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– Everybody’s talking about them
right now, the Apple watch, and it gave me some ideas for
new wearable technology. You know what wearable
technology is, right? It–you can wear technology. And–
[laughter] I have some ideas,
and I think they may catch on. so I want to show you
a few of them and see if you agree with me,
and you’ll see ’em first. So, um… And these are ideas
that I just came up with, [laughter] So again, all the kinks aren’t
worked out, but– but I think that, uh… [laughter] Are you–are you on your mark?
I think–I think– There you go.
All right, here you go. All right, so, one thing that’s
very popular right now is juicing–everyone’s on
a juice cleanse. They love to talk about it. So I decided to take
Madonna’s cone bra, and take it one step further. So, what I’m doing… [laughter] Show ’em how you make some– [laughter]
[cheers and applause] It’s the first juice bra.
Yeah. Tracy, you remember when you
begged me to be on television? – Yes.
[laughter] [laughter] – There ya go. [laughter] All right, you can stop
squeezing now, unless you like it. [laughter]
I think that’s plenty. All right. You’re–
[laughter] [motors continue running] They’re twisting, still. [laughter] So here’s Andy Zenor.
Everybody knows Andy Zenor. [cheers and applause] Andy–it looks like he’s wearing
his crumby shirt. A regular shirt–
it’s actually a crumby shirt. and I don’t mean “crummy”
as in “bad,” I mean “crumby”
as in watch this, ’cause as soon as Andy
starts eating– He’s a sloppy eater and crumbs
get everywhere. Oh, he’s a–look at how he eats.
That’s–that’s– Crumbs are everywhere. Well, this crumby shirt takes
care of that. [air hissing] [laughter] [laughter]
[air hissing sporadically] [laughter] Doesn’t seem to be working.
I think– [air hisses] [laughter] These are all prototypes,
everybody. [laughter] I would not sell this one,
in the store. [air hissing]
There we go. Here, wash that down with that.
All right. [air hiss]
[laughter] All right.
[air hiss] [applause] All right, and here, of course,
this is– [laughs] [audience laughter] [both giggling] [audience laughter] Lauren, okay. Lauren, your hair is messed up. [laughs] All right, so, on any given day, you can find her in a pair
of overalls, usually because it hides all her
little tiny bottles of liquor. Um…
[laughter] But this pair is different.
Let’s say, instead of juicing your fruit,
you want to dry it. All you have to do–’cause you
know, it’s really good for you, the dehydrated fruit
and everything. So all you have to do
is you have to put the fruit in this pocket here. Okay? And then you press this button here. [audience reaction and laughter] Yeah. [cheers and applause] Dehydrated fruit. [applause] [laughs] [applause] [talking indistinctly] – One more thing.
– There’s one more thing? [laughs loudly]
[audience laughter]

James Carver

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