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100 Replies to “SixBlindKids – Bethany – Blind Girl’s Date Out With Mom, Chicken Fries, And Some Plans For 2020”

  1. Sounds like a busy year with house projects! I love watching Bethany on her date she is so sweet! Hannah's laugh is too funny! Oh my storms!

  2. Bethany I hope you continue to feel better and I love that you enjoy mother / daughter time. Hannah you are so funny with your laugh 😂. Arnie is such a cutie

  3. Do the three girls (Jesse, Hannah , and Bethany ) prefer the same hair cut with bangs? Or do you guys find that the easiest to work with? I noticed Abi is the only girl with out bangs!☺️

  4. Bethany, I like the chicken fries from BK too! Even though you still weren’t feeling well you have that smile on your face that can light up a room.

  5. Hannah’s teeth look great- so nice and straight (my twin sister and I each had braces/orthodontics twice)! Always a pleasure to see Bethany too- seems like the type everyone could hang out with!

  6. Awe, Bethany is just so sweet. She will do amazing at an assisted living facility.
    I LOVE BK, but I'm not a chicken finger fan. They always seem to be over cooked when I order them.

  7. Yeah, David… Do you want to go and spend hours in the store? My guy friends learned not to go with me when I want to go shopping…🤣🤣 maybe you would like to go to a place like Eataly? It’s the food theme park in Italy…

  8. Bethany is such a sweet girl. She has such a loving spirit.and is so caring. What a great mom and daughter day. All your kids are so great! Hope dad feels better soon.

  9. Your soul is just so loving and caring❤️ God is smiling down on you and your husband and may He continue to bless you and your beautiful family❣️❤️

  10. My son says there’s spicy chicken fries at the location we go to but since he “drinks” Buffalo sauce I don’t bother verifying. So glad everyone is doing better,especially dad! “Man cold, ugh” 😉 ❤️

  11. I definitely know the sick husband deal. The same man who tried to duct tape his fingertip back on and call it a day turns into a toddler at the slightest cold. One of the world's mysteries. Sounds like yours was pretty sick though, glad he's feeling better!

  12. Why didn't you just let her stay home and rest? I noticed you did the SAME thing when your other daughter was sick

  13. Will we ever get to meet Joel? I understand Bethany's quietness, I get like that too, it's not being rude by not communicating it's just how we are 🙂

  14. thank God everyone is healthy and well now! I'm also just getting over a 5 day influenza :/ blah. it was so cute when Bethany was talking about how she wanted chicken fries. love watching you guys! thank you so much for sharing!

  15. Another great vlog. Bethany is so kind and caring. Oh how I miss Burger King. They discontinued their chicken sandwich so for me there is no reason to go.

  16. I love those chicken fries! I usually dip them in hot sauce to make them spicier. You can also buy frozen chicken fries. They're great in an air frier. Probably not the best thing in the world to eat, but SO good! 😊

  17. its so nice when she ask if her mama wants burger king, she just dont think of herself she also thinks what her mama wants. ♥️ s

  18. I'm glad you all made it through the "marathon". 🙂 You sound like you're ready for more of life's fun adventures again. Hee hee! Blessings to the whole family.

  19. I've missed you guys. I know all to well the feeling of being stuck in the house with a sick love one. I myself am the caretaker of my mom for these last going on 5 years. A breath of fresh air can be so refreshing and very much needed.💪🏿💖 At times I don't know where the strength comes from👆🏾but, God is a merciful God and from him I'm blessed.

  20. Four peoples tears of laughter accidentally fell on the Dislike Thumb
    Mine almost made it five!

    Blessings to each of you and your YouTube Family ~

  21. Feel better soon Bethany I been up most of the night sick too I got a throat infection hopefully going to see the doctor today

  22. Hey guys!, I've been watching you guys for a while now and I don't what it is that makes so happy to watch your videos so much but I do immensely. You guys should honestly have a tv show and I would binge watch it like crazy!❤

  23. Oh yes we would understand how crazy your life gets!! Mine is super crazy but to add six blind adults to it would make it insane!!

  24. LoL totally agree with you. When a MAN gets sick it's like the end of the world. Hands down the biggest Babies. Imagine if they had a Period.

  25. Yes my kids go back today from 3 weeks winter vacation! I'm sooooooo happy it's Monday and they return today! Momma needs a break!

  26. I know your kids LOVE just spending time with you, but besides being with you, is it actually fun for them to shop? I can’t imagine enjoying shopping with no vision. How does that work exactly? ❤️

  27. I'm glad you girls had a great Monday. Personally having a good Monday myself
    It feels like a play hoocky day but their accully isn't any school today. I've just gotten over bring sick myself and I've been inside on my break and I'm ready to get out. I love burger king chicken fries too so yummy. Happy early birthday Hanna. My birthday was yesterday and I turned 21. I accully ate some birthday cake for breakfast. Feel better Bethany.

  28. You can get a gadget to place your phone so you can film and talk freely while driving.

    What day is Hannah's birthday? Mine is in january too, last 9th. Happy birthday to us 🎉

  29. I love this channel the whole family is so bright and vibrant you guys put a smile on my face every time I watch your videos!❤️

  30. It was fun being with you too today. Bethany did seem tired it was kind of cute when she was just really loving those pillows at the shop I think she wanted to lay down with them underneath her to rest. Chicken fries or I didn’t even know they had such a thing !

