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what’s up welcome back I was thinking like “do I need anything designer
like ever again ever in my life, am I not fulfilled with all of my secondhand eBay designer?” I went through a period in my life where I
bought so much stuff on eBay that was designer and it was cheap, trust me I wasn’t like rich
or anything but I did that and I was like wow, I still feel really empty inside
and it wasn’t what I thought it was gonna be
but I also felt some other things so I wanted to like, work it out with you all
if I think it’s worth it to buy designer clothes and like what the implications are
so I thought of some pros and cons as I do
and the first pro that I was thinking is like you know how designer brands are with the
whole like “this is ethically made” which it’s like girl, you’re trying to sell me something
it you wanna talk about ethics we can really break this down
but “as ethically made as physically possible” when a huge corporation is trying to sell
you something you don’t need so they’re like “hey this was made outside
of a sweatshop, this was made by people who can earn up to $25 an hour, this was made
in a way that was sustainable and eco friendly and the cotton was made this way so that it
helps the earth bla bla bla and I’m not saying these aren’t viable options
for fast fashion companies, but I am it doesn’t make sense to think that you’re
gonna go to someone who’s saying like “hey, this was made in an ecologically friendly
way” from a fast fashion company, because it’s like you make fast fashion
like that’s not ecologically friendly eco-nothing
you sell 15,000 collections a year like, you’re killing the environment
another thing is though, just like, you can like a designer
that’s valid, that’s a pro of buying designer clothes, or designer goods or luxury items,
you can just like the creative vision that they have and yuo can connect with it deeply
and that’s completely valid i know i make it seem like everything has
to be this huge political thing actually i don’t think i do
I’m pretty identity and representation based you can literally just do something because
you like it that’s completely valid, you don’t have to
“well, I like the designer because they challenge the gender status quo”
it’s just cool that’s valid
we’re people, we have needs, we like creative things, and you might just like a designer’s
stuff recognizing that people have needs and that’s
valid is important to me like if you like something that’s cool
but, you knew I was gonna connect this to power dynamics,
as far as power dynamics go, wearing designer clothes can help you hope
to navigate more successfully, it’s like my favorite thing to say,
but it’s just the case that — and obviously not all designers are created equally not
all designer clothes are easily recognizable in the first place, let alone something that
someone would be like “good on you” not all designer clothes are like, a suit or something
professional that can help you be more successful, but
generally, if they are, or if they’re just something nice, or recognizable, that can
help you it can help you build connections with people,
it can help you have mobility like if someone recognizes that you have something designer,
it may help someone think of you in a certain way, assume you have a certain class status
disconnect stereotypes they might have connected with you
or reinforce other stereotypes so don’t just think it’s just this universal
like “if you wear designer clothes and you’re Black, you will have a good life”
but it is the case that if you have access to designer clothes in the first place, then
you have access to things a lot of other people don’t
and if you wear designer clothes, you may be in a position to navigate more successfully
so I do think designer clothes are connected to power
but another way that they’re connected to power
and power dynamics is: I’ve talked about this in my dress code
video when you grow up poor
or lower middle class, or whatever you wanna label it,
if you grow up where you don’t have access to new clothes all the times and you are thrifting,
wearing hand me downs, or just generally, not wearing very expensive or highly favored
clothes, that affects your self esteem and you might be like “no I grew up thrifting
and I never felt bad about it” — okay well, congrats, like good on you, nobody cares
it just it can mess up your self esteem I shouldn’t say everybody universally hates
their life if they had to wear hand me downs was made to feel shame and not necessarily
like people being like “hey you should be ashamed of yourself” or you should feel bad
that you’re power, but why doesn’t something in the earth feel like you deserve something
