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Hey guys, it’s Sejal. So today is a big day. Today is the SEJALXSBL meet and greet and party. I’m hosting a big event like this for the first time in my life. I’m quite scared and the last two days were really stressful but exciting for me. I’m actually headed to the venue right now So I first have the meet and greet and then we have the party and a lot of exciting stuff. So I’m so nervous and excited. Let’s see. I hope people come man. I hope there’s a good turnout. Okay guys we have made it to the venue. I’m so excited I can’t stop jumping. So basically they’re still decorating and as a part of our meet and greet we also have a fashion show. Models are not walking the ramp, my viewers are walking. So twelve girls. So come inside I’m going to show you Now I’ll introduce you to the girls who are walking the ramp. – Hi guys
– Hi – Are you guys excited to walk the ramp?
– Yes Is this your first time doing something like this? You’re a model – Is this your first time doing something like this?
– Yes I’m dying of excitement. So excited! Okay guys I’m finally got ready in the bathroom with a lot of trouble. *Sigh* Everything is going off time The fashion show and everything. The rehearsal did not happen. It took so long to get the girls ready. – Hi
– Aww, hi. This is the photo booth. Say hi guys. Thank you so much for coming. I’m really really happy everyone came. This is amazing. I can’t tell you how awesome this feels and this was always my dream These balloons are customised. I’m freaking out about the balloons. It’s insane. So thank you guys for coming. Please clap for yourself. So because I’m a fun person. We have planned some fun activities for you. She is one of my viewers who is going to MC the event. So over to you. We have two short activities and then we have a fashion show. Okay, there you go. What is Sejal’s current follower count? 497K on instagram Wait, let me check. I have no idea. Wait wait wait. Let me check. I have no idea. Oh my god. You’re right. which web series Sejal was part of? Engineering girls. Everybody knows that. You have to sing a song that Sejal covered. Alright! So cute. You have a really nice voice. Guys cheer for her. I know right? Even my relatives do the same thing to me. They put me on the spot I can never sing in front of anyone. You did a great job. That was amazing. Last question where was Sejal’s first video shot? Turkey (everyone) – She is the founder and CEO of Stalk buy love.
– Hello guys. – She looks very young. Yeah she is
– I am very young. She is young and she is extremely successful and extremely smart. She is also on the Forbes list. Our collection and my style is all about being casual, being yourself, and carrying who you are the way you are. Like you guys saw me roaming around in my casual clothes. That’s how I am. So I wanted you guys to embody it So get ready for the fashion show. Thank you guys. You guys were awesome. So cute, awesome. It was really awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Feel free to take photos and hound me for the next half an hour or whatever. Hope you guys enjoyed.

James Carver

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