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– Hi, I’m Tan France, and
this is “Dressing Funny.” Why is it called
“Dressing Funny,” you ask? Well, let me tell ya. Each episode, I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. – I do.
– I don’t. No. Wanna see me push their style game? Just watch. (doorbell rings) Hello, love.
– Hi. – Hi, come on.
– Hi, is this a good time? (upbeat music) – What’s happening here? – Tina is here and I
want to have a quick chat with her first. – [Rachel] Okay. – So, help yourself to whatever you want.
– Okay. – This is only for you. – This is very British, oh wow. – Enjoy it. Well, back in a few minutes.
– Thank you. – I’ll check on you just
in case you need it. – Okay. (Rachel laughs) Is there any clotted cream here? (upbeat music) – I understand that we
are dressing Rachel. She’s hit 50. – I might be next. I just turned 49.
– Okay. – I know, you can’t believe it. – I know, I had no idea. – Everyone can believe it. – (laughs) No idea. (Tina laughs) – As she got close to 50,
did you see her style change? – We started out together in Chicago. At that time, it was like our Doc Martens and then, what was our
show dress for Second City. We would go to Express. Our dress that we could wear
eight times a week, yeah. And then, when you get to SNL, then you’re like, get a
taste of someone helping you. (calm classical music) – Delightful. – I kinda want you to put an
outfit together from this. – Oh, brother. This is ’cause she’s secretly
kind of a dirty bitch. – I know, I assumed so. That’s the vibe I get. – But listen, she’s the downtown lady. – Is there a difference
between downtown lady and uptown lady?
– 100%. One of them’s a dirty bitch and one of them’s just a sad bitch. (both laughing) – You guys ready for me yet? – Rachel Dratch, won’t you
come out here, please, my love? (all laughing)
(upbeat music) – Guess what I have? French tuck. – Oh, you do? – In your honor.
– Oh my gosh, I didn’t see. – Move an inch. – I do as well. – Oh my gosh, you. too. – Got a French tuck as well.
– French tuck. – I am confused. Why are you doing the
Scottish accent for me? (Rachel laughs) – It’s just tuck took me there. – Before we do this
because I’ve just realized, you’re not doing my accent. Can I give you a sentence? – Yeah.
– I’ll try. – This could be good and I’d love to see it on you. – This could be good and
I’d love to see it on you. – Ooh, that’s not bad!
– Cuffs. Cuffs, sketching.
– One more, one more. This could be good and I’d love to see it on you. – Righty-o! Yes, I’d try that on. – Oh, there it is.
– That was good, right? – Okay.
– Okay. – Should we get back
to you, Rachel Dratch? – Yeah, sorry. – Rachel Dratch, you’re 50. – Yes, I am. – We should talk about it. – (laughs) I’m only 50. – [Tina] (laughs) Yeah, no. – Should we get you something to wear, Rachel Dratch?
– Yes, please. – Is there one thing
that she’s worn recently that you’re like, that was really good? Tell me about it.
– Yeah. – The opening night of
“Wine Country” I loved. I thought it was unexpected,
it felt really fresh, and I feel like it was very lengthening. – Only ’cause someone
helped me pick that out. And I was like, oh, this looks very
fashion-forward for me. And then, I got a lot of good– – It’s great. – Feedback on it. – [Tan] Do you like this color? – I think so. – [Tan] Well, I’m gonna
get you to try this on. I’m gonna get a top to go underneath. – I don’t like a lot of
collar, especially for a lady. Sometimes, almost like this or just something drapey
underneath makes it feel less like I’m here for the brisness meeting. (Tan laughs) – It’s just gonna be a really simple one. – All right.
– Sound good? – Yes.
– Godspeed, Rachel. – Well, godspeed. (camera ticking) – [Rachel] I’m ready. – Wait, let me tweak her pants.
– My back to my jacket. – ‘Cause her pants are so long, that I bet she’ll be trip on them.
– Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course, yeah. There’s that. (beeping) Okay, so Tan has gone in to help Rachel, so I’m hanging out here
in the dressing suite. He brings people here to dress them and then, every night, whatever’s left in the room is burned and thrown away. And then, the room is
rebuilt every morning. It’s just kind of how he lives. He’s incredibly wasteful. (beeping) Hello. – Were you just doing
a monologue for them? – Yes. – I wanna come and stand with you. Yes, we’re ready. (upbeat music) (both laugh) You walk really well in those shoes. How did you get so tall? – I want a lower neckline.
– Me too. – ‘Cause I’m getting an Ellen vibe. – Oh!
– Which is great for Ellen, but you’re not Ellen. Also, you are good in a pant, Rachel. You’re narrow, you’re narrow on bottom. – Oh, you’re a bottom? Cute! – I’m a bossy bottom. – The color I think is gorgeous on her. Okay. This shoe. – It’s so funny ’cause I looked at these and I was like, these shoes? and then I was like, oh,
they’re Stella McCartney. (Tan laughs) Oh, I love them.
– Oh, now they’re gorgeous. – I love them for this, but they’re probably gonna be problematic. – Impractical.
– Yes. Break an ankle? – I could just and you’d be toppled right over.
– Break your ankle. – They’re easier to walk in
than a high heel, though. – Oh, well funny you should mention that. Let’s try a high heel. So I do– – Oh, I didn’t do my toes. Okay, yeah, go on. Just don’t zoom in. – We’ll blur them as if they’re testicles. – They’re criminals! (Tan laughs) Testicles or criminals? (laughs) Anyone like bunions in the house? – That little bow is very bunion friendly. I wear a giant bow over my face. – Oh, Tina! – It’s just sometimes! (Tan giggles) Jacket’s tailored within
an inch of its life. Okay, oh my god. – I need a walker. – Someone needs to make a gorgeous walker to go with our heels. – Can I get a Stella McCartney walker?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. (Tina laughs) We’ll put bows all over it. – It’s cute, but see, that is
the interesting thing, right? You could do that on a red carpet. – Like one foot of the red carpet, before I wiped. – Other than the discomfort of the shoe, I love this suit on you. Yeah, you need a V, just to
show off a bit of something. Okay, should we try out the next look?
– Sure. – Do you need to crawl out? I’ll crawl with you.. – Get on her back.
– This is 50. – This is the new red carpet exit. (Rachel laughs) (mellow music) – I think it’s appropriate
