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the coolest bang in Seoul Fashion week, I can say. like, it’s inspired by 20 centuries Hey guys! this is me, Ms.Shangrila. welcome back to my channel! she going to disturb me no!! don’t do that!!! now, is a fourth day of Seoul fashion week and we are going to late right now and still looking for something to wear I going to die!! now is 8 o’clock in the morning. and we going to leave at 19.15 Whatever it been ….. it’s fourth day of Seoul fashion week and we are very tired look like we doesn’t have enough sleep , since the beginning of the week this one is so small.. the curly one ohhh it’s lovely! it’s very easy to use! this one is belong to my friend she study in Korea, so I ask her to bring it for me because I forgot mine in Thailand I forgot in on the table, at my college. is it alright? I’m not sure… What’s you think? oh! so cute! really? okey! I look like Brave… Disney princess… Yeah!! what you think about today look? today look is….. tell me the concept of today look! Brown!!! it means that today looks is just wearing everything we saw in our room and put it together and more is more, and more is more who wear less is more!! what the f***k is” less is more” It’s not in trend anymore, right? this is my look. today, me and Kate we wear the same kind of color she doesn’t have money at all, so have to go to the bank… welcome to my forth day of Seoul fashion week video I have to say that it been a very very very tired week since I came from Thailand, and I didn’t have a time to sleep and then I have sleep on the plane , after that I sleep just only 3 or 4 hours per day beacause I have a very early show and then I have after party so It didn’t have a time to sleep at all I have to manage what to wear too. at first I think this look going to be like very terrible because I didn’t plan anything and I don’t have anything that look match together so I decide to mix something out in the morning but it seem like it’s work! it turns out very cool! like you see!! anyway! Today me and Kate going to wear something bit similar because the color and the boots color is very match together. so I’m very exciting about it! Seriously like yesterday, it’s very worse because me and Kate White are very tired when I go have a lunch with Kate,I am looking for a lipstick to put on and then, I just felt sleep when I still looking for my lipstick ahhh okey so my lipstick is here ohhhh I woke up, “I’m sorry, I just very sleepy” Kate also look the same she is typing her work we just felt sleep , like everywhere in the show, we have to go get coffee, because we can’t take it anymore. and it’s very very very very funny cause it reach our limits already! everyone looks so tired, this is cold and stuffs so…. but anyway, I hope it going to be fun today! because like…. we still have just today and tomorrow, it’s just 2 more days of Seoul fashion week and I don’t wanna leave my friends because like, you know, It’s hard to meet we able to meet like 1 per year or maybe 2 but for me because I came to fw just only this season so just only in March So I can meet my friends just only in March she is here!!!! Let’s go!!! so finally we arrive in the station, in time! for the first day of Seoul Fashion week, this is the first time that I arrive on time not late, and don’t miss any show before these 3 days, I missed a lot of shows and I lated, like very very very late so I’m very happy today:) we just our front row seats we late just 2 minutes do you film me? Thank you!! look who is coming back
!! Is it spicy? yes! It’s spicy! I just meet these 2!!! So happy!!! How about your fashion week? do you have fun? we are super fun!! we meet our qtees Including Chandelier!! hahah It’s Shangrila yesterday, It is too early so I tell you like Chandelier…..(I’m too excited meeting them….) I don’t name Chandelier Shangrila!! so you going to the next show!? Yes! Charms! I going to “Lie” see you soon!!! thank you so much now, we are in Heven on top …. again…. such anew place…. you know! haha this is pound cake and caramel macchiato and cheese cake I also have caramel macchiato… oh really?…. they are very serious now… Hey son!! we been here for 3 years but never been here before…. another Youtuber hahah

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