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hello everyone welcome back to my channel I cannot believe I'm like yes I cannot believe I am filming another try on haul video before I give birth yes I cannot believe but it's happening yes it is but I promise this will be the last try on haul before I give birth I am always there seriously I am almost there and Express yes the brand that I love wanted to partner with me as last one before I do give birth so grateful again Here I am and I will share each one that I picked and I hope everything works yes the first toe I picked up of course I love their jewelry so here they are and Express normally give me 50% off promo code so I will have the code down in the description box below the direct link with the detailed information will be down below yes so check down below if you're interested and here is the first two stars one small one big ginormous stars with the rights down really really pretty honestly it's a little bit heavier than normal earrings that I get from express and they are very very lightweight but this one I can feel it's a little bit heavier but still manageable and you guys see I think with my hair it will pop more as it's dark it's just so much fun oh yes I love it I have nothing like this and stars have been everywhere for earrings and necklaces obscene hearing there so I want to try it and the second one actually are being getting into silver jewelry like hardware's a lot lately and got the five days on the bottom with the shiny silver hardware the top one there's three with the rhinestones right here and it's got the three hooks I hooked it on the second haul I already have diamond necklace one single I love it a little bit next is this beautiful blue top it's red like it's just so fresh pop of color I have nothing like this popping into blue lately more and more after I got navy blue Birkin from Paris I don't know when I see blue I'm like so interested so I went with it when I saw it online I thought it would be fun and for summer of course it will be beautiful so I went up a size small normally I go with extra small but I am pregnant so I went yes one size up but everything that you see in this video they are all regular clothes so if you're pregnant like I am go size up still they work and if the Sun is bothering you guys like I'm bothered by it's been raining all day and it's been raining whole weight and now the Sun is coming out so I'm happy about it I hope you guys are okay with that next one is this so beautiful it's green it's got all different colors just like the blue one that I'm wearing right now but this one is long and maxi dress yeah it's open on the back so it's just perfect for summer and it's gonna be beautiful with sandals flip-flops or yeah high heels Annie you can pair wet neutral color white boy flops will look really nice what it only shoes that I have in this hall basic and black sandals it's got some like Hills not too tall not too sure but these are gonna be very comfortable with the cushion its cushiony right down here so I love them and neutral color these are basic sandals very typical and very cute and these will go with about anything skirt dress jeans shorts I mean you name whatever you pair this will go really well and perfect for summer I love how simple they look and very comfortable and there is cushion right down here so comfortable as well and I am almost 5 5 but it gives me some of the high which is always a plus so loving the look jersey fabric shirts are super soft I have many just different styles and I've got different cost looking like yeah very very nice and I love so this one is like plummy color I would say not brick or maroon color but it's pop of color but still neutral enough if you're not pregnant like I am I will tie here like not it on the front like this much and wear long skirt or sure skirt will be fine or shorts or jeans yeah anything you throw on it will look very casual and comfortable but still put together type of look I love their shirts so so soft I picked up same shirt in different color this is soft baby pink and yeah no brainer type of neutral color to me so I went with it this t-shirt is just so so pretty I know it's just basic t-shirt right but absolutely love this pottery baby pink it's very very soft baby pink absolutely gorgeous and like I said it is super soft I mean it is really soft I was you're like I just want you guys to touch it and fill it like how I'm feeling right now you can see it's more of loose fit so it wouldn't really show all the bums like you can see my belly the back is longer than the front but it's got the round shape to it pairing it with the black basic sandals and the denim jeans and this pink matching with pink back together with black sunnies so that's how I will style casual but still pretty and feminine this is the blouse and I knew it wouldn't work right now with my belly but I just could not pass on as it looked so beautiful on the model but I went with the size media which I normally don't go away because normally very back but I wanted to try and see if it works dude yeah if I can wear it now but anyway I will wear something underneath so I thought I can get around that I've been also into yellow and it's mustard yellow and it's just so so pretty I didn't want to pass only like I'm saying and I love this ruffle on the sleeves and on the bottom and it's got the ribbon wrapped around but it is attached guys seriously I love this top I knew it I knew it I will just absolutely love even though I know my belly is sticking out and it does not even cover at least a half you can see the building sticking out right here but still you know what I'm gonna rock it it doesn't matter because it's still coming black I can wear underneath like you can see on the front area as well and yeah pairing it with new color handbag and the shoes together with the denim isn't that cool I love it with the gold accessories with the earrings it's sheer and flowy it's just so cool I love the shape as well and I'm glad I went with the size medium I love this look isn't that nice as I showed you all the colors let me show you the black dress that I picked up I thought this will look really nice all right now but also after give birth I could rock this for sure it's black and it's got elastic band of course very comfortable and this is very interesting it's got the ribbon on top on your neckline and also it has a bit of really cute ruffle on the sleeves not too too long like Mexi style but it's not sure at all so I am pretty sure this is gonna work it's got a slip skirt underneath and it's very flowy pairing it with Manila Blahnik black 70 millimeter hills and this dress is very comfortable with the elastic band right here with my belly still I can rock it you don't have to tie it or ribbon right here but it will look very cute right now I have this beautiful necklace on so I wanted this to be the showpiece on this office so isn't that nice I love it love it love it love it I mean totally I can wear right now but it is for regular clothes so rocket and love after I gave birth as well very very flowy as you can see and I picked up same one but with the stripe navy blue beam into navy blue right so yeah no brainer another dress that's gonna work right now with my belly and after I give birth with the ribbon on that's how he looks and this dress is just another no-brainer type of dress little work for anybody yes again with my belly this being so big still it works with the elastic band I'm pairing it with the nude pumps and nudie handbag cup of things and this navy blue with the white stripe going down love beautiful isn't it very sophisticated and I picked up another shirt that is very interesting on the back looks like so on the front v-neck but it's got three stripe going on and it's gonna be loose on the bag right this area it looked very cool and chic and nice on the model it's like batwing style as well so I can wear it now same thing can't wear it later this top is a cool and chic I love the back draped down workers and also it's got four stripes on top on the front you can see the v-neck and three stripes and if you don't want the cleavage showing wear the Kami or something underneath the cover and it will still look totally cool and I love this batwing shape as you guys all know it just makes you look slimmer than you are and fluttering a love love-love-love and it's very very very soft I love their t-shirts and with my belly it looks even shorter but it is shorter on the front then the bag and I love pairing green olive color with gold accessories to just make it pop and have leper brained accent as well like these sandals and also the sunglasses I just paired them together and burgundy color goes really well with olive green and this one is with the Velva so it'll be better during the cooler time of the year but still I can rock it because it's the only burgundy color I have so this is the styled look surprised I got pens yes not maturity pants but I thought this will work as it's ankle super high rise and it's got the elastic band so I thought these may work with my belly it will look really cute and nice with the top tucked in but for now I can't do that with my belly so we'll see how it looks but hopefully it works oh me right now surprisingly these bands work with my belly you can see the line there because it's elastic and it's got really good stretch to it as you can't see it right but size small is too big on me see just keeps a lot of bulk right here but I mean if I don't have belly maybe it will work not sure but the fabric oh yes it is SuperDuper soft and really comfortable and yeah I think I'll have to really try and see after I give birth if these work but I mean totally I recommend if you're not pregnant I know I just went for them because I will give birth the very soon and I could be able to wear them so that's why I went with these there's two pleats right here so it's meant to look a bit like loose fit right this area but because of my belly it just doesn't give the shape that is supposed to but if you're pregnant oh yeah enough for now after your birth I'll have to try again and see if these work but I don't know I went with the size small but still I feel like it's a bit too big maybe I should have gone with extra small would it make it better I hope you guys enjoy watching this video and let me know which one you like the most in the comment section down below and everything that I feature in this video and with the promo code yeah detail info will be down below in the description box and thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys in my next one bye guys