new so when you have access to designer clothes
it makes you feel better for a period and obviously you know I’m gonna balance this
on each side but like,
when you feel that hole of like “wow what would it be like to have nice new clothes”
and you get nice new clothes of course that boosts your self esteem
and I’ve talked about this as far as the rap industry goes and conspicuous consumption
goes where you wanna buy something that looks like you’re rich like “look at me I am rich
you should notice that I’m rich I want you to notice that I’m rich, I’m showing my wealth”
because if you’ve been systematically disenfranchised, it makes perfect sense that you wanna be like
“I have value in some way” why wouldn’t that make sense it makes perfect sense
people think it’s so irrational that people who live in the hood have nice cars or have
nice jewelry I’m not saying it’s not hard to have a nice
car or nice jewelry but it’s a lot easier to do that than I don’t know, show your wealth
by having a mortgage and a big house, like, hello, if you inherited poverty the way that
people understand inheriting wealth, you don’t get that you also inherit poverty
so if you inherit poverty or a low income status, then
like you can’t necessarily always just “well, I’m
just gonna become rich and I’m just gonna buy a house”
so then you’re just gonna buy jewelry because jewelry is accessible,
a lot more accessible than buying a house and showing your wealth in that way
and even if it weren’t that’s just a part of culture
but it is a part of culture in that way but the same thing with rappers, people are
like why are rappers obsessed with like gold chains and big jewelry and all this other
stuff and it’s like ’cause you wanna show your wealth it makes perfect sense, conspicuous
consumption in that way from a group of people who have historically been systematically
disenfranchised wanting to change that and challenge that dynamic and be like “hey I
can represent my wealth through a material item” it makes perfect sense
so that’s one aspect of buying designer clothes that I consider
a pro in a way — you can balance it both ways
but like yeah of course that’s a pro that like
if you grew up poor or if the class of people that your identity is aligned with have been
disenfranchised and have been deemed and stereotyped in this like lesser way especially in connection
to poverty and stuff like that and you’re like “I want to say, symbolize and represent
to myself and connect my identity with the idea that I’m challenging that” and “I’m not
poor and even if I am poor, I can represent my wealth that I do have”
now the cons of buying designer clothes I kind of like balanced them I’m a Libra,
what can I say? But I kind of balanced them just then
that are like not all designers are made equal, people might not recognize that you’re wearing
designer clothes and might not care like you might not always go to a job interview
wearing designer clothes and have the interviewer be like oh is that Prada? you’re hired or
I’m gonna look upon you more favorably than if I hadn’t
But I’m sure if you’re wearing something that’s– unless it’s like Lumps and Bumps or Haider
Ackermann or something weird you know how people are they’re like I don’t
care how competent you are on your resume it’s all about do you look good
so that’s one problem but then also just like that kind of thing
doesn’t always work for everyone people who are not thin don’t get to navigate
in a way where they can just be like I’m doing my best, I’m trying
like you see how I have on makeup and I have my hair in a certain way that aligns with
beauty standards? People who aren’t thin don’t just get to put
that card in and be like beep “you’re gonna navigate successfully today”
which, do they even make– see that’s the problem there
that’s another con of designer clothes is that they are exclusive in a way that they
exclude so many bodies just like all designers are not created equally,
all people accessing makeup and all people accessing designer clothes are not treated
equally, hello, makes perfect sense people of color wearing designer clothes —
a lot of times, people’s response is “okay, so that’s fake so I don’t care like
you’re wearing fake designer clothes” or “you bought those for real at the real store at
Saks Fifth Avenue at Neiman Marcus but you got that from drug money or you got that from
stripping” or something else that I’m gonna devalue in our society or “you got that from
sex work and I don’t value that in this society and bla bla bla so it’s not valuable anymore
because you’re just a this and you’re just a that”
so it’s like no matter what, like if you’re Black, for example, like if a Black man comes
in and buys something designer or is wearing something designer people are like “okay so