that we are down with the kids. – It’s show business, Rachel. You have to keep up with the kids. – Okay. – So this is the Ariana.
– Okay. – So if you’ll grab this.
– This? Okay.
– I’ve got also a pair of boots that you might like. – Wow. – She loves a thigh-high. – [Rachel] Oh my god. – I could really see you, school drop-off. – Tina makes a really fair point. Like for school drop offs, it’s a pair of shoes and a sweatshirt. – And a 20-year-old boyfriend. (Rachel laughs)
What? The boyfriend? This is my question for you. Whenever you try to take a day to just, okay, I’m going shopping, after like 40, I hit the wall, where I’m in the room,
the lighting’s always bad. – Always bad. – You get very sad, you get so hungry. And how do you push through? – Don’t expect to get full outfits. I get a piece here, a piece
there, every time I shop. And expect to take it
straight to the tailor before you go home. – More people need to be tailors. Guys, stop coding. – Mm-hmm, yes. – Enough with the coding. You need to start a charity. – [Tan] Yes. – People around the
world are looking janky and only you can help them. Be a tailor. Join the Tan France Tailor
Association of the World. (Tina laughs) – Yes, I’m contributing
no money at all to this. – And I’m willing to do yelling
over Instagram about it. – [Tan] Rachel Dratch,
are you Ariana ready? – [Rachel] I’m Ariana ready, yeah. – Alright, let’s see it. (upbeat music) You know, this is. (laughs) – I don’t know if WAS supposed
to be tough or Ariana. – She carries a lolli.
– You need a Dum Dum. – You don’t need pants,
you’ve got your boots on. – Who needs pants? – Can we see the. – Yeah, we’d love to see that. The nice thing, as I said, is you could do whatever you want, you
could eat whatever you want. – Yeah, I think if you were to pick up your kids in this, people would assume there were shorts under there. – And that might be a good thing. – And that might be.
– That they would assume that. – The different between calling
Child Protective Services. – And ask me about the
World Food Programme. – [Tina] Now, what else could
you wear those boots with? – Daisy Dukes.
– Daisy Dukes, yeah. – And then, just medical bandages. Like you were in a real
bad wreck at the car show. – Do you feel the best self in this? (Tina laughs) – I think when you’re Ariana
and you’re 26, you wear this. When a woman our age wears this, it’s a mental health issue. – Maybe we just slip you
out of that real quick and show you how you could
wear the boots ’cause you. – Oh yeah, okay, yeah. – I’m here in Tan’s dressing suite. Things are going pretty well. Rachel’s in good spirits. Tan is crying? I don’t know what happened there. – It’s done. Okay, so this is the alt to
the sweatshirt look, okay. (calm music) – Oh yes! – I mean. – I mean yes.
– It’s darn cute. – Very, very cute! – New York lady. – And you only have to
shave one inch of your leg. You just do a wax strip. – This could be your– – I’m going to dinner with a friend, followed by karaoke,
followed by a burlesque show. – Please, God, let me be that friend. This is such a great example, too, of how bodies are different. I would look like. It would look maternity. – Yeah, you couldn’t do a shift dress. – ‘Cause you have the
little meow-meow hips. – How do you feel in it? – I feel like this is
something I would wear and do wear minus like, I don’t usually have these cool boots. – It’s so nice that the
boots are giving you a lot of fashion, but they’re flat. – Yes, they’re very comfortable. All right.
– Okay, last one? – [Rachel] Okay, last one. – I do wanna see you in this, like a lot.
– Okay, all right. – We’re here in Tan’s dressing suite, where, guys, we found
a body under the couch. It seemed to be some kind of sultan. – Rachel, my love, can we see
you in your sexy, ooh, sexy. – Hi everyone, what’s up? – Rock and roll Rachel. – Okay, I love this skirt on you. I love the sexy on you. – I like Jejune it up. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – This feels like your vibe to me. – Occasionally, we have events to go to and then, we bring out our
vibes, but in every day– – In a lock box.
– The vibes are in a lock box. I really like this whole
whatever this is made of. I don’t know. – We call it vegan leather.
– Factory. Vegan leather.
– Vegan leather. – It’s made from vegan human being, were murdered to make that skirt. – They were the obnoxious. – Thank you, thank you.
– Kind, though, so they had to go.
(Rachel laughs) – I don’t know, I feel like you got some swagger in this, in a good way. – And if you got cold, you could put on a little denim jacket of some sort. – Or a large hoodie sweatshirt. – Or your hoodie.
– Yeah, you’re right, yeah. There is one other thing that Tina doesn’t think is really you, but I would be interested
to see you in it. Okay. Real life, I’m a stylist. Not everything works when you try it on. So, I’ve gotta a back up. – Okay. – Give her two minute. This one’s actually gonna
work for sure, for sure. Sorry, Tina, I’m coming right back. – I’ll wait. – Here we are in the Tan styling room. These stairs, they look really nice, guys, but they’re not real. I’m here in Tan’s dressing suite. – All right. – Yeah, we’re here.
Last look. I think you might really like this one. All right, let’s see this. (upbeat rock music) – (laughs) Yes. – Woo! – This is a look I can get behind. – [Tan] Right? ♪ This is a mom jean, mom jean ♪ (Tina laughs) – I think we nailed the look. ♪ Givin’ up, givin’ up ♪ ♪ Put on your mom jeans ♪ – It’s giving you everything;
support, a light color, just flattening your butt.
– Plain. – Place to keep your wallet
in your front pocket. – [Tan] So that’s it, we found your look. – I’m almost sad to be
ending on the mom jeans, but we did find some awesome look. – I would wear it. – You would? – I own mom jeans. – I think Tan should, real
quick, put this on. (laughs) – I’ve literally got a pair. – I want to see you in your mom jeans. – Okay, great. Will you put a pair on? – Let’s all wear some mom jeans. – Let’s do it. (mellow classic rock music) – Thank you so much for watching. I hope you loved that as much as I did. Be sure to like, subscribe,
comment which one was your favorite look
that I put on Rachel. And also, who do you wanna see next? Which comedian should I
have on the show next? (mellow classic rock music)

