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The victims can be from babies, toddlers to men, grown men, grown women, teenagers. And we see so many victims on a daily basis, that the clothes goes by fast. When we do get a big bulk, it goes by incredibly fast, unfortunately. So having any kind of donation would really, really help us. It’s been one of our top priorities since it started. And all our members have been very eager to help out. They’re spreading the word. Theyíre getting everyone they know. We’ve actually reached out to other organizations. Right now, we’ve being joined by the Edinburg Counseling Student Association and the Psychology Club. As well as OVAVP, the Office for Victim Advocacy here at the university. So it’s been very important to us, itís been very important to all of them. We’ve all been collaborating to help out. We do need a lot of male clothes. That’s the least donated type of clothes that we get. And we do need that. So we need male, just like I said plain t-shirts with no design preferably. Sweatpants, yoga, something that lots of people can fit into. Just like underwear, bras, boxers, stuff like that is the type of donations we need.

James Carver

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