it’s real but you’re a drug dealer so I don’t really care”
or a Black woman does and they’re like “okay well you’re a stripper so it’s still not valuable”
it’s just like there’s no way you can always guarantee that you’re gonna win in that way
so it’s not a card that everyone can turn in
Oh, I’m like “what’s the other cons to designer clothes”
uh, they’re expensive! like, I’m asking about us like our generation,
like the kids out here, should we really be spending this much money, could we be spending
more money on like organizing could we be spending more money on donation posts on tumblr,
donation posts anywhere, activist organization meetings that just hold their meetings for
free and don’t have an optional donation could we be spending it on — you know what
I mean? it’s like could we be spending it on rent, could we be spending it on groceries,
could we be spending it on other tools for accessibility, other– even if it’s makeup,
even if it’s hair, even if it’s something else that’s about representing yourself and
identity like I don’t know, is it valuable to have
to think that you’re — it’s necessary to buy clothes in this way
I don’t know it’s a lot of money
now I kind of like touched on this in the pros which is like the point that it’s not fulfilling in the
way that you’d hope for most people I can’t speak for everyone I can just speak for myself
but I am talking to myself when I’m making this video
I’m saying “hey, Rian, you think this but it’s wrong”
like throughout all this time that I’m doing it
I have felt better I don’t have any new designer clothes obviously
because I can’t afford new designer clothes but I feel better wearing clothes from ebay
or the thrift store that I know are designer and it’s like I feel better but it didn’t
fix the fact that I felt that fear and shame like it didn’t go back in time and put a band
aid on it it just makes me feel better now that I don’t
have to feel that guilt and shame and so it’s not real but like i say in every video none
of this is real everything is connected to capitalism and
everything is fake so does it matter that it’s fake feelings
that it’s not fixing those problems? probably not but that’s just something for
me to consider for myself it’s like when men become famous rappers and
they’re still talking about the girl that dissed them in 3rd grade not to name any names
but a lot of Black men that are rappers do that and I’m like “but she still dissed you”
like you can’t say “but I’m rich now” yeah but she dissed you then
and one of my last cons is we know how the fashion industry is, it’s extremely extremely
racist it’s not helping us as people of color, as white people it’s not helping anyone in
a lot of ways, it’s hurting us and i’m not saying it’s not helping anyone
at all I’m saying it’s not helping anyone in a lot
of ways there are some parts of the fashion industry
that are not benefiting any of us outside of the fashion industry
and there are some parts of the fashion industry that are benefiting us
but a lot of it isn’t real and that’s fine and i don’t care but I’m just saying
you could be buying clothes from a designer that’s casting all thin white young teenage
girls that shouldn’t even be forced to be in this industry
it’s a lot of money to spend on someone that doesn’t care
and that’s not always the case because you could buy from
Phlemuns, you could buy from 000SportWear, you could buy from a designer who you literally
can know does care about you for sure but you might not so what can you do then
I would just say shop meaningfully and think about where you’re shopping– to
myself! You all can shop wherever you want you literally
don’t have to care, don’t stress yourself out about like “oh my god I would never shop
this place, I would never access fast fashion, I would never–” okay well, while you’re not
accessing fast fashion and you’re accessing the thrift stores that are harming people
in other ways, and if you’re not accessing the thrift store and you’re accessing the
fabric store which is harming people in other ways, and if you’re not making your own clothes
you’re still harming– it’s like don’t stress yourself out like just think,
be mindful, be critical as you can and as you want as much as you want to
then make your decisions in that way I would love to hear your feedback
if you think that this is super vapid and doesn’t matter like
that’s cool you’re not wrong if you think that buying designer clothes
meaningful in a different way or harmful in a different way, I would really really really
love to hear your thoughts, um I love you all so much, make sure to keep empowering
yourselves through DIYing and sharing your thoughts and creativity I love you all so

