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It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV! Hello
boys and girls! Let’s have a teddy bear picnic. Yeah! Find your teddy bear and join
us! Okay, Ted. You sit there and I’ll get that picnic ready. Ah… Phew. The
picnic is ready! Have you got your teddy bear? This is my teddy bear! And his name is Ted.
Say hello to the boys and girls Ted. Oh, hello. Hello. How are you, Steve? Ha-ha. I’m fine,
thank you. Are you hungry? Oh, yes, I am. Oh, good. Because in my picnic basket, I’ve
got some grapes. Oh, lovely. Hey boys and girls, what are they? Say with me. They are
grapes. What are they? They are grapes. What are they? They are grapes. Would you like
some grapes, little Ted? Yes, please. Okay. Sit nicely and I’ll give you some. Yay!
You sit there, Ted. Okay! And I’ll give you a grape. There you go! One for you and
one for me. Hmm. They’re delicious. Oh-oh. I like grapes. Do you? Let me put the grapes
down here next to you, Ted. And we’ll have a look at what else I’ve got in my picnic
basket. Oh! Yeah! Bananas! Oh-oh. Come on boys and girls. Say with me. What are they?
They are bananas. Again. They are bananas. And again. They are bananas. Oh, I like bananas.
Abracadabra! One for me and one for Ted! Oh! Ha-ha. Look at Ted! He’s bigger. Wow! Oh.
Because he ate all the grapes. Oh yes, I like grapes. I can see that Ted. Oh-oh. And they’ve
made you bigger and stronger. Maybe you should eat more grapes to be bigger and stronger.
Oh but Ted, do you like bananas? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Okay then. Sit nicely and I’ll
give you a banana. Yay. Okay, Ted. This banana is for you and this banana is for me. Oh,
I like bananas. They’re delicious. Mmm… He-he-he. Abracadabra! Ha-ha. Delicious! Oh-oh,
great! Huh, look what else I’ve got in my picnic basket. Oh-oh look. Apples, yeah! Oh-oh,
so what are they? Say with me… they are apples. They are apples. They are apples.
An apple for me and an apple for Ted. Whoa! Ha-ha-ha-ha. Look how big Ted is now! Hello
Steve! Hello big Ted. Oh-oh. He’s bigger and stronger because he ate his banana. Oh
yes, I like bananas. Great. Maybe you should eat more bananas too to be bigger and stronger
like Ted. Oh Ted, would you like an apple? Yes, please! Oh, then sit nicely and I’ll
give you an apple. Here you are Ted. An apple for you and an apple for me. Enjoy your apple.
Yay! Oh! Ha-ha-ha. Let’s go crazy! Huh. Watch this! Abracadabra! He-he-he-he. Hmm.
Look, I finished my apple. It was delicious! And apples make you big and strong! Hey! Did
Ted eat his apple? Wow! Oh-oh. Look at Ted! He’s enormous. He’s really really big!
Oh! Ted! Oh-oh-oh. Wow! What a big teddy bear! He’s so big, it’s crazy! Wait a minute.
When things get crazy it’s usually because of Maggie magic. Oh, where is that naughty
naughty bird? He-he-he. Maggie? Where are you? Here Steve. Hey! Do you like your teddy
bear? Ha-ha. Yes Maggie, I do. But it’s too big. I need a smaller teddy bear. Okay.
Abracadabra! He-he-he-he. Oh. Thank you Maggie but smaller please. Okay. Abracadabra! Yeah!
No. Smaller still. Okay, abracadabra! He-he-he-he. Oh-oh, that’s better. Look boys and girls,
I’ve got little Ted back again. Yeah! That was a crazy adventure. It was, wasn’t it
little Ted? And Maggie, you’re a naughty naughty bird. Ha-ha-ha. Bye-bye boys and girls.
Bye-bye! We’ll see you next time! Yay! Oh and subscribe! He-hey yeah!

James Carver

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