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Hello, people! You are on the Blogika channel Today I want to tell you about the sugaring hair removal in the bikini zone Today I want to show you how to safely and correctly carry out this procedure So that you have a good impression after it and your skin to be smooth and silky With a little preparation, a bikini sugaring can be a quick and routine procedure You will be hair-free for at least several weeks Wear loose, comfortable clothing for your procedure You need soft and comfortable panties Or even you may forget underwear at all Because after your wax you don’t want to wear tight clothes The first thing you need to do is to remove all excess clothing from your body Sugar wax and baby powder should not stick to the clothes Next, you need comfortable lie on the couch and bend one leg at the knee You can lower one leg down under the couch or lie down in a frog pose The correct pose allows us to painlessly and effectively remove all unwanted hair Before starting the procedure, degrease the skin with a special degreasing solution You can use micellar water or any antiseptic for this We degrease, remove all excess dust particles and clean the skin from the keratinized dead layer Now, we can proceed directly to the procedure itself We need to put baby powder on the skin areas from which we will remove unwanted hair We need to not put too much baby powder Otherwise, this will negatively affect our sugar paste It will make the paste thicker and it will cease to effectively grab our hairs After we have applied the powder to our skin areas, we need to remove its excess with a dry napkin Next, we can take our sugar paste To make an effective procedure, we need to mix a soft paste with a solid paste in the ratio of 1 to 1 And we begin our procedure We start with large labia Initially, you need to remove hair from these skin areas These are the most painful and inaccessible areas of the skin It is very difficult to remove hair from here From bottom to top, slowly spread the paste with stretching movements Paste should to melt in contact with our warm skin and thereby capture the hairs Such a movement must be repeated three times After this, you need to grab the edge of our paste and horizontally pull out hair You need to do very sharp hand movements And such movements should be repeated as many times as we need to pull out all the hair on the desired area of the skin Sugaring is much better than waxing Because it slips the hair out of the follicle rather than tearing off the surface of your skin Sugaring will also remove dead skin layer and it makes your skin smooth and younger looking But it can still be painful If you are not willing to experience pain, then you shouldn’t sugar over the pelvic region Determine exactly what waxing style might best suit you You can choose: Standard bikini Californian wax G-String Brazilian wax Brazilian mini-triangle Hollywood wax My choice is a full Brazilian wax When our front end is ready, we turn to the right or left side, depending on which hand you are doing the procedure You will bend one leg at the knee and find yourself in the position that most people usually sleep We make smoothing movements from the inside of the body to the outside and pull the hair out horizontally to our body As a result, you are left completely without hair with an absolutely smooth body After the whole procedure, we take the same antiseptic or micellar water Using a napkin, remove all excess sugar paste and powder Do not use a scrub and washcloth on those areas of the skin on which the procedure was performed After the whole procedure, we put on light cotton underwear and non-tightening clothes Sugar waxing is an effective method of removing unwanted hair in all areas But this is a very difficult procedure Which makes many people feel shy and refuse to enjoy it Especially if you’ve never had one before Thanks for watching my tutorial The full video with continuation is available on my Patreon: Until next time. Bye, bye

James Carver

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