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Oh that does not seem good did you just hear that oh my god well that just happened all right hi welcome to the video um so I was just testing my lighting and we had a mishap my back light broke I guess that's what you call it or gonna be upcycle eggs and thrift clothing today I got a bunch of stuff from a thrift store that I'm gonna make look way cooler and I show you how I do it but this is what I'm gonna start out with so this is a top that I got from savers and I got it for $6 I love the concept of it denim is super in right now especially this kind of dark wash denim and that's this really cool contrast stitching on it this lace I'm really not about I don't like the ruffles I don't really like anything like that and I don't even really love this little sweet tie first order of business is to get the leaves off of yours stitched in there really closely so the best scenario for anyone would be to have a little seam cutter I think I call a salad I don't have any anymore and I think most people don't so your next best option is a pair of little scissors as clean as possible and then we'll clean it up later and we will figure out a way she either make it sleeveless or give it a little off the shoulder sleeve for support and we'll just kind of see it but as really awesome like bottom it has a really cool concept it just needs a little words you want to pull it and stretch it as much as possible so you can see those little scenes so that you can just go right in get under it and clip at right just at that little seam so then look you get a beautiful seamless edge you don't want to cut into the fabric you don't want to just cut along this fabric like that that's not really gonna do anything for you you want to cut right where seam stitching I have been things seeing the whole time stitching is the word I've been meaning to use but yes the stitching you see so I'm just gonna continue around the little shirt doing that I just went through and took the rest off and I loved it I went through and took off all the edges the only problem we have now is that this doesn't look great realistically looks very messy and you wouldn't really want to wear this out so like I said I'm not good at doing it so you could go through and just hand stitch a new hem for yourself but I'm lazy and I don't really like so what I'm gonna do is take some handy-dandy e6000 glue amber Scholes shout-out to her for introducing me to this because I use this for everything this is amazing it's basically I don't know if it's supposed to use on fabric probably not industrial-strength adhesive she's own fabric so we're gonna go ahead and kind of follow where there was stitching before and then I'm just gonna go ahead put a little glue right here and then just paste it down and it's gonna be super easy I'm just gonna take this right here you really don't need a lot I literally use this for clothing I've used this for furniture I've used this for shoes you can use it for anything I'm using a black I think they have a clear one maybe I don't know I remember I got the black for whatever reason and it just kind of stuck so I just went ahead and put the glue all right there and then we are just going to go ahead sorry about my phone that off in a second and then you just kind of hold it down and typically if you're supposed to let this dry for something like 24 hours but let's be real who has that kind of time beautiful like that looks like a professional asked shirt I'm gonna fix that right a little just cuz there's some little fillies hanging out but other than that it's gonna be perfect I'm just so excited about this right so I'm gonna go ahead and glue the other side and then we're gonna move on to the final step and this is only taking me probably like 10 minutes so far I've let this dry for a little bit I let the glue dry and now we have this really nice finished hem that looks perfect so I'm gonna go ahead and unlace this and then I'm gonna show you guys what I've gonna be a real ace that way and maybe I will wear it like this but for now what I want to do with it is replace that this is about five bucks from jo-ann fabrics just a really long chain I actually got this initial resection if you're looking for change the jewelry section is we're gonna find them at a fabric store but so yeah I think I said this was like three dollars altogether it's probably like an eight dollar shirt which is still insane especially for how cool gonna be I feel like you could never find something like that Spray dollars well I just realized this doesn't even fit the root the corset which is really sad but I think I have something else that'll work I'm gonna go see what other chains I have lying around if I have anything else we can do I really want to do a sit with chain nose so I'm gonna go see what it oh here's the solution I'm gonna take these grommets out and replace them with bigger comment I happen to have these because I was like one of my first videos on my channel I bought these for and I still have them but if you're doing this at home with anything similar I would just recommend checking the size out here moments before you buy a chain or anything like that since like I'm having a hard time getting the little grommets out I'm just gonna put the big-girl myths in between the little ones like one there one there one there go just beat on the hardware on it and it'll look super cool I'm not even worried about it perfect that's what we're gonna do one grommet in kind of looks like you always have to make the rest look like that honestly I'm really glad that that didn't work out in the first place because look how much cooler this looks now it's not the best job you know