James Carver

94 Replies to “Should We Buy / Wear Designer Clothes?”

  1. "You a lie" omg I love it! Good thoughts & amazing conversation! This reminds me what my older brother goes thru: buying designer clothes so he can be perceived as #ThatNigga. Which I never understood & viewed it as purely materialistic/bad. But honestly he's a black man trying to navigate and who am I to demean that? We are just trying to live!! (*ty for bringing up the rap industry! So informative). Keep up with #ThatThought ! xoxo

  2. honestly, when you talked about hand-me-downs and how it can effect (srry if i'm using the wrong one) people's self esteem i felt that like in my soul bcos like until a year ago my family couldn't afford new clothes at all like we pretty much exclusively wore hand-me-downs and thrifted clothing and my mom would look for designer pieces specifically so that ppl wouldn't crack on us (they did anyway but having name brand pieces helped, atleast with adults view of us) idk if this made sense but yeah

  3. I agree with everything you say. I usually like to purchase designer clothes because they are often better quality. Moreover, I take a lot to consideration when I want to purchase something expensive and therefore I wear it more often! I've been purchasing less fast fashion and looking more into quality and environmental and social conscious brands. I love fashion but I'm not purchasing clothes every month so for me spending a bit more on something that it's good quality and I'm going to wear a lot is worth it, although I would still go to fast fashion when there's something that I REALLY like haha

  4. I love how you always think deeply into different topics Rian! love this video. but tbh i didn't care that much when i buy something from a designer, cuz its either basic af or something super creative that u can't find anywhere else… but i get ur point, don't stress about shopping and fashion cuz its meant to be fun and creative.

  5. Rian, you've done it again! #TeamBulliedForWearingHandMeDownsAndKmartSneakers Also, reflecting back to grade/middle school it not only affected my self-esteem, but I held a lot of resentment towards my parents which seems silly/sad now because they obviously were doing the best that they could.

  6. always happy to see a new video from you! (:
    I liked when you said that you feel bad when you don't have access to new clothes because i felt that way when I was younger and not being able to buy new clothes because we were poor and new clothes are expensive and sometimes even now there are days when I feel like I wear the same clothes everyday and want something new but not wanting to spend a lot of money on new clothes especially since I don't have access to thrift stores near me.
    So yes! always love your discussions<3

  7. the hand me downs really got to me. Like I wanted to convince my mom to go to Plato's Closet (which is like a thrift store but with better clothes which is a little pricier than a Goodwill) and I couldn't ask her because I knew we had bills and I still have college tuition i need to pay and I was crying because I looked down at my shirt which I had for the past 7 years and I just felt awful that I can't "ask for more money". Its really frustrating seeing other kids and their new clothes and I'm over here trying to make the clothes I had since middle school look different so they don't notice how long I have had this shirt.

  8. rian, girl, did you speak to me in this video.
    i work at buffalo exchange in austin, tx where seeing secondhand or lightly used designer pieces really sparked my interest in high fashion. i've gotten Moschino, Peter Som, Derek Lam, and Prada for the low low (under $40). your video really made me reflect on how i feel towards these items and how i feel in them… esp knowing that i'm still broke and 99.9% of people dont care

    i went into this high end boutique literally less than an hour ago and had these same thoughts as i was looking at their summer sale. even though these new, gorgeous, current season items were 75% off, i still couldn't afford them comfortably… maybe if i didn't eat til my next paycheck..

    i don't really know where i'm going with this, but all the points you made were 100, especially concerning rappers. as a /hella/ underground female rap artist, i think of my participation (and any other intelligent, "woke" black female MCs) in a traditional boy's club as crucial to dismantling widespread beliefs of black men, misogyny, sex workers, fame, etc. idk what that plug was for but if you wanna check out my music its at

    it's been hard to be as creative as i want to, but once i finish my degree i can't wait to write raps about intersectionality, ableism, systematic oppression, blah blah. sounds lame but i'll try to make it kool

    keep doing your thing! i love your message!

  9. I love hearing you talk. you could literally talk gibberish for a whole 4 minute video and I'd be like 🤔 amazing.

  10. I actually wanna hear your opinion on thrift stores and how you think they're harming people… sounds like a really interesting topic. Love you btw <3

  11. i love this so much! i already love fashion and clothes and i love how you open up my mind to new ways of thinking about them.
    i definitely get the whole idea of navigating and showing wealth, but i also think that designer clothes are just like any other sort of material investment (kind of). some people invest their money on high quality cars, some spend it on high quality makeup and some on clothes so yeah. just my immediate thoughts, awesome video as usual xo

  12. i love that you get super deep into thinking about the effects of everything, but also emphasize that you don't need to stress! i think it's good to understand why things are how they are

