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How ya doin’ there? This is Simon Bingham.
We’re chillin’ at No Comply Skateboard Shop in Austin, Texas. And I’m going to tell you
a little bit about why skateboarders should wear helmets. First of all, a helmet should
be worn on, when riding, I’d say, transitions that are over your head. And when you’re skateboarding
on flat ground, it can…they can tend to be a little bit overweight, and kind of mess
you up a little bit, but definitely when you’re riding bigger ramps you should always wear
a helmet because if you slip back, you can hit your head quite hard. And also coming
from higher up, you have a chance of hitting your head a lot harder. Another factor that
plays in it is age. I think that if a kid is, you know, under eight years old and doesn’t
have a lot of experience, no matter what they’re doing they should probably wear a helmet.
And, but I would say, leaving it up to the parents to decide when their kid should wear
a helmet.

James Carver

10 Replies to “Skateboarding Tips : Why Should Skateboarders Wear Helmets?”

  1. Duck me it don't matter. My mate died and he hit a little rock fucking smashed his skull open. I wear a helmet all the time.

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