but I think it looks pretty freakin awesome for you know makeshift little old me so now we're gonna throw the chains through it it looks so good like I am so happy I'm so pumped about this shirt I have something Sunday I'm totally gonna wear this to come on to our next item um I had to come back to this after doing them but here's me doing them hello our next project it's gonna be this big Nike Jersey kind of thing I think it's an XXL wanna make it a really cool kind of Ashley athleisure crop top with some cool detailing so the first order of business for that would just be to crop it right so what I'm gonna do is try this on and figure out where I want it to sit didn't I do it like right there I'm gonna mark that with a marker and then probably go a little bit under from where I want it to end up because you don't want to end up with going too short and then you can't fix it you always want to be able to cut more because you can never cut less hold it in half where I've marked it and then just go in it's probably better if you have fabric scissor or something again used to have those don't have more so I just finished cutting this crop top this looks like now I'm gonna try it on again and make sure it's kind of way wanna I went to join fabric and bought a bunch of supplies for that I've mentioned so this was $7 oh I've heard too much at home okay this was just three dollars I'm at a goodwill I think I'm gonna try this and see what this would look like if I were to put this around the rim but my only concern is if I were to put this around the bottom like that is that it wouldn't really have a flow to it and it would kind of sit around my waist weird because it's so big as you can see there's a ton of space right here so what I'm thinking would be a really cool detail because if I took some of this and just made two straps across so that way it kind of holds the shirt together so you're not so much and adds a really cool detail to it you could also do it like off-the-shoulder I think that could be really cool to fill the hall and wearing it a little bit but yes I think I'm gonna go ahead and do that pull out the old needle and thread what I'm gonna do since this is kind of a jersey material and it actually has two plies to it meaning just like two layers like a lining and upper layer I don't really know that very attorney terms but you guys know what I'm saying so I'm gonna be selling this into the first layer so that's gonna make it really nice and not visible so I'm gonna be sewing it under like that and I think I'm just gonna do to kind of strands on each side or two bands so I'm gonna put this back on and I'm gonna see how much we would need on each side but one right there oh we're gonna do it that and leave it some room so obviously I just kind of I bought that but I left more than enough room for error so I think we're good and then I'm just gonna go ahead and take these two strands and cut the exact same length for the other side I have my little guys and what I'm gonna do is take these little pin thingies um I don't know what these are called push pin and just kind of keep them in place so that we can see where we want things and then also this is what's gonna help me sew things so I'm gonna flip both of them over so that we can kind of look at them evenly like so I want to show you what this should look like if you are recreating this in any Anthony okay so we have this one and this one pinned one little piece and then I'm just going to go ahead and kind of put it where I want it so I don't want mine to go right in there and be sewn right there and then for the other side I'm just gonna deal with the same thing just to make sure that I want to exactly like this I'm gonna go ahead and try it on just kind of reposition these a little bit and then I'm gonna go ahead and just get into the sewing the shirt is finished I think it looks pretty dang cool if I do say so myself but you know what I quickly realized as I was finishing this side it would be a lot easier to just secure it with safety pins especially because there's a lining and you're not gonna see the safety pins I would recommend doing that especially if you're a slow sower because that just took me like 30 minutes this is this really funky leather looking thing but it's just kind of the best so I got this at Crossroads for $15 a little more expensive than average but if you were to buy a real whole leather vest from anyone else would be way more so that's if it has this detailing so one thing I could do is what I did the first year and kind of put chains in here which I definitely thought about doing and I thought that would be really cool we're doing instead is I want to be able to kind of wear this as a shirt but it doesn't close up so I should kind of show you what I need so first of all I'm gonna loosen these sides so that way I can get a little extra room on the sides so that it'll come in more and then I'm gonna create something cool here that I can wear this alone as a kind of swanky shirt already so we've loosened it I got these little oversized safety pins from jo-ann fabrics everything I'm showing here is from there I think these were maybe two dollars each so four months with me that this chain I don't remember how much this was but not super expensive five bucks at the most so I think I'm gonna try and do something fun with all of this so I definitely do want one kind of on the bottom and then I want one right at right in the middle of my Tatas as well so do you guys see I'm going right through this inside theme not touching the outside just going through the seam on the inside I think that's cool I like it but I would have to see obviously what it looks like without a shirt okay so that's