  13. OKAY so i recently bought a pair of adidas gazelles, like 2 days ago and my dad got them for me and they were like £75 which is a lot for my family because we shop at primark (fast fashion cheap clothes, unethical, low quality) and i have a lot like a shit ton of anxiety about fashion even though it's something i really love ~studying~ as obnoxious as that sounds and in the uk people who shop from primark are looked down on as lower class, poor etc. even though my family are very financially stable and we live a super comfortable life. so at this point ive become really inspired to do diy clothes and im like into it! thats cute! ive even talked to you on sc about it briefly and youve been really sweet when i asked you which top i should make? anyways although im beginning to feel really good about my clothes like im really comfortable and proud of wearing it now which you need to understand was a HUGEE step for me. but i dont have shoes i like, ive never been happy with my shoes 1/2

  14. The reasons I would (if I had the money) buy some designer clothes is because of the better quality, mainly bags and certain types of material. Another is because I have a style that I like that tends to be worn or is shown to be worn by people who are more well off (think like all the spoiled, rich, popular girl tropes and the chic, classy, girly way they dress with Chanel and Prada and Jimmy Choo and fur and pearls and pink everywhere). I won't pretend like I wouldn't love having a few of items from each of the designers that I like just because it would make me feel good. Like "yaaas I got my Chanel bag and earrings that I've wanted for years!" I still want to buy more from thrift stores though because I find nice vintage-y things for really cheap 🙂 So yeah I agree with everything (I'm also a Libra and totally do the "let's show all sides of things").

  15. yeah! like i come from a working class family where like weve always valued buying designer and expensive clothes like even tho its always been on sale like that dosent matter? most of my clothes are thrifted but still i feel bomb wearing designer and often rich upperclass girls have said i waste theyr taxmoney cause my parents are both disabled so we live off wellfare so ive also felt ashamed when i wear expensive clothes cause you know maybe i shouldnt be able to save up maybe i am living off othjer ppls money but does that matter? dont i deserve nice things just because my parents are disabled dont they deserve nice things? i dont know!

  16. i love whenever u post videos! i wish u posted like hour long videos of talking tbh i would watch with no complaints

  17. In general, I decided I need to stop giving my business to stores that only sell sizes XS, S, M, L. Stores like AA, Zara, Forever 21, all run SO small and yes some of their pieces come in XL but it's usually a half assed XL. As a size 12/14 who used to be a size 6, I can promise you that I do not care about fashion any less now than I did when I was smaller.. so why can stores literally not let me buy their clothing by not making a size for me? Having only 3-5 sizes in your store is discrimination. Making your Large actually just a slightly larger Medium but still overall super short and tight isn't benefiting anyone. Stores like Old Navy, ASOS, and American Eagle sell more inclusive sizes and actually make them so they're comfortable and flattering so hello it's possible. I refuse to go into a store like the ones I mentioned early even to buy a handbag or jewelry because I don't want to give them any money at all if they're trying to exclude people who bodies like mine.

  18. I loved seeing this! your thoughts are so evolved and strong. it's like you genuinely tackle every angle of this concept.

  19. I love what you said about the fashion industry and dressing nice to get jobs and stuff, like i've done two internships with designers this summer and one was with a not really high brand company but the people there were like high fashion fashion people if you get me and going their i knew i needed to wear like the nice 'expensive' i.e. newly bought not from thrift store clothing and now i'm working with a sustainable high fashion designer which is like i feel guilty for wearing stuff i bought from stores cause it was cheap and because of how bad fast fashion is and at the same time i'm kind of like 'this is all bad' xxx your video was so helpful and articulate btw

  20. Honestly #noethicalconsumption but like I buy 90% of my clothes at the thrift store when I rarely buy clothes (hello fat and Butch and disabled) but I try to shop ~ethically~ when I can. I will not ship at goodwill because of how they treat us (disabled ppl) and I won't shop at Salvation Army bc they're bigots so what are my options? The single secular thrift store in my area? And like what about when I buy new? I cannot find pants that fit me and that last anywhere ever. High end denim doesn't make fat clothes and fast fashion doesn't last so what are my options? Wearing the same thrift store denim with 15 patches in the crotch? Or buying the jeans I know fit me from urban outfitters?? It is hard 2 navigate shopping ethically when u are working class. Esp when you're not thin and tall

