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James Carver

77 Replies to “Resurfaced video shows Bloomberg referring to transgender people as ‘some guy wearing a dress’”

  1. He's not wrong.
    If dems want to make transgender rights an election issue, irrespective of whether it's an admirable goal or not, they will LOSE.

  2. It's actually privileged cisgender males like Michael Bloomberg who are fast becoming irrelevant. For too long mainstream politics was dominated by this tiny demographic to the detriment of the rest us – actually the majority, because most people on this earth aren't privileged cisgender males. This is now beginning to change but unfortunately men with Mr Bloomberg's mindset are failing to adapt to it. What happens to life forms that fail to adapt to changing environments? They become extinct.

  3. Comments on all Bloomberg produced content are disabled…. not on Bernie’s. Dialog is welcomed in Bernie’s world, Silenced in Bloomberg’s.

  4. Do you like how Putin became so powerful that he was able to bend the rules into ongoing terms as President…. Bloomberg did the same thing in NYC as mayor. The guy is a mentally ill megalomaniac, be very careful what you vote for people!!!

  5. WAPO twisted his words to mean something not intended. While I have already voted in CA–mail-in for Klobuchar–Bloomberg personifies the Dem's flip side of Trumps' coin.

  6. Who would be the first to use the Constitution as an NDA as DjT has attempted to do?
    Who would pardon DjT** after he loses the Presidency on November 3, 2020?

  7. Politicians all pay lip service to each topic. They don't ever tell their true views. Non of them. But Trump*(impeached forever) just outright lies.

  8. Once again leftist democrats prove who they really are. ….They lie, cheat and steal 24-7, to fool people into voting for them. But in reality. All they want is power over us pheasants.

  9. LGB's made a lot of progress but the T's are the current target of assholes without a clue. Need more people educated on this issue. Maybe a hit show with a starring character transitioning.

  10. Oh Mikey.
    Merely joining the Democrat party doesn't ensure your election in California you know.
    Claiming Republican opinions on a subject will not win you the midwest vote.
    If you bet eachway in a two horse field……………you will lose.
    Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  11. Yeah there should be a law against some rich Republican buying a Democratic election,who has no policies, only $$$. Bloombums is fulfilling his bucket list at the cost of the American people.
    Vote Bernie 2020 and get yourself some. Bernie 2020 vote.

  12. so first off you meant to say "a trans woman with a dress on in the women's locker room," but instead you say "a man with a dress on," which doesn't make any sense because if it's a guy, why would he be in the women's locker room? get with the program dude, and while you're at it, drop out of the race and put your ridiculous wealth towards whoever the nominee is. arrogant white men like you are ruining America.

  13. I’m not a fan of Bloomberg but I’m glad to see he doesn’t buy Into this transgender fad. I will be nice and respectful to anyone no matter what but you can’t force me to refer to a biological male by female pronouns. I will not distort my own reality to cater to someone else’s fantasy. Why are we trusting 12 year olds to know what gender they are attracted to? Why are 12 year olds being sexually attracted to others at that age anyways?

  14. The other video was unsurprisingly made unavailable. This corrupt rich man is trying to buy his way into the white house and pay people to keep silent about his wrongs, just like with the non-disclosure agreements.

  15. No excuses for this. He called a trans man "it". He is dehumanizing someone because he doesn't wear the clothes Bloomie thinks he should based on what is hanging bits between his legs. This guy is actually worse for America than Trump. Good to know the DNC can be bought so easily and have no morals at all. DNC: "Cheat?…Not a problem. Get a Republican to run for us? Sure. Pay off everyone e in the party for years for endorsements? Bring it on. Wait…you want to give people health care? YOU MONSTER!!!!!"

  16. Sorry your still a dude wearing a dress — like that one guy who sued immigrant woman to wax his balls. Upside down world.

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