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(Octus) The isosceles Triangle has two congruent sides. [Kimmy sighs] [Static from radio] [Music begins playing] Shake it, bake it, booty quake it. That’s right Roll it around, don’t fake it. Do-do-do-do-don’t fake. Shake it, bake it, booty quake it. Uh, booty meat Shake it, bake it, booty quake it. Roll it around, don’t fake it. Shake it, bake it, booty quake it. Roll it around! Go girl! Shake it, bake it, booty quake it. Roll it around! (Roll it around) Shake it, bake it, booty quake it. Roll it around! I see you bumpin’ up and down,
wakin’ up my city street. Boys be droppin’ to the ground,
worship you at your feet. They be callin’, let it loose! Come on baby rock the caboose Rugged cotton stretched to the seams Come on baby, show me them jeans Shake it, bake it, booty quake it. Roll it around! (Don’t fake it) Shake it, bake it, booty quake it. Roll it around! (Don’t fake it) Shake it, bake it, booty quake it. Roll it around! (Don’t fake it) Shake it, bake it, booty quake it. Roll it around! [Kimmy breathing hard] (Octus) NO!

James Carver

100 Replies to “Sym-Bionic Titan – Booty Jeans”

  1. I saw this clip a few times on Adult Swim but I never knew it was from a show a few years back- only managed to watch it last year…

    Meanwhile Samurai Jack, there were a bunch of teasers I saw but I never remember actually catching an episode when I was a way young kid.

  2. But then again, this IS by Gennedy Tartakovsky. (A.K.A. The creator of Dexter’s Laboratory/Samurai Jack, which are also CN shows)

  3. 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌👉👌

  4. Alta serie de esos tiempos jaja ahora que tengo 14 mira el tiempo que pasó jaja no lo entendía pero mi edad actual lo entiende mejor se 7u7

  5. CN said: "We'll allow this twerking scene, this is nothing compared to the other shows Adultswim is about to show."

    Cartoon Network only ok'ed because kids watch adultswim too, so this twerking is nothing compared to what Family Guy will show lol.

  6. Gus Johnson: Ilana, Lance, Octus? Why? Why would you three would just live like that?

    Ilana: You shouldn't have followed us here, you should go back.

    Gus Johnson: Go back? I'm not going anywhere? What's going on here and why can't you tell me?

    Lance: We have our reason.

    Gus Johnson: Then tell me what is the reason, and help me understand. Please.

    Ilana: For as long as we can remember, our people from Galalua fell victim to the mutraddi. Kind and innocent people, and my father and the army are still doing there best to defeat.

    Octus: In other words, we don't know how long the battle in Galaluna will last and we don't know who the mastermind is. But every time from one mutraddi after another goes through the rift gate, it is our duty to protect earth.

    Lance: And it is also our duty to protect each other and earth, for the future of Galaluna. That's why we cannot reveal the truth in public.

    Gus Johnson: Guys, don't you see? Everything that has happened in our lives have brought us here. Right now, together. And together, along with G3 on our side, we're going to defeat the mutraddi as mighty Sym Bionic Titan. Heart…Body…Mind, unit as one.

  7. I just got my new laptop, drawing tablet, AND animation software 2-3 weeks ago (still need an external hard drive to transfer ALL my stuff to the computer); I tested EVERYTHING and I LOVE it, and I just started studying how to use my animation program.
    My new equipment:
    ~Laptop: ASUS ROG laptop 15.6" exclusive from Best Buy
    ~Drawing Tab: XP-PEN PenTablet 12-or-13"
    ~Software: Adobe Flash/Animate CC (included with Adobe Creative Cloud)
    I've been trying to finish up my current storyboard for several months now. And this is the storyboard still in the works:
    Samurai Jack is dressed in a cyber-sexual attire (consisting of: thigh-high boots, a corset-style top, and mini shorts – that expose his lower cheeks AND crack) twerking AND stripping along to "Shake it, Bake it, Booty Quake it" from Sym-Bionic Titan; this fan animation also has a few guest characters (rave girl Olivia from S3E2 – Jack and the Rave, and Kimmy from Sym-Bionic Titan), along with MY cartoon self (whom you'll see one day)!
    I'll also make extended versions of this animation along to a variety of other songs, such as:
    "Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child, "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot (along with Nicki Minaj's remix of this song, known as "Anaconda")!

  8. I just realized they animated professionals took time to animate this and show it to kids.

    Not that I’m complaining 😏

  9. I remember watching this scene being confused
    And my aunt walked in like
    " what the hell are you watching?"

  10. Now this is a very funny scene but I must ask. How the living hell did this make it past Cartoon Network’s censors?

  11. I wonder how this show was even allowed aired on CN tbh. For CN imo this cartoon is a little dark they showed brutal scenes,a few adult jokes,and they're not afraid to show that people actually died when they fight monsters.

  12. People always complain about this one scene but I don't blame the showrunners at all for this dance sequence though. Because you know, whether it's provocative dancing, subtle innuendos or scantily clad characters, sex sells. Plain and simple.

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