  21. ugh your my favorite yt channel. I feel this way about makeup.I love it so much and I try to buy cf, the bds list, and like only from brands that aren't problematic but i quickly learned like to find makeup where none on the ingredients are cf and workers are treated properly is so rare. So now I do it by ear, if it really doesn't feel right to buy too faced or whatever then i won't. I do admit I have been tempted by like maybelline or like whatever but I'm trying to find a balance. esp since alot of "good" brands are expensive and i could use it for better things.its all a balancing act.Ik this is a long but I have depression and anxiety and ever since i was little buying brand name goods helped with confidence, calming me down,and like making me happy. One side of me is grossed out by this and the other half is like I as a little poor mentally ill black girl isn't faulted to wanting to treat or subdue herself with material thing. its like a balancing act

  22. I hate that I never have any comments to add to your discussion/ethics videos because I just…. agree!!!

  23. I think someone wrote something on the ghetto touch and used the example of Tommy Hilfiger where it became less popular because black people bought it and repped it. like whenever black people like certain brands, those designers are blacklisted (no pun intended)

  24. I've seen alot of white "fashion lovers" make videos basically bashing fast fashion (bc they're white, rich and able to leave poor people behind) and talking about where they get their expensive clothes without recognizing the clothes' inaccessibility! I love that you discuss the dynamics of designer clothing!!! Love it!!!

  25. I always appreciate and listen to your videos all the way thru!!

    I have a love hate relationship w/ designer. Growing up middle class and working in the fashion industry I always feel like I shouldn't buy into the classism but on the other hand I appreciate artistic expression and I'm big on quality pieces that last forever. Now since I'm older I've scaled back my obsession and only look for life long pieces.

    Would love to collab one day !

  26. Rian I love you so much!! You always give me new perspectives to things and you are such an inspiration!

  27. y r u preaaaachinnn so heavy i'm living. like, u think you're long winded and convoluted( u always say so on tumblr/sc) but I think you always break things down so well. in which i would be stumped. kudos to u love.

  28. I'd also like to add that when you're buying from (smaller) designers, you are funding the artists who create the styles and trends which we all consume from their original source. Whereas buying them from larger corporations like Zara or ASOS funds huge capitalistic empires who alienate the artist//original creator from their labour, art & wealth!

  29. I just cut a longsleeve turtle neck from the goodwill into a shirt just like the one youre wearing here and I put it on right before I started watching this so that feels great

  30. I after with the pros and cons but even though designer clothes are v harmful to poc and can be excluding to different bodies… idk but i would rather buy designer than the cheap clothes on ebay that come from China. I remember someone saying that the people who make those clothes are hardly payed anything and the material used is poor. (as they are so cheap) Also, clothes from ebay also tend to be very size exclusive. The size 'large' is a tiny bit larger than medium, and the models from those ebay stores tend to be skinny and white girls. So I think its a problem with cheaper ebay knock offs as well as designer and the only advantage over ebay from buying from a designer is the quality. Idk if this makes any sense? Another thing with designer clothes showing that you have wealth and making you a bit happier with the clothes, is that sometimes you can become extremely bored with the clothes you currently own and want the newest ones. There's always going to be new designer clothing that you want no matter how much you have already, and the stuff you do have might just be 'meh' and not as exciting now that you have it (at least with me anyway). I don't just feel this way with clothes but other things I've wanted for ages and finally got them but now that I have them… It hasn't really improved the quality of my life as drastically as i thought it would lol (but maybe I should've realised this before I buy those things?)

  31. I love your pros and cons because they dually hit home for me as both a fashion design student and a middle class Pacific Islander.

  32. ahh this was so fresh …I have nothing to add bc u covered every base!! I'm trying to shop more consciously and buy less "on trend" items and more quality basics that will always be in style and last longer. Does anyone know any small stores/boutiques that don't cost a lot? I'd rather be funding those than some large corporation like forever21 and h&m that release new clothes every week

  33. ahhh yes i needed this bc i'm slowly weaning myself off of forever 21 and salvation army and instead making my own clothes from older tees/my mom's old clothes and needed some more,,, validation?? bc it's hard work so thank you so much u lil libra angel ✨ (hellooooo run on sentence… sorry 😅)

  34. you are one of the smartest people i have ever seen. i love watching your videos. they make me question my actions and our society. it's amazing. thank you so much for giving us your thoughts.