James Carver

100 Replies to “Tan France & Tina Fey Give Rachel Dratch an Ariana Grande Look | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke”

  1. I was already chuckling at all of Tina's improv but I LOST IT at "he seems to be some kind of… sultan." oml 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Dave Chappelle, but he has better style than most. Maybe he could style you? That would be fun.
    Or Cardi B.

  3. I don't even know what to comment on but the mom jeans part was too much. It's like he knew they had that jingle 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. I love the sexy skirt look on her. <333 Also you should try to get Iliza Shlesinger. Along with Amy Poehler (who's already been mentioned). I'd love to see Jim Breuer just because he's sooooo nice. ANYONE! Just discovered this tonight and I've been watching all of the episodes. <333

  5. All 3 actually looked good in the mom jeans and I liked the vegan leather look on Rachel. I would have put her in a more colorful top though. Maybe blue to match her gorgeous eyes.

  6. I’d be interested in seeing you dress….
    1. Bill Hader
    2. Maya Rudolph
    3. Nicole Byer
    4. Bill Burr
    5. Pete Holmes
    6. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer
    7. Daniel Sloss
    8. Dave Chappelle

  7. Okay 1. I think this is one of my favorite episodes and 2 I've always loved mom jeans and I love how stylish they look. That is all

  8. on the tailor front:
    I honestly wish I was less terrified of people, and people seeing me because I have a dress that fits so poorly that it made me cry when I put it on the first time (ordered online, didn't realize it was for someone 5'10" or taller, and they have a terrible return policy) and I'm just mortified of taking it to a tailor but also refuse to wear it as is. It's a real pickle I've found myself in.

  9. Can you dress ELLEN !!!!!!!!
    She has a unique style and ohh she is HILARIOUS!!
    So i’m pretty sure it’ll be very COOOOOL!!!

  10. Tan France, you are marvelous. I'm suggesting Randy Rainbow. If you don't know who he is, oh do find out. He is the most talented everything to ever spend his time taking down Donald Trump when he ought to be on Broadway. He's tremendously talented and funnier than hell. You boys would have a great time.

  11. Oh, yes! You were utterly to utterly in Taylor Swift's new video. I keep trying to drink tea from the tea pot like that and just keep ending up with it in my eyes.

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