what it looks like right now but I think I want on this chain that kind of going through B and then I'm just gonna kind of start threading it evenly and we're going to see where it goes okay so now I have all the chain kind of thread it in here and it doesn't look exactly right yet but once you stick it back through this whole so I'm gonna take the dress off so you can see what it would actually look like but I think this is sick and you would never see something like this in a store I think it's really cool I'm really happy with it and that literally took nothing these things were at the absolute most ten dollars not even anything was like eight to buy this was this was fifteen but one of a kind you made it it's super cool okay guys I think we're gonna do one more pretty simple kind of DIY this one's really easy doesn't involve a lot of work at all um so yeah we're gonna do this one and then we're gonna be done this is gonna be the last one all you're gonna need for this one is a big oversized sweatshirt this one is this red champion sweatshirt and this was there's no price on this but I think it was around $3 maybe so what I'm gonna do with this is basically I'm just gonna make it into a little crop top and a little skirt do you guys have watched any of these videos before this is a pretty common DIY that people do I kind of wanted to make something just kind of make up some of my own with random stuff but this one's a really practical one that you can find a big sweatshirt anywhere okay where do I want it cropped about here I kind of talked about this before I like to do right above my belly button on the waist so I want to crop it about here so I'm gonna just make a little mark with my scissor not the best way to do it wouldn't really recommend doing that but that's what I do okay cool so now we have the crop sweatshirt and that part is pretty much done the only part we have to worry about is the little skirt so obviously for me this would be too large for a skirt we have this little hem thing that's in most sweatshirts and this is two-ply and this is where a lot of people would stick the little tie thing in a sweatshirt so that's exactly what we're gonna draw string that's anymore so that's exactly what we're gonna do for a skirt we're gonna make it just a drawstring skirt I actually happen to have this like perfect rope drawstring thing from another project at it a while ago whatever but um this is exactly what I'm gonna use all you need to get is a little piece of rope from mature on fabrics super cheap for a yard or whatever of it the inexpensive so all you're gonna do I guess pick one where you want your skirt to start where you want the front of it to be and then hold the two ply apart I'm actually going to use the grommets again so we're gonna make two holes for the drawstring to go in so I'm gonna start with one little one right here so you can use grommets where you cannot use grommet I don't really know why I am choosing to use them I guess just because I have them I'm using them but you really don't have to we got one little done and then put one is for you next for you okay so now I have my two little holes and I'm just gonna go through and start threading this little guy and really all you have to do is just kind of put it through the grommet and then warm it its way through here kind of wooden like your sweatshirt string falls out all right and then once you have pulled both strings out the grommets your skirt should be all kind of scrunched up and it's ready to wear it looks a little weird now but I'm going to try it out with the sweatshirt it's gonna be cute right so honestly you guys the grommets we're not staying on here they ended up just falling off so I just kind of tied it and these are just holes without grommets now but you can tuck the thing in or you can leave it okay like I would totally wear this it's a little short I think in the future I would get try and look out for a sweatshirt that's a little bit longer I mean for something that takes like five minutes and like three dollars it's super cute and for the drawstring you don't even have to go out and buy one just take one out of an old hoodie that you don't wear anymore and you'll have a cute little champion set bro all right you guys I think that's all I have for you today I was gonna maybe try and do more but I think I'm gonna save them for another video cuz I haven't felt anything for like six hours probably more than that so yeah I think I'm gonna leave it here I love you guys so much thank you so much for I appreciate every single one of you I don't really have anything else to say other than I love you and let me know if you guys like this and let me know you want to see in the future thumbs up for more 13 videos I love you I hope you have a wonderful day

James Carver

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  1. aww adorable outro :') also why don't you start a business doing this?! it's so cool and literally you are recycling clothes – LOVE this! can't wait to try to make the sweater – outfit. also loved the first top <333

  2. Be careful with that kind of broken light! Those kind of light bulbs are filled with mercury gas!!! Hope you’re doing well 🙃
    Love the video as always :)!

  3. After watching Ashley (bestdressed)’s video earlier this week, I thought there was no way I could follow a thrift flip tutorial 😂 I feel… a little better now?

  4. that leather vest turned out fireee! Can you do summer outfit ideas? Girl is getting tired of wearing just a t-shirt and shorts

  5. Yessss girl, more thrift videos please. You made these pieces look so original and cute.
    I hope you had a lovely weekend hunnie

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