  31. I would love to hear that story time some day, you guys feel like a distant family to me! Thanks for always vlogging your day

  32. Thank you Bethany to care about elderly people my grand ma died from flu due to low immune system due to an illness at an hospital 😞💔
    Definitely man just don't handle illness properly 😂 one of my friend say my man say rhhh but it is just a small cold 😂😂😂

    I look at Bethany touching pillows that reminds me my grand ma she loved touching the fabric 😇 I currently am happy because velvet is back 😀
    😘😘 I missed your video

  33. I truly hope Mr. Joe is doing better, I know how it's feel to have the flu since I have it as I'm writing this comment in bed sick as a dog 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  34. I love burger king chicken fries. I miss it but we don't have one in walking distance. whenever my family goes out I joke saying "I'll just throw a party" lol. have a fun day out! I love how you always have a smile, bethany!

  35. The best cure for a cold is oregano oil pills. They will kill any cold or infection. I buy mine from Puritan's Pride online and take 5 pills 3 times a day after each meal until you feel better or about 7 days max. Make sure you take a probiotic pill or something with probiotics daily as well. These oregano oil pills are amazing.

  36. Thank you for another great video.when I was scrolling through youtube and saw a new one was up yesterday I literally said quietly to myself "yesssss"😂❤️I got so excited. Bless you and your family and the smiles you guys continue to bring!

  37. Go Bethany! She is literally the perfect candidate for a job like that. You guys go gettem. We're in the midst of a season ourselves, but we all get through it. You guys rule 🙂

  38. I can't believe I let this slip by, I think I got distracted with a coughing spell with my bronchitis. Poor Joe, the flu is horrible, and he doesn't like just sitting around as far as I can tell so everyone cooped up and sick must have been just miserable. I'm glad you are all feeling better. I haven't tried chicken fries but your kids and a couple other You Tube families talk about Chic-Fil-A and I want to try some but we don't have any near here. But we DID just get a Home Goods store. I haven't heard of them before and I haven't gone yet. I bet Arnie knows your voice and even your steps, you can't get by him lol Have a good night all!

  39. Hello Karen and Joe! Have you ever tried giving Jesse Ovaltine? It's a chocolate milk type drink that you probably remember from when you were younger.
    I would love to send some over. It's really nutritious, and she loves sweets. PediaSure and Ensure both are overly high in sugar and have low amounts of the vitamins and minerals they claim they have. Still, it's better than nothing for sure. Supplements aren't as effective than consuming the actual meal. I worry about her weight a bit. I'm no expert, but I think it's a safe recommendation.

  40. You guys deserve every cent you get donated and dollar YouTube pays you (probably more than most). Judging by the beautiful home you have and the fact mom works as a nurse for 2 people who need 24h care for free (assumingly) as well as the mom for a family of 8¹/², dad must have such a successful career! I dont bring this up for any reason other than to commend you for giving 6 people a wonderful life who otherwise would not of. You two are TRUE American Heroes for finding fulfillment and joy for providing for them AND allowing us to recieve both entertainment and more importantly education by peeking into your lives! It truly is inspiring, thank you!

  41. I’ve been watching for a new video!! Yay!
    Your whole family is awesome, but Hannah’s laugh is so contagious! Her laughter always brightens my day!
    Keep the videos coming!!

  42. Oh my storms! I know Hanna almost always seems so upbeat and happy, but I think this is a Waaaaaaaaaay beyond that! LOL What set off this laugh attack? I didn't get it. Oh…. maybe it was stress relief from having dad back to work again? LOL Any way you look at it, it's a lot better than her into a deep crying session. Bethany, you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  43. Everyone in your family has such an amazing personality. Every time I watch your vlogs it makes my day much brighter. You guys are awesome!!

  44. I dont know if I am saying this okey(I am sanish) but I think this is the best channel I discovered on YouTube. I dont know if there are words in any language to express how happy I am. I am a kid and like 2 years ago my best friend have autism and he is so funny and interesting like your family.(I hope I write this well)

  45. Don't ever feel weird for tickling the kids Karen, I'm 33 this year and my almost 63yr old mother still tickles me 😂 😘 xx

  46. I remember on a previous vlog where Jessie tore apart her room. I can’t remember if she took her sheets off or not. But I saw on someone else’s vlog that there are things called “sheet stays”. They said they work pretty well. It kinda looks like suspenders for the bed! I just thought I’d let you know so it could possibly help you!

  47. You guys have quickly become one of my top 3 YouTube channels! People like you guys truly restore my faith in humanity again! Your family is amazing and so are you guys for everything you do for everyone! So much love from Michigan! 💕

  48. While watching this video I thought, Bethany is my favorite! Then I thought about the other videos and how each one makes me go, this one is my favorite. So basically, they are all my favorites!

  49. Me and my girlfriend cant have kids on our own, and you guys inspired us to decide to adopt a special needs child, we are just starting the process and have a long ways to go but we are so excited to become mothers and you guys give us so much hope. Thanks for all you do

  50. I'm 20 and I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, so I get a lot of questions from people about why I'm limping or wearing braces, and I always think it would be funny if I said something like that its because of a sports injury (because in reality I'm super weak and clumsy and couldn't play sports😅). This video gave me a new idea..someday I really wanna tell someone I just ran a marathon😂 I'm so glad Bethany wasn't too sick and that you guys had a fun day, every time I see her in a video I wish I could be friends with her💕

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