🙂 Fun video! I'm glad you're keeping busy. Thanks! <3

  33. I used to only wear low rise underwear until I learned high waisted underwear could be cute. As a plus sized woman high waisted fits best to cover all the tummy. My favourite is full coverage in the front with all lace in the back so there's not panty line. Its like a butt mullet, business in the front party in the back.

  34. I've always been a full-coverage boyshorts kinda girl, never had the thong shopping experience either…. and my boyfriend reeeeeeeeeeally wants me to try some less, umm, grandmotherly pieces… lol! Might have to try some of these out

  35. No underwear is my favorite underwear! 😉
    But if I HAVE to wear underwear: boyshorts/hotpants for working out or wearing a dress. Hiphuggers for anything else.

    I love this content Hannah, especially now that I must consider it social interaction. 😂

  36. I can’t be the only one who appreciates a good bum in a non-sexual sense. I adore the body positivity in this vid 🥰

  37. Damn..i really hate dan. Just kidding…your so freakin hot that i couldnt follow along. Totally distracted…your fucking gorgeous.and funny. Treat that lady right Dan…we're watching you. ✌ to you both and stay safe

  38. oddly I love when my high waisted underwear show above my pantline a tiny bit. I have this leopard print pair I especially enjoy, because it feels even more tacky.

  39. I wear full bottom bikini underwear. I am not comfortable with underwear up my crack or having my butt cheeks hanging out.

  40. Have a tiny bit of awareness of this. Recently had 12 litres of fluid removed from my abdomen and had a stoma bag used to catch any overspill. Luckily it was able to be removed 24 hours later. It felt best in boxer briefs as they were higher waisted.

  41. Don't get me wrong I love your videos but the thing that made me click the like button immediately was Dan's "They don't fulfil the function of making me hard" 😂

  42. yes … dan probably gave it 8 becoz it was too small …..something about women in smaller clothes !! we cant explain it but it always looks good
    not big clothes not super small clothes but slightly smaller clothes

    also i dont know if UK started isolation but in tunisia we're already a week in and my advice is GET ALOT OF SNACKS and i mean ALOT

  43. i used to be all thongs all the time but the past year i am experiencing menopause symptoms and it full coverage for comfort

  44. as soon as I saw the Ann summers one I thought she’s gonna get thrush 😂 that fabric gave me trauma flash backs 😂

  45. This was great! Thought I would recommend a Leeds company called Lovechild Boudoir (

  46. Surly some "sexy/pretty" underwear is only meant to be worn for a short time before ending up on the bedroom floor!!! So they have very little built in comfort factor….

  47. for myself I'm a boxer briefs kinda guy, just functional and comfortable but I am considering going back to boxers. eventully just more freeing less restricted. one of the two not completely sosold what to do, keep up the great videos hannah cheers .

  48. Thank you this is definitely the content I came for ! I hate thongs but I can appreciate it on other persons now ^^

  49. I just really like cotton briefs. I know it's not exciting but my skin is really sensitive and most lacy/sexy underwear is polyester or veeeery expensive. I never really liked thongs and luckily my partner doesn't either 😀

  50. My girlfriend steadfastly refuses to wear thongs, and is proud to be the owner of almost exclusively what she calls 'Bridget Jones Pants', a tbh that level of commitment just makes me love her more.

  51. Omg WHERE are those red checked trousers with the zip from?! Been looking for some for ages! Brilliant video you're a legend 🙌🌻

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