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(cheering) Welcome back. Here to break down the fashion hits and misses from last night’s SAG Awards, is style expert Mr. Robert Verdi. (cheering) Let’s get started with good ole Emily Blunt. She won last night, but did she win on the red carpet? She did, I love this dress. It’s a Michael Kors dress. This is an iconic Michael Kors silhouette, but it was made a lot more exciting with this interesting wired detail. Which some people said, it reminded them of a vagina. Yeah, it does have a vagine quality. Although, I’ve never seen one quite that big, or actually up close. Right, exactly, exactly. No, but I thought it was a beautiful dress. It was a great dress. And I’m a big fan of Michael Kors collection always. It was a good choice, and you know, what I look for is something, that’s like, kind of unexpected and exciting, and I think she delivered, with a really simple dress. Yeah. It’s nothing that’s like, outrageous. Clean and simple, gorgeous. So next up, who do we have? Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga. (cheering) I mean, I mean, I mean, Bevy. I mean, I feel like a star is born on the red carpet. She is, she is a red carpet super star. But I think that what really made her exciting was these outrageous things that she brought to the red carpet. I want to see her like, crawl out backwards with a bottle and (mumbling). Like, I want to see like a spider costume. I want to see a meat, I want to see that craziness. But she’s now a serious actress. You know, she’s nominated for Academy Award. She can’t climb out of an egg. She can’t wear a meat suit. I know. Maybe she’s a vegan now and that’s the reason why she’s gone away with eggs and meat. She does look like she’s channeling Charlize Theron here. She’s kind of inspired, I think it’s a very Charlize Theron look. It is a Dior Haute Couture dress. I feel like it’s, it’s kind of a nod to Charlize. I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but it does kinda look copy cattish. But I think it’s beautiful. I think it’s a really classic old Hollywood silhouette, which is something that we use constantly, but I think she really nailed it. And I like, the kind of like, Marcelled hair. I like that Marcelled hair. I like that really deep, really rich lip, and I love the jewelry. Okay, I mean I get it. Like I think she’s a progressive fashionista, but she, kind of the face looks like a little bit like a mime, right? You kind of were waiting for her to be like. Let’s move on to someone that we both love, is Yara Shahidi. We love Yara Shahidi.
Oh I love, I love her. You know, I do love seeing young Hollywood on the red carpet because I think they take more risks, and they do exciting things. You know what’s great here is that you get this, kind of, princess feel, without it looking like a sweet 16. Yeah. It’s like a sexy version of it. And the thing that I love most about this is that you’ve never seen a cat suit look so elegant. See underneath there guys, that’s actually a one piece, kind of like, jumpsuit, but it’s skin tight. It’s so sexy but without it being too risque, because she is a lovely young lady. And so, you know, I also love the ringlets. But let’s go for that shoe. I love the ringlets. Oh, the ringlets are great. I mean, she is a beautiful young woman, but the shoe, they look like it was in the trunk of the car. It was like, it’s like did you forget the shoe you were gonna wear? I did not think that the shoe was the shoe for this look. It did look like an uh-oh moment. An uh-oh moment? Well shout out to Fendi Haute Couture, it’s offering Jason Bolden for puttin’ in this gorgeous look. Jason Bolden, who is a spectacular stylist. He does a great job. Let’s talk about Emma Stone. She’s one of my favorites. She is. You know, again, this to me delivers because it’s unexpected. It’s pants, and I just love it. It’s Louis Vuitton. I think it’s great, and I happen to love, and I know you and I don’t agree on this, I love the grooming, I think it’s easy. Yeah, I think it’s too easy, because with the pants, and the like, kind of a plain Jane face, it kind of gives me, I’m going to the office, and the asymmetrical, you know, one shoulder moment. Like it looks like she’s trying to do, from day to night. I have an office, and if anybody walked in like this I’d be happy, I’d give ’em a raise. But nobody, I can promise you nobody comes into the office. I thought it was a great choice, and again, another unexpected choice. It’s something really simple, but it’s something that really delivers a high impact. Well she is quite the fashionista, I will agree with you. She is, yeah. Next up, our girl, Lupita Nyong’o. (cheering) The best thing about Lupita is that, from day one, she came out, she came to slay, from the minute she hit the red carpet in Hollywood. What’s amazing about her is the canon of amazing red carpet moments that she has now. From look one, this is not my favorite of them, but I love it in the landscape of her looks. Where I thought it delivered was on stage. I didn’t like it on the red carpet. It felt a little like I didn’t understand the look, until I saw it under the glistening lights onstage. And it was a little risque and peek-a-boo. I loved it, and you loved it, the box braids. And then we give a shout out to the box braids, and the corn rows. I love it because it’s very wakanda forever darling, and they won last night for best picture. She’s staring into the camera there like children of the corn though, huh? She looks a little like, scared. Let’s do Alison Brie. Okay, yeah, this is a dress. That’s a fly away. Yeah, this is a dress, I love bat wings, she wasn’t hanging upside down, but this is a dress for an amazing portrait in a salon with a chandelier, and you’re perched on a… You’re in Versailles. You’re in Versailles. Horst P. Horst is shooting you, Scavullo is shooting you, all the dead icons. I mean, who sat behind her at the SAG Awards? You like, really girl? Really? Like that’s a dress for a portrait, for a beautiful editorial, it’s not a red carpet dress because I think, also it delivers so much more from behind, like a lot of people. Exactly, but you know what’s really interesting about this, it took four people to put her into this dress, and I’m surprised that not one person out of the four said, “Girl don’t do it.” I mean four people to do what, hang a bow on your back? I could do that, I do that on a Christmas tree every year. But you know what else is interesting about that? The bow is detachable. They should’ve detached the bow. Well thanks for being here Robert. For more information on these looks go to (upbeat music)

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21 Replies to “SAG Awards Fashion Hits & Misses”

  1. This egg head looks like he rocking Walmart clearance and has the nerve to come for anybody. My dude, why your glasses on ya scalp?!?

  2. The non hair guy he is not subjective with Gaga like always, when shes over the top She's wrong, when she's fancy shes not gaga, when she's chick She's a copy cat like for real man try to be professional

  3. I did not like Emma Stone’s outfit. I would have liked it if she wore a cigarette pant… or pants that were tailored correctly. Idk it looked frumpy to me.

  4. Gaga looks like the GODDESS that she is ❤
    That queen was really trying to shade her but people were not having it
    Don't come for Gaga

  5. Even though I'm not a fan of her Liza Minnelli face, Lady Gaga did look the best. Everyone else was trash. Lupita, especially.

  6. Why do people keep saying Michael kors like it’s a good thing.
    And go home qween, calling gaga a copycat mime. She looked INCREDIBLE.
    Someone must be a Madge fan.
    Plus Emma stone could be accused of copycating Nicole Kidman.
    NICE JACKET. The taste on this one.

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