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  1. why do u style ur hair same way. give it different style i think u will look good in that. as u r so beautiful and ur hair is also nice. so every style will go nice with u. love this video.

  2. Love and blessings from India❤❤ Hope to see the little angel soon😇 I loved the star earrings and the green flowy dress

  3. OMG.. You are so good picking cute clothing with out trying them on!!! Absolutely love all the pieces you've got!!! I'm definitely checking them out lol

  4. Your try on video is one of my favorites on your channel! You’re glowing! ✨✨✨love from a small YouTuber xx 😚

  5. I’m excited for you CHARIS on your baby arrival soon! ❤️👶🏻❤️Sending more blessing for your family.

  6. Hi Charis, safe delivery.❤️ Whenever you introduced Express, I can only admire cos I cannot access to their website. Anyway, lovely accessories n clothings👍🏻

  7. You’re absolutely beautiful Charis ♥️♥️♥️
    Praying for you to have a safe delivery. Can’t wait to see your next precious baby ♥️♥️♥️♥️
    ♥️♥️Love from Cali ♥️♥️

  8. Charis, the green floral dress would be perfect to leave hospital in with precious cargo!💙💙💙💙

  9. The green dress is sooo pretty too!!! It reminds me of Hawaii!!!!! Sorry lol…I’m commenting as I watch🥰

  10. Would u plz share something regarding skin care and keep body shape?!I wish I could be even 50% pretty like you when I am going to be pregnant !

  11. Wow…the blue shirt you do your intro on is absolutely beautiful and the color looks amazing on you!!!!!

  12. Great style as always Charis. I love the navy blue dress; it's a great dark choice when you realize you have too much black in your wardrobe. Stay well and comfortable in the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

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