  35. This is such a good topic! I love and agree with everything you're saying, you are so informative and genuine! Also, I think we have the same watch! You're the best xx

  36. wow this takes me back to high school where there were verrry specific brands that were looked upon as 'high end' – typical mall brands. and when people wore something that looked fake or dated (fubu, ecko unldt etc) people were srsly ridiculed (it was p disgusting). like i remember wanting to buy levi jeans just because apparently they were the "best". and it felt nice when i found a j crew cardigan from goodwill back then. idk i think it was a mix of suburban culture and a clash of middle and lower middle class in an already underfunded school. and like u said "..capitalism and everything is fake" i have so many more thoughts

  37. Very Interesting! I personally keep a list of designers in my head that I know have made hateful/racist comments towards minorities. I refuse to buy from them, but otherwise I get the point of not truly having the ability to not hurt someone in the process of buying/wearing clothes, great video!

  38. Hey Rian, I see that you often say stuff like "i'm not coherent" on tumblr and like whatever. BUT, you ARE!!! You are!!!!!! I love you and the discourse you bring to youtube, which is so accessible. The material you bring out is accessible and able to be thought about and understood without being obscure. Also, I love that part about "why doesn't something in the earth think that i deserve something new?" it's worded super precisely and makes complete sense.

  39. I love this! I also love the captions its such a great detail👌 and I peeped the "That Thought" haha you're amazing

  40. could u do a vid or list of designers that u were talking about as being more socially conscious like phlemuns and 000sportswear?? love this vid and all ur others

  41. i know this had nothing to do with the actual topic of the video, but i'm happy that you mentioned the idea of poor people spending money on material things that they "don't need" vs. things that they "should be buying". like obviously someone who's never been poor will never ever understand what it's like and i know that, but i wish more people would realize that poor people usually only have access to the money they have right now, so it's a lot easier for a person to spend $100 on something right now than try to imagine buying something for $100,000 later. and people also don't realize what being deprived of things does to you… like especially when we have these "signs of wealth" and material things advertised to us and shoved in our faces all day, only to be constantly reminded that you can't have that because you're poor. and then, when you get the chance to get something nice, you get it, because even though it's only a temporary feeling, it makes you happy. it makes you feel like you have access to a part of society that you've been excluded from, and that's literally like…. so important.

    also, when you're never taught or shown how to manage money, it's a pretty difficult thing it undertake…. but…

    yeah, sorry this is off topic and doesn't make sense! anyway i also wanted to say i've been super depressed lately and i haven't been able to watch any of your videos (even though i love them and they always make me feel better) but today i was feeling better so i went right to your channel to catch up! i thought you'd appreciate knowing that!

  42. You and your videos are so amazing! I love the way that you think about things! Keep making videos, I was SO excited to see this one! 🙂

  43. "wearing designer cloth can help you hope to navigate more successfully". I never thought about looks helping me to navigate society better until your video on "natural vs baddie" you are so smart. Now, I have to say that I love =british and asian designers more but didn't think about buying them (money wise/exept vivienne westwood jewels). Thanks for sharing!

  44. Really liked this! I feel like one idea in my head right now is coming off of how buying anything has impact be it +ve or -ve: a hypothetical benefit of making your own clothes from new/recycled/up cycled material is that it gives the seller a chance to capitalise off of the purchase of said specific material, and perhaps have more customers buy #that and even (in an idyllic universe) sell it at a lower price! thus negating less sustainable/desirable means of getting clothes while opening this bracket of creation to people of different socioeconomic locations. Meaning more people could do DIY which can be insanely powerful and cool. Basically: ur right and I am obsessed w/ being part of this universe/location/place of solutions lmfao sorry if I made 0 sense!

  45. Started crying halfway through, this is so true and makes me have bad flashbacks to feeling ashamed about what i was wearing when i was growing up and how fashion is kind of my shield and what gives me confidence now.

  46. I love this video and totally agree with everything you've said. Hearing your thoughts and theories and personal experiences really makes me think more critically about how our society is held under this capitalist way we consume goods. Could you maybe make a video going more in depth about how "nothing is real" and how capitalism and white supremacy make purchasing and even wanting things "not real". LOVE YOU!

