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James Carver

44 Replies to “Rocking a Ladies Clothing Boutique”

  1. So confused by the sparkling head at 3:55. No wonder all the guys peeking from outside are afraid to enter.

  2. can't get enough of the people walking by haha. especially the guy who stopped and tried to casually chill for a second then walk back the other way

  3. If anything your man card is platinum status, because you put faux masculinity aside to broaden your audience. Broaden is acceptable in this context, right?

  4. Loved this but, I understand your reservations about gigging at an expensive clothing store. You two may have gotten a better crowd outside the mall on the street where the people are free.

  5. I enjoyed this a lot. Alli sounded wonderful as usual and you sounded great Sean. I’m curious to know which PA and mics you were using because the sound really was reproduced well? The mics looked like a 57 and 58 but you never know because they all look alike today.

  6. The first hat was the Rosenwinkel hat — you will never see him without it on. He is my favorite Jazz guy, but here is a vid of Eric Clapton playing with him. (I won't kill you with a jazz link)

  7. I'm thinking this setting may have been Sean's idea and not Alli's idea since all of the pretty ladies shopping.. 🙂
    Cool video. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Gotta admit, kinda weird, but saw the people outside totally interested so maybe start a return to the malls.

  9. Sean and Alli you make a great team . I'm dig'n it 🙂 Also I can't believe it's legal for them to serve wine there . In Georgia if i tried to serve wine at my Solon, it's to jail id be a going ',:^(

  10. 6:28 MAN That was a pretty note! Btw, we stuck your man card in the brim of that cowboy hat that was over your right shoulder the whole time. Hope you found it.

  11. hmm, I glanced at the title and caught "rocking ladies clothing". Needless to say there was a moment of great confusion right after.

  12. How Alli how!!The tomboy in me wants to know…Sean,you rock it anywhere you go..There must be free clothing for the ever so famous guitarist and the beautiful singer…

  13. Dude,, sounds like you got a Dressing down


    cause thats what YOU do when you are dedicated



  14. Hey Sean, that must have been a tough Gig watching all of those beautiful women walking around. Great job you two…… 🙂

  15. It seems like having "Free" in the name of any store is a potential liability. "What do you mean I have to pay for this hat?"

  16. WoW! You two are so good together! Lady, your voice is incredibly sweet and harmonious! Why are you two not recording together? Get on it!!!

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