  47. Omg you're so fucking valid. I live and breath in the hood and people wanna demonize others for their designer items cus we're all in a position where that's representative of lack of prioritization since most of us are struggling just to make rent every month, like WHYYY are you buying an MK bag. Like why is your toddler always wearing Jordans and why do you think it's okay to have nice dinner out every week or go to the movies every time some new cool movie comes out. Like I hate when people do the whole, "oh well if you're poor then stop buying that cup of coffee every morning and save those 3-5 bucks and u'll suddenly have a magical several hundred after a couple months" LIKE WHAT?! It's so fucked up like it's unfortunate that material items can dictate self-worth BUT everyone deserves to feel like they're valuable or can experience luxury like the rest of society.
    You said it all way more eloquently and I love your channel keep going. Also I was that creep girl who hit u up on snapchat one time. My snap is DanysseIvette

  48. People saying that they grew up thrifting but never felt bad about it may have had the option. Many people don't have the option to buy new clothes and they have to wear hand-me-downs and thrifted clothes.

  49. The point you made about lower class, specifically blacks, showing their wealth through clothing and jewelry was soooo valid. I used to wonder why we wanted to be so flashy but it's totally an okay thing!! Like I don't have to feel guilty for liking designer things 😩… thank you thank you

  50. long comment ahead sorry, amazing video where i agreed with everything though so i hope I'm not too late to contribute to the discussion!!)
    i went to a really interesting topic on so-called 'green capitalism' (relevant to your points about fashion companies trying to 'greenwash' consumers into buying something because it's 'ethical'), and one of the points brought up was how the responsibility for the environmental impact of the fashion industry is placed on the consumers rather than the companies performing all the worker exploitation/environmental destruction/human rights infringements. so while your conscience may be eased by buying a designer piece supposedly produced in an ethical sweatshop-free place by fairly paid workers and responsible waste avoidance or management, ultimately the power and responsibility of the individual consumer pales in comparison to the power and responsibility these companies should have over preventing the unethical workings of its industry altogether. i guess my point is that us as consumers, rather than solely making responsible ethical purchases then exempting ourselves because we've 'done enough', should put pressure on the companies themselves, show solidarity with the workers in their factories and the people whose land is being destroyed, and try to dismantle the very oppressive system of capitalism that perpetuates all this exploitation and destruction at the source. we should not be made to feel guilt over buying an item of clothing when these huge companies should be made to feel the guilt instead!

  51. your points about clothing as a statement of class dynamics and power ring so true as well – i feel like social media has a lot to answer for with this issue, with the upper classes and the bourgeoisie having an accessible platform to equate social success with certain designer labels, and thus positioning the working class and more disadvantaged/disenfranchised communities to aspire to 'look rich' in order to avoid the intersectional oppression of being viewed as i.e. poor and black. its a shame that the accessibility of social media can magnify the pressure on communities to dress to avoid extending harmful stereotypes based on race + gender + class, when social media alternately has such potential to unite the people against the oppressive systems that ensure the continued judgment, policing and politicisation of the ways in which these communities dress

  52. I decided to search this video because lately I've noticed teens and young adults have become overly materialistic. What's incredible is was sucked into a conversation with 18-20 year olds (I'm only 24 btw) and they were talking about wearing only designer clothing.

    American debt is at an all time high, between student loans, car loans, credit card debt, and rising housing costs, how do so many people afford to spend so much on material things? I'm worried that we cannot go another 10 years acquiring our hearts desires on a credit card.

  53. I love designer brands because they have the means to take risks and are not afraid to do so. I like finding a piece that won't be replicated by any fast fashion brand within the near future of that piece coming out. It makes me feel like I am differentiating myself wearing something that stands out from everyone else, either overtly or subtly. I never buy a designer piece that has the company's logo printed on it so it can be discernable from feet away. That is just boring and not the statement I am trying to make.

    I have these pair of really unique looking ACNE tennis shoes and I constantly have people complimenting them solely because they are so beautifully unique, and that feels good. It wouldn't be the same if they compliment was only because of how much I spent on them.

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